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How To Draw Easy Cartoon Characters

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How Do You Draw Cartoon Characters

How To Draw Simple Cartoon Character

To reinforce what I talked throughout the tutorial, lets remember the proper steps to draw cartoon faces:

  • Make a circle that will represent the skull of our character
  • Set the direction in which your character will be looking at and draw the guidelines
  • Make the outline of the eyes in an oval shape
  • How To Draw Cartoon Characters

    Everyone can learn how to draw cartoon characters. Yes, you too 🙂 Cartoons are easy and simple. Once you learn the simple techniques, you can literally draw anything. On these pages you will find tutorials for drawing cute cartoons. They are very easy to follow and I am sure you will have a lot of fun drawing them.I recommend to draw every character at least 3 x in row, so that you will memorize the strokes. Then show it to your friend, mom, dad, brother, sister, show them “live” how to draw cartoon characters.

    I can guarantee they will be amazed. And surprised at the same seeing how simple and easy it is.

    Here you will find many characters, so you can pick your favorite ones and begin to practice right now. Just with the pencil. Just like that :)It’s OK to make mistakes, and please make as many mistakes as possible because you’ll learn better.

    And remember, if you are not completely satisfied with your drawings, simply RE-draw them 2x or 3x in row.

    Learn To Draw Lessons

    With over a thousand simple drawing lessons for you and your kids to follow along with. We show you how to draw simply with basic geometric shapes, letters, and numbers. We strive to teach you to draw with the most basic learning techniques. Think you can’t learn to draw? Don’t give up until you try drawing with our easy lessons. 😀

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    How To Illustrate Female Characters

    Do you know that female cartoon figures can be made from male characters? It is very simple to do so. Of course, male and female cartoon figures look different. Note that women tend to have more delicate facial structures than men. You can draw their eyebrows thinner, their eyelashes larger and more expressive, and their hair longer. In addition, women generally have thinner chins and tinnier with not so many details. For the eyes, you can illustrate large pupils. Only with these few changes can you illustrate the female cartoon character to look so much different from the male one.

    + Cartoon Characters Anyone Can Draw

    How To Draw BETTER Cartoon Poses! (SO EASY!)

    Cartoons are some of the easiest things to draw. Theyre often built on simple shapes and dont require a whole lot of practice to get them just right.

    And theres a lot of awesome cartoon characters out there. How do you know where to start or whos worth learning to draw?

    Well thats why I collected this massive to with over 50 cartoon characters to draw. Each one includes some tips along with a full step-by-step tutorial video. Have fun!

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    Here Are Some Of My Favorite Drawing Tools

    Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found this helpful in improving your art. Here are some tools I use as an artist, and I hope you find them helpful. These are affiliate links, so if you decide to use any of them, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

    Pencils I love using Staedtler drawing pencils . Ive been using them for more than 15 years. Ive never had the lead break on me and they are quite sturdy. They also come in a wide range of hard to soft.

    Color Pencils Ive used Derwent for a long time. The rich colors in their color pencils and the way they blend are amazing.

    Copic markers are my number 1 choice. I love these markers! The way they blend and the marker texture they give when you render details is nothing short of amazing!

    Play With Angles In Cartoon Face Drawing

    Eyes, nose, mouth, ears… all the details that make up the face change their shape when viewed from different angles. It’s very common to see cartoon characters looking in every possible direction with different camera angles, because they will need to react to situations and objects around them. This helps bring them more to life!

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    How To Draw Characters With Different Ethnicities

    We are nearing the end of our cartoon face drawing tutorial. As a last tip, I would encourage you to continue experimenting with facial expressions and, whenever possible, to invest more in studies of the face. Learn how the eyes and mouth behave in different situations. Take a look at different ethnicities and the key features.

    Whenever possible, try to give a little more realism to your characters. Observe the behavior of people in real life. Look at photos, study the style of your favorite artist, or search for inspiration on the Internet. It’s when we look to real life that we can extract quality information for our drawings. But remember: observing the real world does not mean copying! You want your character to be unique and not a copy of reality, right?

    How To Draw Yourself As A Cartoon Easy

    How to draw cartoon characters in just three easy steps for beginners | Step 1

    Create professional cartoon strips and characters in minutes!Create your next cartoon face now!Do the same steps for eyes, eyebrows, nose, ears and mouth.Draw a series of connected, curved lines across the upper portion of the circle, allowing the lines to meet in points.

    Draw caricatures of friends, or sell them on ebay for big profit Draw yourself with toongineer cartoonizer by using the link attached and clicking on the upload image button in yellow.Earn a luxurious living doing what you enjoy most.Exaggerating the facial features converts the normal drawing into a caricature.

    First, well draw a shape of the cartoon face that looks like an elongated oval.Hide the cartoon layer to get the source layer visible.How to draw with frameworks.How to draw yourself as a cartoon with toongineer cartoonizer.

    However, if you follow the steps that we have brought here for you, you can easily portray the sadness emotion on an anime cartoon characters face.I begin with my biggest shape that is going to create the main feature of my cartoon.I guarantee to deliver your cartoon through email within 24 hours.If you cannot draw not to worry, with illustrator you can use the auto trace tool and it will capture the necessary lines for you.

