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How To Draw Freckles On Face

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Grab A Spoolie And Loosen Shadow

How to Draw Freckles

Take a spooliethat little brush on the opposite end of your brow pencil or brow brushand use it to finely scrape off a little bit of dark brown eyeshadow, turning it into brown dust!

Tip: make sure you are using a matte dark brown and don’t break up too much of your shadow!

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So Let’s List Several Ways At Once

Method number 1. We draw thin freckles on the back of the nose, and also very little on the cheeks using brown eyeliner. So freckles will be quite clear and few will doubt their unnaturalness, but they are perfect for styling. You can paint with a thin synthetic bristle brush.

Method number 2. This method is suitable for experimenters: mix a couple of drops of liquid brown eyeliner, mix with water, then take the resulting liquid on a small harsh brush and, as it were, shake off the contents in the middle of the face – where the nose and cheeks are. You will get rather randomly spaced droplets, which can be additionally shaded for maximum natural look, and also cover with a finishing powder on top: it will extinguish the brightness and make your fake freckles as natural in appearance as possible.

Method number 3. If you want your freckles to be nevertheless quite orderly, then paint them using the shadows of the most suitable shade for you: it can be brown or light red. Place small dots in the right places with a thin brush or the tip of a beveled brush, and after you have painted all the desired freckles, again, cover them with translucent powder to better merge with the main tone of the face.

Fake Freckles 7 Ways To Make Fake Freckles That Look Real

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The freckle look is totally adorable and can even be sexy, depending on what look youre going for. If youre not naturally blessed, however, you might have a serious case of FOMO when it comes to makeup looks that center around freckles.

Faux freckles are super trendy right now, giving you a fresh, sun-kissed look even if you havent spent much time outdoors lately. Plus, they give a youthful, fun vibe that can boost anyones mood.

Even if you dont have a single freckle on your face, you can still create fake freckles that can fool anybody its actually really easy to do! All it takes is some practice and the right products. Ahead well share 7 ways to make fake freckles, plus some product recommendations to perfect the look.

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Clinique Quickliner For Eyes Eyeliner Pencil

This long-wearing eyeliner pencil is smudge- and water-resistant and another great makeup product to fake freckles. It also features a smudge tool on one end, which you can use to slightly diffuse any harsh dots to make them appear more natural. Dark Chocolate and Roast Coffee are some of the best colors to try for faux freckles. Get it at Nordstrom!

Take A Second Look At Your Brow Pencil


Since brow pencils can be natural in tone, they are a great tool to utilize when creating freckles that blend well with your skin and hair. You want to avoid creating freckles with a noticeable contrast that they look out of place on the face. A few different brow products will work for this, yet those with precise pointed tips are best to create a natural freckle look since they are naturally small. You can use a waterproof pencil with a fine tip such as this Brow Blade Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil & Ink Stain from Urban Decay. This dual-sided pencil contains a precise pencil and marker that help define and fill in freckles on the skin, not to mention suitable natural, fluffy-looking eyebrows. When practicing with a brow pencil, you can opt to try different-sized freckles to see which ones work best. While you want to avoid anything looking noticeably large, the more misshaped they are, the more they will come off as natural, and no one will be the wiser.

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How To Make Fake Freckles Look Real

Nothing says summer skin quite like a bold smattering of freckles across the cheeks and nose. But what should you do when you want the look, but you’re not interested in the sun damage? Faux freckles to the rescue! If your skin doesn’t freckle naturally, or if you heed our warnings and practice safe sun by slathering on the SPF 30, then you’ll need to go faux and add freckles with a makeup pencil. Here’s how to make fake freckles that look just like the real thing!

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Dont Make The Spots Too Perfect

Natural freckles are not perfect circles. In fact, if you look closely at natural freckles on someones face, youll recognize that they are very strangely shaped spots.

Fake freckles look the most natural when you simply bounce your felt eyeliner pen lightly against your face. Dont try to make a strict pattern or perfect the freckles you apply. Just apply them randomly yet evenly across your face.

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Now Try These Techniques On Your Own

Do you have an original character you’ve created in your spare time? Apply what you’ve learned here to see how your original characters instantly transform!

With plenty of patience and practice, you can master the art of painting realistic skin in Adobe Photoshop.

