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How To Draw On Powerpoint Slides

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How To Create A Block Arrow

How to draw on your slides when presenting in PowerPoint

On the Insert tab, click the Shapes button. In the Block Arrows section of the drop-down menu, click the arrow style you want. In this example, were using an upward block arrow.

Your pointer turns into a crosshair symbol. Click and drag to draw the arrow to the size you want and release the mouse button to finish.

You can use the same formatting tools we talked about in the previous section to change the color, outline, and so on. Also, you can grab any of the eight white handles to resize the overall arrow. Grab the yellow handles to reshape the arrows head and shaft separately.

Example : Annotate Over Images

Providing students the opportunity to annotate over the top of an image gives you an endless amount of activities. Students can highlight a part of an image so that you can test their knowledge, , or like our example above, they can match text to parts of an image.

There are many other ways that this can be used, and you can enjoy implementing this question type into different parts of your lesson. It can be used as a warmup, to test your students, or for a fun activity at the end of class.

Why Live Drawing Is Replacing Powerpoint At Top Companies

Image Credit: Digital visual notes are drawn live using a tablet that projects the image onto large screens.

Sponsored by Ink Factory

Weve all sat through a meeting or presentation where speakers read from copy-heavy slides, losing our attention and leaving us to nod off into our coffee cups.

While death by PowerPoint is a real thing in many corporate settings, a shift is underway.

Recently, the CEOs of Amazon and LinkedIn banned PowerPoint presentations from executive meetings, opting instead to share stories in more engaging ways.

At Ink Factory, weve seen this change firsthand across industries like tech, health care and education, and in settings ranging from meetings and conferences to trade shows and employee trainings. Presenters and audience members alike are demanding new ways to share ideas and engage with one another.

So, if PowerPoint is out, then whats in?

The alternative is something thats created alongside a conversationthats more visually appealing and helps people better understand, process and remember information.

Its called visual note-taking.

Artists create visual notes by listening to a speaker, filtering for key concepts, then drawing those concepts using images. Visual notes are drawn live while the audience watches, resulting in a documentation of the discussion.

Image Credit: An Ink Factory artist translates a presentation into visual notes that highlight important themes.



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How To Add A Border In Powerpoint

Giving your presentation a cool design and taking care of every detail makes your speech look well-prepared and makes you give a detailed-oriented outlook. Adding a border to your slides is a perfect way to achieve a modern look and its very easy to do. In addition, it makes your content look structured and it will help catch your publics attention.

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to add borders to slides and pictures in PowerPoint. It is so easy that you will master it in five minutes!

  • How to add a border to a picture in PowerPoint
  • Insert A Map Into Your Presentation

    How to Draw or Write with pen tool in PowerPoint document 2017

    Once you have selected the Slidesgo template that interests you, download it by clicking on the “PowerPoint” button and open it. And now you can start editing! If you need to insert a map infographic into another PowerPoint file, select the map you want, copy it and paste it in the slide you want. Now you can move and adjust it. Lets see an example:

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    What Does A Drawing App Offer

    Drawing apps are very powerful, particularly on the iPad, and they provide you with many tools that can create sophisticated images with great precision.

    This is a screenshot of the Affinity Designer main window.

    A canvas fills most of the screen with a toolbar on the left-hand side. There is a menu at the top, which lets you access less commonly used tools, and a panel on the right lets you choose tool options.

    This is comparable to other drawing apps, because they all do roughly the same thing with different degrees of success. The most commonly used functions are on the default main screen:

    • Tools to select and draw shapes.
    • Some means of creating layers of objects.
    • Options to change colour.
    • Access to libraries of symbols.

    Watch a few youTube videos, and youll quickly get the hang of the basics. Doing the clever stuff will need a greater investment in time.

    Searching For A Border Via Bing Image Search

    Rather than adding a simple shape outline for a border, you can also search for a fancier border image. Select the slide where you want to add a border, switch to the Insert tab, and then click the Online Pictures button.

    Enter a search phrase, such as line borders or flower borders in the Bing Image Search box, and then click Search .

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    How To Draw In Powerpoint While Presenting

    Good news: This option is easier thank the Ink Replay / Drawing Animation one and is available on more versions of PowerPoint.

    1. Go into presenter mode

    2. Start moving your mouse, and then look to the bottom left for a bar that will pop up.

    3. Click the icon that looks like a pen.

    4. From there, youll be able to choose the pen, highlighter, or erasure

    5. Draw

    I show you the entire process here:

    When youre done, PowerPoint will ask you if you want to keep or discard the drawing. Thats totally up to you.

    However, it will not be animated the next time you show it. Thats why I like option #1 so much.

    Although this option is easier to use, I do want to caution you that it can slow down the pace of your presentation significantly. The time it takes to click through everything and draw is slow, and you can lose the attention span of your audience during the process.

