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How To Draw Flowers In A Vase

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How To Draw Snowdrops

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In this video it will be much easier to copy the steps and take a sneak behind the whole process as it is no doubt that learning how to draw flowers with a video is much more insightful than just drawing on paper. 

Snowdrops are much easier as flowers to draw as when they are broken down into 3 easy steps that you can follow. 

Start by drawing a rough outline of where the whole snowdrop flower circumference will be. 

Next,  start adding in the petal details. After, add in the further flower leaves that are missing. 

Drawing the snowdrop flowers from the side is actually a great way to add variety to your drawing. When your drawing has more complexity to it, it makes you seem more advanced than you actually are at art. 

Now you can add in some leaves as they will make the whole drawing look much more natural. 

How To Draw Flowers

Taking a sketchbook out into nature to create a flower drawing can be as helpful as any studio session. Studying the organic forms of a flower as they occur in nature allows artists to sharpen their skills with gesture, color, and light and shadow. And, arguably, the shape and design of a flower or budding plant can challenge the artist just as the figure does because both are complex and take a sharp eye to discern their proportions and structure.

Transporting a cut flower indoors and arranging it in a vase is always a good way to learn how to draw flowers, too, because it pushes artists to arrange strong compositions and figure out a focal point or center of interest for a still life arrangement or floral painting.

There is no one way to draw flowers. Artists take this pursuit in many different directionsfrom creating impressionistic works that emphasize color and gesture to more naturalistic pieces that emphasize the appearance and details of the specific flower itself.

Because flower drawings and floral paintings often are most often experiments in line and color, artists will work with graphite, pen and ink, pastel, or watercolor when delving into this genre, but truly there is no medium that is off-limits to this subject matter. It is up to the artist to decide how best he or she can create a rose drawing, for example, and to be true to their own vision.


How To Draw Apple Blossom

As you will know that apple blossoms actually have a few things that you need to draw: the flower, the bud as well as leaves.

If you want to do them in watercolor then make sure that you check out this image and use it as a point of reference for when you will be ready to color it all in. 

How to draw main & sub flowers?

When drawing, you will have the main flower and a sub-flower. 

The main flower will be the center of attention for the viewer. It will be where if you draw it well enough, the rest of the flowers if not done as well as you would have hoped, would still look pretty good.

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How to place the flowers?

As we discussed previously, drawing an apple tree blossom has several components to it. 

How you place the flower on a tree branch will make all the difference. Use it as refrence. 

How to draw leaves?

In order to make an apple blossom the most realistic, if your leaves vary it will always create a result that you like. This is why add in the variety of closed and fully open leaf.

Apple Blossom Drawing Inspiration:

If you follow the instructions, you will be able to create this epic flower drawing!

Flower Drawing Step By Step

Now you need to draw rose petals in detail. The contours of the petals do not have to be copied exactly from my drawing, they may have a different shape.

To begin, draw a flower stalk with leaves. Draw the number of twigs and leaves arbitrarily. Most importantly, do not make the leaves too big. Note that rose leaves have streaks. For greater realism, they also need to be drawn. It remains to remove the extra contours and draw the petals in detail. In the correct image of the petals lies the whole beauty of the roses pattern. The upper contour of each petal is drawn by two lines connecting at the edge of the petal. This gives the impression that the edges of the petals are bent. This will also help us in the next step to create shadows in the bud, which will make the rose pattern voluminous.

At this stage, you have already drawn a real rose, it remains only to add shadows to the flower drawing will become voluminous. Imagine which side the bright light source will be to determine which side of the rose will be more illuminated. Where there will be recesses between the petals, you need to draw the shadows thicker by pressing the pencil harder. Shadows should be at the junction of the petals. Using your finger, rub all areas shaded with a pencil. This method smooths out the sharp lines of the pencil, and the rose pattern will look softer.

The Language Of Roses

Flowers as a form of communication have been used for many hundreds of years.

In the UK floriography became especially popular in Regency and Victorian times, where expressing ones feelings openly was just not the done thing to do.

With freely accessible it became quite common for men to send their love interest a blossom or two, relaying secret messages.

Which came especially handy if you were not supposed to court . In that case a small flower was much less conspicuous than an open love letter. Each colour of rose has a different meaning, with pink symbolising happiness, red desire and so on.

