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How To Draw New York City

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Finish Off Your New York Drawing With Color

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The final step of your New York drawing will see you finish it off with some color. In our reference image, we helped to create a more realistic look by keeping the colors a bit more grey and muted with some light blues incorporated.

You could go for a similar color scheme, but you could also use some bright colored dots on the buildings if youre going for a nighttime setting.

What colors and art mediums do you feel would best suit this image? We cant wait to see what you choose!

How Do You Create A City

How to build a city from scratch: the handy step-by-step DIY

  • Step 1: Choose a location.
  • Step 2: Ensure a reliable water supply.
  • Step 3: Ensure a reliable money supply.
  • Step 4: Think about jobs.
  • Step 5: Do not alienate locals.
  • Step 6: Devise a masterplan.
  • Step 7: Integrate transport.
  • Step 8: Consider banning cars.
  • Finish Off Your New York Skyline Drawing With Color

    This final part of your New York skyline drawing will see you finishing up by adding some amazing colors to the image.

    In our reference picture, we showed you just one way that you could go about coloring it in.

    We chose some lighter tones for a softer image, but this is definitely not the only way that you could go about coloring the image!

    You could use darker colors, lighter shades or even a mix of both. Another idea would be to use some small yellow dots on the buildings to make it look like a nighttime scene for the city.

    How will you choose to finish off this image?

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    Add The Final Details To Your New York Skyline Drawing

    We will be finishing off the final section of the city in this step of our guide on how to drawthe New York skyline.

    With this final section, we will be adding some buildings that are taller than some of the other sections, but none of the buildings will be nearly as tall as the Empire State Building.

    Once you have finished this final section, you can take it even further by adding some details of your own!

    You could add some weather details such as clouds and rain for one idea, but what other cool background details can you think of that would bring this to life?

    Add The Final Details To Your New York Drawing

    How to draw a City Skyline (New York)

    You will be drawing the rest of the city in this step of our guide on how to draw New York. This will be the largest and most detailed section of skyscrapers in the picture.

    You could also use a ruler to help you with the edges of the buildings if you would like it to look neater and more structured.

    When you have drawn all of the city sections, you can also add some details of your own!

    You could draw aspects like clouds for some weather effects or even add some more landmarks, cars or other vehicles. What else can you think of to finish off this image?

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    How To Draw The New York Skyline

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    New York City, nicknamed The Big Apple, is one of the most iconic cities in the world – and so is its skyline.

    Many immigrants, traveling to America in search of a better life, longed for their first glimpse of the skyline and the welcoming torch of Lady Liberty.

    The Statue of Liberty, fully titled Liberty Enlightening the World was a gift from the people of France to those of the United States. It depicts Libertas, the Roman goddess of liberty.

    The New York City skyline has been immortalized in fiction, too. For centuries, literary and film characters have made pilgrimages there. Godzilla and countless other monsters have destroyed it, and Spider-Man has protected it.

    The 2004 film The Day After Tomorrow epitomizes the climate crises with a downed Statue of Liberty and a city covered in ice.

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

    Would you like to draw a cartoon of New York City? This easy, step-by-step cartoon drawing tutorial is here to show you how.

    All you will need is a pencil, pen, marker, or crayon, and a sheet of paper. You may also want to color your finished city.

    If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, and City.

    Incredible Artist Spends Five Days Drawing The Empire State Building And New York City From Memory After 45

    Stephen Wiltshire, 43, who is renowned for his impressive drawings, began working on the drawing on October 11, and completed it on Sunday

    • 12:01, 17 Oct 2017

    AN ARTIST has created an incredible drawing of the New York City skyline and he did it completely from memory.

    UK artist Stephen Wiltshire, 43, spent just 45 minutes observing the iconic skyline during a helicopter ride before sketching out the unbelievably detailed piece of art.

    The amazing drawing features famous landmarks such as the Empire State Building and took five days to complete.

    Stephen, who is renowned for his impressive drawings, began working on the drawing on October 11, and completed it on Sunday.

    He then took part in a signing ceremony at the Empire State Building on Monday night.

    Anthony E Malkin, Chairman and CEO of the Empire State Realty Trust said: Stephen Wiltshire has a truly special gift, an enormous talent.

    To have the chance to have Stephen in residence at the Empire State Building is truly an honour, and for him to allow our guests to watch him work is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

    The finished piece of art, which is the approximately the size of a large gallery wall, was produced using just pen and pencil and gives an in-depth panoramic view of the famous Manhattan skyline.

    Stephen has been an award-winning artist since an early age and received his first commission, a drawing of Salisbury Cathedral, from Prime Minister Edward Heath at just eight-years-old.

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    Now Draw Her Arm And The Start Of The City

    One of the most recognizable elements of the Statue of Liberty is the torch that she is raising high into the air.

    Use some more wavy lines for the fabric of her sleeve, and then we can draw her long, thin arm with some smoother lines.

    Then, draw her signature torch being clutched in her hand. Once this is complete, we will draw the first lines for the city itself.

