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How To Draw Jesus Step By Step

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How To Draw Jesus

How to draw baby Jesus easy step by step tutorial

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Jesus Christ is the center figure of Christianity. He gives people hope, trust and faith. Drawing Jesus Christ will require you to keep this in mind so the exact or relative divinity reflects in your drawing. Here is how to draw him.

Draw The Head And Arms For Jesus

We will be starting the head and arms of Jesus in this step of your Jesus on the cross drawing.

These will be some of the more difficult aspects of this drawing, as drawing realistic features and proportions can be a bit challenging.

To make things easier, you could draw some basic shapes using a light pencil and then add some detail on top of them.

We will be drawing his long hair with some wavy lines, and his crown of thorns will also be around his head. His bearded face will be slightly downcast, and then we will draw the arms that he is hanging from.

They will also be nailed to the arms of the cross, as shown in the reference image.

Your Jesus On The Cross Drawing Is Complete

As we mentioned in the introduction to this guide on how to draw Jesus on the cross, this biblical event is a very important part of the Christian faith.

While tragic, it also serves as a symbol of redemption and hope for mankind, and that is why it is celebrated. We hope that you enjoyed commemorating this important event as you worked on this drawing.

Now that you have completed all of the steps in this guide, there are lots of ways that you could take it even further.

You could draw a background or use some unique colors and art mediums to really put your own spin on this picture. Perhaps you could even incorporate it into a card to give someone at Easter time.

Once you have completed this picture, you can find more drawing guides on our website. We upload new ones often, so youll want to keep visiting!

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How To Draw Baby Jesus For Kids

1. Can We Draw Jesus In Christianity?

Answer: Christianity, which is true Christianity, does not permit pictures of Jesus Christ. It is a Catholic, Orthodox and Coptic practice that has slipped into some evangelical, Protestant branches.

2. How do you make Jesus?

Answer: This form was created with apostrophe pluss, which is Jesuss), can be used to signify a contraction , or the possessive form.

Next Draw His Chest In This Step

How to Draw Lord Jesus Christ Drawing Step By Step

For this third step of our guide on how to drawJesus on the cross, we will be adding his chest.

The chest will be quite detailed, and these details will be drawn with lots of curved lines to show his muscle and bone structure.

This part of the body can also be quite difficult to get right, so try your best to replicate the picture as it appears in our reference image.

The chest will connect naturally to the base of the arms and shoulders, and in the next step we shall draw his waist and the rags that he is wearing.

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Finish Off Your Jesus On The Cross Drawing With Some Color

Now its time to complete this Jesus on the cross drawing by adding some colors to it. In our reference image, we kept the colors a bit darker and more muted to suit the somber tone of the scene.

If you like this approach to the colors, you could achieve similar results by using lighter mediums such as watercolors and colored pencils to get softer tones.

It would also be quite striking to use brighter colors to focus on the more hopeful message of this event, so it really depends on what sort of mood you would like for it.

Which colors and art mediums do you think would best suit this important picture?

Learn To Draw Lessons

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How To Draw Jesus Like A Prince

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Do you want to draw your Lord Jesus looking happy? Often the image of Jesus is drawn on a cross or with His palm and heart shown as burning and bleeding. Jesus’s second coming on the clouds is much awaited by worshippers. You can try making a princely image of the loving Jesus as well. This article will help you choose the perfect look of your choice and put it on paper.

Drawing Jesus Like A Prince

HOW TO DRAW BABY JESUS IN A CRIB Step by Step Drawing Tutorial for Kids. Guided Christmas drawing
  • 1Draw the jawline. Make a pointed U shape for the jawline. Position the face keeping seated Jesus in mind. Standing Jesus will require the face to be even higher.
  • You can draw the throne and other background images later.
  • 2Make the hairline. Start with an A shape right at the forehead and then make a double line like an upside down U on top of the forehead. The forehead hair can be made wavy, getting wider as it reaches the ears. The length of the hair can be perfected later on. This is the pencil work that needs to be light yet well defined. You may have to erase many lines to get the look right.
  • The details like eyes, nose, lips need not be stressed while sketching as while coloring, it may not remain the same size as was with the pencil work.
  • If you tend to get the color smudged, you can leave coloring the facial features for last. You can use coloring pencils to make thin and fine lines after coloring the entire picture.
  • 3Write an L for the nose. Just stretch the lower, sleeping line on both corners to make it look curved and realistic.
  • 4Make the eyebrows. You will have to draw three bent lines. One for the eyebrow, one for the top lid of the eye, and another to complete the top of the eyelid. Draw a small u shape, to make the pupil.
  • Make the three bent lines on both sides for both the eyes. The pupils can be shaded with blue or brown pencil with dots inside to create more emotions and glow on it.
  • Color the borders with golden or any shimmery colors.
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    Add Some Final Details To Your Jesus On The Cross Drawing

