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How To Draw Heads And Faces

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Drawing A Realistic Head: Bringing Faces To Life

How to Draw Heads and Faces (tutorial)

May 30, 2013 ByPaul Heaston& filed under Art Blog, Figures & Portraits.

While capturing a likeness can be a challenge, heads and faces are some of the trickiest things to draw.

Lets focus specifically on drawing better facial features and a realistic head. Because we spend all day looking at people, we are very aware when something is a little off in a portrait drawing or painting.;

Drawing Heads On An Angle10 Lectures 1hr 49min

  • Drawing the Head on an Angle13:48
  • Drawing the Head on a Downward Angle12:25
  • Drawing the Head on a Downward Angle – Part 210:00
  • Drawing the Head on a Downward Angle – Part 310:36
  • Drawing the Female Head on an Upward Angle11:37
  • Drawing the Female Head on an Upward Angle – Part 209:37
  • Drawing the Female Head on an Upward Angle – Part 315:30
  • Drawing the Male Head on an Upward Angle07:43
  • Drawing the Male Head on an Upward Angle – Part 206:07
  • Drawing the Male Head on an Upward Angle – Part 311:53

Draw The Face Features

In fashion design sketches the face features are a little exaggerated but we still need to stay true to reality to make the face look attractive.Draw the right eye as usual . The left eyes inner corner is covered by the nose and the outer corner is not visible because of the view angle. This will make it appear smaller. Make sure you have the same pupils and iris size as the other eye!

Divide the mouth ellipse guide into two halves: upper and lower lip. Use the New Centerline to guide you. In How to draw sexy lips tutorial and Drawing the lips Friday tip you will find more tips and tricks.

Pay attention to the shape of the mouth. The right half of it appears shorter because it is in perspective. Use the new Centerline to find the middle point of the mouth.

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Drawing Heads And Faces

An introduction to drawing heads and faces for younger children

This is an introduction to drawing heads and faces for younger children. It suggests ways in which the drawing of faces can be approached, giving guidance on what to say to the children. The unit stresses an ‘additive’ method of working on the drawing, slowly building the child’s confidence in their ability.

Begin this unit by revising the concept of shape and how children can look for outline shapes when they draw. Look at the notes below to find some links to other units for ideas. For example, this project uses a similar method to the unit called ‘drawing buildings‘.

Each child should have a partner. Give one child from each pair a drawing board and the appropriate drawing media. The children should sit opposite each other. One child will be the model and the other child the artist. Before they start drawing, ask them to identify the middle of the drawing paper and also decide which way around to have the rectangle. Although it is not a rule you might suggest that the paper should be in the portrait format . The model must look straight ahead.

“Artists, look carefully at the head of your model. What shape do you think would be good to start with? Pick a shape in the middle of the head. The nose? Begin your portrait by drawing the shape of the nose in the middle of the paper.

More ideas about art connections:

Paper, drawing boards, drawing media, masking tape.

Most Important Points In Loomis Head Construction

how to draw faces, eyes, nose, mouth | tutorial

So you have been trying Loomis construction of the head but things are not turning out that great. If you are a beginner in drawing, it will help you a great deal to be patient. It will require some effort, but if you practice is diligent and consistent, I am sure you will se results.

One of the pillars of being able to draw anything, including heads in any angle is understanding of perspective. To improve your perspective skills, check out this tutorial I created about drawing vehicles in perspective by clicking here.

What are the most important things to take away from Loomis construction?

  • Point one: understand perspective, without it, you wont be drawing heads well, or anything for that matter. It is the sad truth, but it is the truth. So see the above link for the perspective tutorial. .
  • Point two: note that the cross divides the ball into four equal parts
  • Point three: Note the equal spacing between the brow line, the nose, the chin, and the hairline.

And finally: drawing the head is difficult, expect to do many practice drawings from reference before they start to improve. I would suggest a 100 head challenge draw 100 heads from reference in a matter of 2-5 days, and then repeat, repeat and repeat, with intervals of correction and reflection.

That is it! This is the end of the Loomis construction summary.

What is left to say? Now it is your turn to draw!

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Flatten The Sides Of The Spheres

Where the ears will eventually be placed youll want to flatten the sides of the face. If you think back to the orange to get the desired effect youll just be cutting off a little bit more from the side of the orange.

Follow along with the video for this lesson on proportions for face drawing to really see clearly what you will need to do to flatten the sides.

In the next lesson on how to draw heads, you will continue where you left off here and start to draw the structure of the mouth and chin in three dimensions.

The Breakup Of The Middle Line Into Four Sections Hairline Eyebrow Line Nose And Chin

Before we go any further. Lets look at how the cross created on the front of the ball, and the top of the ball, as well as the flattened side, line up with the final drawing.

