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How To Draw Mountains Step By Step

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Draw The Final Details For Your Mountains

How to draw realistic mountains with pencil, step by step and easy 2 : Drawing The Easy Way

Your mountains drawing is already looking great at this point, but you can make it look even better with some small details.

First of all, you can draw in some puffy clouds over the mountains to make it look like a beautiful, clear day for these mountains.

Then, you can draw some beautiful pine trees dotted along the mountains.

This is a detail where you can change it up a bit to suit your preference, and you could add lots more trees to your mountains if you would like! What other details do you think would suit this picture?

You could even add some of your own details such as a house on the mountains for an extra touch!

How To Draw Mountains Using Irregular Shapes

Before learning how to draw mountains: some fun facts before starting sketching!

  • Mount Everest is the highest at 8,848 meters above sea level.
  • The second highest mountain in the world is the K2 at 8,611 meters above the sea level.

Step 1

They can be covered with snow. They can fight the hot temperature in the desert. Learn how to draw cartoon mountains from all around the world. Our example shows us some simple mountains in Alaska. Notice the light effect that give us a sense of depth.

Step 2

Looking at the shapes behind our little mountain, we can see that this one is really simple to figure out! A big triangle is used for the top of the mountains. Some lines can be drawn to delimit snow from the end of the vegetation. Using different shades of color can be useful to achieve the 3D effect for the mountains in the back.

Step 3

I will use a simple mountain covered with ice for this example. First, draw some rectangles to form the different peaks. When finished, draw the outline of your mountain sketching. If possible, use some tones of gray to achieve the lighting effect. Finish your drawing by adding some snow on the top of the cliff.

Step 4

We only try to sketch one type of mountain but they can all vary in size and shape. They can be covered with ice and snow , made of sand or stand near a meadow. It’s not really difficult to know how to draw nice mountains. You just have to know what type of hill you want to achieve and voila!

Procreate Tutorial: How To Draw Mountains With Ipad Pro

Lets first get set up with a new canvas in Procreate. When you first open the app youll be in the gallery where all of your artworks will be visible. Tap the + in the top right of the screen and a menu will appear where you can select your canvas size.

To choose your dimensions click create custom canvas and enter them . You can simply select screen size, however I recommend going bigger so that you have the option to print your finished piece with a nice resolution.

For my mountains drawing Ive created a 22 x 29 canvas. For a canvas this size Ive gone with a resolution of 150 DPI. If you go too big the maximum number of layers you can have in your artwork can be too few for our purposes.

Now its important to explore and familiarize yourself with Procreates basic tools. Starting with the toolbar on the top right of your canvas.

Then there are the slider toolbars on the left side of your canvas.

There is also the toolbar in the top left of your canvas. For these tools I will point them out and explain them along the way as we need them. In particular the lasso tool will be utilized quite a bit in this drawing tutorial, as it lends itself just marvelously to the details youll find in mountains.

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Paint The Left Side Of All The Divider Lines With Titanium White

Next use your #4 bright flat brush and the color titanium white.

On the left side of all your divider lines, paint titanium white.

Make sure that the direction of the strokes are going diagonally as shown below. Use the full width of the brush.

The white does not have to be 100% opaque.

This is a thin layer of white and I can still see a small amount of the base gray color showing through.

Continue on painting the left side of all your divider lines.

I am using the full width of my brush, dragging the white in the same diagonal direction and allowing a tiny bit of the gray to still show through.

The white goes all the way to the bottom base of the mountain so it may have to overlap the mountain next to it.

This is how you define which mountain is overlapping which mountain.

Create The Shadowed Side Of The Mountain

How to draw mountains Easy step by step tutorial for beginners

Darken the side of the mountain that is facing away from your light source.

Near the ridge will be darker than the areas that are farther away from the ridge.

Create a gradient of shadow, from areas that are almost black to areas that are more grey in color in order to make your mountain drawing more realistic.

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Use A #4 Flat & Titanium White To Paint The Mountain Peaks

Now here is where we start the mountain painting!

You can use any size flat brush for this technique. I just happened to grab my #4 bright which is a flat brush that is about 1/4 wide.

Also, load your palette with some fresh titanium white.

Dip the tip of the brush in the white and start painting the mountain peak lines.

Use that tip on its side to paint those straight angular lines.

Try to vary the heights and widths of these mountain peaks.

I did my peaks as tall as the center of the piece of paper. My lines were slightly jagged, one of the mountain peaks is thinner, etc.

