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How To Draw Jack O Lantern

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Second Step Drawing The Head

How to Draw a Jack-o-Lantern

Alright, so you got your jack o lanterns face all set up the way you want it now before you continue, its a good idea to erase a few unwanted lines.

Again, the face of a real pumpkin is actually is a negative in that the pieces you cut out are what gives off the image of the face.

So, take out your eraser and get rid of the lines where the eyeballs and the teeth connect with the solid part of the pumpkin.

Do this and youve got a much more convincing jack o lantern drawing to work with! OK, lets move on to the actual head part of the drawing

Using the centerline and the oval framework, sketch in some symmetrically aligned humps, just as Ive done above. Actually, dont worry about making them perfectly even on both sides. Pumpkins come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and so its totally OK if its a little bit lop-sided.

Finally, draw two large curved lines to complete the outer left and right perimeter of your jack o lantern drawing. And when youre done that, only one last thing remains!

Now You Can Finish Off The Face And Final Details

Without a spooky face on it, this would just be a regular pumpkin! We dont want that for this drawing, so we shall add a face in this step of our guide on how to draw a jack-o-lantern.

To draw the face, we shall start with the eyes for now. These will be made up of some rounded triangles. They will also have lines drawn vertically down them to give them some depth.

A similar triangle can then be used for the nose, except it will be much smaller. Finally, we will be giving the jack-o-lantern its leering mouth.

This will be drawn with a combination of curved and rounded lines, and it will be drawn in such a way as there are two square teeth at the top with one at the bottom.

That will finish off the details for this jack-o-lantern, but you could also add some details of your own to spice it up.

Perhaps you could add some of your favorite Halloween decorations to the background or create a spooky setting for it to be sitting in.

You could also change up some of the details in order to create your own unique jack-o-lantern! What fun ideas can you think of to personalize this jack-o-lantern drawing?

Easy Step By Step Jack O Lantern Drawing

Here is a simple step by step drawing lesson to draw a jack o lantern pumpkin. This Halloween drawing is easy to make your own by making different pumpkin faces.

Download the printable drawing tutorial guide >Easy Jack O Lantern Tutorial

Draw these lines lightly with a pencil.

Step 1: draw a flat ellipse.

Step 2: draw a second slightly smaller ellipse below the first. The ellipses are used the draw the pumpkins ribs around and help with the overall shape. We are only indicating the ribs and do not draw them from top to bottom. Lets start drawing You can make this drawing your own by changing the position of the stem, the distance between the guides, or the facial features.

Step 3: starting in the middle of the first ellipse, draw an arch to indicate the first two/middle ribs.

Step 4:: on the left, starting where the first arch and the ellipse meet, add a second arch with a longer left side.

Step 5: : on the right of the first arch, draw the same line mirroring the one in step 4.

Step 6: opposite from the first arch at the bottom of the second ellipse, draw an inverted arch.

Step 7: similar to step 4, add a second inverted arch with a longer left side.

Step 8: similar to step 5, add a third inverted arch with a longer right side.

Step 9: to the left, starting slightly off the top of the arched line in step 4 and ending where the second inverted arch meets the bottom ellipse , draw a long c-shaped line to connect the top and bottom part of your pumpkin.

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How To Draw A Jack O Lantern Step By Step

A couple of weeks ago we learned how to draw a pumpkin by using a circle as our guide. You will draw a jack o lantern in a very similar way. Real pumpkins grow in various shapes and sizes so dont feel like you have to make a perfect circle.

Once again, we begin our drawing with a circle. Most objects can be broken down into basic shapes, as discussed in How to use shapes to draw.

Next, draw in where your stem will be. Do this by making a curved line, sort of like a half circle or smiley face.

Draw your stem coming out of the curved line. Dont be afraid to make your stem a little different. The stem can help add character to your jack o lantern.

How Do You Make A Creepy Jack O Lantern

How To Draw a Jack-O’-Lantern! – EASY – Step By Step

Learning how to make a creepy jack o lantern is very similar to making a non scary jack o lantern. You can make your drawings more, or less, creepy by changing the face and the shape of your pumpkin.

Whether you want to draw a jack o lantern that is creepy or fun, youll learn everything you need to draw either one. And well also cover how to develop your own drawing style as well.

Lets learn about where jack o lanterns came from.

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Draw The Base Of The Jack

This second step of your jack-o-lantern drawing will be all about creating the base of the pumpkin.

As you can see in the reference image, we will be using some curved lines connecting to one another at the base.

Some of these lines will extend into the interior of the pumpkin in order to form the segments of the pumpkin.

For now, we will be leaving a small gap at the top of the jack-o-lantern, as we will be adding some details there later.

