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How To Draw On A Shirt

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Jazz Up The Collar Of A Boring T

How to draw a T-Shirt Step by Step

You know how some shirts dont really give you much room to wear jewelry? If you try to wear a choker or a necklace that sits close to the throat, the collar will get in the way, but with a longer necklace, the collar will still cause the necklace to sit oddly. Heres a solutionmodify the collar of the shirt so that the bling is part of the shirt!

Source: muyingenioso

First Step Drawing A Simple T Shirt Framework

About a cross or small t heres a simple way to go about mapping out the design of your clothing. Notice in the middle the green circle. I added this, as it marks off the general area, where some design/logo would usually go.

Here it is

Ummm NO! That doesnt look at all like a shirt! Very true but it can be very helpful for mapping out the shape of it ahead of time. Even if you dont sketch it out lightly underneath your permanent lines you can certainly make a mental map.

OK now for the clothing!

Make A Simple Diy Shirt Weave With Looping

This shirt was modified using the same looping technique which is featured in a number of the other designs I have shared thus far. Follow the link below for a quick tutorial with images to walk you through it. Once you get this technique down, you will find that there is so much you can do with it!

Source: sew-obsessed

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Add Some Sleeves For The Shirt

A shirt wouldnt be very well designed without holes for your arms, so we shall be adding some sleeves in this part of your shirt drawing.

To do this, keep using the rectangles from the previous step in order to position the sleeves correctly.

They will come down from the top corners of the shirt in a curved line and then connect to the body of the shirt with a straight line.

How To Find Free Graphics For Your T

How to Draw: Tshirt Drawing tutorial (step by step easy)

Since I decided to make a Mothers Day tee to run a promotion next month, I started off;looking for heart shapes to use on my design. I googled free png graphics, clicked on the first option, which is Freepik, and signed up for a free account.

Then all I had to do was type heart on the search bar and was given tons of options, clicked on the one with a style that matched what I had in mind, which was a scribbled shape. Notice how this is a free download with a free license that requires attribution.


Make sure to pay attention to the fine print to avoid compromising your designs for copyright infringement. Each asset you find online will come with a license or copyright notice, just because something is labeled as free doesnt mean you are allowed to use it for commercial purposes or on print t-shirts for sale. My advice is to mind the details.

In this case, Im able to use these graphics as long as I credit the author.;Freepik makes it easy to know exactly how to attribute the author and stay away from trouble.

To be absolutely sure I wouldnt be violating any copyrights by using these on my tee I went to Freepiks FAQ to learn more on how to proceed, luckily I found the answer to my question real quick.

Shutterstock has thousands of graphics and I was able to find one that is very much alike my Freepik find, its a free download but it doesnt allow me to use the design on print t-shirts, I have to acquire an Enhanced license.

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Get Udemy Coupon 100% Off For Procreate: Sketch Draw And Paint A Shirt Design 2021 Course

Are you ready to take your creativity with you wherever you go? Do you want to learn how to sketch, ink, and paint in;Procreate, the best digital illustration app out there? Do you want to know how to place your original illustrations on t-shirts, mugs, posters, pillow covers, and much much more? If youve answered yes to any of these questions, this is the perfect course for you.

For as long as I can remember, Ive loved drawing. Since I was a kid, I could always be seen with a notebook of sketching paper and a handful of graphite pencils. Before the introduction of the iPad and Procreate, I could only create awesome digital art on my desktop computer with a Wacom tablet.

Ive been using Procreate for over 7 years now and I cant imagine life without it. In this course, I will show you in-depth, step by step, how I create art in Procreate. I go even further by showing you how to export and place your art on print-on-demand products for yourself or to sell.

Take this course to learn how to use Procreate but come back to learn how to grow your new skill.

Here are a few things you may take away from this course:

I have also completed a workbook that I will be updating from time to time as I add additional content. Please use the workbook as your cheat sheet and artwork blueprint.

What is NOT covered in the course:

But please feel free to ask me questions about these topics and Ill do my best to answer.

I look forward to teaching you all that I know!

Selecting A Font For The Tee Design

  • Choose from a set of fonts specifically selected for each template and that complement each other.
  • Choose the same font for each text field or a different one for each.
  • Pick a color for your text fields, you can select one or paste a HEX code.
  • Each template comes with a different amount and arrangement of text fields, you are able to disable some of the fields.

