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How To Draw Easy Christmas Tree

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Fourth Step Candy Canes

How To Draw a easy Christmas tree

Candy canes at Christmas time are a must! They make for excellent decorations and taste great too.

Can you guess what Im going to ask you to do now? Yes you guessed it check out the Candy Cane lesson to learn to draw simple candy canes for your Christmas tree. Then, cmon back and continue.

And, once youve got the hang of drawing them, go ahead and hang some candy canes on and around your tree. Similar to the ornaments, make sure some of them are facing left, while others face right. Draw them on angles too for a more realistic look.

Wow, this Christmas trees really looking great now isnt it! Thats what happens with a real Christmas tree too the more lights, ornaments, etc. you put on it the more spectacular it looks. But even still, theres one thing missing something that goes on top!

Final Step The Finishing Touch

One last step and youre all finished. And lucky for you this is a drawing no need to go and get a ladder!

A ladder? For the star of course! Well, surely you could draw an angel too if you like. Or perhaps even something different. Either way go ahead and draw something on the top of your cartoon Christmas tree to finish the job.

If you like, check out the Cartoon Stars drawing lesson for a simple guide to draw near-perfect-looking cartoon stars.

Well, its just about time to wrap things up now. But then again you can keep going if you like. There are still other things to consider adding to your tree. Tinsel, popcorn, figurines, presents see what you can draw up!

And then, when youre finally ready give your cartoon Christmas tree some color, similar to how I did in the beginning of the lesson. Make it bright, bold and extra-Christmasy!

Congrats on some very nice work!

How To Draw A Christmas Tree Easy For Kids Full Tutorial

Hello friends, Welcome to this Christmas Tree easy. In this tutorial, I will explain How to draw a Christmas tree easy. I hope you interested in this type of drawing. The very important thing in this blog post is the video tutorial of this drawing is provided in the last paragraph. I will explain in this post stepwise method, I hope you like the stepwise method explain by me. You know very well the Christmas Festival is on 25 December. Christmastide is a period of the ceremonial year in most Christian holy places. In some Christian divisions, Christmastide is indistinguishable from Twelvetide, a comparable idea.

If you want to draw the christmas tree you will read the full tutorial and watch the full video tutorial of this drawing.

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Second Step Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas tree lights always help to give that extra “Christmasy” look. Better yet, theyre really easy to draw!

Basically what you want to do is come up with something like you see to the right. for the Cartoon Christmas Lights lesson. And when youre all done, continue below to string them up on your tree.

I suggest four or five rows of lights the ones at the top shorter and the ones at the bottom wider. Remember, this is a cartoon drawing and so, keeping things simple is a good idea.

Make sure you leave some room for the decorations coming up next. The more space you leave to draw them, the less of a hassle it is because you dont have to worry about erasing.

So, hows your cartoon Christmas tree looking now? Much better with the lights isnt it!? Just wait until youve got the whole tree covered in colorful decorations!

Alright, lets get going with the next phase of the lesson drawing some basic cartoon Christmas tree ornaments!

Third Step Cartoon Christmas Tree Ornaments

How to Draw a Christmas Tree and Star EASY and Cute

Every Christmas trees got to have ornaments. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors but the most common ones are shaped like spheres.

Just as you did with the lights, check out the Christmas Tree Ornaments drawing lesson for a quick and easy how to lesson. Then, come on back and well continue.

Alright, now you know how to draw simple Christmas tree ornaments. So, go ahead now and draw them on and around your cartoon Christmas tree. Space them out for a nicer overall look.

Oh and make sure you get the hooks alternating as well some facing left, some facing right.

Alright, your cartoon Christmas tree is looking fantastic now. But, there are still a few more things to do. For example, why not sweeten it up a bit with some delicious cartoon candy canes!

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Christmas Tree Drawing: One Easy One Fancy

Our first Christmas tree is easy to draw, as it is made from just three triangles. Once we add some decorations, our triangles become a Christmas tree!

The second drawing improves on the simple tree. Using similar simple techniques as before, we just add more curved and squiggly lines, extra decorations, and details to make the tree look even better.

Bring Out The Colours

Its time for the most fun step. Let your kids use their creativity and colour each part of the tree. They can use the illustration as a reference as well!

10 simple steps later, there you have it! A colourful Christmas tree, drawn from scratch by your kids! With some practice, theyll learn how to draw their own variations and use their creativity. This is also a fun activity at any Christmas party for kids! The perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit, isnt it?

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Easy Christmas Tree Drawing Finished

Easy Christmas tree drawing: finished outline

Here is the final Christmas tree drawing, all in a single colour. Pretty good for a drawing that was more or less done in two steps, what do you think?

Easy Christmas tree drawing: finished drawing coloured-in

Our Christmas tree, as any other drawing, looks much better coloured in.

