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How To Draw Hair Easy Step By Step

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Draw The Back/top Section Of The Hair

How to Draw Hair – Step by Step Tutorial!

For the last section of the hair you can draw it pretty much the same around the top .

However the lower part of this section will be swung forward which means the part around the visible ear will curve more towards the head. You can also add another a small part of the lower/back section of the hair sticking out on the far side of the head .

How To Draw A Joker

Today were going to draw a Joker. This is Heath Ledger as the classic clown. Many people love Heath Ledgers version of the Joker character.

Were still using a step-by-step tutorial to complete this most charismatic comic character of all time. The terrifying Joker is Batmans most infamous arch-enemy.

1.Draw a clown basic outline

First, draw a circle, then draw auxiliary lines, facial outlines.

Were going to draw the classic Heath Ledger clown crooked head shape, so pay attention to the angle of the tilt of the auxiliary lines.

Drawing Anime Pony Tail /tied Back Hair

Another fairly common anime hairstyle is the ponytail. You will notice that there is basically no side hair in this particular example . So the hair can pretty much just be splits into the front and back sections. The back consisting of the hair over the top of the head and the pony tail.

Draw this type of hair as follows:

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Draw Forehead Of The Joker Drawing

In the first step of our sketch how to draw a joker. So, first of all, we have to make the forehead shape of the Joker to make the shape of the forehead of a joker as well. We have to make different curved lines to make the shape of the forehead of the joker as well.

First of all, we have to make a c shaped curve line to make the forehead of the Joker. Then, we have to make another line to make the shape of the forehead of the Joker as well.

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    How To Draw Female Anime Hair

    DOs & DON’Ts: How to Draw Realistic Hair Easy for Beginners Step by Step | Art Drawing Tutorial

    This is a step by step tutorial on how to draw female anime hair in 3 different ways 🙂 Sorry I haven’t uploaded in a long while as I am quite busy with real life xD I …

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    How To Draw Hair Step By Step

    Hair is very difficult to draw, because what we see is different than what we know. You can’t simply draw all the hairs in the form of lines, because that’s not what we see when we look at hair. What we see must be simplified to lines and shades, and there are many ways to do it.

    In this tutorial, I will show you one of these waysa simple method that’s great for quick rendering and sketches. I will present this method on four examples: long straight hair, short hair, wavy hair, and afro-textured hair.

    Learn How To Draw The Joker For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Beginners Schoolers And Preschoolers

    In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw the Joker for kids! The Joker is a character in the popular DC universe.The main features of the Joker are his laugh, clown image, and his feud with the popular superhero Batman.

    We drew the Joker in his classic style. Drawing a character in this form will not be at all difficult for kids and beginners. In addition to this Joker, you can try to sketch Chibi Joker, step-by-step sketch instructions for which are also on our website.

    Below is a step-by-step plan to follow during the sketching process. Enjoy your drawing!

    Time needed: 45 minutes.

    How to Draw the Joker for Kids

  • Outline of the head.

    First, draw a horizontal oval for the head.

  • Sketch the shape of the suit.

    Under the head, draw two parallel lines that diverge slightly in different directions. Connect them at the bottom with one straight line.

  • Draw the Jokers hairstyle.

    Draw a small semicircle on the left side of the head. Next to it, draw a larger semicircle with pointed ends on one side.

  • Draw the eyes and eyebrows.

    First, draw two parallel horizontal lines. Draw semicircles on top of each of them. Inside, sketch out small circles for the eye pupils. Draw small ovals for the eyebrows above the eyes as well.

  • Jokers mouth and ears.

    First, draw the curved line of the Jokers mouth, and after that draw an outline around the mouth. And also draw the characters ears in two semicircles, which are symmetrical to each other.

  • Draw the hands.
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    How To Draw A Joker Step By Step

    Start drawing the Joker with a pencil sketch. In the early phases, dont push down too hard. Utilize light, smooth strokes for sketching.

