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How To Draw On Pages Mac

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Turn Handwriting Into Text With Scribble

How to Draw Lines and Shapes in Apple Pages

With Scribble, you can turn handwriting into text with an Apple Pencil on a supported iPad.* When you pair an Apple Pencil with an iPad, Scribble is on by default. To check the Scribble setting, or to turn it off, go to Settings > Apple Pencil on your iPad.

  • In a document, tap Apple Pencil in the body of a word-processing document where you want to write. Or tap in a text box, shape, or in a table cell in a word-processing or page layout document.
  • Tap the Scribble tool in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, then start writing.
  • As you write with Apple Pencil, you can also delete words, insert text, and more:

    • To delete a word, scratch it out.
    • To insert text between words, tap and hold in a text area, then start writing when a space opens.
    • To join or separate characters, draw a vertical line between them.
    • To select text, circle it or draw a line through it. Drag the selection handles to change the selection.

    The toolbar also has buttons to indent, format, and align text, as well as to insert page breaks, bookmarks, and more.

    * You can change to another supported language in the toolbar if youve added the keyboard for the language in Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards. Check to see which languages and regions Scribble supports.

    Open A Pages Document On Windows

    If you receive a Pages document from a Mac user you can open it using this tip:

    • Add .zip to the end of the file name
    • Hit Enter
    • Now unzip the document and search within the unzipped contents for a file that ends with .xml.
    • You can open this in a word processor, or change the .xml file to a .html file by changing the end of its file name. This should now open in your web browser. Full instructions here.

    Add And Edit A Shape In Pages On Mac

    The shapes library contains hundreds of shapes in a variety of categories. After you add a shape to a page, you can customize the shape in a number of ways. For example, you can change the standard five-point star into a twenty-point starburst and adjust how rounded the corners of a square are. You can also add text inside a shape and fill a shape with color or an image.

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    Choose Drawing Software And Tools

    Of course, part of the fun of the digital world is that it can make so many colors, textures, and effects available. Youll want something that gives you access to this wide range of options without being too complicated.

    Tayasui Sketches is a great drawing app for the Mac. It packs a ton of functionality into a minimal interface, letting you focus on your creativity, not on the buttons. Plus, the background and brushes all give the sense of drawing on real paper, not a blank digital canvas. You can start drawing using your mouse, or attach any standard tablet for the flexibility that a stylus or Apple Pencil provide.

    Basic drawing tools to start

    The best drawing app can give you a freedom to express your ideas as digital art. It provides a number of tooltip options for its paintbrush tool that mimic the effect of real paintbrushes. Simply select the brush, pencil, or marker type youd like to use, choose your color, and start painting.

    The tooltips mimic the physical qualities of different media markers offer a thick, opaque line while watercolors are semi-transparent on the page, bleeding and fading to different intensities for a looser look. As you work with the Tayasui Sketches, youll get a sense of each mediums opacity and learn how to incorporate them into your unique style.

    Building up a drawing

    Watching your creative in progress

    How To Mark Up A Screenshot In Macos Mojave

    How to use new Drawing & Smart Annotations in Pages for iPad [9to5Mac]

    And that, finally, is where our feature from iOS 11 makes its appearance. If you dont click when you right-click on the screenshot, you can always left-click on it to bring up Markup immediately.

    Essentially, the same thing happens here that you find on iOS, but with a lot more options. Click on the screenshot, and it opens in a new window with a Markup toolbar. From left to right, your options are:

  • Sketch
  • Draw
  • Add Shapes
  • Add Text
  • Sign
  • Stroke and shape style
  • Border Color
  • Customize size, color, font of text, along with paragraph alignment
  • Rotate Right
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    How To Create Awesome Charts In Pages

    In one of my previous tutorials, I gave you an introduction to Pages on OS X — showing you how to create your first document, add some text and images and how to get it exactly how you wanted it to look. However, one thing I didn’t cover is how to create charts in Pages for your data, as I think that it’s worth going into a bit more detail here in a separate tutorial .

    Data manipulation using iWork is fairly similar to Microsoft Office and although there are a few little annoyances, it’s fairly easy to get your data into a beautiful and professional-looking chart. Let’s find out how.

    Drawing In Pages For Ipad

    To add a drawing to the body of a Pages document, you just long-press the Apple Pencil onto the screen and start drawing. This first tap brings up a resizable panel into which you can draw. If you prefer , you can tap the + icon at top right, then choose the symbols panel , then tap the Drawing button at the bottom.

    In drawing mode, youll see a familiar-but-different panel of tools at the bottom of the screen. These let you choose pencils, erasers and paint, and also to pick a color. But the panels options go beyond the usual Instant Markup tools found in other parts of iOS 11. For instance, theres a proper color picker, so youre not limited to just four colors plus black and white. You can also adjust the tools by tapping them a second time. In most cases, you can adjust the size and opacity of the pencil, crayon or pen.

