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How To Draw Lips On A Face

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Draw The Face Features

HOW I DRAW LIPS: Step by Step

The nose will be on the intersection between the bottom horizontal line and the vertical line. The lips go right under the nose.

For the eyes, draw two arches above the guideline and add the iris for each eye.

When youve drawn all the features, start drawing the face line.

In the face proportions guidelines, start the face from the eyes by drawing straight lines downwards until the nose line.

From there, start curving it towards the lips and end with the chin under the lips.

I usually add ears the last, and I make them super simple. Draw them between the eyes and the bottom of the nose. Let the guidelines help you.

I dont worry about the exact shape or symmetry. Theres no joy in stressing over that.

Let me show you how these guidelines look like on a finished whimsical face.

This is one of my whimsical girls I drew last year. Can you see how I placed all the face features along these face proportions guidelines?

I must say that my whimsical faces have mostly been inspired by an amazing artist Jane Davenport, her books and art supplies.

You can check out her YouTube channel here.

Draw Two Perpendicular Lines Through The Center

The second step to draw a face is to mark the position of eyes. The easiest method draw two perpendicular lines through the center of the circle.

In the same step, we shall mark the position of the jaw as well. Mark a point on the vertical line, that shall half of the radius away from the periphery of the circle

Drawing Anime & Manga Style Lips In 3/4 View

In a 3/4 view draw the side of the lips that is closer to the viewer longer then the side that is farther away. There are two reason as to why you want to do this. One is that the farther side of the lips curves away from the viewer making it seem shorter. The second reason is perspective.

For a better understanding of perspective drawing you may want to see:

The inner part of the lips is inset and therefore should be drawn farther back than the outer part when drawing lips in 3/4 view.

Coloring lips in 3/4 view is the same as the front view so you can just refer to that part of the tutorial.

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How To Draw A Mouth: Simplified Structures

First, let us analyze the mouth without the lips, to better analyze its structure.

To understand the mouth, think about a sphere. The mouth would be half of it. This is a simple exercise that shows that the mouth is not exclusively a straight line when it is closed and a crescent when it is open, but that it has its own volume.

In this example, you can see a mouth in its simplest form without perspective and how it can be imagined with ¾ perspective .

Front View Lips Shading

How to Draw Facial Features: LIPS

When shading the lips the darkest part will usually be the parting line between the top and the bottom of the lip. Light tends to come from above in most common lighting conditions so the top lip will tend to have darker shadows as its acting as a sort of ledge over itself. The bottom lip is the reverse of this. It will usually have lighter shading as well as a highlight area. Another thing to note when shading is that the bottom lip is actually split into two parts down the middle with each area forming a kind of little bump. You can see the three quarter view part of the tutorial to be able to better see this. As a result when shading the front view you can see that there is a little interruption in the highlight as the indent between the two bump in the lip will create a light shadow.

Shade your drawing accordingly.

One other thing to note is that the sharper and the brighter you make the highlight the more wet and shiny the lips will appear.

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How To Draw A Mouth

Step 1 – The Line Drawing

The mouth is the second most expressive feature of the face. Great care should be taken in drawing its shape as it is a key element in achieving a likeness.

  • Start by drawing the subtle shape of the line that is formed as the lips meet. This will create a natural expression for the mouth.

  • The top lip has its characteristic bow shape which varies considerably from person to person. The bottom lip is usually larger than the top and more creased with vertical stretch lines.

How To Draw Lips : Step By Step Guide

Lips Drawing: Welcome back kids again. How is your drawing practice going on? I will again remind you little masters that drawing is skill which showcases your imagination and creativity. The better your imagination level, greater will be the appreciation that you will receive. Never get disheartened when are unable to draw something, always be motivated. Keep on trying until you achieve your goal. Step by step you will surely master it. If you face any difficulties, without a second thought visit our site. I am sure we would be able to show you the simplest method to complete your task.

Drawing lips is the first step before drawing a face. First you need draw each components of a face individually before drawing a complete face to maximize the details and give it a realistic look. Lips of men and women vary in shapes, so different techniques are followed to draw each of them. Lips play an important role as it depicts the mood of the person. Hence we need to know all their features to express the feelings of a person in a sheet of paper. ;It is easier to draw male lips as they have less curvature and their bottom lips are also not well defined.

So children enough about lips, lets get back to doing it practically. Dont waste a second, grab a pen and paper to start with your drawing.

