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How To Draw In Danganronpa Style

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How I Draw Danganronpa Splash Art

Tutorial: How do Draw Danganronpa Style! Episode 1: Brushes and Proportions

Here There Is Finally The Long Awaited Sprite Tutorial

As the title suggests, I finally had time to do a sprite tutorial to help you all make your OCs.

                         Let’s start!

1. You should already have an idea for your OC

You can’t draw or you can draw really well? It doesn’t matter, you need at least one sketch of your OC. You need to have a “reference”, as you might say.

        2. Let’s get started with…a base

OK, so…for my sprites I often use Maki’s sprite for the proportions. I recommend to use reference sprites from only one game, because they slightly changed style. But if you hate doing that, here there are some bases.

But, as I said before, I highly recommend to use sprites as bases. For example, if your OC is a mature woman, you can use Kirumi as a base. If your OC is short, you can use Himiko or Kokichi as bases.

About the DR style…

I don’t have any tips for that, sorry. ;-; I think that you’ll be able to modify sprites after a while.

But if I use a DR sprite as a reference…isn’t that tracing?

Nope, the sprites will be useful only for the proportions. You will do eyes, hair, clothes, etc.

                          3. Tools

Program: Paint tool SAI

Tools settings: …so…do you want to know my ultra secret settings? I’ll never reveal my ultra secret settin-

I use the default tools, but with the min. size at 0 and Density at 100.

As for the stabilizer, I set it at S-6 or S-7. If you don’t know how to change it, in SAI you only have to look in the upper right corner.

                          4. Face

                      ! Attention !

        Avoid the same face syndrome.

Okay, let’s finally start drawing.

Resources For Artists Who Wants To Make Their Own Danganronpa Oc

Resources for artists who wants to make their own danganronpa OC

Hey! just wanted to help people out in making stuff for danganronpa. I freaking love DR and I love the most is how creative you can get with the idea! here’s some resource for the people who wants to make their own ideas more Visual!



Bases for drawing the characters! Just draw the hair and clothes and you have an OC!

So this is the Super high school level intro from the anime, you can put your oc drawing on top of this to look like the anime! Introduction template !

If you played the game/watch a lets play, then you would recognized this. You can use this to make a fake screenshot of your character as if they were in the game! Making fake screenshots of the game

When a character dies, you can use this template and just put your character’s picture underneath! template for the death portrait

If anyone have played the games, this is the background of the items you receive. So just use this bg and put a pixelized item in for an ITEM GET! effect Mono machine backround!


Fire alpaca



And so with all this I’ve have also made my own oc. I’m using my oc as an example from a roleplay, I’m in.

My Dangan Ronpa Sprite Making Process

How to draw danganronpa hair. I took some danganronpa requests on instagram artist @capochiino’s. Sooooo what is up my dudessss here’s a quick basic tutorial on how i make sprite edits. The first song is credited incorrectly.

Also you can find really high quality sprites the danganronpa wiki. I decided to record myself working on a request and thought would share it with little commentary. She is the main antagonist in danganronpa series, a role playin.

It’s been a year since i uploaded that tutorial video and i’m very happy to say i’ve improved then so wanted update on how draw these sprites. Please see below for proper credit. Follow along to learn how draw this anime character junko enoshima step by chibi.

Dangan Ronpa Sprites Style Tutorial

Part 1 Of 2:drawing A Chibi Head And Face

How I Draw Danganronpa Splash Art (Komatsuzaki Style)
  • 1Draw a large circle to make the chibi face. Make the circle any size you like depending on how big you want to make the character. Keep in mind that the character’s head should be the same size as the rest of the entire body.XResearch source
  • The disproportionately large head will make your chibi character look even cuter.
  • Tip: Although you can leave the face completely round, many chibi characters have distinctive jawlines. You could draw a square or pointed jaw, for instance.

