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How To Draw Knuckles On A Hand

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How To Draw A Clenched Fist: Front View

Drawing Knuckles on a Hand | step by step tutorial

This is easily the most difficult angle to draw a fist from in my opinion. However, it is an incredibly dynamic angle and can add a lot when youre staging a picture in your mind. While the vision in the mind never makes it to the paper in quite the same way, it wont be because you arent capable as an artist. After all, youre willing to try a challenging angle to create a great picture.

How To Draw Baby Hands

When drawing old hands, we focus on thinner hands and lots of wrinkles, baby hands are almost the opposite!

Here round shapes rule.

Babies tend to be very chubby, so take advantage of this, by exaggerating how round their hands and overall features will be!

Other than that, the hands will usually be smaller, especially the fingers.

Imagine baby carrots on a circle, draw them.

Those are your main shapes, now you just need to clean up everything and add some details.

For this part, there isnt much to do.

Very small fingernails and little dots for the knuckles, like little dimples on the back of the hand!

Again, look up pictures on the internet.

Take photos and even study some cartoons.

If you want to go for a cartoony style, this is always a good place to go.

Cartoon movies from Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, and many others are a good place to get inspiration and to learn.

Watch how they develop their styles over the years and how they create unique characters, not only with their wardrobe or faces but hands as well!

Search, observe, experiment and practice.

These are your only rules for learning how to draw.

And, of course, have fun!

How To Draw Hands: Getting Started With Simple Shapes

Now, lets take a look at how this diagram relates to a real hand. The colored lines on the image of the real hand are color-coded with the bones of the hand in the diagram.

Now you know how the hand is constructed, lets get started with some basic shapes and proportions which will help you draw it more easily.

For this first exercise, youll be drawing the palm side of the hand.

1. Drawing the Palm of the Hand

The simplest way to draw the palm of the hand is to draw a shape like this, which is basically a rectangle with rounded edges:

If it helps, imagine this as being similar to the shape of a steak Also, because this steak shape isnt completely flat, youll need to draw it with some depth like in the illustration.

Drawing and thinking of this shape as a 3D object will help you when you come to add the fingers and will stop your drawing from looking too flat.

Using the illustration as your reference, practice drawing this shape as many times as you like until you fully understand it.

Once you feel totally confident with drawing this shape, youll be ready to move onto the next part of learning how to draw hands.

2. Drawing the Fingers and Thumbs

Once youve drawn your basic shape for the palm, its time to move on to the fingers. Lets look at the basic proportions of the hand first, because this will help you draw the fingers at the correct size:

The basic proportions of the hand are as follows:

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How To Draw A Hand

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Lots of people have trouble drawing hands, but it isn’t too complicated once you know what to do. Drawing a realistic hand can mean either getting the proportions correct through measurement, or by using 3-dimensional shapes.

Finish The Claw/gripping Hand Drawing

How to Draw the Hand

To finish the drawing draw the lines along the palm of the hand and the fingernails. Again same as the other poses the nail on the thumb will be viewed on an angle and should be drawn narrower.

To help that the sections of the fingers from the last joint to the tip are at a slight angle draw the fingernails just a tiny bit farther away from the tips. This will make the bottom of the fingers appear like they are angled facing more towards the viewer.

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Draw The Main Shape Of The Fist

From the front, the overall shape of your hand is that of a pentagon. It might be difficult to ignore all the details that you can see, but we are going to build up those details over the course of this tutorial. Were merely laying the frame of the fist in the step. The details will build up with ease.

Consider How Hands Work

The most important thing in drawing hands is to understand their anatomy. Look at your own hand it comprises of a palm, thumb, index finger and the three remaining fingers, which even though they can be moved separately, work together when it comes to grabbing objects. Move your hand and notice how your fingers and thumb bend and move, and what happens to the palm.

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Hand Drawing Made Simple: Key Techniques For Confident Results

Drawing hands is one of the most popular topics learning artists ask about. Thats because knowing how to draw hands is essential if you are drawing the figure. But it can also be intimidating. Thats why I want to share with you this article on hand drawing made simple from one of our favorite instructors, Brent Eviston. The tutorial breaks down the essential steps without overwhelming you! If you have an ah-ha! moment, thats to be expected! Enjoy!

How To Draw Hands Without The Hassle

How to Draw Hands // My Tips & Tricks!

Learning how to draw hands is one of the most important things you can do if you want to be a good figurative artist. But why are they so difficult to get right?

And what if there was a simple way to draw hands that didnt involve years of study and piles of textbooks?

Relax. After reading this article, youll have a much better understanding of how the hand is constructed and how to draw it.