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Choosing A Background Image Color Or Pattern For The T

  • You get to choose background texture, graphics, patterns, or even a stunning photo! I only recommend choosing photos if you plan on making a sublimated t-shirt or if you have other use cases for the design, like printing posters, using it as a social media graphic, etc.
  • Choose a flat color for the background by clicking on No Image on the right-hand side.
  • Select a transparent background option to download the transparent png the most flexible file format for most POD shops and printing your own t-shirt.

Do Keyword And Trend Research For Your Teeshirts Topic

How to draw Clothes & Wrinkles | Beginner Tutorial | DrawlikeaSir

Before going ahead to design my own t-shirt, I first had to verify the topic I chose had volume if people actually search for mothers day t-shirts to give out as gifts, my assumption was yeah, definitely! But I just had to make sure so I headed to Keyword Planner to see monthly searches for that term, these were the results :

After that, I performed a manual search on Google, results for the search query mothers day t-shirt are posts about people selling Mothers Day tee shirts, which proved my point that this is a good topic to choose, especially due to timing, as we can see on the graph above, searches for this term rise in April and May due to Mothers Day being on May.

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What Will You Learn In This Course:

  • How to efficiently navigate Procreate to create your first drawing
  • How to properly export your art to sell on shirts and other merchandise
  • How to import photos and other art to trace for accuracy
  • An advanced blending technique to achieve more complex shadows
  • The basics of sketching, inking, and coloring in Procreate
  • How to create a moodboard to hold all of your inspiration

Finish Off The Final Details

Before the final step of your shirt drawing, we need to draw some final details.

These details that we suggest are quite simple, and they include lines along the rims of the necks and the ends of the sleeves along with some lines inside the shirt for creasing.

Then, you can erase the pencil rectangles from the first step.

If you drew over it in pen, be sure to let the ink dry before you start erasing! Before you move on, this would be the chance for you to add any extra details that you would like.

There are lots of ways you can get creative with it! Some examples would be drawing a design on the shirt, or even by drawing a head and arms inside the shirt.

A background would be another great way to personalize your drawing, but what else can you think of to put your own spin on this picture?

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Draw An Outline On The Shirt

Put some paper or cardboard inside the shirt to protect the back from any ink.

Grab something you can use to draw on the shirt that can come out later. Im using a Frixion pen, that disappears with heat, which is great because it will disappear when I iron it the shirt. You can also try a pen that disappears with water or over time, or some tailors chalk.

Draw a rough version of your design onto the shirt. My fabric is stretchy, so drawing a line is next to impossible. If you have the same problem, you’ll have to make dots in stead of lines. It takes a bit longer, but it works.

In case of lettering, like mine, its helpful to draw a grid to get the letters all lined up.

If you want, you can try it on now, just to make sure that you like the positioning and the size of your design.

Results And Final Thoughts On Creating A Tee Design With Photoshop

How To Draw Easy School Shirt Jacket Slow Tutorial 3 Diferent Ways

After I was done making my t-shirt templates, I saved both individually as .png files, which allows them to keep a transparent background, which is the best format to upload to the POD shops later. These are the final designs I made in Photoshop:

I plan on printing this design;on a black tee so even though it has a transparent background, Im uploading it here with a black background so you can see the white heart graphic.

Overall, I was pleased with my results but considered it took too long, by the time I finally got to the designing part I was already annoyed by the whole process of finding and downloading the assets and tools. Below are;my final thoughts on this process.


  • I was able to control every aspect of the process, from selecting the graphics to arranging them to the style I had in mind.
  • Once you have the assets downloaded, you will be able to reuse them for future projects or designs.


  • It really takes a while to find what you have in mind; I was searching for heart graphics, which are popular, however, if you are searching for something more specific, you may struggle to find quality assets that allow you to use them commercially.
  • You really need to pay attention to the license of each graphic, this can be a hassle. Freepik makes it easy to know exactly how to attribute the author and stay away from trouble, but it wont always be that clear.
  • You need to have Photoshop installed.
  • You need at least the very basic Photoshop knowledge.

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Make Your Own Jersey T

This is a great DIY project for kids but were sure that adults will love it too. Youve likely seen those awesome looking chunky bracelets made from fabric. This tutorial shows you how you can create your own and it is so easy that you are sure to want to get the kids involved.

You just need a t-shirt, scissors and the time to make a few chunky bracelets. It doesnt take long and if you have several old t-shirts lying around you can make a bunch of these to give out to your friends.

Use different colors and create unique designs. You get step by step instructions that will have you making these cool bracelets in no time. You just have to cut the strips and then put them together into a bracelet.

This is a great, easy and inexpensive DIY project that is fun and will keep the kids occupied. This;jewelrytutorialhq;is the website of the video creator, I bet youll find other cool diy things there.