    Then its very easy from there.They are easy to draw a likeness of, and easily recognized as a cartoon.This article shows some of the methods suitable for use to.This forms the detail of the easy girls drawing hair.

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    Boondocks Sketches 3 By Joodlez On Deviantart Elementary

    Also do the same for the shirt. Also, dont forget to keep the photo by your side while you are drawing.

    Drawing ideas easy disney drawing ideas easy in 2020. A caricature of yourself is certainly something to keep forever and something to make you smile at any point in your life.

    Easy cartoon drawing cool easy drawings easy cartoon. A fun and easy place to start generating some mental images for yourself is online at

    How to draw a cute cartoon unicorn wahle easy step by step. A new cartoon drawing tutorial is uploaded every week, so stay tooned!

    How to draw caricatures archives cartoon vegas. All you will need is a pen, pencil, or marker, a sheet of paper, and some crayons or.

    How to draw starfire easy by dawn markers drawing ideas. Also do the same for the shirt.

    How to draw cartoon snail from lowercase letter a easy. Also, dont forget to keep the photo by your side while you are drawing.

    How to draw cartoons for beginners drawing cartoon faces. And similar to the way our bones are the frameworks of our bodies, and how steel beams are the frameworks of buildings.

    How to draw mickey mouse easy cartoon drawing for kids. At you can see yourself as a cartoon.

    How to draw piglet easy step by step disney characters. But i dont just draw one circle and leave it at that

    How to draw a cartoon monkey easy cute cartoon drawings. Create professional cartoon strips and characters in minutes!

    How To Draw Cartoons Easy Step By Step

    No doubt, Cartoon drawing is one of the most entertaining and engaging activities for kids. Drawing for kids is a beneficial hobby and easy relief to settle down and do away with all the stress accumulated throughout an extended day at school or home. In this regard, kids want to learn how to draw cartoons easy step by step.

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    + Easy Cartoon Characters To Draw

    Home » Drawing » 19+ Easy Cartoon Characters to Draw

    Some of my fondest memories were watching Saturday morning cartoons and cartoons every other day for that matter. Its fun to show your love for those characters and drawing them is one way to do it. In fact, there are a lot of easy cartoon characters to draw!

    There are thousands of cartoon characters that you can practice on before proceeding on to making your characters. They help you learn the different techniques you need to know in order to start your own line.

    Lets get started on drawing your favorite toons and step-by-step instructions on how to draw cartoon characters.

    How To Draw A Cartoon Face

    How To Draw Simple Cartoon Character

    As you have learned some basic shapes to illustrate and draw cartoon characters, you are ready to move into the next step, which is to draw a cartoon face. First of all, start to illustrate the cartoon face. A circle is all you need to illustrate the face of your character because it is the basic cartoon shape. From the circle, you can illustrate the basic proportions of the characters head.

    When the circle is ready, determine the axis of the face. Because it is a cartoon, of course, the face does not need to be perfectly symmetric like real humans faces. Depending on your imagination, you can trace the face axis. To start with, draw a horizontal and vertical line intersection at the center. This axis helps to determine the position of eyes, nose, mouth, jaw, and other facial features.

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    Imitating Your Favorite Cartoon

  • 1Find a picture of the character online. It’s easiest to copy a cartoon character if you have something to work with! Look up a detailed picture of your favorite character, and use that to guide your drawing.XResearch source
  • You can even look up tutorials on how to draw specific characters to make life easier.
  • 2Start with the basic shape in pencil. Sketch in circles, ovals, and rectangles to help get the figure in the correct perspective. Look closely at the face, for instance, to see if it’s more of a circle or oval, then sketch that into place. Maybe the torso is more of an oval shape, so make a light sketch for that. Add rectangles for the limbs, including ovals or circles for the arms.XResearch source
  • 3Add in the hands, ears, and feet. If your character has unusual ears, such as Mickey Mouse’s round ears, sketch those in. Similarly, add in ovals or circles for the hands, depending on what the character’s hands look like.XResearch source
  • Don’t forget to add shoes or feet!
  • 4Put in guidelines for the face and torso. Add a curving center line for the face, going vertically. The line should curve in the direction the character is facing. If the character is looking straight ahead, it can go straight down the face. Similarly, add a vertical line along the character’s torso, curving the direction the character is turning.XResearch source
  • For example, some characters will have very skinny arms and legs, while others will have more defined curves.
  • 8
  • How To Draw Cartoon Characters Step By Step Guide For Beginners

    Drawing cartoon characters is a common hobby of many people regardless of their age. It is a field of study which is totally different from human being pencil drawing that you usually see on the street. To draw a cute looking character, it may take sometimes for you to learn and understand the cartoon drawing concept. In this article, you will discover:

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    How To Draw A Cartoon Character

    In this guide, the team of will show you how to draw a cartoon character. This work will be very interesting for you.