Halloween Craft Project: Paper Jack

Andrew Fox | October 9, 2020

Kids always love to make fun decorative crafts, especially at Halloween, when they can help make the house or classroom extra spooky. These easy-to-make paper jack-o-lanterns are a Halloween-time take on the traditional paper lantern craft project, and are simple enough that almost anyone in the family can make them. Make a bunch with different face designs and hang them around the house.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Orange and green construction paper
  • Black markers, paint, or construction paper
  • Scissors
  • A stapler

Here’s how to make your jack-o-lanterns:

  • Draw a jack-o-lantern face in the center of a sheet of construction paper. You can use back markers, paint, or cut out shapes from black construction paper and glue them on.
  • Fold the sheet of paper in half lengthwise.
  • With your pencil and ruler, draw a line lengthwise on the paper one inch from the top of the unfolded edge. This is your “do not cut line” that marks where you stop cutting.
  • Now, take your pencil and ruler and draw lines one inch apart from the folded edge to the do not cut line.
  • Cut the paper along the lines to the “do not cut” line.
  • Now unfold the paper.
  • Roll the paper into a cylinder and tape the narrow edges of the paper together where they meet. The middle of the lantern will flare out at the crease.
  • Cut a strip from the narrow end of a sheet of green construction paper for your jack-o-lantern’s handle/stem. Use the stapler or tape to affix the handle to the top of the lantern.
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    Jack O Lantern Drawing Cartoon Lesson

    Similar to the real thing, creating this Jack O Lantern drawing will actually save you a lot of work. But then again, Ill admit cleaning and carving a real pumpkin is one of the most fun parts of Halloween!

    Well, well have to agree then drawing one is the next best thing, and in this lesson thats exactly what youre going to do.

    Before you get started, know that there are thousands and thousands of different combinations of faces for a jack o lantern. So, use this example to help in coming up with something uniquely yours.

    Alright then no point on talking about it when theres work to be done. So lets get going with the lesson

    How Do You Draw A Simple Skeleton

    How to draw a Jack o’Lantern – a Halloween Pumpkin – Easy step-by-step drawing tutorial


    Sasho Teneyken

    How to Draw Jack Frost

  • Intro: Start off with a pencil sketch.
  • Step 1: Start by drawing a big circle near the top of the page.
  • Step 2: Draw a curved line under the circle as a guide for Jack Frost’s chin and jaw.
  • Step 3: Next, draw two intersecting lines across the entire head, one vertical and one horizontal.
  • Giani Gschwindt

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    Jack O Lantern Outline

    But what if you want to add some color your jack o lantern drawing? The next step after drawing your rough sketch is to trace over your pencil lines with a thin black marker. I usually use PITT Artist Pens for this, but there are lots of other choices as well.

    You can make your outline thick, thin, or a combination of the two. How you like your outlines to look is determined by your artistic style. Practicing and trying new things will help you develop your own style.

    Now Draw The Stalk Of The Jack

    This step of our guide on how to draw a jack-o-lantern should be quite a simple one for you! All you will need to do for this one will be to draw the stalk.

    This stalk is quite thick, and it bends at a sharp right angle. At the end of it, you can draw a circle to show where it was cut off.

    This circle will also have a swirl shape inside of it. You can finish off the stalk with some thick line details inside of it for some extra details.

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    Easy Jack O Lantern Drawing Tutorial

    • 288

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    Learn how to draw a jack o lantern with an easy illustrated guide and video to watch. In no time at all, you will be an expert. Move on with more things to draw. You will find simple guides from everything to draw animals to flowers.

    After you have drawn a few scary Halloween pumpkins you can start carving with free pumpkin carving template;and the jack o lantern faces templates.

    Draw A Halloween Pumpkin Face

    How To Draw A Jack O’Lantern

    To draw the halloween pumpkin face, well draw triangles for the eyes and the nose.

    Draw a triangle with equal sides on the middle left of the pumpkin, about 3/4 of the way up from the bottom of the pumpkin.

    Then, draw another triangle on the middle right side.

    Draw a smaller triangle in between and below the first two triangles.

    Now its starting to look like a face!

    To draw the mouth, well draw a horizontal curved line that dips down, goes straight across and comes back up.

    This will make the tooth in the smile of the jack o lantern.

    Continue the curved line to finish the mouth. Stop when you are just under the eye of the jack o lantern.

    Now well make the bottom part of the mouth.

    To draw the bottom part of the mouth, well draw a horizontal curved line that dips up, goes straight across and comes back down.

    Your jack o lantern should now have a complete face.

    The pumpkin drawing outline is complete and you can move on to coloring the outline.

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    Coloring The Pumpkin Drawing

    Youre ready to color your drawing of the pumpkin.

    To do this, use the fill bucket tool . Make sure that your areas are bounded .;

    If you have gaps, double click on the gap, zoom in, and pull the nodes to close the gap. Watch the video to see how I did this.

    Repeat this process to color in every section of the pumpkin, the stem and the leaves.

    Your easy Halloween pumpkin drawing is done. Do you like it?!