Here we have used many lines going from the narrow end to the wide base to colour in our tree it looks like branches on a real tree.

The trunk bark is brown. Choose some happy colours for your decorations. Finally, our star is gold .

Once You Learn How To Draw A Christmas Tree Why Not Put It In A Really Fun Place Like A Snowy Mountain Instead Of Inside A House

How to Draw a Christmas Tree Easy

If Christmas is a magical time of the year, then why not think outside of the box, and imagine a tree in a really unusual place? Trees in homes can be really pretty, of course, but a tree in the middle of nowhere starts to tell story. Who put it there? Is it for people who live there, or just come and visit? Who are the presents for? Is there going to be a party?

Lastly, when it comes to coloring your drawing, heres a tip that will keep your snow looking white and fresh. All it takes is to NOT draw the little circles with a black marker. Just stop when youre done tracing the tree and mountains, put down the black marker, and draw the snow circles with the sky blue color. Afterwards, fill in the background and you will have some very pretty and soft looking snow.

Christmas Tree Coloring Page

Time needed:;9 days and 1 hour.

How to Draw a Christmas Tree

  • Draw a center star and 2 tree sections.
  • Draw 3 more sections and snow.
  • Draw lines for the lights.
  • Add circles for decorations.
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    Drawing The Top Of The Tree

    Now draw the top of the tree, making three pointy branches as shown. Don’t try to be too perfect – wonky lines can look funky! It doesn’t matter if you overlap the triangle. If you are using a computer, make sure the ends of your lines join up to the star, so that you can use fill to color it later, without the whole page filling up.

    How To Draw A Christmas Tree Video & Step

    Use the videos and step-by-step drawing instructions below to learn how to draw a cartoon Christmas Tree with presents underneath. Stay tooned for more tutorials!

    Stay tooned for more free drawing lessons by:

    All of the free art lessons on are good drawing tutorials for beginners and experienced artists alike. The online tutorials are easy to follow; they teach you the how to draw basics while showing you how to draw fun cartoon characters step by step. Each cartoon character has a video drawing tutorial option, as well as step-by-step photos and written text to follow.

    To draw a Christmas Tree step by step, follow along with the video tutorial below and pause the video after each step to go at your own pace. You may find it easier to follow the step-by-step drawings below. The new lines in each step are shown in red, and each step is explained in the text below the photo, so you’ll know exactly what to draw in each step. You may want to open the video in a new tab and use both drawing methods! Take your time and draw at your own pace.

    The step-by-step video tutorial:

    Intro: Start off with a pencil sketch. In the beginning stages, dont press down too hard. Use light, smooth strokes for sketching.

    • Start

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    Two: Getting The Form

    2. Now that the tiresome brainwork is out of the way, lets begin. Were going to start by drawing one big triangle. Im making mine an;isosceles triangle since I think theyre swell.

    3. Next, we can draw the trunk which can just be a small rectangle at the bottom.

    4. Now is when we get crazy. Place a much smaller triangle at the top of the tree.

    5. Add another similar triangle underneath that one.

    6. Repeat until youve got triangles on top of triangles, son! Your tree should sort of look like this when youre done with it. Well be using these smaller triangles as our guides for each branch set.

    And dont worry if yours looks lopsided or uneven! Christmas trees arent ever; symmetrical anyways.

    Christmas Drawing Christmas Tree Drawing

    How to draw a CHRISTMAS TREE easy

    Christmas drawings are searched when the year is running out to be able to make our typical end of the year cards.

    The most artists try to make their own original Christmas drawings, but for others that is impossible, and the easiest is to use the internet to find the ones you like best.

    In this article I bring you a good amount of Christmas drawings, so you can enjoy and choose the ones you like best. Its all free for you.

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    Lets Start Drawing The Christmas Tree

    You can make this drawing your own by adding different topper or ornaments, changing the position of the ornaments, or making a differently proportioned tree guide.

    Step 5: draw along the outer outline of the star.

    Step 6: add the holder for the star draw a simple triangle or a curved one.

    Step 7: add the first branches roughly using the triangle tree and top branch guides, draw along the side and add a couple of bumps at the bottom to indicate the separate branches

    .Step 8: similar to step 7, draw the top branches mirroring the one from step 7.

    Step 9-12: repeat steps 7 and 8 for the remaining branches on both sides. Add more bumps or spikes as you reach the lower branches.

    Step 13: add the bottom branches similar to step 7, draw the branches, just this time, add more bumps along the bottom branch guide.

    .Step 14: add the stand at any desired width apart, draw two lines at a slight angle, and connect them with a curved line.

    Step 15: time to decorate the tree start with a ribbon/garland. Draw a curved line from the middle of the right top branches to the middle of the left branches below.