Roses today are, of course, the ultimate symbol of love and passion. But its also quite a contrary flower, with its petals and thorns, its wild and cultivated forms.

How To Draw A Rose

Step 1: Create a rough outline of the flower. It should be in the shape of a bud. Make sure to place a middle there. We will use it as a base for other petals in the forthcoming steps to make flower drawing easy.

Step 2: Start by placing the front end petals of the flower right where they should be. Make sure to look closely and not to imagine things the way you wish they would be. 

Step 3: In order to make a successful drawing of a rose, make the overlapping petals appear and add a bit of roughness to the edges to create the most realistic look possible. 

Here a rose drawing has a lot more movement to it. The way petals wrap around the flower creates a look that is an astonishing and much cooler effect.

When drawing, ensure that you pay close attention and draw in those missing parts and it will make flower drawing easy. 

When you are finished with the pencils drawing, you will be able to add watercolor so that your final piece looks incredible and you can finally feel like you know how to draw flowers well. 

Get Inspired By Beautiful Flower Drawings

When it comes to flowers, theres no right or wrong way to draw them. Spark a few new drawing ideas by seeing how other artists have captured stunning blooms in their own beautiful drawings.


  • Craft a stylized, abstract form like this artists unexpected rendition of an iris in bloom.
  • Take a different approach and relax your mind with flower doodles reminiscent of mandalas.


Now that youve got drawing tips and inspiration, youre ready to try it for yourself. Adobe Fresco has live brushes that can help add painterly effects to your favorite flower drawings. 

Draw Elliptical Shapes At The Top And Bottom Of Your Drawing

To convey the three-dimensional form of the vase you are drawing. You will need to draw a curve that depicts the structure of the vase.

This is achieved through the addition initially of elliptical shapes at the top and the bottom of the vase. A further ellipse may need to be drawn in the center of the drawing if need be.

When ellipses are added to your drawing, the vase will quickly begin to convey a sense of three-dimensional form.


How To Draw A Calla Lilly

Step 1: Create a rough outline of the flower. It has a teardrop overall shape. Once again, do not forget to mark the middle and the bottom of the flower going down. 

Step 2: From the middle mark downwards, start to create a spiral that is swirling and going all the way down. That way you are creating structured petals that are required for this step.

Step 3: Finalise the design, add in the stem, and leaves. Ensure that it is not symmetrical, but much rather has its twists and designs that ensure that your design looks realistic. 

Drawing a Calla lily flower from the front is a little bit less complex. Overall, do not forget to mark the middle and follow closely as the petals are showing in the drawing. 

Learning how to draw easy calla lily flowers can be even better when you add a little bit of color to your drawing

How Do You Make A Bouquet Of Flowers

How to draw a Bouquet of Flowers

  • Mark off the width and height of the picture.
  • Outline the shape of the jug and the flower stems.
  • Define the centers of the flowers and leaves.
  • Define the neck, handle and bottom of the jug.
  • Delineate the stems.
  • Draw lower petals and the rest of the leaves.
  • Work on the whole bouquet, paying attention to details.
  • How To Draw Hydrangeas

    I love how they are broken down into different sides. This is exactly how to build up the volume of this flower successfully. 

    Once you undertsand the basics of drawing the petals of  hydrangeas you can move on and draw the wole big flower.

    Once again, start by drawing 2 circles and 3 flower outlines.

    Draw in the petals in the next phase. From those 3 flowers, start to build up the rest of petals and draw in the details. 

    This will take time, so do not be scared to take the time necessary and draw in the details that you want. 

    Better the petals look at the sketch face, easier it will use watercolor to add color to your drawings. 

    When painting flowers in watercolor, ensure that you will start as light as possible and build it all up in layers. 


    How To Draw Flowers In A Vase:

    Step 1: Draw the base for your flower drawing. Start by drawing random ovals and circles of different sizes attached to the stalk.

    Step 2: Draw the outline for the vase using straight lines.

    Step 3: Draw the center of every flower as shown below, also draw some leaves randomly. Delineate the shape of the jug, draw an oval for the base.

    Step 4: Draw petals of the flowers as we did for sunflower drawing, draw handle of the jug with parallel lines. Also, finish the bottom of the jug

    Step 5: Define the stems by thickening the outline drawn. Add a few more long leaves to the drawing.

