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How To Draw Darth Vader Helmet

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Second Step How To Draw Darth Vaders Head

How to Draw Darth Vader (Head/Helmet)

Easily one of the most iconic symbols in movies there arent too many people who wouldnt recognize Darth Vaders helmet. Dark, mysterious and complex did you know that the style of his helmet was inspired by Japanese Samurai armor? Pretty neat! Anyway, Vaders head is by far the most important part of this lesson. So do take your time!

Heres how to draw Darth Vaders head in six phases

When I first thought about how Id break down the drawing of his helmet, it was a bit tricky coming up with a fairly easy way to go about it. In the steps above, beginning with the central parts and then working out from there, ends up working pretty well.

As you bring Darth Vaders head into view, make use of your framework to help you keep things symmetrical and proportional. Pay attention to the shape of his eyes and how this shape relates to and is different from the original circles in the framework.

And, when his heads drawn its on to the body!

Fifth Step Draw Vaders Arms And Lightsaber

First up, complete Darth Vaders left arm with a few well-placed lines. Then, move over over to the right and behind the first that you drew previously sketch the upper and lower parts of his lightsaber. Feel free to make the handle a little longer too.

Heres how to draw Darth Vaders arms and lightsaber

And there you go pretty well finished if you ask me. But of course Darth Vader just wouldnt be the villain weve come to know him as without his black cape. And because its positioned in behind him, its only logical to save this step for the very end.

Heres what the finalized version looks like, minus the framework and with his black cape

Darth Vader Drawing At Getdrawings Free

Darth Vader Helmet DrawDarth Vader Helmet Draw

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How To Draw Boba Fett

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“No disintegrations.” – Darth Vader to Boba Fett, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Boba Fett is a clone of his father, Jango Fett. He was created on the planet Kamino alongside an entire clone army. When Jango was killed by Mace Windu, young Boba developed a lifelong hatred of the Jedi.

The orphaned child adopted the warrior ways of his Mandalorian roots, eventually becoming a bounty hunter. He worked for the gangster Jabba the Hutt as well as for the Galactic Empire.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

When Luke Skywalker rescued Han Solo from Jabba’s clutches, Boba Fett was devoured by the Sarlacc. According to Tales of the Bounty Hunters, however, Boba survived and climbed free of the creature’s hungry maw.

Would you like to draw the notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett? Consider this simple, step-by-step Star Wars drawing tutorial as part of your Jedi training. All you will need is a pencil, pen, marker, or crayon and a sheet of paper.

If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Yoda, Stormtrooper Helmet, and Darth Vader.

How To Draw Darth Vader From Star Wars

How to Draw Star Wars | Darth Vader

Learning how to draw Darth Vader first of the Star Wars character drawing lessons!

Looking at the finished image above, you can see that while it does resemble Darth, its actually more of a simplification of him. In your case, feel free to make him more or less cartoony. In fact, I recommend you have an image on hand that you can refer to as you progress.

Alright, lets get going with the lesson, beginning with a simple guideline from which you can use to keep proportion as you progress

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Your Darth Vader Drawing Is Complete

This was a highly detailed drawing that you worked on, so great job on finishing this guide on how to draw Darth Vader!

We hope that by taking it slowly and following our steps that you found it to be fun and easy to do.

Dont forget that you can also take this drawing even further by adding details such as extra characters, text, a background or fun and creative art mediums and tools. Its up to you, so let your creativity run wild as you complete this picture!

Then, when youre finished drawing Lord Vader himself, you can check out our website for many more awesome drawing guides. Be sure to check in often, as we upload new guides constantly for you to enjoy.

Draw The Top Of His Helmet

We will be drawing the top of his helmet in this step of our guide on how to draw Darth Vader. His helmet is a round dome on top of his head, and you can extend it with another rounded line there.

Then you will want to carefully copy the lines in the reference image, as we will be adding a ton of detail to this area as well.

You can also draw the area at the base of his ventilator with a curved shape as the part that will go over his chin.

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Now Draw The Bottom Of His Helmet And Mask

Youre doing a fantastic job on this Darth Vader drawing, so dont give up as youre over the halfway mark now!