Your Mountains Drawing Is Complete

You have reached the end of our guide on how to draw mountains, and you have a beautiful drawing to show for it!

We really hope that you had a fun time learning to draw this beautiful picture alongside us.

We created this guide to show you how easy it can be to create an amazing picture if you break it down into steps and take it slow.

Now its up to you to personalize your mountains drawing with your own fun details. You could draw some extra elements for the picture, such as some little houses, more trees, or even more mountains in the background.

If youre feeling extra creative, you could even draw a cool dragon circling the mountaintops to give the image a fantasy feel!

Details like this along with your color and art medium choices can really help to put a personal spin on your picture, so we cant wait to see the creative additions you choose for your picture!

We hope that you will check out our site frequently, as we have many more great step-by-step drawing guides like this one coming out constantly for you to enjoy!

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How To Draw Mountains The Ebook

So there you have it. In this guide youve learnt how to draw simple mountains for your map and then connect them into a complex mountain range.

However, the mountains Ive shown you here are more like icons. Theyre great for representing mountains on a map, but they dont look the greatest. If you really want to make you map look great then youll want to draw 3D mountains like the image below:

In my How to draw mountains ebook I take you step by step through two further styles of mountains. First a simple 3D mountain range, its a stepping stone from the simple mountain, to my realistic mountain range style as seen above.

When you buy the ebook youll also receive my Map Makers Resource Kit for free which is a pack of printable map paper.

The map paper will produce great hand outs for your players if youre a game master. Or theyre great for printing out and including in your world bible if youre an author.

Determine Distance And Textures

How to draw realistic mountains with pencil, step by step and easy 3 : Drawing The Easy Way

In the drawing above, the mountains are sketched with an ultra-fine black felt-tip marker. Notice that every area has a unique stroke direction. For far-away mountains, use parallel strokes to suggest distant trees and rock surfaces. To depict up-close mountains, try contour and scribble lines or crosshatching to give the impression of greater detail.

The same approach applies to your use of values. The up-close mountains should be darker, brighter and more vividly detailed than those in the distance. Take the drawing above: the nearest mountains sit low and have a bit of vegetation, while the mountains in the distance have no detail and are lighter in value.

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Next Draw Some Snowy Peaks

Mountains are even more magnificent when they have snow on their peaks that bring a chill rolling down, so we shall add some snowy peaks in this part of this guide on how to draw mountains.

To do this, simply add some curvy lines near the tops of the mountains in the first two layers of your drawing, as you can see in the reference image.

This simple yet effective detail will add a great atmosphere to your drawing!

Draw The Horizon Line And Organize The Image

Determine the horizon line. First, you should draw the horizon line. This is the line where the mountains meet the sky. This line separates the background from the middle ground. All you have to do is outline the mountain ridge.

Work from the back to the front to avoid overlapping of lines.

Another line shows the transition from the middle ground to the foreground, which is essential to represent the atmospheric perspective later on correctly.

The further away the mountains are, the more reduced their shapes are, and the weaker their outlines become.

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Divide Each Peak Into Two Main Planes

Divide the mountains into two planes to create the illusion of volume and depth. You can do this by drawing one side of the mountain brighter and one side darker. Shade the darkest areas to create a contrast between the peaks of the mountain ridges.

Hint: On sites like, you can download royalty-free images for free. Numerous mountain photos are ideal for use as a reference.

Draw In The Foothills

How to Draw Mountains Step by Step Easy for Beginners/Kids Simple Mountain Drawing Tutorial

Last but not least, draw in some small rounded hills at the base of the mountains to blend with the terrain.

In the real world it is unusual to encounter massive mountains which emerge from a completely flat landscape. Usually, there is a transitional area made up of rolling foothills. This can go a long way to making your map feel more realistic.

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Paint In The Highlights

Finally, the last thing to do is paint in some highlights on the opposite side of your mountains. Use a color that is based on your paper background but obviously lightened. In this case the color I used was #f2eae2.

Just like the deepest shadows, your brightest highlights should be near the top of the mountain where the light hits most directly. I tend to prefer a lighter touch with the highlights so the mountains dont end up looking too reflective.

Finish Off Your Mountains Drawing With Some Color

Its time to get out your favorite art tools, because in this step you can add some beautiful colors to your mountains drawing!

Some colors will really bring this peaceful scene to life, so you should really let your creativity flow on this one. Weve shown you just one way to color in your amazing drawing with our image, but you should feel free to show us how creative you can be with your colors for this step!

