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How To Draw Eyes Step By Step For Beginners

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Step 3: Drawing In The Eyelashes And Implied Details

HOW TO DRAW Hyper Realistic Eyes | Step by Step Tutorial for BEGINNERS

Now you can add the eyelashes and some implied details within the iris. When adding eyelashes, try to draw your lines with confidence. Take note of the angles changing as the eyelashes move around the eyeball sphere. A smooth stroke with a nice taper at the end is the best way to get a natural look. With your reference, use light strokes to draw details of the iris that you see.

Step 10 Shade The Eyelids

Shade the eyelids an the areas surrounding the eyes. Do this with a series of crosshatch strokes where you first add a layer going in one direction and then in another that is just slightly angled to the first one.

For more on different stroke type see:

Once again keep this layer of shading lighter than what you want to have in the final drawing. Its goal is to first establish the placement of the main light and dark areas. You can then add in darker and smoother shading over top.

In this case the shadows will be placed as follows:

  • Above the upper eyelids getting lighter as it moves towards the eyebrows
  • On each end of the upper eyelids getting lighter towards the middle
  • The outer corners of the edges of the bottom eyelids
  • The outer corners of the bottom eyelids getting lighter as it moves towards the inner corners

Once done adding the shading to the eyebrows you can also add some dark shading running along the curve of the upper eyelids .

How Do You Draw Eyes Most Important Tips

  • Always start with an overall sketch of the eye in order to avoid disproportions.
  • Never press your pencil too hard. Use light strokes, so that you can erase them later. The most common mistake in eye drawing is using thick dark lines in places where there should be a soft, gradual transition between shades.
  • Remember the eye is a three-dimensional object. It sits deep in the eye socket. Establish a light source and dont be afraid to really darken the shadows to articulate its roundness.
  • When drawing the eye, use the whole gamut of shades. This is the only way to make a pencil drawing pop. In the eye, the black has to be defined by the shade of the pupil and the white by the brightness of the light reflection on the eyeball.
  • Eyes vary in shape, size, and color. If you really want to learn to draw eyes, look at them more often. Take a mirror and study your own face! Youll be surprised by how many new things you notice each time.

Drawing An Eye From The Side

As with the front view of the eye, you start by drawing a circle, but this time with just one horizontal line in the middle. Then draw two lines that both start at the same point on the horizontal line, as shown in the picture below. This will make a shape that looks something like an unfinished triangle.

In the circle, at the point where the two lines you just drew are farthest apart, draw a vertical oval. The oval will be the iris. Its thin because youre seeing it from the side. Then draw a second, smaller oval inside the first one. That will be the pupil.

Use the two lines that make the unfinished triangle as guides for the eyelids. Because were seeing the eye from the side, the eyelids protrude a little bit from the eyeball. For the same reason, the iris has a reflection that follows the shape of the eye. The first layer of the eyeball is actually transparent; thats why from the side, the reflection seems like a layer over the iris.

Now, add the rest of the details like the position of the eyebrow. From the side, the eyelashes look like they go behind the iris, and the shadows are darker on the part of the eye closer to the nose. You can practice drawing eyes from the side like this from different angles. For this part, its best to use reference photos.

How To Draw An Eye

How to draw an eye/eyes easy step by step for beginners Eye drawing easy tutorial with pencil basics

Step 1 – The Outline of the Eye

Close observation is very important when starting the line drawing of an eye. You must pay particular attention to the difference in shape between the upper and lower eyelids.

  • Each eye is unique and the more acute your observation, the more accurate a likeness you will achieve.

Step 3: Shade The Iris

On a separate sheet of paper, smear some graphite into a small area. Use the blender to rub the area until the graphite has transferred to the tip of the blender . You will now use that to fill in the outer area of the pupil. This step does not have to be done perfectly. Sloppy smudging will make it turn out better, as well as give the eye more depth.

How To Draw A Realistic Eye From The Side

  • Start by drawing a circle with a small bump, which will serve as the cornea of the eye.
  • Draw a triangle starting from the middle of the circle going outwards to the bump, which needs to stay inside the triangle.
  • Connect the top and bottom parts of the bump to form the iris and then a small oval shape inside it for the pupil.
  • Erase the circle outside the triangle and draw the eyelids.
  • Draw an outline of a glare in front of the iris, which is going to make the eye look more realistic.
  • Fill in the pupil with black.
  • Shade the iris using a blending stump and then add the spokes, starting from the pupil outwards to the iris. You can even curve the spokes a little bit so your eye has more depth.
  • Start shading from the eye whites, to the eyelids. You can also add a few blood vessels for a more realistic look. Shade the skin around the eye as well, blending it with a tissue.
  • Fill in the eyebrows with a light flicking motion.
  • Yet another helpful and easy to follow tutorial

    And here is a different take on drawing eyes with colors

    The more you practice, the better the results

    How to draw a crying eye

    This is an absolutely breathtaking painting of a man, whose eyes have seen a lot

    This eye look a little sad, yet beautiful

    This painting is reminiscent of the movie Brave and its main character

    Super realistic drawing of a gorgeous female eye

    And another tutorial you can try

    This reminds me of a horror movie poster

    How to draw closed eyes

    Beautiful watercolor design


    How To Draw A Realistic Eye: Step By Step

    Step 1: Draw the upper lid. The shape will change according to the individual eye, but a regular curve will do for this example.

