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How To Draw Mickey Mouse Step By Step

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How To Draw Mickey Mouse Full Body

How to Draw Mickey Mouse – Step by Step Video
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Step 1 – Hello there!!! We are going to draw…Micky Mouse!!!…Start with a circle for the face, a smaller circle on the top of his head, and another one a bit lower on the letf side…There you go!!!
Step 2 – We´ve got his head and ears, let´s go for the tummy and the feet…draw another circle shape underneath the face a bit to the right, an oval shape underneath this one for one foot, and a round shape next to it on the left,…pay atention that it´s under the letf ear…Very good honey!!!
Step 3 – Now join the tummy circle right in the middle with his left foot with a line, make his shorts copying the model, finish the legs with straight parallel lines…and two donuts shapes for the socks on top of the shoes, don´t forget the little line on the left foot under the donuts…Wow that´s great!!!
Step 4 – Now join the tommy with the head in both sides with 2 lines, and make his right arm with 2 parallel lines finishing again with a donnut shape for the glove…on the tommy make him two little circles for the bottoms, the left one is a bit bigger than the other one….Fantastic!!!
Step 5 – Let´s go for the right hand…start with a roundish shape next to the little donnut, add the fingers..and there you go!!!
Step 6 – Do the same for the left hand, making sure you don´t miss any lines…Concentrate!!!
Step 9 – Now trace your pencil lines using a black marker or a pen, You can also print this coloring page of Micky Mouse here,,,I love it!!! Congratulations!!!

Learn How To Draw Mickey Mouse For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Beginners Schoolers And Preschoolers

In this easy drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw Mickey Mouse for kids. The image of Mickey Mouse is known to absolutely all children and adults. This is a very popular character who is also one of the main symbols of the Walt Disney Company. This cartoon character has become so popular that his images are found everywhere. In addition, he is one of the oldest cartoon characters in the world.

Basically, a sketch of Mickey Mouse is full of rounded details, so drawing this cartoon character will be very easy for absolutely any artist, from preschoolers to schoolchildren. You will have a great sketch of Mickey if you follow all the steps in the tutorial carefully. We wish you good luck and enjoy your sketching process!

Time needed: 35 minutes.

How to Draw Mickey Mouse for Kids

  • Draw a circle.

    First, draw a large circle for Mickey Mouses head. Try to draw circles by hand to pump your skills in sketching straight lines.

  • Draw the ears.

    Typical Mickey Mouse ears are rounded. So to do this, draw two symmetrical small circles at the top of the head.

  • Add lines to the head.

    On Mickeys head, draw classic lines that are located at the top of the face.

  • Body drawing.

    Draw his torso under Mickeys head.

  • Add eyes and nose.

    Now add vertically elongated eyes to the sketch, as well as a horizontally elongated Mickeys nose.

  • Add shoes.

    Now add Mickeys boots to the drawing. To do this, draw two horizontal ovals under the body. And also depict his shorts.

  • How To Draw Mickey Mouse Step By Step

    Step 1 – Draw a big circle in the center of the page.
    Step 2 – Draw two more smaller circles, one on top and one on the right side of the big circle.
    Step 3 – Add two oval shapes, one starts from the center of the big circle and a smaller one.
    Step 4 – Add a banana shape for his mouth and draw a curved line under it.
    Step 5 – Draw a line at the side of Mickey’s mouth and two more lines for his tongue.
    Step 6 – Draw two ellipses for his eyes and small lines at the bottom for his pupils.
    Step 7 – Sketch a heart shape, start from above his right eye and go down almost until his mouth, then start another line and finish it on the big circle.
    Step 8 – Follow your guidelines with a black marker.
    Step 9 – Color your drawing and share it with your friends.

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    Details And Description Of How To Draw Mickey Mouse With His Car

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    how to draw mickey mouse with his car | Draw and color Mickey so easy

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    Interesting Facts About Mickey Mouse From Disney

    How to Draw Mickey Mouse Step by Step

    Mickey Mouse is a member of the Disney casting group from the largest retail franchise in the world. The characters began design in 1923 at Los Angeles by Walt Disney with his first cartoon creation as Mickey Mouse, now the symbol of The Walt Disney Company.

    Did you know?

    • This character is a black mouse and first appeared in 1928 on cartoons, and in 1930 on comics.
    • He usually wears red short pants with 2 large white buttons, white gloves, and large yellow shoes.
    • His girlfriend is Minnie Mouse and his pet dog is Pluto.
    • Mickey is often regarded as the most popular animated character in the world.
    • He is also seen on the live action television series The Mickey Mouse Club.
    • His name has become a household phrase to mean unprofessional, as with Please do a good job and dont Mickey Mouse it.
    • He also appears in video games, wrist watches, makes many cameos and is often referenced in other movies and television shows, and is the most desired greeter at theme parks.
    • Mickey received 10 nominations for Academy Awards.