    This step of our guide on how to drawJesus on the cross will see you finishing off the final details and elements to have you ready for the final step.

    To do this, we will be extending the legs down from the parts that you drew in the previous step.

    The legs will be quite close together, and his foot will also be nailed to the cross, as shown in the image.

    Once these details are drawn, you will have finished this really powerful picture. In the next part, we will finish it off with some color.

    Now Draw The Start Of His Waist And Legs

    As we mentioned in the previous step of your Jesus on the cross drawing, we will be starting on the waist and legs in this part. To start this, we will first draw the rags that he is wearing.

    These rags will be drawing with some more curved lines connecting to one another in order to create the look of the fabric.

    Then, we shall draw the tops of his legs with similar lines that we used for his chest and arms. These lines will again help to create the musculature and form of the legs.

    Once these are drawn, we shall finish the legs in the next part.

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    How To Draw Jesus Step By Step Easy

    Hello everyone, in todays Article im, going to teach you How To Draw Jesus Christ Drawing Step By Step Easy. So lets start.

    Im using Grid Method to draw this,

    Here I take 8 x 11 grids which are 1inch.

    So, without wasting any time, lets get started. Im starting with the eye because the eye is the main focus point. First, we have to observe our reference photo. Suppose you want to draw this drawing, what im doing right now. Then dont skip the video. Watch carefully and follow my every step, and you will get a perfect Jesus christ outline drawing.

    Also, you can pause my video or take a screenshot for a better understanding. We have done our first eye. Similarly, we draw the next eye. Its too simple, not so tough. I have seen a lot of beginner artists. They are afraid to draw. And think it is too hard to draw, but it is not like that. Dont think too much. It is too simple and easy.

    Just we have to observe the reference photo eyes are ready now we draw the nose I draw the nose in this area. We draw a line first, and we draw nostrils like this, and we have beautifully done with the nose now we draw lips done with the lips now we draw the moustache of Jesus Christ we will draw a full beard a bit later Now we draw the upper portions like forehead and hair etc. Here is nothing to teach you, just follow my steps. Now we draw the bread of Jesus Christ. I draw small lines for the Beard. And perfectly draw the outline Beard is complete.

    Choosing The Right Look

    How to draw Jesus Christ drawing step by step
  • 1Imagine the setup. You can make it a simple drawing with a background, Jesus on a throne and a few decorations or you can make it really beautiful so that it shows grandeur and princely appeal.
  • 2Know what you will be making. You can make a palatial room with a throne. Jesus will be seated on a throne with prince-like attire, jewellery and crown. There will be lamps or light flares because Jesus is light. A picture of Jesus without light is incomplete.
  • 3Add depth and dimension. You can keep the drawing flat or add dimensions. Make a square or a long/vertical rectangle at the centre of the page. Then use the four corners of the square/rectangle to draw a line reaching the four corners of the page. This will create a 3D effect.
  • The bigger the square, the closer the image will appear and the smaller the centre square, the farther away the image will seem.
  • 4Divide the page appropriately. You can choose to position Jesus at the centre. Make room at His feet to show the floor. The empty space can be serene and white or made colorful. Choose the objects for the effect you need. Decorate the left and right side with flowers, lamps or pillars. The top can be either open like clouds or you can make a grand dome shaped ceiling.
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    How To Draw Jesus Christ Step By Stephow Top Draw Jesus Fsce With Pencil Sketcheasy Face Drawing

    how to draw jesus christ step by step with pencil sketch ,hoiw to draw jesus face step by ,easy face drawing jesus christ with pencil shading.

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