You dont have to get baffled by science or learn lots of complicated terms that are as difficult to pronounce as they are to remember.

This article will show you how to:

  • Easily draw the hand from any angle
  • Draw realistic-looking crease lines
  • Draw a hand holding different objects
  • Break the hand down into simple shapes that anyone can draw

So, are you ready to learn how to draw hands without the hassle?

All you need is a pencil and some paper to get started.

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How To Draw Crease Lines On The Palm

To make your hand drawings look more realistic, youll want to add some crease lines to the palm and fingers.

There are three main lines you need to draw on the palm. These are:

  • The heart line
  • The head line
  • The life line

Take a look at your own hand and see how these lines curve across the surface of the palm. The head line and the life line both start from the same point at the base of the forefinger.

The heart line starts right between the forefinger and middle finger, and then curves down towards the outer edge of the hand. It stops roughly level with the base of your thumb.

If you look at your wrists, youll also see some creases. These two lines are known as your bracelets and they curve around the cylindrical shape of your wrist.

You can add these if you like, but its not essential especially if youre just starting out learning how to draw hands.

Remember how each of your fingers is made up of three bones? Well, it probably wont surprise you to learn the crease lines on your fingers are at the point where each of these bones meet.

Take a look at your own fingers. Notice how the crease lines in the fingers also follow an arc shape like the rest of the hand?

Go ahead and sketch these lines in, like in the illustration above. This is another small detail that will make a big difference to how realistic your drawings look.

Keep Learning New Hand Drawing Techniques

Although studying the musculoskeletal anatomy of the hand is essential for successful hand drawing, the techniques youve just learned will get you started and ensure that, when you do add anatomical details later on, theyll be organized with a believable framework. With numerous ways to approach hand drawing, I encourage you to learn as many as you can. I tell my students that, whenever possible, its best to simplify their drawing process and master the foundational skills, which include gesture drawing, volumetric drawing and light logic. Learning to adapt these familiar strategies to new drawing challenges is an excellent way to streamline your drawing process and distil complex subjects down to accessible and drawable forms.

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Congratulations And Keep It Up

Simply by looking up this tutorial, you are already on your way to being better at drawing hands. Hopefully, you enjoyed this tutorial and it taught you something that will hopefully make your art even better than it already is. I know that drawing hands is an incredibly difficult skill to hone, and I hope that my experiences and tricks will go on to inspire and help you, whether you use them for yourself or use them to inspire your own variations. Art is a very fluid thing after all.

Photos and drawings by Cortlyn Matney.

Final Remarks On Drawing Hands

How to draw knuckles step by step easy drawing tutorial

This is the end of this hands drawing tutorial. I hope you learned something and that it will show in your drawings!

I must tell you that there is one topic I purposely omitted from this hand drawing tutorial: function. Studying the functions of the muscles of the hand and the hand itself is an advanced topic that would move this tutorial well into A3 category. I plan to visit this topic in the future in a separate tutorial. For now, watch your drawings of hands closely when developing a specific gesture and examine how the muscles move and what positions the fingers take when interacting with objects.

Finally, I compiled a checklist based on this tutorial that can be used to analyze your hand drawings. It is available to my newsletter subscribers. You can subscribe for free here and also get my artist trainer pdf workbook for free, as well as other downloads.

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Consider Shape When Drawing Hands

This is a good section to start discussing the drawing process:

Draw the contour shape of the hand first, before getting into the details of what goes inside of the shape. Look at good reference and try to carefully observe what goes into the shape outline of the hand, what features are visible? Study the shape of the palm and build the shape from there.

Keep the following in mind when observing the shapes you are drawing:

1. There are two main masses to deal with when drawing the hand: that of the palm and the one of the thumb attached to it. These masses shift, the palm folds, but the changes are minimal compared to the movement of the fingers.

2. The middle finger is the longest and is at the apex of an arch created by the fingers when they are extended.

3. When fingers are extended, their shape has a backward curve to it. Incorporate this backward curve when drawing hands with fingers flaring out, or the drawing will not look natural.

4. The palm has an arch to it pointing inward to the knuckles. Notice that the palm of the hand has a hollow in the middle, forming a sort of a spoon-like shape, especially when the thumb is brought close to the hand.

5. When clenched into a fist, the thumb does not stretch beyond the second finger.

Keep the above pointers in mind regarding the shapes when drawing hands. Now lets add some more information to your visual library by looking at important landmarks.

High Five Now You Know How

We’ve created the front and back version of a hand with simple shapes for reference. Now that you have a small trick on how to shape the fingers, placing them in any position should make things easier! Or, you can take the simple front view of the hand and try to shade it as realistically as possible. I suggest this great article with numerous methods on shading realistically.

