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How To Draw Dog For Beginners

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How To Draw A Dalmatian

How to Draw a Realistic Dog | Tutorial for BEGINNERS

The Dalmatian is one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world, thanks to the black spots it has on its white smooth coat. The interesting fact though is that these dogs are born spotless! Did you know that? Learn this easy drawing of the Dalmation dog.

You will need:

Pencil, eraser, drawing paper, colored pencils or crayons

How to draw:

  • Start by drawing the outline of the body of the Dalmatian. To make it simpler for your kid, we have used only circles and lines for this. Use a low grading pencil to draw these lines, as you will need to erase them later. See figure 8.1.
  • Using the circles as the base, draw the body of the Dalmatian. Also add the eyes, eyebrows, nose and the mouth as illustrated in figure 8.2.
  • Extend lines down from the body for the legs. The image will give you a clear view of the front legs and the left hind leg. Only a small portion of the right back leg will be seen in the drawing. See figure 8.3.
  • Add the tail and complete the structure as illustrated in figure 8.3. Once done, erase the baselines used for drawing the body.
  • Add spots on the body as seen in figure 8.4. You can let the child add these spots randomly rather than taking them exactly as shown in the image, to make them look natural.
  • Color the spots black and leave the rest to complete your Dalmatian.
  • How To Draw Scooby Doo

    Video by DoodleDrawArt

    When theres a mystery to solve, Scooby Doo is the dog for the job. This famous Great Dane has starred in television cartoons, animated films, and live action movies since 1969. In this video drawing tutorial, you will receive step-by-step guidance in drawing Scooby using simple lines and shapes. Be sure to have some Scooby Snacks ready!

    How To Draw The Dogs Muscle Structure

    Step 1

    Since this is not a cartoon drawing tutorial, we want to prepare you to draw a realistic dog. Therefore, you first need to learn how to add muscle to your dogs body. In this following picture, you can see the dogs muscle has been converted to simplified muscle masses, which are mainly simple shapes. However, in case the dog you want to draw is the furry one, you may skip this step because nobody will see any muscle under that hair.

    Step 2

    In my example, I draw a mother dog and its puppy. You can see that Im adding muscle to their bodies by using the above technique.

    Step 3

    In the case the dog is the short haired one, you may need to focus more on the muscle details because it will determine your dog pose as well as the quality of your drawing.

    Step 4

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    How To Draw Dogs Eyes

    Step 1

    You start with an oval first.

    Step 2

    Shade and sharpen the corner of the eye.

    Step 4

    Draw the pupil. Depending on different amount of light, the size of the pupil will vary differently.

    Step 5

    Create light areas above and below the eye. Upon doing that, you will see the formation of the eyelids and eyebrows.

    Step 6

    To make it have more realistic look, you can create the depth by adding a shadow beneath the upper eyelid as well as inside the eye.

    Step 7

    To draw the eye from the side view, we start with the tear drop shape. The rest of the details are slightly different and almost unchanged. By taking a look onto the below example, you will have an idea of how the wolfs eye may look like. The dogs eye is not much different, its eyelids rim is a bit lighter and the dogs eye is not as round as the wolfs. The common dogs eye color is brown while the wolfs is amber or yellow.

    That is all about how to draw a dog step by step a guide for beginners with picture article. Hopefully by now you know how to draw youre a dogs portrait. Remember that this tutorial does not apply to human portrait drawing.

    Also, there are many useful drawing lessons from the site that you may want to read during your free time. Last but not least, if you find this How To Draw A Dog Step By Step article helpful, please let us know what you think by making a comment below.

    How To Draw A Dog Very Easy

    How to Draw a Dog for Beginners – You Can Do It!

    In this super simple art instruction, I will show you how to draw a dog very easily.

    Earlier I showed you how to draw a dog, but that instruction was a little more difficult than this one. Here I decided to make the process of drawing a dog even easier and more intuitive.

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    Block In Your Dog’s Face

    ThoughtCo/Helen South

    On a blank sheet of paper, begin by sketching a reference line to indicate the center of your dog’s face. This is called “blocking in” the features, and it is the first step in any drawing. Make sure the reference line runs between the ears and eyes and through the middle of your dog’s nose.

    Check that the angle matches your source photo. Notice that there’s a slight outward curve in the line through the dog’s eyes. They aren’t completely forward on the head.

    Next, sketch the curve at the tip of the nose, the mouth, and chin. Pay attention to the spot where the plane changes here as well.

    Now that you’ve blocked in the basic shape, you should be able to keep the features lined up as you draw.

    ThoughtCo/Helen South

    With the basic lines of your dog’s face blocked in, you can sketch the head in more detail. Use a light touch as you draw. These guidelines should be faint, so they can be erased later in the process.