This image is also perfect to use for some art medium experimentation. I would use some watercolor paints to give this picture a softer feel to it.

Because the snow on the mountains makes me think of a chilly morning, I would also use some cooler colors to give it a chillier feel.

Thats also just one way you could go about it, though, and any art mediums and color schemes that you use will definitely look incredible!

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Procreate Tutorial: The Benefits Of Ipad Pro

  • The process is very similar to drawing using traditional methods on paper. Youll be delighted by how intuitive it is, and how for the actual drawing part, you dont need to re-learn anything.
  • Streamlined process. All of your supplies camera, reference photos, paper, pens, pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, paint and paint brushes, are all combined into one place iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil.
  • The ability to undo when your pen stroke wasnt quite right. You can also edit certain elements after the fact. The thickness of that piece is too much, I dont quite like the colour I used here. All of that can be fixed!
  • The ability to work in layers, drawing or colouring over or under certain elements without worrying about accidental erasing or colour contamination.
  • You arent tethered to your desk, you can get comfy and work wherever you like. And that includes outside your own home too.
  • Easy transferability/sharability of your art. Your finished product is already in a format that you can add to your illustration portfolio online, share on your social media, etc. No need to arrange a high quality scan or professional photograph.
  • The ability to replicate elements, rather than needing to hand-draw the same thing over and over.

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Six Steps For Mountain Drawing

How to draw realistic mountains with pencil, step by step and easy : Drawing The Easy Way

How to draw mountains with trees? Here are the six steps for guiding to make the draw of mountains. Most of the artists used the monochromatic scheme. It means that you have to use only one color for the entire drawing. Moreover, the material must be of high quality, like a wider tip and more extended areas to handle.

I was hoping you could pick the Artezas Denim Blue A107 Twimarker. It is one of the best inputs for you to gain the outclass result. No doubt, if you want to practice, then do not leave it always.

How to draw mountains step by step? Here is the detailed information about all the required grades. If you leave anyone, you will not be able to find great work.

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How To Draw Mountains Easy Step By Step For Kids

July 11, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Mountains

The highest and most majestic mountain range in the world is the Himalayas, which has more than 70 peaks and is still slowly rising.

Step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to draw the mountains, very simple. If kids like it, let them try following the steps below!

1.First draw a big oval. We’ll draw mountains in it.

2.Draw a mountain first. Draw a horizontal curve near the top of the hill. The part above this curve is covered by snow.

3. Draw the other two mountains in a similar way. It doesn’t have to be precise.

4.Draw another mountain. It’s the highest.

5. Finally, simply color it and the majestic mountains are finished!

How To Draw Mountains In Three Easy Ways

Jul 8, 2021 |

When you get into landscape drawing or painting, learning how to draw mountains is essential. In this post, we will be teaching you how in three ways with step-by-step tutorials. Keep reading!

Learning how to draw mountains will teach you how the concept of light and shadow works. This subject can be intimidating to draw especially for beginners but weve created an easy-to-follow tutorial so you can draw them with ease like a pro.

Keep practicing and you will soon master it. Of course, dont forget to have fun and enjoy the process.

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Make A Majestic Mountain Drawing

Who doesnt get inspired when looking at the awesome majesty of a mountain range? Artists for centuries have been struggling with how to draw mountains. And although mountains may be an intimidating subject, especially if youre a beginning artist, they are something that can be mastered with practice. Ive put together this step-by-step guide to learn how to draw a mountain in hopes it will give you a foundation to take your mountain drawing to new heights.

List of Supplies

How To Draw Mountains Step Two: Background Shapes

How to Draw a Mountain: Narrated step by step

The first thing to do before you get to drawing, is setting up your reference photo to work from. A great option with iPad Pro is that you can keep your photo open in a window beside your Procreate canvas while you work.

To do so, tap and hold the bar at the bottom centre of the screen in Procreate, then slowly pull up the iPad menu .

Once the menu is up, tap and hold the photos icon, and drag it to the left side of the screen Pull it past the edge of the Procreate window and drop it there and tada, you have both open at the same time. You can also adjust the size of the photo window by holding and sliding the side bar of the window.

For this mountain drawing we are going to have a range of mountains in the foreground, and one in the background, further away. The first step is to draw an outline of the range that is further back. Take a look at your reference photo and try to emulate the variation of the outline of the mountain tops. This is a very forgiving thing to draw as mountains are pretty random and naturally asymmetrical. For this outline I used the technical pen tool under inking in the brush options drop down, because it gives a nice clean line.

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