    Other tributes include Australia having him as King of Moomba at their annual Moomba festival, he was Grand Marshal at the Tournament of Roses Parade on New Years Day, and he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The popularity expanded Disney to many other areas of the media worldwide, with much merchandising, and 14 theme parks around the world.

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    Final Step Draw Mickey Mouses Body

    OK. Curvature of his body taken into account now its time to draw the rest. Go ahead and do so starting with the initial curves that bring his lower portion into view.

    From there, continue on using the examples as you progress, step by step

    And so how does you drawing look?

    The hands for sure a bit tricky to draw ESPECIALLY from this angle. Actually, another glance up top and I may have drawn his right hand a tad too big. No worries though make the adjustments as you see fit. Its all part of the drawing process!

    And other than this youre finished. Congrats on an excellent job.

    Mickey Mouse Drawing For Kids Step By Step

    Hello friends, welcome to all of you in todays blog post. By looking at the title and thumbnail of this blog today. You must have understood that we have provided the Mickey Mouse drawing in it. This drawing is very easy because this drawing is specially provided for kids. Hope you all like this article very much. This article describes a very easy way to create this drawing. To make this drawing, you only need a black sketch. The rest is explained below. See this article in the last way to make this drawing.

    If you want to make this drawing in the right way, then read this article and understand all the steps correctly.

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    By Step How To Draw Mickey Mouse

    Lets learn how to draw Mickey Mouse! His large ears and big smile are loved by kids everywhere in the world, so this tutorial is perfect for everyone, including young kids and adults.

    We believe learning how to draw Mickey Mouse is a great holistic activity, as it helps kids develop several cognitive areas, such as:

    • Helps kids increase their imagination
    • Enhance their fine motor and coordination skills
    • Develop a healthy way of displaying their emotions
    • and its just so much fun!

    Draw Nose & Lips Of Mickey Mouse

    How to Draw Mickey Mouse head – Drawing Step by Step for Beginners – Easy Pictures to Draw Simple

    So guys, now you have to draw its nose and its lips. It is very easy to draw all the things in it. Very easy way to make this drawing. Friends, if you make any mistake in this drawing, then you will have to make this drawing again, so first you can draw this drawing with a pencil. To make this drawing, you have to use HB pencil and while drawing, you have to draw the Mickey Mouse with a light pencil because if any mistake is made while making this drawing then it is easily erased.

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    Second Step How To Draw Mickey Mouses Head

    Minus a framework getting Mickey Mouses head aligned correctly can be a bit tricky. From a side or 3/4 view and much unlike other characters his ears dont exactly align the right way, something I figure that was done on purpose.

    Its all about having those two big circles for ears in plain view at all times. This way, no matter the angle right away, you know who it is!

    Heres how to draw his head

    Looking good! Of course, his head isnt yet complete until you draw in the dividing line that which separates the light part of his face from the darker part.

    Actually lets save it for the next step!

    Faq How To Draw A Mickey Mouse

    How much time does it take to draw a mickey mouse?

    It ultimately depends on you that how is skill of drawing you have. But still, you will need at least 2 hours to draw a nice and beautiful drawing of mickey mouse. If you want to make it fast, you can download the printable file and draw mickey mouse in just 45 minutes.

    Which colours are best to fill in the drawing of a mickey mouse?

    Pencil colours are the best for colouring in any drawing, and I will advise you to use Only pencil colour. You can also use a sketch pen if you want. But take care not to use watercolours because these colours spread much and also damage the drawing.

    How to draw a mickey mouse on a computer?

    If you cannot draw the mickey mouse correctly on the drawing book, you can draw the mickey mouse digitally on a computer or laptop. You can use a drawing tablet to make a drawing accurately on a computer. You can easily buy a Graphics drawing tablet from Amazon. to check the price of the best Graphics tablets on amazon. And you can draw a much better painting of mickey mouse by downloading the printable available in this article. You can also edit the Drawing of a mickey mouse using MS paint Software.

    How to draw a mickey mouse for kids?How to draw the mickey mouse clubhouse?How to draw mickey mouse and Minnie?

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    Basic Facts About Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse is an animated character created in 1928 by The Walt Disney Company, serving as the brands mascot. Mickey Mouse typically wears red shorts, large yellow footwear, and white gloves. Mickey is one of the worlds most recognizable fictional characters.

    Mickey first arrived in comics after he had performed in 15 commercially successful animated shorts and was easily recognized by the public. Donald Duck and Goofy are both the best friends of Mickey mouse. Minnie Mouse is the girlfriend of Mickey mouse. Mickey Mouse also has television shows with other characters, including Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, and Pluto. Kids mostly love Mickey mouse because of his cute look and funny behaviour.