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Drawing Anime Lips On The Head

As you can see in the above example you can still maintain the anime look even when drawing lips on your character. Draw the lips fairly small compared to the rest of the facial features.

For more on drawing an anime characters with lips similar to those in this tutorial see:

Drawing Anime & Manga Style Lips

Drawing LIPS – 5 minute Short TUTORIAL (Realistic Drawing)

Just like real lips anime and manga style lips come in different shapes and sizes. There are also various degrees of complexity and realism depending on the style and the artists preference.

In the above illustration you can see the progression from more realistic examples to more stylized ones. Generally the more simplistic the style the more of the various parts of the lips are only hinted at or left out all together.

You can experiment with different degrees of complexity and see what works for the style you are going for.

You can see that in some examples the color is what defines the shape of the lips instead of the outline. You can also see that in the last few example the M shape of the upper lip is not shown at all. This is particularly common in the more simplified anime styles where a character is wearing lipstick.

One interesting trick with using color to define the lips is that not having an outline can also makes the lips appear softer.

When you know you are going to color the lips but are drawing in a more simplistic style draw some light guidelines for the overall shape of the mouth. You can erase/remove them later if needed.

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Drawing Eyebrows And Hair

Draw in some rough indications of where your eyebrows will go.; Get the shape and positioning down. Women will typically have much thinner eyebrows compared to men.

You can also see here the indication of where the ears will go. Ears should be positioned from the eyes to the nose.

Then start roughing in where the hair will go. Now is a good time to draw the neck as well.

When you draw the top of the hair, make sure you extend it beyond your initial head shape.

Continue drawing the hair in whatever style your portrait drawing will have. This is a good time to draw the ears as well.

Use an eraser to start cleaning up your drawing and removing your original guidelines. A Factis click eraser works really well for this.

Drawing Lips Understanding The Shapes

So much of your ability to draw the lips and mouth depends on understanding the shapes of the forms, that they can not be ignored here. Lets go over the shapes you have to learn to visualize before you put them on canvas. I found that a good way to do this, is to go through a list of tips about drawing these shapes, and show you some examples. Lets do that now:

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Draw The Left Side Of The Bottom Lip

After completing the outline of the upper lip, we will now be moving on to the bottom lip.

Beginning from the left endpoint of the upper lip, draw a downward curved line until youre aligned with the cupids bow on the upper lip.

Remember, the further you go down when drawing the bottom lip, the more plump your lips will look. If you want to draw thin lips, the line should only be slightly curved.

But if you want a fuller lips like the one shown in the illustration, draw a downward sloping curved line.

How To Draw A Face From The Front

how to draw faces, eyes, nose, mouth | tutorial

We’ll first discuss Loomis’ approach, which is more complex, but more accurate. If you find that this approach is a bit difficult for you, you can skip to the simpler approach further down the page. Remember, either way, the goal is to create a convincing drawing of a face so either approach you take is fine.

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How To Draw Lips: Simplified Structures

Lips are essential elements that connect to the mouth. To understand them, lets try to represent them separately from the mouth and in their simplest forms.

In this image, we can see how to draw the lips step by step using rounded, curved, and elongated structures, starting from a straight line and without perspective. Also, keep in mind that the thickness, width, and length of the lips will depend a lot on the type of character we want to design.

If it is difficult for us to imagine the mouth with rounded and curved structures, it is advisable to start by drawing flattened areas .

In this way, we can better grasp which areas have the most volume.

How To Draw Mouths

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Like the eyes, the mouth can convey a lot of emotion, like happiness, sadness, excitement, and displeasure. Drawing mouths can be tricky since everyones mouth is different, the right shapes to use depend on the facial expression, and the shading can change based on the lighting. Fortunately, once you learn how to draw a basic mouth, either closed or open with teeth showing, youll be able to make adjustments depending on who youre drawing or what expression you want to convey.

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How To Draw A Face From The Side

If you want to draw a face from the side or profile view, these same proportional measurements apply. We’ll simply alter the location of the features, positioning them on the side of the head.

In fact, we can start the process in exactly the same way – starting with a circle with intersecting lines.

Map Out The Masses Of The Lips

How to DRAW MOUTH & LIPS for BEGINNERS! (Face Drawing Tutorial #5)

Is easier to draw the mouth by mapping out the masses of the lips.; We can map out 5 masses three of the upper lip and two of the lower lip.