    Step 2: Draw the tear duct. This is the inner corner of ones eye that dips downwards.

    Step 3: Draw the lower lid. 

    Step 4: Draw the iris, the part of the eye that determines ones eye color.

    Id recommend studying your own iris or a closeup photo of other peoples eyes.

    The outer edge of the iris is darker so you can emphasize that in your sketch.

    The size of the iris depends on what facial expression is being made, but for a neutral look, the top and bottom lids should cover some of the circle of the iris.

    Step 5: Draw the pupil, the dark center-most part of ones eye.

    I also drew the spot where I determined the light to hit the iris. I will keep this area white by erasing whenever I shade into this area.

    Step 6: Shade in the color of the iris.

    I like to create lines going from the pupil to the outer edge of the iris all the way around. Make sure not to shade into the area where the light hits the eye. 

    Step 7: Add more shade to the iris.

    Step 8: Shade in the area around the tear duct to create the round look of an eyeball.

    I also shaded under the upper lid to emphasize the spherical shape of ones eye.

    Step 9: Draw eyelashes by flicking your pencil upwards in a curve. Make each individual eyelash a little different, as some eyelashes are shorter than others.

    Step 10: Finish drawing eyelashes.

    Step 13: Draw the crease . I also darkened the pupil.

    Thicker Lines On The Upper Eyelid Stylizing Eyelashes

    How to Draw Manga Eyes! Step by Step, Slow Tutorial for Beginners!

    Adoption rate: in most example in anime. This element highlights what a lot of anime drawings are like: an effective simplification of complex real life forms to their most basic visual representation. 

    Since we usually have more volume in eyelashes on the upper eyelid than the lower, in anime drawings, the upper eyelid lines representing the eyelashes are drawn thicker, with more visual weight.  

    Apply More Skin Texture

    As a final touch, lets add more skin texture.

    Do it with a tip of a blending stump and a pen eraser . Just bump them into the surface of your eye drawing. This way youll create pores and tiny skin reflections. Just be gentle with the dark spots, if you make them too dark, the skin will end up looking dirty.

    Et voilà! Your realistic eye drawing is done!

    Drawing Anime Eyes Step By Step




    Step 1-4. First, draw an oval and divide it in half horizontally and vertically. And then divide the formed halves into three more equal parts vertically, as indicated in the picture above.




    Step 5-7. After that, from the edge of the base horizontal line, draw a line along two parts slightly up, along three parts in parallel, and along one part down, closing the base of the central horizontal line on the opposite side. This is how the blade of the upper eyelashes is formed. After that, duplicate the created line slightly from above to create the upper base of the eyelashes.



    Step 8-9. Bring together the lines that form the upper base of the eyelashes on the left side and bring them out a millimeter beyond the edge of the eye. Then outline the lower lashes with a bold line. Erase all auxiliary lines with an eraser. Draw three ovals: the cornea, the iris, and the pupil, respectively. With an additional small oval inside the pupil, draw a highlight inside the eye.



    Step 10-11. Form the curve of the upper eyelid in an arc. After that, outline additional highlights in the form of an oval and sectors inside the iris of the eye. Draw the upper and lower eyelashes. Step by step, anime eyes you drew in the final stage should look like picture number 


    Step 7 Add Basic Shading To The Pupils & Eyebrows

    In this particular example the eyes will have fairly generic shading with most of the light coming from above. You can expect these types of lighting conditions in a well lit room or outside during daytime.

    Begin by first shading in the pupils with pretty much a solid dark grey and then shade in the eyebrows with a much lighter tone.

    Add A Pop Of Contrast

    How to draw eyes for Beginners | How to draw eyes step by step

    Considering that all the wrinkles and texture are indentations in the skin, you should pair each highlight with a shadow. Do it with a worn out pencil or with a tip of a blending stump.

    The light source is on the upper right, so all the notches should have a shadow on top or on the right.

    I overlayed this picture with the one from the previous step to help you see the changes I applied.

    How To Draw Female Eyes

    Step 1: Draw a curved line as an outline for the upper eye.

    Step 2: Draw another curved line below the upper one to form the outline of the lower eye, they should meet at the right side as shown.

    Step 3: Draw another curved line above the upper one to show the upper eyelid.

    Step 4: Draw the iris and pupil.

    Step 5: Draw eyelashes at the edges of upper and lower eyelids. The upper lashes should be longer and darker in case of females.

    Step 6: Draw the outline for eyebrows and round shapes for highlights near the eye.

