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How To Draw Eyes Looking Down

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Become A Baseline Pro

How to Draw Eyes from Different Angles, Pt. 1 (Facing Forward)

A baseline is how someone acts when they are under normal, non-threatening conditions. You can easily establish baselines by sitting down with the person you want to read betteryour child, your spouse, your friendand talking casually to them about neutral topics that they would have no reason to lie about, such as the weather or what they want to have for dinner. Take note of how they act, how they hold their body, how they sound.

Now that you know the eye cues, you can pay particular attention to when and in which emotional states a person tends to use their eye gestures. Remember, baselining might take more up-front effort, but once you establish a baseline, it may even last forever.

Draw Your Own Anime Eyes Step

Lets now implement the common visual elements of drawing anime eyes by actually drawing one. Step by step.

No, you dont have to draw a hundred of them like I did, just draw one, get a feel for it, then decide what you want to draw next!

To me thats the great part of drawing, once a fresh canvas is in front of you, you get to decide what to do next! You feel like a ruler of your own domain or at least you should feel that way, or rather, you will feel that way once your skill level is where you are happy with it.

Okay, without further ado, lets draw anime eyes. So far we have learned eight basic parts of the eye as discussed in detail above, these are:

  • Eyelashes

Understanding How The Eyes And Eyelids Move

Eyes are basically a sphere . The eyes rotate upwards when looking up and downwards when looking down. The eyelids act as a sort of cover pulled around the eyes.

In their natural position the eyelids move closer together when the eyes squint and farther apart when the eyes open wide.

When the eyes look up the top eyelid raises.

When the eyes look down the top eyelid lowers.

When the eyes close completely in a relaxes state the top eyelid actually moves all the way to the bottom eyelid while the bottom eyelid remains in place.

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Key Facts About The Geometry Of The Eye

Start by getting a handle on the underlying shape behind the visible eye. Youre not drawing what you see, youre drawing behind the object, says illustrator and drawing instructor Lucas Elliott. Youre not just drawing the eye itself, but youre drawing the actual ocular orb and then everything on top of it: the eyelid, the eyelashes, the eyebrows.

Image by Jonathan Case

The eyeball is a sphere.

To perfect the look of an eye, visualize the sphere of the eyeball. This will help you understand how each aspect of the eye is connected spatially, regardless of what is actually visible once you add other elements of a characters face. The skin surrounding the eye, the eyelid, the eyelashes, the tear ducts, and more it all wraps around the ocular orb. What we typically think of as the eye shape is actually the shape of the upper and lower eyelid and how they cover the eye socket.

How To Draw Anime Eyes

How to Draw Faces Looking Down || Loomis Method Monday Ep 3

Here’s a new tutorial on how to draw anime eyes! Use the structure of real eyes as references for your Manga-style designs – artist Raquel Arellano gives a rundown in text and video on variations in anime eyes and how to add of color to make them pop.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw anime-style eyes.

I will explain the different shapes and styles, how to apply basic colors, how some expressions work, and finally, how to draw anime-style eyes as a part of an illustration. You can also follow this step-by-step video tutorial :

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Drawing Startled Anime Eyes Side View

For startled anime eyes from the side view draw the iris slightly smaller than normal. Draw the top eyelid raised so that it just barely touches the top of the iris. Draw the bottom eyelid below the iris. Draw the eyelids slightly raised.

The reason for making the iris smaller is that because as was already mentioned anime eyes are often vertically stretched making it hard to put enough distance between the eyes and the eyelids to give that startled look.

Drawing Eyes In Portraiture

Helen South

When drawing a portrait, you may not want to get too detailed at first. Instead, work up the whole face, adding more reference points and ensuring that everything fits together. Some people do prefer to focus on a single area at a time. You will want to see which works best for you.

Whichever approach you choose, careful observation is the key. Observing the tiny details of light and shade in the eyes will bring the subject to life. This is true whether you are doing a detailed portrait or a quick sketch.

Often, you may ‘abbreviate’ or suggest the details that you’ve observed. The visual information that you’ve gathered will make you sketched ‘abbreviations’ accurate ones that make sense. In the end, the drawing will be much stronger than when you’ve only guessed at what it should look like.

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How To Draw Anime Face Video

You now know how to draw an anime face. The more you practice, the more you will be able to individualize the facial features, make a thinner or more masculine chin, make smaller or bigger eyes, make the eyes look to the side, up, or down, give a variety of hairstyles, etc.

This tutorial gives the basic form so you can draw more anime characters. You can change it and make it your own in no time. If you want more practice drawing eyes here are some tips for drawing eyes.