How To Make A T

After unzipping and installing the font I was finally ready to go make my design. I headed to Photoshop and came up with a question I hadnt thought of before, what size does my file need to be? I went on a couple of POD sites to compare their sizes and found out the following:

  • Spring 11.9 x 17.9 maximum printable area for t-shirts
  • Society 6 11 x 17 recommended upload size for t-shirts
  • Threadless 14 x 16 recommended upload size for t-shirts

Based on this, I decided to make my design 11×17, this is where you select the file size on Photoshop :

After creating my file, I decided to try several options for my t-shirt template by copying and pasting some of the heart icons, arranging them, adding text using the font I downloaded, and basically playing around until I came up with an option I liked, below is a quick recording of my process.

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Make A Cool Crisscross Pattern On Your Sleeves

Here is a design that I am absolutely in love with! This is a top available for sale, but it doesnt look like a really hard idea to replicatethough you would have to do a very nice, neat job to get this look. It would probably be smart to draw the lines with a washable marker before you make the cuts.

Choose From Many Different T

How To Draw Designs On Your Shirts | DIY Tutorial

One of the things I loved when looking for a mothers day t-shirt template is that there are many different niche-specific designs to choose from. And more are coming out every day. From feminist t-shirts;to cat t-shirts, and even;retro t-shirt template, youll probably be able to find that t-shirt template youve been looking for. Check out some of them down below!

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Cut Out Most Of The Back Of Your T

Everything but some thin strips has been cut out of the back of this T-shirt, with the strips then tied together along the length of the shirt. Its a simple idea and looks relatively easy to do, but it comes out looking ridiculously cool! Even the tan lines from this shirt would be fabulous in an odd way!


By Step Shirt Pattern Making From Measurement:

Body section :

First of all need to mark 0 in a corner of a graph paper and then the line needs to be extended to the right side from 0, and from 0, a straight line needs to be drawn in 90 degree with the line. Then,

0-1,;; Sky depth + 4 cm, then need to draw a straight line from 1 toward the right direction with at 90 degree angle.

0-2,;; Normal waist length + 3 cm, then need to draw a straight line from 2 toward the right direction with at 90 degree angle.

0-3,;; Length of the shirt + 5 cm, then need to draw a straight line from 3 toward the right with at 90 degree angle.

1-4,;; ½ chest + 12 cm, then need to extend in 90 degree angle with the line upward up to 5 from 4 and downward up to 6 .

0-7,;; 1/5 neck size 0.5 cm, then need to draw line upward in 90 degree from 7.

7-8,;; After 4.5 cm, need to draw neck curve as per the image.

0-9,;; 1/5th of the measurement + 2 cm, then need to draw a straight line from 9 toward the right direction with at 90 degree angle.

9-10,;; ½ back + 4 cm, then need to mark 12 drawing a straight line upward and 11 drawing a straight line downward from 10 with the line 9-100 at 90 degree angle.

12-13,;; 0.75 cm, then need to join 8-13 slight curved.

10-14,;; 10 cm.

10-15,;; 0.75 cm, then need to join 14-15 slight curved.

1-16,;; ½ of the measurement + 0.50 cm, then need to draw straight line downward from 16 with the line 1-16 at 90 degree angle. As a result, the points 17 and 18 will be marked.

19-20,;; 1/5th of neck size 1 cm.

1-24,;; 1/3 of chest + 4.5 cm.


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Another Way Of Finding Popular T

We noticed how this process of reviewing the popular t-shirt designs amongst print-on-demand sites is a key part of making your very own t-shirt designs. So we decided to build a tool that would scrape the best t-shirt designs from print-on-demand sites and put them all together in a single place for you to easily review and monitor so you can catch new trends and patterns. Also, think about seasonal opportunities to design in advance a popular t-shirt for a special date, for example, a 4th of July t-shirt design.

Cute A Heart Pattern Into A T

How to draw a T-shirt Tutorial using adobe Illustrator.

I love this tutorial for several reasons. First of all, the end result looks awesome. Secondly, this tutorial explains why it is easy to make cutout T-shirts. If you are new to this, you may think you need to cut sizable gaps to make a pattern like this, but you dontyou just have to cut parallel lines, and the material rolls when you pull on the stripes, leaving the gaps naturally.

The other thing I appreciate about this tutorial is that it points out that you can wear a tee like this over top of a contrasting tank top. This is a good move if you dont want to wear it over a bra, but arent built to run around braless.

Source: macted

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