    The Joker from the DC funnies Batman is one of those super villains who are cool to the point that they are equally famous as their superhuman counterparts. And his popularity went up how to draw How to Draw or Make a Sketch of Batman an indent with his portrayal in the Dark Night Series by the Hollywood actor Heath Ledger. Here, you can attempt a portrait of Ledgers avatar of the Joker. Adhere to the step-by-step directions and see what you can achieve.

    To draw the Joker from Batman: The Animated Series, start with an oval in the page. You want to know how to draw Goku Cartoon Sketch the oval consummately. This is only a guide for the Jokers head.

    Draw Wavy Hair Step By Step

    How To Draw Realistic Hair – 3 Easy Steps

    Step 1:In the same pattern draw outline of the head and the partition.

    Step 2: Draw 2 s shape curves line both sides of the face.

    Step 3: In this step draw elevated hair from the scalp covering the face.

    Step 4: Start drawing wavy lines along the side of the strand drawn.

    Step 5: Close the ends of wavy lines with similar lines forming hair locks and strands.

    Step 6: To give it volume draw more strands attached with long hairs.

    Step 7: In this step draw curves on top of head to form hair strand alongside the scalp partition.

    Step 8: Draw fine lines with easy strokes to fill the strands with hair. Keep the movement of lines in same direction for each strand.

    Step 9: Define hair strands by darkening it.

    Step 10: Strand on the top of the head darken them too.

    Step 11: Give every strand a finishing touch and blend it.

    Step 12: With help of shading add details and give smooth look.

    Here our hair drawing is ready, hope you did well with yours too. Its an easy task to perform only need to keep in mind the flow of your hair. Draw it upside down, smooth, and in strands. Hair in one strand should be in the same direction so that will give the finished look.

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    Draw The Face And Finish Off The Hair Outline

    For this second step of your curly hair, we will be adding the face outline as well as completing the inner outline of the hair.

    First, use a rounded line with a point for the chin at the bottom to create the bottom of the face.

    Once you have this bottom part of the face drawn, you can then extend the bumpy line that you used for the tops and sides of the hair on the inner portion of the head.

    That will finish off the outline, and in the next few steps we will be adding some details and extra touches.

    Drawing Realistic Long Hair

  • 1Draw the outline of the head. Its hard to draw hair accurately without at least the outline of the head. You need to see how the hair flows in relation to the head as youre drawing. Use a reference photo and draw the outline of the persons head, including the top and sides . To draw a head without a reference photo, sketch an oval thats narrower at the bottom. Make sure you leave enough room on the page for the ends of the hair.XResearch source
  • You can adjust the shape of the chin later after you draw the hair.
  • 2Sketch the outline of the hair. Start at the top of the head and draw the top and sides of the hair around it. Leave some space between the hair and the head since hair has volume and isnt perfectly flat. Then, draw the flow of the hair as it cascades down past the face and around where the neck and shoulders would be.XResearch source
  • The exact shape of the outline will depend on the style of the hair youre drawing. For straight long hair, draw a straight line on each side of the hair, running from the top of the hair to the ends. For wavy hair, use wavy lines to draw the sides of the hairthe bigger you make the wavy lines, the looser the hair waves will look. For curly hair, just draw the outlines of the curls around the top, sides, and ends of the hair. Dont worry about drawing all of the individual curls yet.
  • If youre drawing curly hair, the individual sections of hair will be really defined. Outline each of the curls within the hair.
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    Drawing Long Anime Hair

    Long straight hair is probably one of the most common hairstyles in anime and is fairly easy to draw.

    Above you can see the breakdown of the long hair drawing example into:

    • Red Front Hair
    • Green Side Hair
    • Blue Back/Top Hair

    You can apply a similar breakdown to drawing other hairstyles as well. Thinking of the hair this way can make the drawing process a lot easier to manage.

    Keeping this in mind we can move on to the actual drawing process.

    How To Draw Hair Easy Step By Step

    How to Draw Girls Hair, step by step : Easy Drawing Techniques

    Step 1: Before drawing hair, we need to draw an outline of the head. We have to determine what portion of the head is covered by the hair. Head is important then only we can show the length of the hair like if there is no support anything would. So head acts as a support.

    Step 2: Lightly draw an outline for the direction of the hair where it falls. Sometimes back of the head or else behind the ear.