Look At A Real Set Of Eyes

How to Draw Eyes from Different Angles, Pt. 2 (Profile View)

First off, lets look at a pair of actual, realistic eyes. Make sure you pick a photograph that captures the type of eyes youre hoping to draw. After all, there are plenty of different eye shapes, colors, and sizes.

Once you find the perfect photograph, be sure to examine the shape and different parts closely. Return to this reference photo whenever you move onto a new step in the drawing process. That way, you can make sure youre creating the most realistic drawing possible.

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The Eyelids Have Thickness

Even in a line drawing, a single line is often inadequate for describing the structure of each eyelid. This is because the eyelids have thickness and we can often see the top or bottom surface of the lids projecting outward from the surface of the eyeball. Including these planes in your drawing will help give your eyes dimension, making the eyeballs appear relatively recessed into the eye sockets which they are.

About The Shape Of Eyelids

The eyes are not shaped like footballs or almonds. And yet, this is one of the most common mistakes made by students and for that matter, many how to draw eyes tutorials.

While its true that the opening between the lids tapers to a point on each side, that shape is also asymmetrical.

The Outer Boundaries: Look for the high point or apex of the curve of the upper lid and youll find it sits somewhat medially . This is because the form of the lid follows the path of the supraorbital margin, which is angled downward, laterally.

The Inner Boundaries:The outer and inner boundary of each eyelid echo one another, but they arent parallel. The inner boundaries appear less curved when the eyes are open because of perspective they arent rolled up or down over the eyeball as much as the outer boundaries, which makes the curvature appear less amplified from our angle of view.

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Things To Notice When You Are Drawing Eyes:

  • The upper and lower lid eyelid also follow the shape of the ball.
  • The white of the eye isnt actually white at all. You can see that the tones vary. This gives it its ball shape, like the previous example shows.
  • Note the corner of the eye That little membrane that you see. All eyes have this membrane and it forms an important part of the eye.
  • The eyelashes dont poke straight outwards from the outer edge of the eye. They actually grow from the inner rim of the eye and then curl outwards and upwards.
  • The pupil is not always a sharp, round shape. Sometimes it is a much softer transition between the pupil and the iris.
  • The iris is not just one flat colour or tone.
  • The highlight of the eye is not always just one round spot, as so often depicted in an amateur drawing.
  • The pupil might sometimes reflect whatever is in front of it.
  • The eyelashes dont always curl upwards, as clearly shown in the example above.
  • The bottom lashes also grow from the inner rim, not the outer edge.
  • Unless someone is very surprised , you would not be able to see the entire iris . Some of the iris will be concealed under the upper and lower lids.
  • The inner rim is often missed out altogether in an amateur drawing.
  • The eye shape itself is very much influenced by the skin and lid above it. Sometimes the lid can be heavy and push down as shown above. Or sometimes the entire lid is visible as shown below. Its very important to take notice of the eyes surrounding area when you are drawing.

Tools I Used Derwent Graphic Pencil

How To Draw The Eye Structure In Looking Up and Looking Down Angles

How to draw eyes looking down. This is a super quick and easy method for drawing closed eyes beginners. Hi everyone) in this video i will got better at drawing eyelashes as a part of my practice it is great way to improve lashes and eyebrows a. This new 2017 tutorial will quickly teach you how to draw a realistic eye from side view.

Thank so much for watching, please like video and make s. Subscribe my channel get more drawing videos. Watch more how to draw & illustrate videos.

Hi everyone) in this video i will show you one of my drawing studies an eye, nose and lips, as a part practice, it is great way to impr. I’ve been asked several times to make a video of how draw head in different views. For this video, i’m tackling two views particular l.

Improve your drawing skills with easytofollow instructional video. In this video i explain easily how to draw eyes view from the left or right.

How To Draw Eyes 3 4 View

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Eye Signs And Chronic Disease

Research shows that an eye exam might be the best way to detect early signs of a few chronic health conditions. Sixty-two percent of high cholesterol cases can be spotted by examining the eyes. Thirty-nine percent of high blood pressure cases and thirty-four percent of diabetes cases can be spotted with signs noted in eye exams.

The Difference Between Good And Great

When you look at a realist drawing of an eye, the difference between jaw-dropping realism and a reasonable likeness is the attention to detail, This happens both in the observation as well as the drawing.

If you are trying to achieve a very high degree of realism, you need a very large, clear reference photograph. It will also require a great deal of patience and accuracy in drawing every tiny change in light and dark. There’s no magic trick, just very careful attention.