    And if you love 90s cartoons, then you probably realized that we will show you how to draw a cartoon character using Johnny Bravo as an example. He is brave and strong enough. Huge pumped-up muscles make him extremely tough. A trendy hairstyle, stylish sunglasses, and a modern outfit add extra charm to it.

    And as you understand, this lesson in drawing a cartoon character will be just an example, using which you can draw not only Johnny Bravo but also any other cartoon character with a human appearance.

    How To Draw Characters With Different Facial Expressions

    How To Draw a Cartoon Character Face – Easy, Simple and Fun

    When thinking about cartoon characters to draw, emotions and facial expressions should come to mind. We’re now ready to add more emotions to our dear Lucy . Let’s draw her after receiving the news that the school holidays have come to an end…

    Again, we achieve something totally different just by adding two things: the tears and the new shape of her mouth! Isn’t it amazing?!

    Now let’s get back to Tommy and ask him what he thinks about it:

    Notice that I’ve totally changed his expression just by following the steps below:

    • Making one eyebrow lower than the other
    • Cutting the eyes in half with the eyelashes
    • Adding a smile
    • Moving up the eye pupils to stay under the eyelashes

    And that’s it! We got the expected result with just these few changes. The hair, ears, nose, chin, and the circular shape of the eyes are the same! Simple as that!

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    How Can I Make My Character Cute

    Childlike Characteristics

  • The Face. A big head leaves much space for a beautiful face.
  • Arms and Legs. The arms should not be too long.
  • Simple. Keep it simple!
  • Little and Lovable. Exceptionally cute characters are small and lovely.
  • Colors. Colors help to highlight the character traits of the figure.
  • How To Draw Cartoon Eyes

    To illustrate the eyes, make an oval shape with a small tilt to the side at the top. Do the same to the opposite side. Make sure there is a gap between both eyes of approximately the same size as an eye. To help you determine the length of the gap, draw another eye in the center. This strategy is very helpful to serve as a measure in the drafting phase.

    After the eyes are ready, it is time to draw the eyelashes of your character. To do so, slightly thicken the trait at the top of the eyes. A bit above the eyelashes, place eyebrows to create a kind of surprised expression. There is no exact form for the eyebrow, meaning you are free to create your own style that suits your character.

    The next step is to draw pupils. Many cartoonists illustrate both pupils are directed to the center to make the character look cuter. It is considered a very effective tactic if your purpose is also to make the cartoon character look more charming and loveable. If you want to illustrate more life and realism to the eyes, add a small line right below them to create a kind of wrinkle. This is another useful strategy that illustrates a special touch to the characters facial expression.

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    What About The Legs

    The legs are no different than the other parts of the body. Start from simple shapes, experiment, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, have fun and start to learn what works and what doesn’t. Take a look at the example legs on this page. Feel free to use them as starting point to create your own cartoon people but promise yourself that you won’t get lazy and stop trying to make your own original drawings.

    A Note on Copying

    Being able to copy is one thing and many people can do it, but being able to create is something rare and magical. So ask yourself this: would you rather be a rare and magical creative, or just a regular, run-of-the-mill copy cat?

    Examples of Cartoon Legs

    I hope that by looking closer at the shapes of the things you draw as well as the things you see in the world around you really helps you learn how to draw cartoon characters.

    Drawing Cartoons Activities For Kids

    How to Draw Cartoon Characters – Disney Stitch – Fun2draw Easy Art Lessons | Online Art Classroom

    As for drawing cartoon activities for kids, there are numerous cartoon characters kids want to draw Cartoon which includes superheroes like Superman, Spiderman, Ironman, Black Panther, Captain America, Hulk other characters like Doraemon, Goku, Donald Dunk, Sonic, Kakashi, snoopy, etc. Likewise, these are the main characters, kids wish to draw easily step by step.

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    How To Draw Cartoon Animals

    Cartoon lions! Cartoon tigers! Cartoon bears! Who doesnt love cartoon animals?

    Ever since I was a kid, drawing animals has always been a favorite. A lot of it had to do with the many pets I had growing up.

    But Im pretty sure the Saturday morning cartoons had something to with it too!

    In this section of the site, youll be able to work on and improve your cartoon animal drawing skills, drawing all sorts of different creatures from throughout the animal kingdom.

    Heres a tip

    When it comes to drawing cartoon animals. You may have noticed that many animals actually look quite similar to one another. Well, this helps a lot when it comes to drawing them

    For example, think about what a horse looks like for a second.

    What other animal does it resemble?

    A cow? A zebra? A donkey?

    Actually, it resembles all of them and other animals too!

    Deer, giraffes and even elephants also fit the profile when it comes to drawing cartoon animals.

    Because animals of different kinds can look similar in many ways, it becomes easier to draw cartoon animals when you know how to draw others that are similar.

    Horses just like cows, stand upright on four legs and theyre about the same size too. Also, the head and tail are in about the same basic position.

    Learn to draw a horse first, and drawing a cow later on will actually seem pretty simple.

    Well, time to put it to the test and draw some cartoon animals of your own! Select a cartoon animal lesson from the list below and begin!

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