Important note here: you will often see the upper lip grouped into just two masses without the middle section, in examples I found on the internet and in some art books. Usually this does not work as well, unless the image is head on like the drawing above. In most cases, I have a much easier time drawing the lips mapping three sections for the upper lip and two for the lower.

Anatomy terms to know:

Pillars of the Mouth: this area is found between the end of the lower lip, and the top of the protruding chin. It usually it has a dip in the middle with two pillars on each side that go up to the lower lip as if they are holding the mouth up.

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Drawing Lips A Cylindrical Shape

The mouth maps around the teeth a cylindrical shape! The corners are further back than the middle of the mouth. The mouth is convex.

The mouth stands out and is raised from the mass of the face except in the corners where it dips into the cheek.

Ok, so what does this mean for us? Imagine a round building, like a cylinder with windows all around. As you walk up to the building facade on one side, you will see much less of the other side of the building then if the building was a rectangle.

Same with the lips, keep in mind that the cylindrical shape makes it difficult to see the far side of the lips at certain angles, at most angles in fact. Armed with that knowledge look at photo reference.

How To Draw Human Lips

If you want to draw the Human Face, you should first draw the Eyes correctly. Eyes communicate the mood of the person in your drawing. It is important to try and get the facial features right if the face is the central point of your drawing. More specifically, the eyes and the lips are typically the most important elements of any portrait. Therefore, it is risky to allow any imperfections in those areas, as the whole drawing might be distorted. The portrait might look nothing like the person you are trying to draw. This lesson will show you how to draw human lips in pencil step by step.

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Draw Various Male Faces

I noticed that when drawing males with thick outlines around the mouth, they turn out looking more feminine. You can lighten the outlines to make a pair of lips look more masculine.

  • Drawing narrow eyes can make a face look more chill and relaxed. The more visible the iris is, the more alert, intense, surprised, innocent or even angry the face will look.
  • Sharper, broader angles can make him look stronger, more masculine
  • Try different eye shapes too. I tried to make him look southeast asian by turning his eyes up at the ends, making the tip of the nose less pointy and giving him a pair of well defined lips.
  • Try to turn your character from a man into a boy by simply making his jawline narrower and smoother so his bones look less developed.
  • See if you can age him by adding different types of facial hair too!

Drawing Mouths And Lips

How to Paint a Face: Drawing the Mouth

This tutorial by illustrator Raquel Arellano explains how to draw the mouth & lips. Discover various lip structures & your character more personality & style!

In this tutorial, I will show you the technique that I use to represent mouths and lips. I will explain the simplest structures to understand how to draw different shapes and expressions. And finally, I will integrate them into a color illustration.Note that, in addition to this method, there are many other ways to learn how to draw mouths and lips, but I will explain the method that I have considered to be the most appropriate and easy to understand.

To make the following illustrations, I have used Clip Studio Paint EX, but any other drawing software can be used.

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Structure Of The Mouth

Like most other things, its best to study and break a subject into smaller, more digestible parts.;The mouth is no different.;

When looking at this rather flat diagram of a mouth in front view, you can see that I have labeled the lips into 5 sections.;They may or may not have names , but it is more important to memorize the shapes and their relationships in this diagram.;

When you draw a mouth, these different sections will come together and some parts may even need to be exaggerated or simplified.;Before we move on, lets note a couple more aspects of these shapes.; First, notice how the shapes are wedged together.;Even the curved, indent up above the lips lines right up to #2.;

Secondly, take a look at the dimples represented by the egg shapes at the corners of the mouth.; Those corners are usually in shadow and are great landmarks to help you shape the curvature of the lips.

How To Draw Lips Step By Stepstep : Drawing Overlapping Lines

Overlapping lines are an essential part of a convincing block-in. They start creating depth and dimension in your drawing before you even add tone, by showing what form is in front of another form. Watch Lesson 4 of my free mini-course to learn about this essential drawing concept.

A few of the essential overlaps I’ve pointed out in the image above:

  • The tubercle is in front of the right side of the lip.
  • An overlap occurs between the left pillowy form of the lower lip and a portion of the ridge of the lower lip that is slightly visible behind it. Important note: the line between these two forms is a soft edge! I’ll discuss edges later in the tutorial.
  • In area 3, the peaks of the lip are closest to us. Behind it is the ridge along the upper lip, and behind that is the philtrum.
  • Notice that I don’t draw any sharp, dark lines where there are soft edges. If you don’t see a sharp line, don’t draw one! You will only add work for yourself, since you will have to soften the line later on, once you start adding values to your drawing.

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