    To start this, draw a straight line using a ruler across the image. Then, start drawing the outlines for some shorter skyscrapers on the left-hand side of the image as they appear in the picture.

    Your New York Skyline Drawing Is Complete

    How to Draw City Buildings: New York City Shadows

    As we mentioned at the beginning of this guide on how to draw the New York skyline, this is certainly one of the most famous cities in the world.

    We hope that the process of representing this famous metropolis was made not only much easier but also more enjoyable with the help of this guide!

    Now that you have completed this design, remember that you can keep experimenting and adding some details of your own to finish it off.

    We mentioned changing the weather details or adding lights to the buildings as a few ideas, but this is a chance to let your creativity flow! How will you complete this picture with your own touches?

    You can then visit our website, as we have some awesome guides waiting to be discovered there. We have a huge selection with more on the way all the time, so keep checking in for more fun!

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    Next Draw Another Section Of The City

    Youre doing a great job on this New York skyline drawing so far! In this fourth step, we will be adding another portion of the city.

    To do this, you will be following a similar process to the one you have been using for the other sections.

    This means you will want your ruler handy again, as there will be lots of straight lines to draw.

    When you have completed this next section to look as it does in our reference image, you will be ready for the final details in the next step.

    Your New York Drawing Is Complete

    You have completed this guide on how to draw New York, and now you have an incredible picture of this amazing city!

    This was a tricky drawing to take on, as there were a lot of small details and elements to get right.

    We hope that this guide helped to show you that despite these many details it can be fun and easy to do!

    Now its up to you to finish off this image with your own details, elements, ideas and color choices.

    Then, when youre ready to take on a new drawing you can find some more guides on our website. We upload new ones to enjoy often, so keep checking in!

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    Draw Some More Of The City Itself

    We focused on the Statue of Liberty in the previous few steps of this guide on how to drawNew York, and for the next few we shall turn our focus to the city itself.

    The city will be the trickiest part of this drawing as there are many smaller details to get right.

    Drawing is no race, however, so if you take your time with it and follow the reference image closely then youll be able to do it!

    For now, you can draw a base section of smaller buildings and structures that some of the taller skyscrapers will go above.

    You can start drawing some of these taller buildings on the left and right of this base section, and then it will be time for step 4.

    New York City To Fine Those Who Refuse To Wear A Mask

    How to Draw in 5-Point Perspective: Times Square New York City

    Vaccinations are already required in New York City for hospital and nursing home workers and for city employees, including teachers, police officers and firefighters. A vaccination mandate for employees of private and religious schools was announced last week.

    De Blasio, who has indicated he may seek the nomination for governor of New York next year, has sought to portray himself as a national leader in the fight against COVID-19. His other vaccine mandates have largely survived legal challenges, and he has credited the policy with raising vaccination rates among the reluctant.

    The new mandate takes effect days before de Blasio leaves office, and Democrat Eric Adams is due to be sworn in. Evan Thies, a spokesperson for Adams, said in a statement that the mayor-elect “will evaluate this mandate and other COVID strategies when he is in office and make determinations based on science, efficacy and the advice of health professionals.”

    The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, which includes some 30,000 businesses big and small, said it supports the tightened measures.

    The group’s executive director, Helana Natt, said businesses have been hurting since the pandemic closed restaurants, bars and other places and turned busy spots like Times Square into ghost towns.

    “Now things are turning around and we want to make sure that we don’t go backward,” Natt said.

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    Draw The Next Section Of The City

    For this third step of our guide on how to drawthe New York skyline, we will be focusing on the central portion of the skyline.

    For this step, you will make it much easier on yourself if you have a ruler on hand, as we will be drawing lots of straight lines for these buildings.

    This is a step where you should also try to take it slowly and carefully follow the reference image, as there is a lot of variation to the various buildings.

    Near the center of this section, we will be drawing a really tall, thin building that is none other than the famous Empire State Building.

    Once you have drawn this and the other buildings, you will be ready to proceed to the next section of the city in the next step.

    Next Draw Some More Tall Buildings For The City

    This step of your New York drawing will see you adding some more tall skyscrapers to the image. Once again, these will be quite detailed and drawn using several sections.

    Try to vary the heights of the buildings as well as this will help to make the city look more dynamic and realistic.

    When these buildings have been drawn, you will be ready to add some final touches and details in the next step of the guide.

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    Now Draw The Rest Of The Statue

    In this second step of your New York drawing, we will be drawing the rest of the Statue of Liberty that you began in the previous part.

    To do this, use some more of those long, curved lines connecting to one another. Using the reference image to guide you, you will be able to draw the rest of her body this way.

    Once the fabric parts are complete, draw a hand holding the book on the right, and then add the arm being extended straight up on the left. This hand will also be clutching a torch.

    The last thing we will add in this step will be the head for Lady Liberty. She has a rather solemn expression, and you can also draw her characteristic pointy crown on her head.

    When you have drawn all these aspects, we shall proceed to step 3.

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