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How To Draw A Hand Holding A Pencil

Our fingers can adjust to hold many different things, and its useful to have an idea of how some of the main poses look.

First, lets see what happens when we hold a pencil

Pick up a pencil or pen and hold it in your fingers like you were writing or drawing. Notice how your fingers bend and position themselves to ensure a comfortable grip?

The main things to remember here are:

  • Your index finger is the one with the most control.
  • Your middle, ring, and little fingers curl back towards your palm.
  • Your thumb works with your index finger to keep the pencil in place.

How To Quickly Sketch Hands

How2Draw – Knuckles on a Hand

ByKate Oleskapublished 6 November 18

Hands can be difficult to draw correctly, so follow this quick guide to learn how to make light work of it.

To draw hands, you need to look past the complexity of the hand’s anatomy and recognise simple rules that will help you draw from a model or even your own imagination. Although they’re notoriously tricky to get right, there are some sketching tips and tricks you can use.

To help you, in this short tutorial we’ll break the process down into four simple steps to create a quick sketch. We’ll start by exploring the structure of the hand, and then look at how to translate this into a drawing. Watch the video below, and follow my written steps beneath that.

We also have a more in-depth guide on how to draw hands, which breaks hand gestures into shapes for a more refined and realistic style. This guide is more concerned about creating sketches that capture the essence of a hand, at speed. Read on for four simple steps.

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Differences Between Masculine And Feminine Hands

There are many types of hands and each person is different.

But generally speaking, when drawing hands, especially when going for a more cartoony style, we tend to draw hands differently.

Feminine hands tend to have elongated fingers, but more delicate and slim.

When drawing masculine hands, we usually go for broader hands and very thick fingers.

The same goes for the nails.

With feminine hands, we draw more stylized nails and even longer than normal.

If the character were doing asks for it, we even add nail polish of different colors!

For masculine hands, we usually go for very simple nails, sometimes very squared and big.

Straight Lines Vs Curves

The outside of the hand is usually straighter and harder so that hands can be used for combat and self-defense, while the inside of the hand is soft in order to hold tools and touch things.

Summarising the shapes of the hand with bold straight and curved lines can make hand movements more dynamic and expressive.

The more you see the palm side of the hand the softer the shapes become.

Sometimes it can vary depending on the angle and hand shape.

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How Do You Draw Good Lips

How to Draw Lips in the Frontal View

  • Draw a vertical line this will be the middle of the lips.
  • Refine the outline and show the volume in the lower lip with two ovals.
  • Add a shadow for the upper and lower lips with the HB pencil.
  • Add some shading and tone to the whole drawing.
  • Add the lines on the lips.
  • Draw The Fingers Of Your Hand

    How to Draw Knuckles

    Your fingers are a little like a rectangle that is slightly askew. My first instinct when looking at my fist from this angle is that they are a rectangle containing four rectangles that reduce ever so slightly in size. For now, we arent going to worry about the knuckles, because theres one more important feature that we can see.

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    My Approach To Hand Drawings

    Drawing the human hand takes almost as much knowledge, skill and experience as drawing the entire rest of the figure. However, when drawing the hand, you can adapt many of the same tools and techniques youre already using to draw the rest of the figure. In this article, I will walk you through a few key ways to approach hand drawing so you can enhance your skill set and create more confident drawings.

    Finish The Casting Hand Drawing

    Add the lines along the palm and the smaller wrinkles along the fingers and thumb. Keep in mind that as the thumb is pulled back some of the wrinkles on it will be smoothed out. To emphasize this you can even leave out some of the wrinkles that would naturally still be visible.

    Once you finish adding all of the smaller details of the hand you can go over your drawing with darker more solid lines.

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    How To Draw A Clenched Fist

    Now, lets see how a clenched fist looks

    First, clench your fist and take a look at it from the front.

    The main things youll notice are:

    • The top joint of your fingers are barely visible when viewed from this angle
    • Your knuckles are raised and sit on an arc shape.
    • The thumb is bent around your fingers.

    Practice drawing your fist from this angle, and take a look at the image above for guidance.

    Now, lets view that same clenched fist from the other side .

    The main things to remember here are that:

    • The middle joints of your fingers arent level with each other. Instead, they sit on an upwards angle like in the illustration.
    • Your basic steak shape bends in the middle roughly at the bottom of the thumb.
    • The thumb is bent in the middle and in three-quarter view. It roughly lines up with the middle joint of your index finger.
    • Depending on how tightly-clenched your fist is, you might not see the tops of the fingers at all. If loosely-clenched, then the top parts of each finger will appear foreshortened.

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