    Once youve completed your drawing, just tap Done. It then becomes a normal Pages object, which can be dragged different places and resized.

    The super-intuitive new Pages drawing tools make it really easy to add quick illustrations to your work.

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    Customize Your Pages Timeline

    At this point, your timeline could use a few customizations to look more unique. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Change the default colors of the chart bubbles – select the milestone you want to recolor, go to the Style tab and use the color indicator next to Fill. Here is how I set the chromatics for my graphic.

  • Add effects – from the same Style section, you can choose to apply a series of effects such as shadows and strokes. Make sure to select all the chart bubbles before making the styling change. Since I didnt want to burden my graphic too much, I only added a simple black outline using the Stroke feature.

  • Add a title to your timeline – select the chart area, go to the Chart tab and tick the box for Title under Chart Options. If you want to change the font, size, alignment and color of the title text, double-click on it and use the options from the small pane on the right.

    After following the steps above and adjusting sizes a bit more, my final timeline in Pages looks like this:

  • Continuity Sketch From Any Mobile Device

    How to draw Pictures In Pages iOS

    Just as with Continuity Camera, apps that support insertion from a mobile device including the Finder, Mail, Messages, Notes, TextEdit, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote enable a right-click menu that lets you “Import from an iPhone or Mac,” selecting a Photo, Scan or now a Sketch. If you have multiple mobile devices, each is presented as an option for input.

    This “Import from” option is also available from the File menu, or in apps like Notes, from the Media icon in the toolbar.

    When you select “Add Sketch,” a wireless session is opened between your Mac and the selected device, and your iPhone or iPad opens a blank sketch pad with an ink pen, a chisel Tip marker, and chalk pencil. Each tool can be tapped to reveal options for five different tip sizes from narrow to fat, providing 15 different drawing tool styles, and a slider providing 100 gradients of translucency below fully opaque. A color palette lets you select from 108 shades and ten gradients from black to white.

    You can freely sketch with a single finger, laying down layers of virtual ink or chalk, or you can position the ruler tool to constrain drawing along a straight edge. The ruler includes an angle setting, with haptic feedback that clicks into place at 45-degree increments.

    A smart eraser tool lets you click to switch between a bitmap “pixel eraser” which erases areas you touch, and a vector “object eraser” that deletes an entire stroke of ink in your sketch with each touch.

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    How To Sketch In Mac Documents On Ios

    Follow the steps below in order to request a new sketch from your iOS device and insert it into the document youre working on on your Mac.

    1) Open a document on your Mac.

    2) Request a sketch from your iOS device by clicking either the File or the Insert menu, then choose Insert from Add Sketch. Alternatively, Control-click within the document and choose the option Add Sketch from the shortcut menu.

    Whether you click the File or Insert menu depends on the specific app. In Apple apps like Pages or Keynote, for example, you must click the Insert menu instead of the File menu.

    3) Your Mac should open a sketch window.Now hit the rightmost icon that resembles a graphics tablet and a pencil and choose the iOS device to use for sketching. The sketch window will get transferred to the selected iOS device, even if it was sleeping.

    TUTORIAL:How to sign a PDF on your Mac notebook using its trackpad

    You only need to select your preferred iOS device the first time you use Continuity Sketch. From that point on, the sketch will open automatically on your last-used iOS device.

    4) Create your sketch now! Take full advantage of pressure drawing to create a more natural sketch with line width and style reacting to stroke pressure.

    5) When satisfied with the results, tap Done to finish sketching and send your drawing wirelessly to the computer and have it automatically inserted into the document.

    Use The Media Browser To Insert Photos Into Pages Documents

    You can use the Media Browser to add a photo to any location in a document.

  • Position the cursor in the approximate location where you want the photo.
  • > > > Go Further: Add Shapes to Pages Documents

    You can add various kinds of shapes to your Pages documents, such as lines, curves, circles, squares, and stars. You can add shapes from the templates available in Pages and then customize them for your specific use. For example, you can change the fill color, resize them, and so on. Working with shapes is quite similar to other objects youve learned about. Click the Shape button on the Pages toolbar. Then browse the available shapes to find the one closest to the shape you want to add to your document. Click that shape, and it is added at the current location of the cursor. You can then resize the shape, position it on the page, and use the shape tools in the Inspector to format it.

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    Open A Network Diagram Templates

    Open a blank drawing page and the libraries including shapes needed for creating Network Diagrams on Mac.

    On the File menu, point to New.-> Click Network, and then double click the icon of Basic Network Diagram or detailed Network Diagram.

    From Network and Peripherals, drag a Ring network or Ethernet shape onto the canvas. From Computers and Monitors or Network and Peripherals, drag network device shapes onto the canvas.

