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How To Draw Long Curly Hair

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Draw The Outline Of The Hair

How to Draw Long Curly Hair

Over top of the drawing of the head add an outline of the main shape/shapes of the hair. At this stage dont worry about getting every small hair clump but instead focus on its overall volume and large shapes that define the hairstyle.

Medium length hair as in this example will tend tohug the face. Meaning that it will curve towards the china s it goes down.

To avoid your drawing getting overly clutter erase the parts of the head covered by the hair after you are done. You can also erase the hairline.

Volume Flow Value And Texture

1. Volume

It helps to make loose outlines of the skull before you start drawing hair. If you draw hair without the 3 dimensional shape of the human head in mind, it will lack volume and you risk chopping off a part of the skull. Hair hugs the head, but it isnt plastered to it. For most people with long hair, you can expect at least 2 centimeters of hair height on top of their actual height and at least 2 centimeters on the sides as well.

Having difficulty drawing heads? Click here to learn how to draw one from the front and here to draw one from side.

2. Flow

In order to draw hair with flow, you need to be aware of the structure underneath. For long hairstyles in their resting state, the hair flows down, hugs the head and wraps around the shoulders. Somewhat like a liquid. You want to begin by sketching the basic structure of the hair and keep your strokes loose and simple.

3. Value

A head of hair contains many shades, so before you start scribbling away, take some time to determine where the light source is coming from and how it will affect the tonal value of the hair.If you are working off a reference image where the lighting is too soft, posterize the image or turn up the contrast using a free image editing program such as gimp in order to exaggerate the 3 different shades Making them much easier to identify.

Posterized reference image:

4. Texture

You can add more or less detail depending on the level of realism you are trying to achieve.

Draw Two Squiggly Lines Almost Parallel To Each Other

Draw two squiggly lines almost parallel to each other on either side of the neck. Position them between the outer point of the diagonal lines you drew to create the chin and where the neck starts.

These lines can also have shallower peaks and troughs compared to the first hair line, as curls at the bottom of your hair tend to be looser, larger curls compared to the fringe.

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Learn To Draw Different Curls

The procedure for drawing is the same. Only the thickness of the strands and the curvature of the hair differ.

Proceed systematically again:

  • Determine the direction of the light source
  • Prime the hair according to the light reflection
  • Blend the first layer of graphite with a blending stump
  • Increase the contrast with the 2B and 4B pencil
  • Draw individual protruding hairs to make the curl look more realistic
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    How To Draw Hair : Step By Step Guide

    How to draw long wavy hair

    How to Draw Hair: So here we come to my favorite part i.e. hair. I know all of you irrespective of boys and girls are very fond of your hair. We all change our hairstyles from time to time to get a new look. We spend a lot of time and money on maintaining our hair. Hair is just another important facial factor which determines how your face will look. If you are so fond of your hair, so why not draw your hairstyle on a sheet of paper? Its not a easy task if you think so. Any facial part requires a lot of concentration if you want to draw it perfectly.

    Before drawing a face, you should practice each and every facial feature. Drawing hair is the easiest as compared to other facial parts but quite important as it defines your look.

    I love drawing various hairstyles because I love the variety of styles which we can print on our paper. So are you excited because you are going learn something new again? I have selected a few styles which I like the most and will be showing the techniques to sketch it.

    Without wasting any further time, children go get your pen and paper and follow my steps.

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    Draw Different Densities Of Curls

    The distance determines how thick the hair strand will be. If you want to draw tight curls , you should keep them close together, but not too close to each other to have enough space for the back parts of the strand.

    Next, we will draw wavy hair with more loose curls. For this, we create two other boundary lines. A narrow shape that is curved and wider at the top than at the bottom .

    There are two things you should keep in mind when drawing loose curls:

    • The angles of the curls to each other: The steeper they are, the looser and more open the curls appear.
    • The distance between the strands of hair: The hairs overlap and lie on top of each other like waves. Only by layering the hair can an entire hairstyle be created .

    How To Draw Curly Hair:

    Drawing curly hair might seem to be the most daunting to do. Especially if it feels like there are too many of them, curls.

    Usually, with the help of pencil lines, you can achieve the texture of the hair that you want. Contrast, shades, and highlights are crucial when it comes to creating the depths of the hair.

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    And The Last Hairstyle With Short Curly Hair

    With this Hairstyle we will go wild. First we will let the chaos take over and just draw a lot of curly and curvy lines all over the place. Don´t overdo it though.

    Then we will add some shadows in the areas, where the hair is closer to the head and the light won´t reach. This will create a sense of depth. Here are some pictures, that will show this approach step by step.