  • 2Make 2 lines that intersect in the circle. Lightly draw a vertical line that runs straight through the circle. Then, make a faint horizontal line that runs through the vertical one. Place the horizontal line in the lower third of the circle.XResearch source
  • You’ll use these 2 lines as guidelines for placing the facial features.
  • If you want the facial features to be even lower on the face, make the horizontal line in the bottom quarter of the circle.
  • 3Sketch 2 wide eyes on the horizontal line in the circle. To make classic chibi eyes, draw 2 tall rectangles with rounded corners. Then, make the upper lid of each eye bold and very curved so the tops of the eyes are round. Draw large pupils and irises so only a sliver of white is visible in each eye. Include at least 1 white circle in the eye to show the reflection of light.XResearch source
  • Leave a gap the size of 1 eye between the eyes you drew.
  • Some chibi characters don’t have noses. Feel free to leave it off of your character if you like.
  • Part 2 Of 2:sketching A Chibi Body

  • 1Draw a vertical line that extends below the center of the head. The line should be the same size as the head. This will be the guideline for the torso of your chibi character.XResearch source
  • Keep the line light so it’s easy to go back and erase the pencil.
  • If you prefer to draw your character turning, bending, or crouched, for instance, you can skip this step.
  • 2Make a small horizontal line halfway through the line to make the upper body. Decide how wide you want your character’s waist to be and sketch a horizontal line halfway on the vertical torso line. The horizontal line will become your character’s waistline. Then, draw an angled line coming from each side of waistline that narrows near the head.XResearch source

    Tip: If you don’t want the waistline to be visible on your finished character, you can erase it after you’ve drawn the legs.

  • 3Draw 2 legs that extend down from the waistline. Place your pencil at 1 end of the waistline and make a slanting line goes down and slightly in towards the vertical guideline. Do this for the opposite side and then make an upside-down V shape that’s centered on the guideline.XResearch source
  • The upside-down V will distinguish the 2 legs.
  • 4Sketch 2 arms that extend from where the head meets the body. The arms can be as narrow or thick as you like, but ensure that they extend just below the waistline. Then, make a small rounded circle at the end of each arm to represent the hands.XResearch source
  • 6
  • Characters Reveal + Bda

    A mysterious box appeared in the scene disguised as a present. Some girls, being doubtful but curious, decided to find out what awaited them.

    They opened the box.

    • I hope you enjoy this animation. I am so proud to say that I made all of the art an animation by myself, so I really hope you have a good time watching it!
    • You would make me a huge favor by subscribing to my channel and sharing this animation, Im an amateur creator wishing to grow step by step, so that would help a lot!

    Part 1 Of 3:drawing The Basic Head Shape

  • 1Draw a circle on your paper with a vertical line running through the middle. Use a pencil so youre able to erase your lines if you make a mistake. Lightly draw the circle in the center of a piece of paper so you have room to add features to it. Find the middle of your circle and lightly sketch a straight line that extends from the top of the circle down your sheet of paper so you know where the middle of the face is.XResearch source
  • Start by drawing your circle large so you have room to draw the features. Otherwise, your lines may get messy and it could be hard to draw correctly.
  • Tip: If you have trouble drawing a circle without help, either use a compass or trace something circular.

  • 2Make a guide line for the eyes a third of the way up from the bottom of the circle. Measure about a third of the way up from the bottom of your circle and use your pencil to make a mark. Use a straightedge to draw a horizontal line that extends past the edges of the circle to use as a guide for the characters eyes. Dont apply too much pressure when you draw the line since it will be hard to erase otherwise.XResearch source
  • Your measurements do not need to be precise. If you dont have a ruler, estimate the distance with the end of your pencil instead.
  • If youre drawing a female character, place the mark at a distance equal to of the circles diameter since female anime and manga characters tend to have rounder faces.
  • Tutorial On How To Draw Danganronpa Style Eyes

    How to draw manga/anime eyes. [danganronpa style] read description

    Edit: Thanks for the feature!

    Hey hey hey guys! Just as promised, I had made a tutorial on how to draw Danganronpa style eyes! Let’s get to business shall we?

    First you get a pencil-

    Admin! Don’t try to be a smartass! Get a pencil.

    Okay, there’s the pencil.

    Then, you draw a bended line.

    Keep on drawing and nothing will go wrong~


    Calm down, don’t lose it yet, everyone makes mistakes! So dear reader, do not panic over mistakes.

    If you have problems drawing that line, then I suggest you use the arrow method:

    Just remember to erase them, okay! Now, next is, the other line. Draw a short line from the end. Make sure you draw it down. And it can bend slightly at the end if you want.

    Next, you draw the eye shape!

    Then the pupil. The pupil of Danganronpa characters are small and thin, so make sure you don’t draw a big circle!

    Alright, now the eye colour. You start by drawing a faint curved line inside the eye. Like this:

    The quality isn’t so clear..hmm how about this?

    Okay, now colour out the eye, but do not colour over the faint curved line, be careful!

    Yay! You did it! But we’re not done yet reader! We need a few finishing touches!