    Step 16: draw a second curved line parallel to the one in step 15.

    Step 17: wrap the ribbon/garland around the tree -repeat steps 15 and 16 for the branches below.

    Step 18: add some baubles start by drawing a circle.

    Step 19: draw a small square on top of the circle .

    Step 20: draw a curved line/hook on top of the square.

    Step 22: add a bell draw an arch with long sides.

    Easy Christmas Tree Drawing: Outline

    Step 1: Outline the Christmas tree

    That is all the sketching done we can already tell this is a Christmas tree!

    Lets draw out the outline of the tree. Then draw the baubles, star, and tree trunk.

    Step 2: Add more decorations

    Once you have the Christmas tree drawing outlined, clean up the sketch lines with an eraser.

    Well, we thought our tree looked pretty bare, so here we have added few more of the decorations all over the tree.

    The final trick is adding some short lines to suggest structure on the baubles and the trunk.

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    First Step Putting Up The Cartoon Christmas Tree

    When you think Christmas tree what kind of shape do you first think of? A circle? A square? How about a triangle? Of course!

    So, before you do anything else, draw a nice big triangle on the page in front of you. Be sure to draw it nice and tall too, but be sure you leave some space at the top and bottom of the page.

    At the end of the lesson, youll need this space to draw something at the top. The space at the bottom is reserved for the trunk or tree stand.

    The next step similar to some of the other lessons here on the site, is to draw out the shape of your cartoon Christmas tree using the triangle as your guide.

    Start at the very top and working your way down the side, draw spikes just like Ive done in the example. The triangle helps to keep everything in place as you draw.

    When one sides complete, go back up to the top of the tree and do the same thing to the other. Then, finish it off with a nice big swoop at the bottom.

    The next step is to get rid of the triangle underneath your Christmas tree. Go ahead and erase the triangle before you continue.

    The only other thing to do in terms of the actual tree, is to something on the bottom stump, tree stand, etc. I went with the stump as its nice and simple. If you plan on putting lots of presents under it, you may want to leave this area empty for now.

    Well, now youre all finished the main part of your Christmas tree. So, what next then?

    Learn How To Draw A Christmas Tree For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

    Very Easy ! How to Draw a Christmas tree – Easy and Cute art on paper

    Jingle Bells! Guys, what is the first to dress up in the house before Christmas and New Years holidays? Of course, the tree! In honor of this, we have prepared a simple lesson, how to draw a Christmas tree for kids step by step.

    The whole family gathers to decorate the main symbol of the New Year. Christmas balls, garlands, tinsel all these are attributes of a magical holiday that will bring joy, mood, and well-being to your home. TTry to make the tree colorful so that in the new year it will give you only good things. And every child knows that Santa Claus left them gifts for good behavior.

    Drawing a Christmas tree is not difficult. To create a beautiful Christmas pattern, follow our tips at every step.

    Time needed:;15 minutes.

    How to Draw a Christmas Tree for Kids

  • Draw the top of the Christmas tree.

    We will draw the top of the tree. For this we need to draw a triangular shape. The bottom corners should be rounded.

  • Draw the bottom of the tree.

    We also draw the lower 2 parts of the tree in the form of rounded triangles. Only without upper sharp corners.

  • Draw the trunk and a star.

    Every Christmas tree should have a pretty star. Therefore, depict a large star on the top of the tree, as shown in our example.To make our tree stand, draw a small rectangle at the very bottom.

  • We decided to paint the tree in different shades of green. The trunk will be brown and the star will be yellow. And decorate the balloons with whatever colors you see fit.

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    Christmas Drawings For Children

    Christmas drawings can be of all kinds. I myself, every year I make drawings with my daughter, so we had a great time. And those drawings later are the decoration of our tree. All the cartoons that are in fashion are made with your Santa hat or Christmas star, and are ready to be hung on the tree.

    An example of that is the drawing of one of the Minions that carries Santas bag and hat.

    Bells are also typical for these special dates, with the typical mistletoe leaf and red bows.

    And how about the Christmas cookie? It is very decorated, with many colors and a very nice face.

    Santas hat can be a character in itself. If you will have stories to tell every year visiting the homes of all the children in the world. Apparently the work is very funny because he is very happy, waiting for Christmas to come to visit all the countries again.

    We all know that Santa Claus distributes gifts at Christmas, but we also know that he is not the one who makes them. For that it has an army of goblins that work all year so that orders are ready for December. Here we have one of them very happy because the work is going very well.

    Here you have one of the reindeer that pulls Santas sleigh. Its a very nice job, because its about bringing happiness to all the children in the world.

    If you liked those painted drawings, surely you also want them without colors, so that you can display your art. Well here they are, starting with Santas hat.

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