We have been drawing lots of intricate shading details so far for the sections of the mask, and we will continue to add such details in this part.

These details will extend from the ventilator into the interior of the mask, and with all the line details will form the rest of the bottom half of the mask.

We will be adding a lot in this step, so be sure to carefully follow the reference image and take it slowly!

There will be a space left for his second eye, but we will finish that off along with some final details in the next step.

Finish Off Your Darth Vader Drawing With Some Color

How To Draw Darth Vader Easy Step By Step

Darth Vader isnt exactly known as a flashy dresser, so when coloring him in you will likely be using lots of greys and black colors.

These are what we used in our reference image, and to color in your Darth Vader drawing you will want to use lots of different shades instead of your darkest blacks.

This will help to give the picture some definition and make it look shiny.

Dont forget to color in any other extra details you may have added as well!

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Darth Vader Helmet Pencil Drawing

Darken in darth vader’s helmet by drawing a curved line that starts where the construction lines cross in between his eyes. We have collected 39+ original and carefully picked darth vader drawing tumblr in one place. Color the helmet black, but make sure to leave some white portions that represent the glare.

Darth Vader drawing from Star Wars Star wars art

Finished darth Vader drawing in colored pencil. drawing

‘Darth Vader Reborn’ Darth vader, Amazing drawings, Art

Star Wars Darth Vader Pencil drawing mixed with

Darth Vader! Copic marker & Polychromo pencil drawing by

Third Step Draw Darth Vaders Body

Different parts tend to stand out more than others when you take a look at a picture of Darth Vader. The helmet of course. But also, his protective padding, belt and the circuitry on his central torso are quick to be noticed at a glance. Lets begin by sketching in these key features

So, hows it coming along? Lots of little details that come into play, arent there! Again and speaking of details its a good idea to have a picture of Vader on hand. As I mentioned at the beginning Ive gone ahead and simplified things so that theyre a bit easier to draw. But really, a glimpse at an image of Darth Vader every now and then may give you some further insight on how you want your drawing to look. You can add/or take away various details as you see fit.

Alright, lets keep going. Next up how to draw Darth Vaders hands

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You Can Find More Darth Vader Line Drawing In Our Search Box

Darth vader helmet pencil drawing. There are generally many different varieties of art, but the there is usually one out of particular that pursuits. We proceed to the last step in our darth vader drawing tutorial. This will be the basic shape for darth vader’s head.

Darken in darth vader’s helmet by drawing a curved line that starts where the construction of railway lines between his eyes. In this step we draw the legs. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select.

In this tutorial, i am going to teach you how to draw darth vader in 2 different ways.our character of interest for this tutorial, darth vader is a fictional villain in the star wars movies.he is often referred to as anakin skywalker and in the star wars cinematic universe, he plays the role of the father of the protagonist, luke skywalker Now start drawing vader from the front. For a completely finished darth vader drawing, you have to color it.

See more ideas about star wars party, darth vader stencil, star wars birthday. Draw smooth lines on darth vaderâs shoes. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures.

Are you looking for the best darth vader drawing tumblr for your personal blogs, projects or designs, then clipartmag is the place just for you. Draw another set of curved, m shaped lines, above and connected to the first. In the beginning stages, don’t press down too hard.

darth vader helmet painting Google Search Drawing

Pin on Star wars

First Step Draw A Framework For Darth Vader


To begin, go ahead and sketch out a simple framework to help you with your Darth Vader drawing. Like with many of the lessons on the site, a framework can be especially helpful if youre just starting out. Just remember to keep your lines nice and light so you can eliminate them later on.

Heres how to draw the framework

Regarding the head, I chose to go with a simple box as Darth Vaders helmet resembles a combination of two different shapes a circle up top and a triangle down below. The box will serve as a nice reference that you can deviate away from to bring the shape of his head into view.

As for the green parts they mark off important components of the drawing those parts that seem to come forward towards the viewer, and so should probably be drawn earlier on.

Got a simple framework to work from? Great! Heres how to draw Darth Vader

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Second Tutorial: How To Draw Darth Vader Full Body

For this tutorial, we are going to drawn Captain America in comic book style.