    Sketch a curved line where the back of the muzzle meets the head and two lines down the face to give the muzzle some dimension. You can add hints of fur by adding a few loose lines along the shoulders and neck.

    Next, sketch your dog’s eyes, making sure the pupils are lined up. Then add the nose and ears. As you draw, note where there are changes of plane near the eyes.

    ThoughtCo/Helen South

    Adding Features With Simple Shapes

    Now we will go in and draw the more detailed features of the dog. Even the smaller parts of a dog that appear complex can be loosely captured with a combination of shapes and lines. Lets break down each feature into simple silhouettes while thinking about the end effect.

    Parts of the head

    First, capture the shape of the jaw. Draw the dogs snout roughly in the shape of a skewed rectangle, then add a line to separate the upper and lower parts. A golden retrievers snout has sagging skin and an upturned mouth that gives the impression of a smile. It also features a sudden drop at the corners of the mouth. When viewed from the side, the snout should be divided by an S-shape in the lower part of the skewed rectangle.

    When drawing the snout from the front, draw a gentle W-shaped line. In the middle of the line, draw another line connecting up to the nose. Make sure the corners of the mouth line arch out.

    The golden retrievers eyes are a little droopy, which also makes them look friendly and gentle. Draw the eyes in a triangle so that you can capture the droopy shape.

    The ears attach to the back of the head and flop down towards the front. Try to capture the sagging appearance of the ears with triangles or squares that cover the sides of the dogs face.

    Parts of the body

    Once all of the body parts are in place, start rounding the straight lines and corners. The lifelike silhouette is now completed.

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    By Step Guide On How To Draw A Dog For Kids

    Image: Shutterstock

    The dog was created specially for children. He is the god of frolic. ~ Henry Ward Beecher

    A dog can be a childs best companion through his growing years. Dogs inspire us to love, learn and persevere. They never give up. Take the dog as an example to teach your child about never giving up what they like. If your child loves dogs and has keen interest in drawing, MomJunction has the perfect list of tutorials on how to draw a dog for kids.

    Read and draw!

    Quick Tips For Beginners

    How to Draw Cartoon Dog – For Beginners
    • Pay attention to proportions, especially at the very beginning. When learning how to draw a dog, you can study reference photos to become familiar with the proportion of actual dogs. Every breed has its own proportions, so you want to get this right at the start for a realistic-looking animal.
    • Follow each step carefully and do not skip a step.
    • Apply shading in the same direction as when you pet a dog, following the curves of its body.

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    How To Draw A Wolf Pack

    Have you ever dreamed of running wild with a pack of wolves? Now you can draw yourself there! This step-by-step tutorial will teach you to draw a person playing with a pack of wolves. Using this guide, you can draw yourself with one wolf, or surround yourself with all five. See the drawing tutorial.

    Look Closely At The Picture Of Your Choice

    Start out the project by first getting a picture of the dog youd like to draw, and then look closely at it. If you pay attention, youll notice a bunch of circles within the dog’s shape. So if you just divide all of the dogs body parts into different circles, youll have something like the picture that we have here. Now, the entire process of drawing a dog just got a whole lot easier, right?

    After drawing all of the circles, you can begin. First, youll need to draw the circle of the entire head. Then you can draw smaller circles inside the head that symbolize the eyes and the nose. Make sure that you mark your way as youre drawing so that you dont forget anything or get confused as to whats next.

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    How To Draw A Jack Russel Terrier Face

    Video by How to Draw and Paint

    Jack Russell Terriers are small, spotted dogs. This tutorial uses a marker, so the erasing of guide lines will not be necessary. The artist also shares facts about the Jack Russell Terrier. For example, did you know that this high energy dog was bred in England for the purpose of hunting foxes?

    How To Draw A Easy Dog: Step

    How to Draw a Dog – For Beginners

    Do you find drawing dogs hard? If yes, then this is the perfect tutorial on how to draw an easy dog in just a few simple steps!

    In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to draw a simple, cartoon-style dog. Whether you love dogs or not, learning to draw an easy dog could come handy in many situations. For example when youre bored in class or if youre creating a comic strip about dogs. It may not be an essential life-skill, but its a pretty cool boredom buster!

    What Youll Need:

    • Pencil

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    How To Draw A Dog

    02 April 2020

    This simple step-by-step guide will teach you how to draw a dog that’s realistic and anatomically correct.

    Today’s tutorial will show you how to draw a dog. The skeletons of dogs and cats are quite similar, especially in the simplified version drawn here. But it’s important to remember that these animals move differently and look very different from each other.

    This tutorial will take you through the step-by-step process of how to draw a dog. We will be sketching an anatomically correct portrait of a German Shepherd. This will start with sketches and move on to drawing the skeleton, muscles and fur. By the end, you’ll be drawing a dog with ease. For more advice, take a look at our roundup of tutorials exploring how to draw animals.