I hope you’ve been able to take away some great tips, but feel free at any time to leave any questions in the comments below! And for a variety of tips and techniques on painting faces, check out these tutorials:

Different Tutorials Showing You How To Make Fake Freckles

How to draw a Girl with Freckles & Short Hair | Face Drawing | Color Pencil sketch – ART Tube

I had a friend who wanted to hide her freckles and it broke my heart. I think freckles are absolutely gorgeous and stunning, and it looks like the Internet agrees with me since the fake freckles trend is everywhere on TikTok & Youtube. Nowadays there are a lot of freckle pens available in beauty stores, but you can still use your own makeup to get the freckled look. So I went on the hunt for some of the best tutorials out there by some amazing talents, like makeup artist Linda Hallberg and Esther Lioba. So, these are 6 different ways to get fake freckles

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How To Do Fake Freckles With Makeup Step #1

Use Brow Ultra Slim Defining Eyebrow Pencil in Soft Brown to gently dot on freckles. This particular pencil is key because its got a super-tiny, precise tip that will subtly create freckles from scratch and not look cartoonish. Dont overthink the placement, just carelessly dot color over bridge of nose, cheeks and temples.

Rules For Caring For Painted Freckles

Aesthetic appearance and sustainability is achieved proper care behind the skin. It is important to pay attention to 2 such points:

  • Naturalness depends on the condition of the skin, which is protected from dryness. For this purpose, use nourishing creams and face masks that moisturize and supply the epidermis with the necessary elements.
  • The use of tonics is contraindicated, toilet water and alcohol-based lotions, as they speed up the process of erasing artificial age spots.
  • Using the above guidelines, it will be a snap to paint freckles on your face with henna and keep them looking. In return, you will get the opportunity to experience a rejuvenating effect that gives the image a youthful freshness and cheerfulness.

    Whether you’re bleaching freckles or hiding under a thick layer of makeup, you’re out of fashion. Freckles are a symbol of youth and enthusiasm. They “bloom” only on a young face, and after 35 years, as a rule, turn pale and can completely disappear. Girls with natural freckles are lucky: it is enough for them to spend a few hours in the sun to decorate their face with mischievous spots. And everyone else will have to paint them with makeup – “rejuvenation” for at least five years is guaranteed!

    Pencil for cannabis

    Eyebrow pencil Estee lauder Brow defining pencil, from 1,383 rubles.

    Freckle brush

    Duofiber brush SephoraPro, from 1 510 rubles. Liquid bronzer Lumene Instant Glow Watercolor Bronzer, from 1,434 rubles.

    Sunspot mascara

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    Make Up For Ever 250 Extra Fine Eyeliner Brush

    A good makeup brush is key for getting realistic-looking fake freckles. This eyeliner brush is perfect for dotting on faux freckles in various sizes and intensities, and it works just as well with powders as it does with creams. The brush is synthetic, but the quality is extremely high. It is available at .

    Blend With Your Fingers

    Drawing Realistic Freckles || Speed Drawing

    After you apply your fake freckles, dont try to blend them with a makeup brush or youll end up with strange, smeared spots all over your face. Instead, pat the freckles with your fingertips immediately after you draw them on. This technique will soften the edges of the spots without smearing them too much.

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    One: Gather The Tools Youll Need Before You Start

    To rock fake freckles for a day, start by applying your favorite foundation, explains Nour Agha, YSL Beautys National Makeup Artist. After you have your skincare and base layer of foundation or concealer on, youll want to decide which kind of tool to use to create your freckled look.

    For rounder, circular freckle dots, grab a brow pencil to create your look. Using a brow pencil gives a more natural appearance, Agha explains. I use the YSL Couture Brow Slim. Just be sure that the brow pencil matches your hair color and has a warmer tone, Loiz explains.

    For a spattered, tinier freckled look, youll want to grab one of the cool products specifically formulated for faux beauty marks. Take FRECK OG for example, which has a pigmented, buildable liquid formula that shows up on all skin types. Using one of these brush-based products, youll get a more speckled look, rather than the rounded, dotted nature of using a brow pencil.

    For covering blemishes, its best to use a darker pigment that takes up larger surface area to ensure the zit is fully covered. If you want a more editorial faux freckle look, try Milk Makeups Freckle Tattoo Stamp and stamp on nose and cheeks, Loiz says. Dot this on your zit , too, and youre good to go.

    How To Embrace Your Freckles This Summer

    02/06/2021 / Editor’s picks

    With sunnier days comes the arrival of freckles, the little brown spots that decorate faces in the summer months. Some of us love them, others hide them with foundation and a whole load of people who arent genetically-blessed in that department are creating them with makeup. Were firmly in the love-them camp . Heres how to embrace and highlight your freckles.

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    How To Draw On Fake Freckles

    Fake freckles are something you save for the end of your makeup look, or at least for once youve finished doing your complexion makeup. Everything from foundation and concealer to powdering to highlighting, blushing, and contouring should already be complete.