We will start by drawing the torso. Draw a curved line across the chest to separate the pectoral muscles from the rest of the torso. Then draw a vertical curve line across the torso to help put our drawing in a 3/4 perspective. For the hips, I like to draw it in such a way that it looks as if our character is wearing some sort of male underwear. Remember to draw your ellipses on top of the torso to represent where the right side of the character to show where the right arm will go.


Next, we will draw the legs of our character. The thighs will be represented as massive tubes which become thinner towards the knees. The calves and shins will be represented by convex curve lines connecting the knees to the ankles. The knees will be represented by ellipses and I recommend drawing the feet with simple geometric shapes.


Just like the thighs, the forearms will be drawn as tubes which become narrower as they approach the wrist, where they are connected to the hand. Ensure that the wrists are aligned with the crotch area and use a rectangular shape to denote the hand which is folded in a fist.

For the hand on the left, we will draw only the thumb and the index knuckle.





Draw Darth Vaders Helmet And More In New Origami Yoda Book

A sneak peek at the pages from ART2-D2s Guide To Folding And Doodling

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The banter of the previous books is still intact: You can make your origami puppets fight Use the force of your thumb! It also includes 16-page colour insert with 10 pages of coloured pull-out origami paper, as well as a a section on photographing your origami creations.

Its entertaining, imaginative and, above all, provides hours of fun activities to enjoy.

ART2-D2s Guide To Folding And Doodling is out now, published by Amulet. It is available for .

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Ways To Draw Darth Vader

Welcome to another drawing tutorial. In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how to draw Darth Vader in 2 different ways. Our character of interest for this tutorial, Darth Vader is a fictional villain in the Star Wars Movies. He is often referred to as Anakin Skywalker and in the Star Wars Cinematic Universe, he plays the role of the father of the protagonist, Luke Skywalker

We have made the tutorial pretty easy to follow, with a step by step guide for each of the 2 tutorials. We are going to start with a dummy which will serve as a base for our final drawing. So lets get started on our first tutorial.

Finish Off The Details For Your Darth Vader Drawing

How to draw Darth Vader

We will be finishing off the final details and elements in this step of our guide on how to draw Darth Vader. First, draw some more lines and shading details over the eye on the right to finish off that part of the mask.

Then you can finish off with some more final details throughout the mask. With those drawn, you are ready to move on!

Be sure to add any more details that you may like for this drawing as well before you do.

You could draw more characters from the movies or maybe even use some fancy lettering to write out your favorite Darth Vader quote. What else can you think of to personalize this awesome drawing?

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Fourth Step How To Draw Darth Vaders Hands

Hands? Well, gloves actually. And in drawing the gloves for Vader I wanted to incorporate a pose where his two infamous weapons come into play the lightsaber, and the I find your lack of faith disturbing death choke!

For the hand with the lightsaber draw a simple fist. For the death choke a large grasping hand should do the trick like so

Hands as Im sure youve experienced at some point, can be tricky to draw. The green areas of the framework though can be helpful as they provide a reference point, making it easier for you to establish and maintain position. In fact, if you wanted you could take things a step further. Instead of just a green circle for the choke hand you could add some extending lines to even more so, help to establish position. In this way, each digit would become easier to draw.

Well, just about finished now. Lets complete our drawing by sketching in Darth Vaders arms, lightsaber, any remaining details and finally his cape!

How To Draw Darth Vader Step By Step

Today we will draw Darth Vader. As usually you will need a sheet of paper, an eraser and a pencil.

But before, I will tell you some information that every artist who wants to draw Darth Vader needs to know.

  • His costume is not simple iron armor. The pile of metal helps him to breathe and replaces his damaged lungs and keeps him strong.
  • His costume is equipped with sensors, chips, generators, radiators. All this controls his muscles, breath and nerve impulses.
  • The ugly mask has many needles inside. Dont think its just to keep it on his face. It is necessary for a good fusion of the head with the mask.
  • And even his heart is controlled by a machine.
  • To keep the costume working, he had to charge it on board of the Star Destroyer.
  • Besides, Vader has a steel hand of darkness. The right one!

So lets start.

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