    Make the line thicker this time, by using a sharpie or a colour pencil, for beginners, I suggest a colour pencil.

    Next you add an eyebrow!

    TA-DA! That’s it, a Danganronpa style eye! We did it!

    Go ahead and try and maybe PM me your results! I believe you can do it!

    Extra Tips!

    Have fun and good luck!

    How To Draw A Chibi Character

    This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow’s Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards.There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 969,971 times.Learn more…

    If you’re new to drawing manga, practice making chibi characters. These short figures are recognizable for their oversized heads, cute faces, and small bodies. Since they’re so petite, you can keep their features simple and still end up with effective characters. With some practice, you can draw your own Chibi characters based on real people or characters from TV shows and movies!

    Mad Fangan Fan Official Art Tutorial On My Danganronpa Amino


    This is a link to my blog on how I make official

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    Part 3 Of 3:cleaning Up And Finishing The Drawing

  • 1Erase the guidelines to clean up your drawing. Use either the eraser on your pencil or a block eraser to lift up any guide lines that arent a part of the characters face or head. Carefully work around any of the facial features youve drawn so you dont erase their lines too much. Continue erasing the rest of the guides on your drawing until all thats left is the face.XResearch source
  • If you drew your guide lines too dark, then they may not fully erase off of the paper.
  • Use a thin eraser to get in detailed areas, like the eyes or ears.
  • 2Give your character a fun hairstyle. Anime and manga characters can have a variety of hairstyles, so choose one that you think will look best on your character. Avoid drawing every single strand of hair and instead sketch the basic shape of the style onto your character. Work lightly in pencil so you can erase and make changes if you need to. Once you have a roughed-in shape for the hairstyle, erase any parts of the head that the hair covers so its not visible.XResearch source
  • Anime or manga hair is usually broken up into clumps that end in a point. Look at hairstyles of various characters to get ideas of how to style your characters hair.
  • Tip: Practice drawing different hairstyles on a piece of tracing paper over your drawing so you dont have to erase your character if you dont like the style you drew.

  • You dont have to add any additional details to your character if you dont want to.
  • Danganronpa 4k Official Halloween Art

    Dangan Ronpa Sprites/Style- TUTORIAL

    Hope you enjoy it! Starring Hoshi and Yukari, from the cast.

    Borrowed memories.

    Danganronpa 4K.

    Body discovery scene from my first animation portrayed in 8-bits Danganronpa-like pixel art.

    If you like these, let me know! I might create some more.

    And if you havent seen the animation yet, go for it! You will enjoy it, believe me!

    How To Draw Kaito In Left Profile View: A Kaito Fanartists Lament

    If youre familiar with my blog, youll know that Ive drawn Kaito a lot. And contrary to apparently a large proportion of this fandom, I actually enjoy drawing his ridiculous hair! Usually. From a lot of the more commonly-used angles, it has a very distinctive shape to it which I find fun to get down.

    But from certain angles? Not so much. In particular, it is not a coincidence that none of the drawings Ive done of Kaito have ever been composed such that hes in a left profile view. Because I am not at all comfortable with drawing his spiky fringe from that angle. The rest of his hair is still fine – it is always very UP, just draw a lot of spikes going UP and you cant go too far wrong – but his fringe, from this angle, is a Problem. Here is a chronicle of my adventures in trying to figure this problem out.

    First, lets look at some sprites of Kaito from the angles that give his hair its most distinctive shapes, in order to get a sense of the shape his fringe is supposed to be.


    Pretty straightforward, and pretty consistent between the sprites and various illustrations drawn from that angle, give or take a spike or two. Kinda downwards, about as far as his nose or mouth for the longest spikes, and also pointing about 45 degrees to his left.

    Right ¾ view:

    Right profile view:

    I personally like drawing Kaito from this angle a lot and have done it a bunch of times. Its pretty surprising to me to realise that the official artists almost never have .

    Left ¾ view:


    How To Draw Anime Or Manga Faces

    This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow’s Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards.There are 14 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 1,267,646 times.Learn more…

    Anime and manga are popular Japanese forms of animation and comics that have a very distinctive art style. If you want to draw your favorite character or design one on your own, start by designing their head and face so you can sketch what they look like. When you first start the head, draw the outline and the basic shapes so you can properly place the features. Once you add the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth, you can erase your guidelines and sketch in a hairstyle. With a bit of practice and patience, youll be able to design anime faces in no time!

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