    Dip your makeup brush into the powder or pomade you chose for drawing on your fake freckles.

    Draw a few practice freckles on your hands before moving on to the face.

    For lighter freckles press on your hand softly, and increase the pressure to get darker freckles. Drawing on a combination of lighter and darker fake freckles will look the most natural.

    Map out where youd like your freckles to go, and how many you want. You can draw on a single beauty spot, three, or a few dozen. You can keep them concentrated across the tops of your cheeks and bridge of your nose, or dot them all over your face. Its totally up to you!

    The key is to draw them on in a non-uniform way, avoiding having an even number of freckles. Oddly enough, there is a pattern that makes it easier to keep the look haphazard drawing on two freckles closer to each other, and then another one a little further away this is an especially good tactic if youre going for a more conservative number of freckles or beauty spots.

    If you feel like any of your fake freckles is a little too dark, go over it with a small brush covered in setting powder to bring down its intensity.

    Prepare The Freckle Brush

    How to DRAW & SHADE a Whimsical Scottish Face with Freckles in Copic Markers | Whimsical Women #3

    Go to Window > Brush and select one of your freckle brushes.

    If you cant see the names of your brushes, open the menu and choose Large List.

    Once youve selected one of your freckle brushes, select Shape Dynamics in the Brush tab and increase the Size Jitter and Angle Jitter all the way. Youll see the brush change in the preview window.

    Then, go to Scattering and slide Scatter to the right too. And finally, go to Transfer and slide Flow Jitter also to the right.

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    Use Foundation To Lighten Freckles

    Take a small amount of your regular foundation and use a flat foundation brush to lightly tap foundation over your faux freckles. Keep repeating this step until your freckles look the right color, which is really up to you!

    A photo posted by beige themed feed on Oct 10, 2016 at 4:04am PDT

    And voila, you’ve got your own faux freckles!

    How To Draw On Freckles That Dont Look Fake

    If you werent blessed with natural freckles, drawing on your own can be a great way to reap the benefits of these cute sun kisses. Drawing on freckles has become a much more popular trend in the realm of makeup and beauty recently. However, many peoples drawn-on freckles look unattractively phony. If you want to enhance your skin with natural-looking freckles, keep reading to learn how to draw on freckles that dont look fake.

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    Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

    Its not surprising that the most popular eyebrow product is also one of the best options for drawing on fake freckles. While this brow pomade is very pigmented, its also super long-lasting. Dont choose the same color youd use for your eyebrows, as itll probably be too dark! Taupe or Ash Brown will likely be the best color choices for most. Buy it from !

    Lastly Here Are Some Other Important Freckle Notes

    How to Draw / Paint Realistic Freckles | Easy Way ~ Pastel Portrait Tutorial using Pastel Pencils
    • Check yourself: Once you applied your first application, walk away from the mirror for a minute and then come back and check your work, Stern explains. Its important to gain perspective on the application to really know if you need more or not.
    • Start small:I love using a fine tipped liquid liner, like the Armani Eyes to Kill Designer Eyeliner in Wood, Stern says. These tend to have a sheerer application and stay on better than a traditional pencil might. For those of you who are new to the faux freckles game, it might be helpful to start with a fine-tipped option so that its easier to erase mistakes and build on your sheer freckle work.
    • You still need SPF: Looking sun-kissed doesnt actually require any harmful sun exposure! Even though your look may seem pigmented, be sure youre still applying all the sunscreen necessary for safe skin. TLDR You can always add bronzer, freckles, and blush to your complexion instead of getting burnt IRL.

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    Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color

    Felt tips are awesome for drawing both larger and smaller fake freckles! This brow product from Stila makes it super easy to get natural-looking yet long-lasting freckles. Its applied like a pencil, but with more control, and one of its big benefits is that you dont need a separate brush. The best colors for drawing on freckles would be Medium or Dark, both of which are sold at .

    Five Ways To Make Fake Freckles

    YouTube has an endless amount of repeat tutorials on how to make fake freckles with makeup. So in my video, I just decided to briefly discuss the methods I think work the best and which ones might be better depending on your situation.

    Are you putting on faux freckles to go to a convention? Youll probably want to use alcohol activated paints over water-based paints. Likewise, if youre having a neutral, easy photoshoot indoors, then the eyeshadow or pencil method might be the most accessible for you .

    Heres a more in-depth analysis of my 5 Ways To Freckle video! Oh, and there are links to where you can buy the products I mention.

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