    Step 3: Now use a darker material to show the highest proportions of hair in your head.

    Step 4: Thinner areas can be done using a pencil. Some places will remain light as they show reflections and always keep in mind not to draw each and every strand of hair but to shade it.

    Step 5: Some strands will pass through the light areas or overlap with each other.

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    How To Draw Realistic Hair: The Ultimate Tutorial

    Are you struggling when it comes to drawing hair? Drawing hair can be an intimidating task for those who are just learning how to draw. With the overwhelming amount of detail and commitment required, many people lose their patience and resort to a series of sloppy scribbles.

    To some of us, drawing hair can be a nightmare. But a change in your approach can help you leave those fears behind. In this tutorial, I will introduce 4 simple steps for drawing realistic looking hair.

    UPDATE: Ive broken the steps down further in video format. Its a really detailed video tutorial that covers 6 different hairstyles:

    It contains additional tips, techniques and close ups so you see exactly what Im doing.

    Tools I used for this tutorial:

    *PDF Download*

    Click the following link and hit the download button beside the printer icon to download the PDF: RapidFireArt Tutorials How to Draw Realistic Hair The Ultimate Tutorial

    • 4 steps for drawing hair
    • Close look at drawing a small lock of hair
    • How to draw curly hair
    • How to draw short hair Expanded tutorial is now available! With over 2000 words of valuable content + detailed images!

    The steps below can be used for drawing all sorts of hairstyles from short to long and straight to curly hair. So without any further ado, lets jump right into the lesson! Here are 4 things you need to keep in mind when it comes to drawing realistic hair:

    How To Draw Female Hair

    This hair drawing tutorial will also help you in drawing a full face as its part of the face and defines the look. Its quite easy than other facial parts and by following this tutorial it will be easier.

    In todays tutorial, we will draw female straight and curly hair drawing. Thus, let us not waste our time and start our Hair drawing.

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    How To Draw Hair : Step By Step Guide

    How to Draw Hair: So here we come to my favorite part i.e. hair. I know all of you irrespective of boys and girls are very fond of your hair. We all change our hairstyles from time to time to get a new look. We spend a lot of time and money on maintaining our hair. Hair is just another important facial factor which determines how your face will look. If you are so fond of your hair, so why not draw your hairstyle on a sheet of paper? Its not a easy task if you think so. Any facial part requires a lot of concentration if you want to draw it perfectly.

    Before drawing a face, you should practice each and every facial feature. Drawing hair is the easiest as compared to other facial parts but quite important as it defines your look.

    I love drawing various hairstyles because I love the variety of styles which we can print on our paper. So are you excited because you are going learn something new again? I have selected a few styles which I like the most and will be showing the techniques to sketch it.

    Without wasting any further time, children go get your pen and paper and follow my steps.

    How To Draw Hair With Bangs


    Step 1

    First, I draw the head. The head should be an oval shape, not a circle. Place the tops of the ears at the heads midsection. Add the neck.

    Step 2

    Next, I mark where the edge of the bangs will be. Since bangs usually end just above the eyes, this mark should be placed slightly above the top of the ears.

    Step 3

    Again, I start with where the part in the hair will be and add a curved line across the head to indicate where the bangs begin. Next, I draw an outline of all of the hair sections to designate the hairs volume and length.

    Step 4

    Bangs are rarely completely straight, so I make their edge uneven. Although I draw all the separate strands of hair in the same direction, I add in some stray hairs going in a different direction to make them look more realistic.

    Step 5

    I start adding color by lightly hatching in the entire hair area with Lemon A004 pencil.

    Step 7

    To add in the shadows, I use Yellow Ochre A064 over the previous color in the areas that would receive the least amount of light and, therefore, be darker. Remember, hatches should always be in the direction of the established outline of each section.

    I wanted this girl to have shiny hair, so to get a glossy effect I leave some areas of Lemon color showing.

    TIP: Using a well-sharpened pencil will help you make the most well-defined lines.

    Step 8

    To add more contrast to the hair, I use a layer of Cocoa A036 to darken the shadows. To represent individual hairs, I use very thin lines in this color as well.

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