    Drawing hair is a act between the right amount of texture, shadow and light. It takes time to learn how to draw and I myself haven´t mastered it yet. And I think I won´t master it in a long time but that is the beauty of it. So whatever you do, dont

    Determine The Light Source

    How to Draw Long, Wavy Hair

    If you want to draw realistic hair, the light reflection of the individual strands is an essential factor. Decide on a direction from which the light should reach the hair. Then shade all the strands according to the direction of the light.

    Always make sure that the areas of a strand that are closer to the light also reflect this light more strongly. The more distant regions are darker, although here too there is a slight difference in values within an area.

    If you have difficulties with this, it will help you to first work through our tutorial on drawing straight hair.

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    Draw A Squiggly Line On The Top Point Of The Face

    Now you can move on to the curly part of drawing curly hair.

    Starting with the lines you drew to create the face shape, sketch some hair lines by drawing a squiggly line that runs from the top point of the face along the left diagonal line.

    This will form the fringe, and the curls are usually tighter here, so the squiggly line should loop up and down quite closely. The hair lines on the opposite side can be shallower.

    On both sides of the face, these first hair lines should come down to be in line with the nose.

    Start Defining The Curls

    Heres where the fun begins and you start to bring the curls to life. While all hair is different, there are some general guidelines when defining curls:

    • Think of curls like ribbons. They start at the part and hang from there. Imagine that youre wrapping a package and curling ribbon. Think about that structure as youre drawing the hair. The strands are going to twist over onto themselves, so youll have parts that are the front of the curl and the back. The front will overlap with the back, which will appear smaller and less curved.
    • Not every curl can be super curly. Hair is layered, and the pieces that are toward the sides and the back of the head generally arent as curly. Instead, theyll probably be more of soft waves. So, to make your drawn head of hair appear natural, focus on several ringlets and imply a wavy texture behind them.
    • Vary curl length. If you, or you know someone that has curly hair, theyll tell you that layers are an important part of their hairstyle especially if the texture is ringlets. This keeps the hair from being one large poof. With this in mind, vary the length of your curls. One near the top of the head will be shorter than whats at the bottom.
    • Longer curly hairstyles will be more curly at the tips. The top of the head will have straighter hair because the length of the curls will weight them down.

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    How To Draw Realistic Hair With Techniques For Beginners

    The process of hair drawing can be intimidating for lots of beginners since it takes longer than drawing other parts of the face. Are there any easy ways or steps to do it? Sure, this tutorial is for you with 3 steps.

    Art supplies MATERIALS used in this tutorial:L’oeil sketching graphite pencils ” rel=”nofollow”> charcoal pencil: for dark valuesBlending brushes: for creating a velvety effect of the drawing, so it does not look harshSmall eraser: for creating the highlights on the hair

    What You Will Learn In This Guide

    How to Draw Hair Digitally | Long wavy hair ?

    Whatever your age or ability, this guide will help you learn how to draw the perfect curls for your next portrait picture.

    First, well help you map out the head, on top of which the beautiful curly hair youre about to draw will sit. Once youre happy with the proportions for the head and face, which will act as your guide, well provide a list of simple step-by-step instructions on how to draw curly hair.

    You can follow each instruction closely for comprehensive guidance on curly hair drawing, or if youre simply looking for a few tips that will help you refine your penciled curls, feel free to skip to the steps that are relevant to your concerns.

    Not sure where to start? Heres how weve structured our article so you can jump straight to the section you need:

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    Add Curls Wherever You Think They Might Be Needed

    Looking at the hair as a whole, go back and add curls wherever you think they might be needed to create a fully fleshed-out drawing of voluminous, curly hair.

    Dont think too hard about where youre placing them as the lines should go wherever your pencil is drawn to. Theres no right position for curly hair to fall in, so it would look unnatural if you try to be too exact with your lines.

    How To Draw Hair With Bangs

    Step 1

    First, I draw the head. The head should be an oval shape, not a circle. Place the tops of the ears at the heads midsection. Add the neck.

    Step 2

    Next, I mark where the edge of the bangs will be. Since bangs usually end just above the eyes, this mark should be placed slightly above the top of the ears.

    Step 3

    Again, I start with where the part in the hair will be and add a curved line across the head to indicate where the bangs begin. Next, I draw an outline of all of the hair sections to designate the hairs volume and length.

    Step 4

    Bangs are rarely completely straight, so I make their edge uneven. Although I draw all the separate strands of hair in the same direction, I add in some stray hairs going in a different direction to make them look more realistic.

    Step 5

    I start adding color by lightly hatching in the entire hair area with Lemon A004 pencil.

