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How To Draw Goku Super Saiyan 3

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How To Draw Goku

How To Draw Goku Super Saiyan 3 – Step By Step Tutorial!

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If you’re looking for one of the most fun Dragon Ball characters to draw, try sketching Goku! Enjoy drawing his expressive eyes, iconic hair, and small facial features. To add more detail, include Goku’s muscular upper body wrapped in his famous deep red clothes.

How To Draw Goku Super Saiyan

Grid step

You can the base construction lines and start drawing on tracing paper or you can draw the grid layout yourself using the following stepsShow more

1) At the top of the sheet, determine the location of the head and draw its conditional size using an oval.2) Draw a vertical line through the middle of the head. This will be the central vertical line of the drawing.3) From the upper border of the head, draw one segment equal to the height of the head. This will be the upper boundary of the figure.4) From the top of the head, draw seven segments equal to the height of the head and one segment equal to half the height of the head.5) From the central vertical line of the figure, measure and draw:Two segments of equal head width to the left of the line.Two segments of equal head width to the right of the line.Through the boundaries of the segments we draw vertical lines. The extreme left and right segments are the vertical boundaries of the drawing.

You Can Refer To The Simple Step

I will guide you to draw more simple through the following steps:



Draw the body and neck of Goku.


More tutorials for character, arm, and leg features.


Sketches of hands, pants and ears. Locate your nose, eyebrows and belt.


Arms, hands, shoes, weapons of Goku Sketch, eyes and collar of the long coat.


Draw clothes and hair. Draw tucks on pants and belts.


Work on the picture, paying particular attention to detail.


Goku contour from Dragon Ball Z, try to change the thickness and shadow of the line. Add more and add floor. Remove all guidelines.


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Can You Turn Super Saiyan Blue Xenoverse 2

Once your friendship with Whis is at its maximum and youve reached level 90 with your Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 character, all you have to do is go and see Whis again to unlock the awoken skill of your character, which will allow you to transform yourself into Super Saiyan Blue or Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 201833.

How To Draw Goku Dragon Ball Step By Step Tutorial

How to draw Goku Super Saiyan 3 from Dragon Ball Z

Hi everybody and welcome to a new tutorial on the NIL-tech, this time entitled “How to draw Super Saiyan 3 from Dragon Ball at the request and idea of Albert Wagers. Do you know who is Super Saiyan 3?

Super Saiyan 3 is the third kind of Super Saiyan and the follower to the 2nd improvement. Goku was the very first to attain the type and was able to do so after several years of energetic training in Other World.

All tools used in this tutorial and more you may find at NIL-Tech StoreGet yours today, here is a coupon for 10% OFF:


Step 1. As usual, all the blue and green lines are simply building lines and will be eliminated later so do not press on your pencil too much I will aim to be super effective with text so will only describe steps that require some description.

Step 9. Lighten all the building and construction lines by “marking” the kneedable eraser on paper. Ensure to describe the picture above as you have to ink just some parts of the building lines. There are likewise some brand-new lines so better sketch them in pencil initially.

Step 10. Wait till the ink is great and dry and erase all the building and construction lines.

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Drawing Super Saiyan Blue Goku Step By Step

For sure Goku is one of the most known characters from the Dragon Ball Z series. Check this tutorial that gives all the basic details on drawing Goku. The lessons are quite easy to follow so make sure you take your time and dont skip them. A super Saiyan blue is an advanced form of advance Sayan that have their powers increased.

How To Draw A Goku Step By Step

    In order to learn how to draw a goku, you must first know how to draw a pentagonal shape. This shape will help you place facial features, such as the nose and eyebrows. You can also use a big oval shape to guide your drawing. Your drawing will be more accurate if the lines of your face are curved. In addition, you can use colored pupils to give the eyes a realistic look.

    You can draw a goku using a pencil, , or eraser. Just make sure you do not press too hard. Then, use an oval to form the head. You will see a mouth, nose, and a muscular chest. The next step will be to add the eye and ear. You can then add the spiky hair and other details. The last step is to create the outline of the jaw line.

    In order to learn how to draw a goku step by steps, follow the steps below. Begin by drawing a circle, followed by two curved lines. You can draw a circle and a triangle, or a square. Once you have completed this step, you can draw your finger tips and make your fingertip ends. Then, you can add the fist and the belt.

    Now, you can start drawing your goku. You must make sure that the outline is clean and free of mistakes. Remember that a long, fat line will help you get the right proportions. Then, you should add a line in the middle of Gokus body. Your waistline should be marked with the perpendicular line. This will give you a rough idea of how to draw a goku.

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    Tips For Drawing Goku

    • Dragon Ball z characters can be drawn using shapes and proportions
    • If you watch anime when you are drawing chances are bigger than you will understand even better how to do this type of drawings
    • Dont rush and draw lightly so you can eliminate any mistakes
    • The more you get used to this drawing style the more you will be able to get creative and try something different
    • Practice a lot and see how your character drawing changes in time

    In conclusion, understanding to draw Goku is a process that takes time, but the outcome is going to be really great. Just dedicate energy to it and for sure you are going to be happy with the new hero that you can draw yourself.