    Add more spooky scary characters by following my step-by-step video lessons of Halloween drawings below.

    If you like this lesson, youll love my So Simple SVG Files course. I will walk you through the steps to make digital drawings using simple shapes in Inkscape.; Youll also learn how to transfer your drawings to your craft projects and get better use from your cutting machine.

    Now that you know how to draw a halloween pumpkin, check out the ideas for creative craft projects that you can make with it.

    How To Draw A Jack O Lantern

    Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest!

    What is a jack o’ lantern? This scary or funny-faced carved pumpkin is often seen in the fall. Real or plastic versions adorn front porches, offices, stores, and other places. Jack o’lantern characters can be seen in cartoons such as It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. But why did people start carving faces on vegetables in the first place?

    This centuries-old tradition originated in Ireland. There, potatoes or turnips, rather than pumpkins, were used. The scary faces were thought to drive away evil spirits. Irish immigrants brought the tradition with them to America, where native pumpkins were readily available. From there, the custom spread throughout the world as the holiday became more commercial.

    What about the name jack o’lantern? It was derived from the Irish legend of “Stingy Jack” or “Jack of the Lantern,” who invited the devil to drink with him. He didn’t want to pay, and the devil became a coin to pay the tab. Jack pocketed the coin and kept it with a silver cross, which prevented the spirit from changing back to his original form. Later, he tricked the devil into climbing a tree, on which he carved a cross so he couldn’t come down. Each time he freed him, he made him promise that he wouldn’t bother him, even in the afterlife. When Jack died, neither heaven nor the underworld would take him, so he roamed the earth carrying a lantern made from a turnip.

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

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    Finish Off The Top Of The Jack

    Now that you have most of the outline of your jack-o-lantern drawing done, you can finish off the top of it in this next step.

    The top of it will also have some sharp lines extending down into the jack-o-lantern, much how like the lines extended up from the base earlier.

    You can also add a leaf to the top of the jack-o-lantern in this part as well. Thats all there is to it for this part, and now youre ready for the third step!

    How To Draw A Jack O Lantern Face

    Teaching Kids How to Draw: How to Draw a Jack O’ Lantern

    Now comes the fun part. You need to decide what type of jack o lantern you will be drawing. They dont always have to be scary looking. You could make yours cute and cuddly if you wanted to.

    I will typically start by drawing in the nose first. This gives me a central location to draw around. You can place your nose roughly in the center of your face, or you can move it up or down to change the look of your jack o lantern.

    The next thing you will do is draw the eyes. Drawing the eyes is an important part of creating your jack o lantern. Eyes are very expressive and will help illustrate the personality of your drawing.

    Finish your face by drawing the mouth. Again, the mouth will help show the personality of your jack o lantern. If you draw a mouth with sharp, pointed teeth, it isnt going to end up looking very cute. Likewise, if you want your face to look scary, then you dont want to draw in a big happy grin for your mouth either.

    What kind of face you draw on your jack o lantern is only limited by your imagination. Dont be afraid to experiment and try new things. Drawing should be fun and relaxing. So relax and have fun with drawing your jack o lantern.

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    This Tutorial Will Teach You How To Draw A Jack

    In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw a Jack-o-lantern for Kindergarten, an invariable Halloween attribute. It is a pumpkin with the top cut out and the pulp removed. The outside of the pumpkin has holes in the form of eyes. As we can see, Jack-Lantern has a rather spiteful expression, but you shouldnt be afraid, it was done on purpose. Despite such frightening attributes, Halloween is a fun holiday.

    It is not difficult to draw a Jack-lantern, and any child can cope with this task. In this lesson, you will first need to draw an oval, and then apply the eyes, mouth, and a small ponytail at the top.

    You can color the picture with any shades of orange, and draw the eyes with a lighter shade because inside the pumpkin-lantern there is usually a candle that glows brightly.


    How to draw a Jack-o-lantern for Kindergarten

  • Draw the shape of the pumpkin.

    Sketch out a circle.

  • Depict the eyes of a Jack-o-lantern.

    The eye holes are a bit like apple slices.

  • Add details.

    In this step, draw a zigzag mouth and add other details.

  • Color the drawing.

    As I said above, choose an orange shade for the Jack-o-lantern for Kindergarten.

  • Jack O Lantern Drawing Colored With Markers

    Colored pencils and markers both work really well for adding color to your drawings. But I prefer to use markers. I love how bright and colorful they look. Today, Ill be using Bic markers for the jack o lantern drawing.

    The key to using markers for coloring your artwork is to use two or three colors for each section of your drawing. For example, for the stem I used green and a darker green.

    Or for the jack o lantern itself I used yellow, orange, and a yellow-orange. To blend the colors together, work with them while the ink is still wet. And use the lighter color to blend in the darker colors and fade them together.

    You can use a White Gelly Roll pen to add highlights and any other areas where you need white.

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