    Drag the green square handles to resize shapes.

    Attach devices to the Ring network or Ethernet shape using the shape’s built-in connectors.

    Format The Graphic To Optimize Relevance And Include Key Details

    Draw Yourself as a Peanuts Character in Pages with a Snoopy Artist | Apple
  • As you may have noticed, Pages has automatically added hours to the time series on the timelines horizontal axis. If you want to remove the hours for a cleaner look, select the chart area and then go to Axis Value in the Format pane on the right. Here, choose None from the Time dropdown menu under Value Labels.

  • Although the legend situated above the graphic gives information about the chart milestones, it may be hard to follow for the viewer. A more efficient way to communicate your milestones’ details is to have them displayed directly on their corresponding bubbles. If you want to go with this suggestion, then you need to:

    i.Remove the legend: Go to the Chart tab and unselect the box for Legend under Chart Options.

    ii.Add bubble labels displaying the milestones descriptions and due dates: From the Series tab, tick the boxes for Show Series Name and Values, making sure to select X from the dropdown menu, as shown in the picture below:

  • Within the same tab, you can change the labels’ position using the Location feature, or their date & time format from the Value Data Format section. In my example, I kept the centered placement of the label, but selected None from the Time dropdown menu.

  • Seeing that the numerical values from the vertical axis overlap some of the milestone titles and dont add much to the overall meaning of the chart, I decided to remove them. To do the same, go to Axis Value and select None from the dropdown menu under Value Labels.

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    Any Documentany Device Anytime

    You dont work in one place on just one device. The same goes for Pages. Work seamlessly across all your Apple devices. The documents you create using a Mac or iPad will look the same on an iPhone or web browser and vice versa. And with the new Screen View, itll be easier than ever to work on your iPhone.

    You can also work on documents stored on iCloud or Box using a PC.

    How To Save And Export Your Flowchart

    Once you have created your flowchart, you can save or export it in different file formats. Go to the File tab and click on the Save option. A pop-up window will appear where you can name the file, select file location, and click on Save to store the document. Edraw Max also allows collaborative cloud sharing options like Google Drive and Dropbox. Besides, you are able to export your drawings as commonly-used file types, as shown in the below picture.

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    Insert Photos And Other Graphics Into Pages Documents

    You can use many different types of graphics in your documents, including photos stored in your iPhoto or Aperture library, photos youve stored in other places on your Mac, images youve created and stored on your computer, and images youve downloaded.

    There are a number of ways you can add photos and other images to your Pages documents, including these:

    • Replace an image placeholder with a photo from iPhoto.
    • Add an image from the Media Browser.
    • Drag an image from your desktop into a document.

    Each of these options is explained in the following tasks.

    But Wait Theres More

    You can also insert audio and video into Pages documents. Although this isnt useful for documents you deliver in hard copy format, it can be very useful when you are delivering electronic documents, such as ones in the PDF format. For example, when you are explaining the steps in a process, you can insert a video showing those steps into the document. Someone reading the PDF can view the video and read the surrounding text. Although this chapter is focused on static images, you can use similar steps to place audio or movie files into your documents. When you use audio or movie files in Pages documents, you should test your final documents, such as the PDF version, to make sure that content plays correctly before you distribute them. If possible, also test the document on a different type of device you expect your readers to use, such as an iPad or a Windows PC.

    How To Make A Flowchart On Mac Efficiently

    Create Beautiful PDF Worksheets in Pages for Mac [tutorial]

    Using Pages on Mac is easier said than done. It is why we recommend using Edraw Max Online, which is a versatile drawing tool used to create different types of diagrams. Edraw Max allows you to make storyboards, posters, technical diagrams, graphs, and much more. With its cloud sharing feature, advanced formatting, and collaborative interface, Edraw Max can help you create stunning flowcharts from scratch. So, save extra effort, reach higher productivity, and create legible flowcharts with Edraw Max.

    Here are a few simple steps to teach you how to make a flowchart on a mac using Edraw Max Online:

    Step 1: Open Edraw Max

    Open Edraw Max Online by clicking this link: .

    Step 2: Select Blank Template

    Go to Flowchart in the category list where you will find different types of flowchart templates. For this tutorial, we will use a blank page to create a flowchart.

    Step 3: Build Flowchart Structure

    Once your drawing tab has opened, you will see the symbol library on the left side of the canvas and formatting tools on the right. Select a flowchart shape from the symbol library and drag it to place it on the canvas. Keep arranging the shapes in proper order.

    Step 4: Enter Text and Connectors

    Enter text in each of the shapes to add data to your flowchart and then go to the connector option in the menu ribbon and click on the straight connector to add lines between the shapes.

    Step 5: Customize Your Flowchart

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