    If you have the Draw tab and Ink Replay animation, I strongly encourage you to use that instead.

    Once you start drawing on your slides, you might have more questions, such as:

  • Strategies for getting smoother lines and better drawings

  • How to fix it when the animated drawing order doesnt go the way you wanted

  • Recommended set up and pens to use

  • These are all great questions, and the answers are in my signature course, Blast Off to Stellar Slides.

    Powerpoint Has Drawing Tools But Drawing Apps Are More Powerful When Should You Use Them The Answer Surprised Me

    How to draw on a slide with PowerPoint – drawing on a slide in PowerPoint 2013 2016 tutorial

    Are you a PowerPoint warrior? Many people are, so it can be hard to stand out from the crowd, especially if you only use the tools that come with the package. You want people to notice your pitch!

    Diagrams and pictures can help. Heres something I created to illustrate how nations compare in terms of GDP, national debt and pollution generated. Its much easier to talk around than a huge table of numbers.

    PowerPoint has drawing tools, but It may not surprise you to discover that I created that illustration with something else, or maybe you wonder why I did it at all? Perhaps something simpler would have done just as well. Did I allow all the bells and whistles of a drawing app to tempt me into creating an overly elaborate diagram?

    I use PowerPoint regularly as part of my job, but I use Affinity Designer to create diagrams. Ive never thought through whether thats the best way to work though. Maybe its not. Lets find out.

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    Drawing Techniques In Powerpoint

    First, I want to start with a technique or tool you dont want to use. At first glance, you may think the logical tool for drawing in PowerPoint is the Scribble tool. However, youve probably discovered the Scribble tool is pretty much useless. Unless you have an incredibly steady hand with a mouse or youre trying to create a rough-looking graphic, it is not a good idea to use the Scribble tool. I wouldnt recommend using the Scribble tool as it is difficult to create a symmetrical, smooth, and professional-looking object in PowerPoint.

    With the Scribble tool, it’s hard to keep the shape from looking rough. You also add a lot of unnecessary points, which makes editing more work.

    When drawing in PowerPoint, my favorite two approaches are to either draw an object using the Freeform tool or convert a default shape to a freeform shape . The reason I like these two approaches is that I have more control over the line segments, corners, etc. of the object.

    How To Activate Or Enable Powerpoint Designer On Your Computer

    Now if you have an Office 365 subscription, but your Design Ideas button is missing in the Design tab, then its probably not activated. Heres how you do it:

    PowerPoint Windows:

    Go to File> Options. In the General tab, youll see the options for PowerPoint Designer. There are a couple of choices for you:

    • If you want to automatically show design ideas every time you click on Design Ideas, then you should tick the option that says Automatically show me design ideas.
    • If you want PowerPoint to automatically show you suggestions every time you open a new blank document, then you should tick the option that says Automatically show me suggestions when I create a new presentation.

    PowerPoint Mac:

    Go to PowerPoint Preferences or press the command and comma keys simultaneously . In , click on General. Youll then see the options for PowerPoint Designer. Just like the Windows version, make sure you tick on the two options .

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    How To Draw When Creating A Powerpoint Presentation

    1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint.

    2. Open a previously saved presentation or a new one by clicking File > Open or File > New.

    3. Click on the Draw tab and then Draw you are now in Draw Mode and ready to get creating!

    4. Click on your drawing tool of choice. This could be a pen, pencil or highlighter. You can also right-click, on each drawing tool and then select Modify to see more options.

    This will open the options to modify the drawing tool, such as the brush size and colours, and an option to delete your drawing. You can also select More Colour to choose from a colour wheel for even more colours.

    5. When youve selected your drawing tool, using a laptop or computer, the mouse at the same time to draw on your slide. On a tablet or mobile device, you can use the touch screen to draw with your hand. This is what each tool looks like on a slide:

    6. If youre using a trackpad, Microsoft PowerPoint has a feature called Draw with Trackpad which allows you to draw without clicking at the same time. To activate this, toggle it on in the Draw banner on the right-hand side.

    7. To erase your drawing, click the Erase tool in the Draw tab. Click the small down arrow to see Eraser options. Of course, you can always use the helpful Ctrl + Z or Cmd + Z keyboard shortcut to save time. To learn more Microsoft PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts

    How To Draw A Line In Powerpoint

    Draw Write in PPT Slides Easily Design Power Point

    There are different line tools, for example you can draw a straight line, free hand tool to draw curved lines as well as other lines with arrows on each side.