    Step 6: Draw the second layer of petals wherever required. Delineate the leaves with proper shapes.

    Step 7: Draw the sepals of the flowers and other details required.

    Step 8: Contour the flowers with shading and darkening the outlines.

    Step 9: Erase all the extra lines from the drawing.

    How To Draw Flowers In A Vase

    Flowers in a vase is a classic drawing subject. Though it seems simplistic, it actually includes several drawing techniques that must be incorporated in the artwork to accomplish a correct and realistic rendering. The concepts used are perspective, optical illusion and overlapping. Here are tips on how to use these techniques in drawing flowers in vases.

    • Paper
    • Pencil

    Draw ellipses for the mouth and bottom of the vase instead of circles. Since you are not viewing the vase from directly above, the top and bottom are distorted to the eye. This perspective is drawn as an ellipse. If you are facing the vase from straight-on, the ellipse will be thinner and more stretched out than if you were looking at the vase from above.

    Draw the water in the vase in the same shape as the mouth of the vase. A wider or narrower ellipse for the water will make the vase seem twisted or lopsided. The edges of the ellipse should touch each side of the vase.

    The flower stems should be drawn distorted. In real life, water creates an optical illusion that makes stems look broken. You can achieve this by drawing a stem above the water and then drawing a stem that touches one side of the upper stem below the water.

    Drawing Additional Background Features

    The addition of background features into your drawing is a good way to add stability and visual interest to your pictorial design.

    This can be achieved in a number of ways. Drawing a simple background line will create the illusion that your vase is situated on top of a table.

    To increase the level of visual interest you can build up elements to your composition.

    Repeating Shapes. Drawing a lager or small vases or additional objects id a good way to add visual contrast. These elements can be drawn in exactly the same way as the vase.

    Add flowers. The contrast between natural and manufactured forms is also a way to improve the visual appearance of your drawings.

    If your drawing flowers in a glass vase for example. The reflection and refraction of light on the surface of the glass is also an effective way to improve your drawings.

    Draw The Basic Outline Form

    The next stage in the process of drawing the vase is to draw the basic shape of the form of the vase. For illustrative purposes, we will be drawing an oval-shaped vase.

    To draw the oval and using the centerline as a point of reference using a faintly draw a continuous line to draw the outline shape. As referenced in previous posts, try to relax the arm and draw from the elbow and shoulder.

    This will improve the quality and fluency of the line you are drawing with. For more information about this, read my post, Are Your Drawings Not Improving? Heres How to Get Better

    How To Draw A Daffodil Flower

    From the front, it is much easier to draw. There is not much perspective that you need to keep in mind when the time comes to drawing the flowers.

     Just add in the rough folds at the end to make it look more closely realistic. 

    After you follow the steps closely, you will get a beautiful drawing.

    The final sketch might actually surprise. 

    You do not have to stop just drawing the flower. 

    If you have watercolor paints, you can color the flowers in and create beautiful flower paintings. 

    After the initial trial flower drawing easy to color it in. 

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    How To Draw A Sunflower

    Step 1: Create a rough outline of the sunflower. Draw one circle inside the other. That way it will be easier to draw the petals of this flower. 

    Step 2: Next, make sure that petals are equal more or less on each side. The guiding lines in the form of a snowflake can help to guide you that the flower looks well and pretty realistic

    Step 3: Finalise the design and erase unnecessary lines. Draw in the leaves and other details that will make a big difference when it comes to having a beautiful drawing of sunflowers. See, flower drawing easy and not as hard as you thought!

    Without the guiding lines, it can be so so hard to actually create a drawing that you can love and be proud of. 

    This is why this tutorial is absolutely great. It shows you exactly how to draw a sunflower from the side. 

    This is how your sunflower drawings will look. You can even save this image, print it, and trace it in order to create a stunning piece. 

    How Do You Draw A Simple Flower In A Vase

    Step 1.

    Begin with basic shapes, start with a rectangle shape in the center of your page, sketch a circle for the vases bottom, a narrow cylinder for the vases top, and 3 curved lines for the stems.

    Sketch circles to form the flowers shape.

    Notice that 2 of the flowers are overlapping, while the 3rd is by itself.

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