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How To Color Anime Eyes

Here you can see the results from using different colors and blending modes. I used the Overlay mode for purple, Vivid Light for yellow, and Pin Light for the blue tones and the pink details. They blend great with the grey layer.

The key is to know where you want to place the grey gradients, the darker areas, and the highlights. Please go back to chapter 4. Styles and greyscale when in doubt.

Try different colors and see which ones are best for the effect youre trying to achieve. In this illustration, I chose two complimentary colors: purple and yellow with pink and blue tints.

Grayscale coloring steps:

In 1, I simply started with the previously created grayscale drawing.

In steps 2 and 3, choose any color you fancy purple, with some blue in my case and try a blending mode that blends well with the greyscale.

In steps 4 and 5, I add some yellow using the Vivid light blending mode.

In step 6, I usually soften the dots a bit, by using the eraser or decreasing the layer opacity.

Finally, in step 7, I just add the finishing touches to emphasize volumes and textures.

Thicker Lines On The Upper Eyelid Stylizing Eyelashes

How to Draw a Realistic-Looking Eye | Drawing Tips

Adoption rate: in most example in anime. This element highlights what a lot of anime drawings are like: an effective simplification of complex real life forms to their most basic visual representation.

Since we usually have more volume in eyelashes on the upper eyelid than the lower, in anime drawings, the upper eyelid lines representing the eyelashes are drawn thicker, with more visual weight.

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Work On Making Those Eyelash Clusters One By One

You need to be patient when youre drawing. Although eyelashes might seem like a small detail, theyre an important part of your art. Thats why you need to take the time to make tiny eyelash clusters one by one. Dont get impatient halfway through or you could ruin all the hard work youve done so far. Take your time and dont rush yourself!

Angry And Sad Eye Body Language Gestures

The key to identifying angry and sad eyes is to look for the muscles. Muscles around the eyes are typically relaxed when someone is feeling neutral. But if theres tension, you may notice the eyes getting smaller or other tension that indicates a shift in mental state. Even babies facial muscles suddenly scrunch before they begin to cry. Watch for these 5 gestures:

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Complete That Tear Duct

You never know when youre going to need a good cry! Thats why you need to add the tear ducts to your drawings. Remember, if you want your drawing to be realistic, then you cant forget the tiny details. The little things are what make your drawings feel real. This is what will set you apart from other artists who rush through the process.

How To Draw Anime & Manga Eyes Side View

Drawing 14 EYES: How to draw a human EYE

This tutorial explains how to draw anime and manga style eyes from the side view in different states and with different expressions using step by step examples.

Anime eyes are usually drawn much larger than real eyes in relation to the head and often tend to be vertically stretched. However they are still based on real eyes and understanding how real eyes and eyelids function can be helpful when drawing anime eyes.

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Now Get Rid Of Those Circles

Once you have the shape of the eye figured out, you can erase all the extra lines inside of that shape. All that should remain are two curved lines. You might think theyre going to turn into the eye, but youre wrong!

These lines are going to work as the brow bone and the underpart of the eye. Dont worry. Were going to work on the actual eye in the next step! Remember, you need to be patient if you want to become a good artist. You cant rush through the process.

Drawing Scared Anime Eyes Side View

For scared anime eyes from the side view draw them wide open and draw the iris significantly smaller than normal. You want to leave a lot of space between the iris and the eyelids. As already mentioned it can be hard to leave enough space between the eyes and the eyelids when drawing anime eyes as the irises and pupils are often vertically stretched. For this reason you can draw the irises/pupils smaller for certain expressions.

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Close Those Interior Lines

Dont forget there will be a tear duct. Make sure you draw that nice U-shape in the inner corner. You can also close off the outer corner. However, make sure it ends in a point to make the drawing as realistic as possible. Although it helps to know how to create perfectly straight lines and circles, real people are rarely perfect. They arent always symmetrical.

Eye Direction Body Language Gestures

How to Draw Eyes in Your Own Style ⢠Eye Tutorial

A number of studies talk about the direction of eyes during lies. Typically, when people look up and to the right, they are lying or tapping into their imagination. When they look up and to the left, they are remembering or recalling something, tapping into the memory part of the brain. However, be sure you get to know their natural movements, because this can be reversed for left-handed people. Here are some quick guidelines observed in people:

Looking to Their Right = Auditory Thought Looking to Their Left = Visual Thought Looking Down to Their Right = Someone creating a feeling or sensory memory . Looking Down to Their Left = Someone talking to themself.

This can help you detect a lie. If you ask someone a question and they look down to the right, they are creating a memory instead of remembering something. Note of caution: I have not been able to find a study replicating this effectso only use with caution!

Now, on to the cues in depth!

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