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    How To Draw Goku Super Saiyan 3 Full Body

    How To Draw Goku Super Saiyan 3 – Drawing Tutorial!

      Drawing Goku is relatively easy if you know the proper methods. The first step is to find an example of Goku in another form. Practice drawing various forms of Goku and get as close to the original image as you can. Using a pencil is highly recommended, as it makes mistakes much easier to fix. You should also use a clean piece of paper and a sharp pencil to avoid making them.

      Next, you must decide whether you want to draw the regular Goku or the super Saiyan version. You will need a black paper to draw the super Saiyan Goku. Then, you will need to choose the right color of marker and pencil. You will also need to have two shades of grey in order to draw the saiyans skin.

      Once you have a pencil in hand, begin drawing the face. It can be difficult to draw the face in the beginning. Start by sketching the head with two lines, one curved and the other short. After that, you can add details to your facial features. Finally, you can draw the saiyans full body with the help of a line.

      Next, you need to sketch the mouth. The mouth is an important part of Gokus face. You can make it look anything you want by adding a small vertical line on each side. The nose and mouth are also very simple to draw. You can create any kind of smile or expression you want for your super saiyan by following the right steps. You can also try to make Gokus eyes look like the ones in the anime.

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      Draw Super Saiyan 5 Goku

      In this guide, you learn to draw Goku step by step in super Sayan mode. What is cool about this tutorial is that all the things that you learn can also be applied to other characters that you might want to draw in the future. So, it is a good source of inspiration and at the end of it, you will know how to draw Goku as well.

      Drawing Goku Ascended Super Saiyan Blue Vs Yair Sasson Art Dibujame Un Muladraws

      Kid goku super saiyan drawing. Learn basic drawing technique for manga and anime from step by step basic. Drawing goku vegeta super saiyan god colored pencils. Please help our channel grow by giving likes, sharing with friends and circles, adding comments and watching our lessons.

      Here is my dragon ball z drawing of goku super saiyan 3. Goku super saiyan 2 coloring pages at getdrawings free download. Goku super saiyan god coloring pages are a fun way for kids of all ages to develop creativity focus motor skills and color recognition.

      Dragon ball z free printable coloring pages for kids. I’ve noticed that i havent uploaded art for a few days/weeks. Learn how to draw goku from dragon ball with our step by step drawing lessons.

      1552 best vegeta goku images in 2019 dragon ball z goku. Download kid goku coloring pages flying nimbuskid goku coloring pages flying nimbus for free use. Ive been busy with other things, so i dont have much time drawing like usual.

      Goku the protagonist of the dragon ball manga series is liked by children and adults alike. Dbz coloring pages coloring pages coloring page pages ideas dragon with dragonball ball dbz color broly kid goku vegeta black gogeta ultra. Square size is 3 cm materials.

      The description of best super saiyan goku sketch. Here presented 52+ goku super saiyan 2 drawing images for free to download, print or share. Drawing goku super saiyan blue 3 how to draw ss goku.

      Drawing Goku SSGSS Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan

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      Details Of How To Draw Goku Ssj3

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      How To Draw Goku In A Few Quick Steps

      Any artist should master manga drawing, its an interesting style that can help in producing great artwork. Probably one of the biggest advances in knowing this style is that you can bring your favorite character to life. Learning how to draw Goku, for example, can be fun and challenging at the same time.

      If you havent heard of Goku until now, he is one of the greatest protectors that Earth has. He is a descended of the Saiyans, a warrior race that is powerful in battle and able to do amazing things. This character was introduced in Dragon Ball 1984 and he appeared in a lot of comics and movies since then. Drawing Goku is something that anybody who likes the character should try.

      Learn how to draw Goku by using these great lessons that are free and that will show you all the steps in detail.

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      Drawing Goku Super Saiyan 3 With Colour Pencils

      How to Draw Goku SSJ3 | Step By Step | Dragonball

      How to draw goku super saiyan 3. Try different styles of painting funny: How to draw goku super saiyan from the anime dragon ball z/super\r\rsquare size: The rigid hair of the super saiyan 2 state becomes flowing and smooth again, and grows down to or sometimes passes the user’s waist .

      How to draw goku super saiyan 3 from dragonball z Feel free to explore, study and enjoy paintings with Health 1 1 physical attack 1 1 blast attack 1 1 physical defense 1 1 blast defense 1 1 critical 1 1 ki restore speed 1 1 equipment slots 1 3 resistances slash stab shock explosion 1 1 1 1 main ability:

      Restores own health by 30% and ki by 20. I will guide you to draw more simple through the following steps: I began with simple grey guidelines to show the profile and flow of his hair that falls.

      Then, add facial features like eyes and a mouth to give him a fierce look. You don’t need any special skills, just start painting fun: Adding a line, will act as its center.

      How to draw gohan super saiyan 3 by december 24, 2020. Another free manga for beginners step by step drawing video tutorial. Click the goku super saiyan 3 coloring pages to view printable version or color it online .

      All the best goku super saiyan 3 drawing 38+ collected on this page. Draw super saiyan 5 goku. Feel free to explore, study and enjoy paintings with

      Goku was the very first to attain the type and was able to do so after several years of energetic.

      Super Saiyan 3 Goku by on

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