    Step 7

    To add in the shadows, I use Yellow Ochre A064 over the previous color in the areas that would receive the least amount of light and, therefore, be darker. Remember, hatches should always be in the direction of the established outline of each section.

    I wanted this girl to have shiny hair, so to get a glossy effect I leave some areas of Lemon color showing.

    TIP: Using a well-sharpened pencil will help you make the most well-defined lines.

    Step 8

    To add more contrast to the hair, I use a layer of Cocoa A036 to darken the shadows. To represent individual hairs, I use very thin lines in this color as well.

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    How To Draw Hair Step By Step

    Hair is very difficult to draw, because what we see is different than what we know. You can’t simply draw all the hairs in the form of lines, because that’s not what we see when we look at hair. What we see must be simplified to lines and shades, and there are many ways to do it.

    In this tutorial, I will show you one of these waysa simple method that’s great for quick rendering and sketches. I will present this method on four examples: long straight hair, short hair, wavy hair, and afro-textured hair.

    Draw In The Shape Of The Hair

    How to Draw ALL TYPES of Curly Hair! 2a-4c

    Now, draw in a general shape of where the hair will lay. This is an important step in the process. Here, you determine the length and style of the hair based on its silhouette. You can see I went for a longer hairstyle that dips below the shoulders but feel free to make the hair any length you like.

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    How To Draw Realistic Hair: The Ultimate Tutorial

    Are you struggling when it comes to drawing hair? Drawing hair can be an intimidating task for those who are just learning how to draw. With the overwhelming amount of detail and commitment required, many people lose their patience and resort to a series of sloppy scribbles.

    To some of us, drawing hair can be a nightmare. But a change in your approach can help you leave those fears behind. In this tutorial, I will introduce 4 simple steps for drawing realistic looking hair.

    UPDATE: Ive broken the steps down further in video format. Its a really detailed video tutorial that covers 6 different hairstyles:

    It contains additional tips, techniques and close ups so you see exactly what Im doing.

    Tools I used for this tutorial:

    *PDF Download*

    Click the following link and hit the download button beside the printer icon to download the PDF: RapidFireArt Tutorials How to Draw Realistic Hair The Ultimate Tutorial

    • 4 steps for drawing hair
    • Close look at drawing a small lock of hair
    • How to draw curly hair
    • How to draw short hair Expanded tutorial is now available! With over 2000 words of valuable content + detailed images!

    The steps below can be used for drawing all sorts of hairstyles from short to long and straight to curly hair. So without any further ado, lets jump right into the lesson! Here are 4 things you need to keep in mind when it comes to drawing realistic hair:

    Create The Volume Through Developing The Value

    Every 3D figure is formed in different values and tones. When the light hit the object, the areas of highlight are light values. On the contrary, the shadow areas are dark values. Where something in the middle, which is middle value and aka mid-tone. The light can affect how the hair looks.

    To begin the shading hair, we use darker grade pencils to shade in the dark values and work towards the middle value. To create a smooth effect, we can use any blending tools to blend the harsh lines. Dont be afraid if some graphite leaves on the light values. The knowledge of value can work in any drawing media. You can apply it when you draw color pencils or other media. You can use lighter colors for light values and vice versus.

    For the light values, you can use a small-tip eraser to create the light shone on the hair. The more you use the erase, the more the graphite you take off from the drawing. It means that the areas are whiter in graphite drawing.

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    Now Lets Shade The Second Hair Style

    As in the example from above we will shade the Hair in the same way. Only now we will keep in mind, that the Hair going up in the direction of the bun will be a little bit straighter becorse pulled in that direction. Every loose hairs however will be very curly.

    Exactly like before, we will ad some loose shading and refine it as we go, following the three rules. Just this time, the Hair is a lot wilder and curlyier than before.

    How To Draw Curly And Wavy Realistic Hair

    How To Draw Curly Hair

    Step 1: As usual we draw an outline of the head. And now draw an outline for the haircut also as shown.

    Step 2: Now draw the partition for the hair.

    Step 3: Now draw the strokes covering the face.

    Step 4: Now try to make the hair elevated by covering the gap in the scalp.

    Step 5: Draw wavy lines beside the long strands without touching them.

    Step 6: Continue creating the curved lines without touching each other.

    Step 7: We close the strands by making it shallow curves.

    Step 8: Draw more curls at the tips of the larger curves.

    Step 9: Now we draw strands on top of the head

    Step 10: Lightly direct the strands all over the head.

    Step 11: Give details to the strands on top of the head.

    Step 12: Darken the different strands without separating them too much.

    Step 13: At last, for detailing we shade the strands and blend it for smoothness.

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