If you have been confused so far, this diagram should help clear things up. If it does not, it may be a good idea to go back and review before you proceed further.

Okay, so now that we understand how these landmarks lineup. Lets talk about the distances between the top of the head, the hairline, the eyebrow line, the nose, and the chin. And, thankfully, there is not much to talk about these distances are all the same.

So there is no confusion, look at this diagram to see an identification of each marker:

Now that we know the markers, lets visually define this same distance between each:

The line down the center of the nose will help us identify five landmarks. These landmarks are in this order from top of the face to bottom:

  • 1. Top of the head
  • 2. Hairline the line where hair usually starts
  • 3. Eyebrow Line
  • 4. Nose line where the nose ends
  • 5. Chinline the line where the chin ends
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    Draw Guidelines On The Face

    There are 2 ways to do this step: Ruler or no ruler. I highly recommend using the ruler method for the first couple of faces you draw. Why? Because doing this step without it can throw your proportions off like crazy. Especially if you have trouble locating the center of an object with your eyes. The no ruler method requires you to split multiple sections of the face in half and then in half again.

    Ruler Method: Make a ruler beside your drawing that is the same height. The ruler should be marked so there are 8 equal spaces. Always start with the center line.Draw faint lines through the face on the markings labelled CENTER LINE, 2, 3, A, and C. As you get used to this, you wont need to draw the ruler on the side.

    No Ruler Method: Without the ruler, I draw lines in this order: CENTER LINE, 2, 3, B, A, C . This is the method I use to draw heads all the time.

    Super SIMPLE Method: If its still a little confusing, check out my;simple method here. Its also paired with a video so you can see how I do it!

    Tips For Drawing Faces And Heads At Different Angles

    How to Draw Better Heads, Faces & Portraits (Shape and Design method)
    • play around drawing the head from all kind of angles, a sketchbook will be a helpful friend for this
    • understand the human skulls and note down its main characteristics
    • always use alignment and negative space as often as possible
    • practice both female and male heads because each one has their own particularities
    • study other artists style and see what they do differently in their head drawings

    To summarize, the journey of learning how to draw heads differs from one artist to another. For sure it requires time to practice but with the right tutorials and patience, any artist can improve this skill. Check out the ones that we brought to you and see which one works for your style.

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    Space The Eyes Horizontally & Draw Their Basic Outlines

    When spacing the eyes horizontally you will want to leave about enough room between them that you can fit in another eye.

    When actually drawing the eyes make them fairly narrow with relatively thick sets of top eyelashes.

    At this stage you can simply outline the basic shape of the eyes without drawing all of the smaller details such as the eyelashes.

    The goal is to first correctly place all the facial features.

    For more good drawing practices and; explanations as to why you want to draw a certain way see:

    How To Draw Anime Head In Profile / Side View

    In this video, the artist shows you how to draw the anime head from the side. When you are drawing the head from the profile view, the principles are the same. You follow the middle horizontal line and place eyes and ears slightly below the horizontal line.;

    The reason why this video is pretty good is that the artist clearly explains every decision that goes into drawing the manga head.

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    How To Draw Anime Or Manga Faces

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    Anime and manga are popular Japanese forms of animation and comics that have a very distinctive art style. If you want to draw your favorite character or design one on your own, start by designing their head and face so you can sketch what they look like. When you first start the head, draw the outline and the basic shapes so you can properly place the features. Once you add the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth, you can erase your guidelines and sketch in a hairstyle. With a bit of practice and patience, youll be able to design anime faces in no time!

    Shade & Finish The Drawing

    How to Draw Faces Step by Step

    For some very basic shading you can add shadows in the most common places. In this case they will be as follows:

    • Tiny shadows around the eyelids
    • Small shadows below the eyelashes
    • Very tiny shadow to one side of the nose
    • Fully shaded ears
    • Large shadow on the neck in the shape o the chin
    • Fully shaded inner part of the hair between the head/neck and the side hair

    As mentioned earlier you can also add some hair highlights as sort of white zigzag lines across the hair. As suggested earlier you can simply leave this area white and then color around it. Alternatively you can use a white correction pen to add them in over top or do it digitally.

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    Try Different Lip Shapes

    I keep a little sketchbook to practise different lip shapes. Study films and TV programmes to see how actors exaggerate their mouths. Experiment and explore different mouth shapes. Try to convey oh, ah and esss: this will help when you want figures to look like theyre having a conversation.