    How To Draw Anime Dog Step By Step For Kids

    They vary in shapes and size from tiny to giant. Dogs are used in professionalism also as police dogs, seeing-eye dogs, detection dogs, and sled dogs.

    If you want to learn how to draw a dog and draw a realistic dog, you are in the best place. We will learn with easy and simple images. In other words, it will help you to develop your drawing skills.

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    How To Draw Dogs Paws

    Step 1

    Learning how to draw a dog step by step will be made easier if you study every part of the dog. Lets look at the example of the dogs paws. At the first sight, they may look similar, but in fact the fore and hind paws are totally different. Details such as dewclaw or the carpal ball of the dogs paws should not be overlooked also. You can take a look at the picture below to study the structure of the dogs paws.

    Step 2

    One thing that dogs and cats have in common is they both walk on the fingertips. To draw the paw as detail as possible, you also need to learn more about the paw pose. This will enhance the quality of the drawing and give it a realistic look.

    Step 3

    Here we come to the drawing phase. To draw the dog paw, we need to create 4 lines which are in purple in the picture below. It is to establish the shape for you to draw the dog paw easily.

    Step 4

    Now you can add the pads by drawing 4 curves like in the picture below

    Step 5

    You are almost finished with the dog paw. In this step, you need to add the contour to the paw to give it a 3D look. Now you can add the nails. My suggestion is you should not make the nails too sharp. It is because a real dogs nails are not so sharp as its nails cannot contract and will always wears down.

    Step 6

    Cover the paw with fur while purposely exposing the dogs pads.

    Step 7

    In case you may want to see the dog paws from the front view. This is how it will look.

    Step 8

    My dogs now have their paws. How about yours?

    Tutorial To Draw A Cartoon Dog Easy For Kids

    How to Draw a Dog – Step by Step for Beginners

    Step 1 In this step, we will just draw the outline for the dog. So draw a circle for the face and a stretched D like shape for the body as shown in figure.

    Step 2 Draw the eyes of the dog by small circles and tail as shown in the figure.

    Step 3 Draw the ears which are oval like shapes and the mouth and draw a concentric circle on one eye.

    Step 4 Connect the ears and body by small rectangles as given. Also draw the tongue which is a half oval.

    Step 5 Follow the pictures shown for completing the body and then finally color according to your wish. Then you are complete with cartoon dog.

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    Add Shading And Definition

    ThoughtCo/Helen South

    Now that you’ve outlined the shadows and highlights of your dog’s face, you can begin to focus on the details. Begin by gently erasing the guidelines you created.

    Next, use your pencil to add more subtle detail. Use a light touch because it’s easier to add more shadow than it is to erase it when you go too dark. Work from dark to light across the entire surface of the drawing, gradually building up the texture.

    Use soft strokes where fur is short and harder strokes where it’s long. You can use the eraser to work back over white fur to brighten it and create a softer look.

    How To Draw Littlest Pet Shop Golden Retriever

    Rewatch yesterdays live draw-along! In this lesson, were learning how to draw Littlest Pet Shop the Golden Retriever, also known as Austin Goldenpup. We cant wait to draw more of these toys. Check out the Littlest Pet Shops official website and let us know which one we should draw next! Art Supplies marker paper colored

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    How To Draw A Sitting Dog

    An obedient dog sits down when you tell it to. This tutorial teaches you how to draw a sitting dog easily.

    You will need:

    Pencil, eraser, drawing paper, colored pencils or crayons

    How to draw:

  • Draw a circle. Then draw an oval overlapping the circle, as shown in figure 3.1.
  • Extend lines from the bottom of the oval to draw legs. See how the front paws are slightly pointed to the front. Erase the sides of the top circle a little to make space for ears. Draw the ears as shown in figure 3.2.
  • Draw the rest of the body we will only draw part of the body, as the dog is sitting down. Also add the hind paw as illustrated in figure 3.3. Do not miss the minute details like the little, curved lines on the paw and the back.
  • Erase part of the circle and the oval and let them stay joined at the ends, creating the face and the neck. See figure 3.3.
  • The next step is to add details to the face: the eyes, a nose, and the tongue. See figure 3.4.
  • Add finer details such as the lines on the paws. Erase a small portion of the oval at the bottom, attached to the left leg of the dog for the torso. See figure 3.5.
  • A sitting dog is now ready to be colored.
  • How To Draw Max From The Grinch

    How to Draw a Dog Face – Step by Step for Beginners

    Today were learning how to draw Max from The Grinch! Hes one of my favorite characters from the movie. I love how proud he gets trying to pull the sled. And if you havent yet, check out our how to draw The Grinch. Art Supplies marker paper colored pencils orange brown yellow Lesson Length under 10

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