    Discover Even More How To Draw Activity Resources

    Drawing: How To Draw Mickey Mouse Step by Step!

    The Big Drawing Book

    By following the very simple step-by-steps in this fun drawing book you can draw dolphins diving in the sea, knights guarding a castle, monster faces, buzzing bees, and lots, lots more.

    Drawing Doodling and Coloring

    An excellent book filled with doodling, drawing and coloring activities. On some of the pages youll find ideas for what to do, but you can do whatever you like.

    Write and Draw Your Own Comics

    Write and Draw Your Own Comics is full of inspiring ideas for all kinds of different stories, with writing tips to help you on your way. for kids who want to tell stories, but gravitate toward pictures. It has a mix of partially-drawn comics and blank panels with intro comics as instructions lots of space for kids to draw their own comics!

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    Easy Steps To Drawing Mickey Mouse

    Follow Minnies instructions to learn how to draw Mickey Mouse step-by-step tutorial and you will be drawing your own in no time!

  • First, draw a circle to make Mickeys head.
  • Add another two circles on top. These will be Mickeys ears.
  • Add an oval on the bottom.
  • Draw two circles on each side of the oval.
  • Add two more ovals for the eyes, and a curved line to connect the shapes. Erase extra lines.
  • Draw ovals to make the eyes and the nose. Were almost done!
  • Add arched lines to make the smile.
  • Lets add details! Draw arched lines to outline the nose and to make the tongue.
  • Congratulate yourself for drawing such a good Mickey Mouse!
  • Wow, good job! Get your crayons and give Mickey Mouse some color!

    Learn How To Draw Mickey Mouse Like Peter Max Did And Then Finish The Art With A Wild And Vibrant Splash Of Color

    Peter Max is a German-American artist known for his love of bright colors. His bright Pop Art style has been turning heads since his 1965 cover photo for LIFE Magazine.

    Maxs life history is just about as colorful as his paintings. Here are few fun facts about this what he has accomplished:

    Max was commissioned by the U.S. Postal Service to create the first 40 cent stamp. Additionally, his artwork entitled Preserve the Environment was used for the first 10 cent U.S. postage stamp.

    On July 4th, 1976 Max began his annual July 4th tradition of painting a large portrait of the Statue of Liberty, this is still a custom that he continues to this day.

    Max has had the honor of painting six U.S. Presidents portraits along with many other commissions for the White House.

    This tutorial will show students how to draw Mickey Mouse in the style that Peter once did, and then they can fill in the background as desired. If they take a cue from Peter, it will be with lots of colors.

    My lifes journey has been an odyssey through time and space, filled with vivid moments, abundant with color, dazzling with sights, and vibrant with euphonic sounds. These moments collectively create my story, not only of who I was but also of who I was to become an artist living in New York City, where I have been fortunate to reach a global audience with my art and philosophy. Peter Max

    Mickey Mouse Coloring Page

    How to Draw Mickey Mouse

  • Start with a large circle.
  • Add a curl for the nose.
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    You Can Refer To The Simple Step

    STEP 1

    STEP 2

    The ear is rounded. With two smooth lines, define the shape of the legs and body.

    STEP 3

    Outline of legs and arms spread out on both sides of Mikey.

    STEP 4

    Add an oval to a nose. Locate the handcuffs and the boot lock ring.

    STEP 5

    In general, draw gloves, boots and light sections of the face.

    STEP 6

    Draw Mickeys fingers, tails, cuffs, eyes and mouth.

    STEP 7

    Worked on Mickey Mouse, paying particular attention to detail.

    STEP 8

    Contour, try to change the thickness and blackness of the line. More details and grass. Remove all guidelines.

    STEP 9

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    Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages

    How to draw Mickey Mouse step-by-step tutorial

    Mickey Mouse is the emblem of the Disney company. The famous mouse saw the light in 1928, and from there it has been gaining place in the hearts of the different generations that have passed since then. If we see the current image of Disney, we always see it with the typical Mickey ears.

    According to the story officially told by Walt Disney, the mouse was born with the name of Mortimer, and later, at the request of his wife, he would change to Mickeys final name.

    However, what is thought to have really happened was that Disney lost the rights of the Oswald rabbit at the hands of Universal. So to compensate he created this new character to replace the previous one.

    If you search the internet for images of Oswald the rabbit, you will see that it has the same face as Mickey Mouse, only by changing the mouse ears to those of the rabbit.

    Another curiosity of the Mickey mouse is that in the first years, his voice was that of Walt himself. For 16 years it was Walt who voiced Mickey Mouse. Later the person who would put the voice would change.

    We continue with our Mickey Mouse drawings so you can print and color them. If you dare, you can print one of these drawings, color it as you want, and send it to us by mail. I can hang it on this page, saying the name and age, so you can have your own drawing on the internet. Come on, cheer up.

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