    Using the tools you can draw lines and here we will show you an example, for example you can:

    • Draw curved lines in PowerPoint
    • Draw straight lines in PowerPoint
    • Draw hand drawn lines in PowerPoint
    • Change the line properties, width, color, type, etc.
    • Connect lines with other shapes
    • more

    The Format Shape dialog let you change the line options, including line width, color, compound type, dash type, arrow settings , and more.

    In this Format Shape dialog box you can change the line properties and styles.

    For example, you can use a different line width in order to make a thin line or a thick line in PowerPoint.

    Alternatively you can use other line graphics in PowerPoint to draw lines for your presentations. For example, you may use hand-drawn line pictures to make a realistic hand-drawn effect. Or you may use PowerPoint connector lines instead of shapes.

    Creating lines in PowerPoint can help you to make presentations and highlight important sections or concepts in a PowerPoint slide. You are welcome to create lines by using PowerPoint shapes, that let you edit the line properties easily. There are other ways you can create lines by inserting pre-designed line pictures and shapes in PowerPoint.

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    Adding A Border To A Slide Using A Shape Outline

    Open up your presentation and select the slide to which you want to add a border.

    Switch to the Insert tab and then click the Shapes button. Select a shape from the Rectangles category. In this example, were using a basic rectangle with squared edges.

    A crosshair symbol displays. Using your mouse, position the crosshair symbol on the upper-left corner of your slide.

    Press and drag your mouse to draw a rectangle shape to encompass your whole slide. Release your mouse to finish drawing. If you dont get the positioning right on the first try, you can grab any of the handles on the shape and drag them to resize.

    Now that youve got the size of the border right, youll want to eliminate the background color from the shape. On the Format tab, click the Shape Fill button and then click the No Fill command from the drop-down menu.

    Want an even thicker border? On that Shape Outline drop-down menu, click the More Lines command to open the Format Shape pane. In the Line section of that pane, you can adjust the adjust the Width setting to whatever you like either by entering a point size or clicking on the up and down arrows. In this example, we increased the width to 20 pt.

    To add the border to additional slides, select your shape and then click the Copy button on the Home tab . Switch to a different slide and then click the Paste button .

    Drawing With Ink Tools

    PowerPoints Ink Tool are great for creating freehand designs and animation. To do so, first select Review on the right side of the menu bar. For Office 365 users, this may instead be a Draw tab. This contains the same controls normally included in Inking. If you do not see it, you may need to update your version of Office or the feature may not be supported on your system.

    The Highlighter button lets you draw transparent lines thicker than the default pen tool, which allows you to ink over text or other drawings without completely covering them.

    Eraser removes drawn elements. Click and drag the cursor over lines to erase the drawn content. Clicking the down arrow on the Eraser button lets you select its thickness setting.

    To change your tool colour, select the Colour dropdown in the Pen section of the toolbar to choose from a colour palette for different pen and highlighter colours.

    Adjust your tool thickness by clicking the Thickness dropdown in the Pen section to select different circumferences of your pen/highlighter. You can also select colour/thickness presets from the menu to the left of the Colour and Thickness dropdowns.

    The Select tool allows you to click and drag drawn items around the slide. You can also click Lasso to draw a circle around the area you are trying to select if you need finer precision. Lasso only works on drawn items.

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    Ensure Proper Grid Settings

    Make sure the “snap to” options are disabled.

    Before you start editing the object, youll want to ensure that your Grid Settings are properly configured. In order to check your Grid Settings, go to the Home tab > Arrange button on the Ribbon. Under the Align options on the dropdown menu, youll click on the Grid Settings button. In the Grid Settings pop-up, make sure that both Snap objects to gridand Snap objects to other objects are unchecked. These two settings will interfere with editing and repositioning points so you want to make sure they are disabled.

    Ideas To Use The Slide Drawing Activity In Your Lessons

    How to Make a Good PowerPoint Presentation (Tips)
    • Sara Wanasek

      Annotating on PowerPoint slides during a lesson is not just for teachers! With ClassPoints Slide Drawing activity, teachers can send students a slide for them to annotate and submit back to them, all within PowerPoint. Teachers can use this for questions that require a drawing answer or to ask students to draw a concept or idea that is being discussed in class.

      Switching up your question types in class gives students a whole range of ways to take in the information you are presenting to them. Introducing the slide drawing activity will allow students to actively process and make sense of what theyre learning. We rounded up 5 different ways you can use this activity in your lessons below!

      If you need any help in learning how to set up and run a slide drawing activity, you can watch our Slide Drawing Activity in ClassPoint Tutorial.

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      How To Disable Powerpoint Designer

      The answer is you cant. But you can turn off automatic Designer suggestions. Just head on over to PowerPoint Options and untick the boxes in the PowerPoint Designer section. Youre not going to get automatic suggestions, but you can still view the Design Ideas in the Design tab. Youre just going to manually click on the button to get some design suggestions.

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