    Step 7: Mark the nose by small sharp curve.

    Step 8: Now fill the eyebrows with short heavy strokes for hair and give some shadow effect.

    Step 7: Shading Your Eye Drawing And Final Touches

    In the last step, you can add some shading. First, use light strokes to shade in the iris. Next, make sure you include a shadow cast by the upper eyelid onto the eyeball below it. You can also add extra shadows where appropriate, so use your reference image as a guide. Feel free in this stage to soften any edges that look too sharp and harsh. You can also enhance the line weights where needed.

    Its essential to learn every element that goes into drawing eyes, including how to draw them from different angles. These methods improve your ability to draw eyes from your imagination. Your next step should be to gather more references of various eyes and angles. Then, keep practicing and learning!

    Shade The Upper Lid And A Brow Ridge

    First step here erase the gridlines that cover the upper lid area. I didnt and you can see them showing from under the graphite layer. Its usually possible to blend them with the rest of the image, but sometimes they do stay visible. So dont follow my example here. Erase the hell out of them.

    Next, refine the crease line make it really dark and rather thick.

    Fill the whole area the way I did. Start in the inner corner and finish at the line connecting the crease with the brow. Remember to wear out and tilt your pencil for that.

    Looking at our reference photo youll see that you should make the left side a bit darker. Same with the area above the crease-brow line. Follow my sketch along with the shadows you can see in the original picture.

    Lets also begin shading the crease. You should add a gradual dark shade below the crease on the left and above it on the right. Look at the picture to see where the switch actually happens.

    What To Draw When Bored

    How to Draw Realistic Eyes for BEGINNERS step by step! Super Detailed Instructions!

    It is proven that drawing helps imagination and develops your creativity. Whats more, drawing or doodling is extremely helpful for your mental state. It takes your mind away from your problems by letting it focus on the task at hand. While some people may think that they cant draw, we are here to tell you that everyone can. Especially if you follow these super easy drawing tutorials. After all, everyone starts from somewhere right?

    Your doodles can turn into real masterpieces with a few basic lessons on lights and shadows

    You may even end up creating masterpieces such as this one

    They say the eyes are the window to the soul and we believe it

    Step 1 Sketch The Basic Shape Of The Eye

    To start drawing an eye from the front view you first want to create a rough line drawing to get the overall shape.

    To get the basic shape of the eye draw a horizontal line and draw and draw two even curve on the top and bottom of that line curving towards one another.

    You can also draw a line to indicate the position of the eyelids and a line to indicate the position of the eyebrows.

    Step 1 Draw An Outline Of The Eyes

    Begin this step by making a few simple guide lines. First draw a center line through the middle of your drawing area to help you insure that both eyes will be evenly spaced.

    Next draw a pair of lines that will help you determine the angle of each eye. In this case they will be angled slightly downwards with their inner ends.

    For examples of other eye types see:

    Draw the eyes based on the guide lines as shown above. However before you do that take a look at the explanation of their spacing below.

    You will want to position the eyes so that when the tear ducts are added as shown above the spacing between them will be roughly enough to fit in another eye.

    You can erase the angled guide lines for each eye once your done with this step.

    Step 1: Sketch The Outlines Of The Eye

    Start with a HB pen to sketch the shape of the eye. This outline should not be too dark to avoid the lines being visible further in this tutorial.

    A few basic shapes of the eye will give you an idea of where you need to place the shadows later. You should also already mark visible reflections on the pupil, which may be caused by a light source.

    Often a square silhouette , a semicircular mark or a point is used to give shape to the light reflection.

    The ability to accurately observe the reference is important if you dont just want to draw some standard eye.

    If you want to draw emotions or an individualized eye, you have to consider the differences in form between the eyelids and include wrinkles that correspond to the mood.

    Add Layers Below The Eye

    how to draw eyes step by step , draw for beginner , easy sketch

    Again, erase unnecessary gridlines.

    Add a few dots on the lower rim line, so that you can still see where it should be, even after you blend the lower lid area. Dont worry about their visibility well grow eyelashes out of them later!

    Fill the remaining skin with gentle strokes. Continue adding layers in the areas that need more shade. Play with some cross-hatching here o ensure better coverage change the direction of strokes in each layer by 90 degrees.

    How To Draw A Sparrow:

    Step 1: Mark the height, width and draw the outline accordingly for further drawing.

    Step 2: Draw the necks guidelines with the tail and body.

    Step 3: Draw legs using 2 lines, curved wings, and the curved beak.

    Step 4: Shape the legs from below the already drawn line, finish up with the tail, and beak with other curved lines.

    Step 5: Draw eyes, curved wings, and also form toes.

    Step 6: Finish drawing with other details as feathers on wings and tail, draw claws, and some other details on the head.

    Step 7: Once the outline is completed contour your drawing with feathers all over, lines on the legs. It will vary the thickness and darkness of the drawing.

    Step 8: Erase all the guidelines and get your sparrow.

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