    How Long Does It Take To Learn To Construct The Head Using The Loomis Method

    Although the method is simple, and everyone can begin constructing heads in just a few minutes, it is also nuanced. Like with everything drawing related, expect the strong proficiency in the Loomis method to take months or longer. The alternative is that one may never learn to draw heads correctly, which would be a huge shame. Heads and faces are notoriously difficult to draw, and an artist with a good skill of drawing the head is sure to stand out. Without further ado, lets get started!

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    Draw A Proportionate Nose

    Extend the 2 lines where the inner corners of each eye are located. These guidelines will determine the noses width. Now that we have a box, its time to draw the nose.Start with a circle, resting it anywhere between line 1 and 2. You can give your male character a more chiseled appearance by drawing the nose using very angular shapes.

    Adding In Facial Features

    â HOW TO DRAW || Faces and Eyes Tutorial! â

    Firstly, add the ears. From top to bottom they should go from the eye line to the nose line. Add in the nose, which can be of any shape but it must just touch the bottom of your horizontal nose line.;

    NOTE: To help with how big to make the eyes, the eye guideline from ear to ear should be roughly five eyes wide. This means that your eyes should have an eyes length that separates them in the middle.

    The eyebrows require simple curved lines above the eyes and the placement doesnt really matter too much, they just need to follow the placement of the eyes. You can experiment with different shapes and placement to portray various different emotions.

    Lastly, draw the mouth line halfway between the bottom of the nose guideline and the bottom of the lip line.

    Thats the proportions sorted, now lets make it Manga

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    Mapping A Cute Easy Anime Face In Real Time

    A very in-depth video on how features a placed in the head. This art tutorial is a bit lengthy, but it does explain rather nicely how to draw manga face and head.

    In the video, you will learn how to draw a nose, for example, from different angles and how the nose curve smooths out when the face is looking more forward than to the side.

    When you are starting out, do use guidelines to help you place the facial features in the right places.;

    Drawing Various Character Types With And Without Structure6 Lectures 54min

    • Drawing the Head – Changing Proportions of the Face11:46
    • Drawing the Head – Changing Proportions of the Face – Part 204:15
    • Drawing a Pretty Face – Front View14:22
    • Drawing a Pretty Face – Front View – Part 208:28
    • Drawing the Head Using Less Structure09:05
    • Drawing Various Character Types – With and Without Structure06:20

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    You Need To Set Boundaries

    The head isnt really just one shapeits a complex form made up of numerous small planes and sub-shapes. Put simply: Its complicated. To draw a head convincingly, we want to mentally break it down into smaller parts that we can more easily;understand.

    One way to do this is to look out for boundaries, the places where these smaller planes begin and end. We can divide boundaries into two types: optical boundaries and base boundaries. Optical boundaries occur where the edge of a form disappears from sight, for instance along the outer edge of a head, or the edge of a nose where it overlaps another part of the face. Base boundaries are a little more subtle. These lines describe where one form or shape meets or transitions into another.

    We can practice finding these boundaries by looking at drawings by the Old Masters. Illustration 2 shows a drawing by Jean-Honoré Fragonard . In Illustration 2b, I traced over some of this drawings most important boundaries. I use solid black lines to indicate optical boundaries and dotted blue lines to indicate base boundaries. Youll note that Fragonard included some of these lines in his drawing. Others he did not, and I drew those based on my own knowledge of the forms of the head.

    You can try this exercise on heads of all different ages, and with practice youll learn to recognize the most important forms of the head. As your knowledge increases, try drawing heads of younger people, where the forms are subtler.

    Illustration 2b

    Drawing The Basic Head Shape

    How to Draw Faces
  • 1Draw a circle on your paper with a vertical line running through the middle. Use a pencil so youre able to erase your lines if you make a mistake. Lightly draw the circle in the center of a piece of paper so you have room to add features to it. Find the middle of your circle and lightly sketch a straight line that extends from the top of the circle down your sheet of paper so you know where the middle of the face is.XResearch source
  • Start by drawing your circle large so you have room to draw the features. Otherwise, your lines may get messy and it could be hard to draw correctly.
  • Tip: If you have trouble drawing a circle without help, either use a compass or trace something circular.

  • 2Make a guide line for the eyes a third of the way up from the bottom of the circle. Measure about a third of the way up from the bottom of your circle and use your pencil to make a mark. Use a straightedge to draw a horizontal line that extends past the edges of the circle to use as a guide for the characters eyes. Dont apply too much pressure when you draw the line since it will be hard to erase otherwise.XResearch source
  • Your measurements do not need to be precise. If you dont have a ruler, estimate the distance with the end of your pencil instead.
  • If youre drawing a female character, place the mark at a distance equal to of the circles diameter since female anime and manga characters tend to have rounder faces.
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