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How To Draw On Word Doc

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Using The Shapes To Draw

How to DRAW in MS WORD | Microsoft Word Tutorial

Shapes in Microsoft Words are pretty useful to draw in the documents. There are many shapes that you can use to draw something that you need. It also provides the freehand and curved shapes through which you can draw something new. Microsoft Word also has the anchor points feature through which you can easily edit any shape accordingly. We are providing you steps through which you can learn how to use the shapes in Microsoft word. Further creativity in the drawings is up to each user.

  • Open Microsoft Word by searching it through the Windows search feature. You can also open it by double-clicking the shortcut if available.
  • Open a new document or an existing one. Now click on the Insert tab, click on the Shapes option, and choose any of the shapes that you want to draw with. Inserting Shapes in document
  • You can also choose some shapes like curves or scribble to draw with them. It works similarly to any other drawing program.
  • in the document with a mouse and hold if necessary. Then continue to make shapes of any kind that you want. Drawing new shape with curve shape

    Note: If you are drawing with the curve tool, double-click to complete the shape.

  • You can also click on Edit shape and choose the Edit points option under the Format tab. This will bring anchor points in the shape that you can move around to adjust the shape. Adjusting shape with anchor points
  • Select The Text You Want To Strikethrough

    Open the word document with the text you want to strike through and select it.

    You can click and drag over the text or double-click if it is a word. If you are using a mouse, you can hold the left button down and drag over the words with the mouse.

    Note: Instead of highlighting one word or sentence at a time, you can also select all the texts you plan on drawing a line through first to save time.

    Follow step one

    After selecting your first word or sentence, hold the Ctrl key down, and click and drag over all the other texts to highlight them.

    Do not release the Ctrl button until you finish.

    However, do this a few words or sentences at a time, say every paragraph, avoid losing all the highlights if you make an error somewhere, or accidentally press a wrong key.

    • Now that you have selected your text, look to the home tab at the top of your screen. You will see abc with a line drawn through it. This is the strikethrough feature. Click it.

    Alternatively, you can apply strikethrough formatting using the font window after you have selected your text, press Ctrl + D.

    A new window will open up. On the font column, select strikethrough under effects.

    It should be the first option. Click OK.

    Any text you had previously selected will have a line drawn through it.

    Create A Basic Timeline

  • Open a new Word document and change the page orientation from Portrait to Landscape, which will make room for more items to be placed on the timeline. To do so, go to the Layout tab on the Word ribbon and click on Orientation.

  • Select the Insert tab and click on the SmartArt button in the Illustrations section.

  • Select the Process category within the window that pops up and pick the graphic type that you want to use for your Word timeline. You have a variety of options to choose from, but for a simple timeline that shows the main milestones of a project, Id recommend going with the Basic Timeline, which you can see bordered below.

    If you want to try out different layouts for your timeline, you can always change the style and colors from the SmartArt Tools Design tab on the ribbon.

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    Draw Basic Lines And Shapes

    When you want to draw a simple shape in your Word document, use one of the predefined shapes to do the job for you.

    Heres how to draw a basic shape:

  • Select Insert> Shapes.
  • Choose the shape you want to draw.
  • Select the location in the document where you want to start the shape and drag to the ending point. To create a perfect square or circle, press and hold Shift while you drag the cursor.
  • To change the size of a shape, select the sizing handles, drag, and release when the shape is the size you want.

    How To Create A Block Arrow

    How to create a word document | Microsoft Word Tutorial (2020)

    On the Insert tab of the Ribbon, click the Shapes button. In the Block Arrows section of the drop-down menu, click arrow style you want. In this example, were using an upward block arrow.

    Your pointer turns into a crosshair symbol. Click and drag to draw the arrow. Release the mouse button to finish.

    You can use the same formatting tools we talked about in the previous section to change the color, outline, and so on. Also, you can any of the eight white handles to resize the overall arrow. Grab the yellow handles to reshape the arrows head and shaft separately.

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    How To Draw A Line Through Words In Microsoft Word

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    When working with Word, youve probably seen two different kinds of text with lines through it . Red text with a red line through it happens when you delete text while the collaborative Track Changes feature is on. Black text with a black line through it just has special character formatting applied. Heres how both work.

    Using The Freehand Drawings

    Microsoft Word has a Draw tab that many users are unaware of it. This tab is not available in the Tabs menu by default. You have to enable it from the options as we showed at the start of this article. This will bring pens, pencils, and a highlighter for the document. You can draw freehand using this option. Follow the below steps to see how it works:

  • Open your Microsoft Word program by double-clicking the shortcut or searching it through the Windows search feature.
  • Create a new document or open an existing document in Microsoft Word.
  • Click on the Draw tab in the above tabs. Now you can choose one of the following pens or highlighter to draw with it. Drawing with pen tools

    Note: You can also add more pens with different colors and sizes to the menu.

  • It also provides an eraser tool to remove any place in the drawing. You can also use the Canvas to draw in it only rather than all the documents. Adding canvas to document
  • You can also use the Ink to Shape or Ink to Math options. You can draw the math formulas or numbers and it will convert them into text easily. This is also a pretty useful feature in Draw Tab. Using the Ink to Math tool
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    Turn Off Automatic Inking In A Desktop App

  • On the File menu, select Options, and then select Advanced.

  • In the Pen section, select the box next to Use pen to select and interact with content by default.

  • This setting only applies to the app in which you make it, so, for example, you can have automatic inking turned on in Visio and turned off in Word.

    Normal Pen Highlighter And Eraser

    How to draw on a microsoft word document

    You have access to an eraser and two pens that you can set to different colors and thicknesses. This is great for color-coding, for example. You can easily switch between them as you work.

    Theres also a Highlighter tool you can customize in the same way. If you want your markings to be precise, you can activate the Snap to Text setting. Then, every highlight will be nice and straight.

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    How To Create A Chart Or Graph In Microsoft Word

    In Microsoft Word, not only can you create documents with text and insert pictures into documents, but you can also create a chart or graph to add visual detail to documents.

    There are two options for creating a chart or graph in Microsoft Word. Click a link below for details on how to use each option.

    Draw And Write With Ink In Office

    On a touch-enabled device, draw with your finger, a digital pen, or a mouse.

    Available inking features depend on the type of device you’re using and which version of Office you’re using.

    If your device is touch-enabled, the Draw tab is turned on automatically. Otherwise, turn it on by selecting File> Options> Customize Ribbon> Draw.

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    Resizing Rotating And Changing The Color Of Arrows

    Now lets go a step further. If you dont change a thing, your arrow will default to the normal settings, which is black for the color and 3/4 point for the width. But what if the thin black arrow doesnt suit your fancy? Maybe you need a thick, shorter blue arrow. No problem. You can make changes to it in a snap.

    How To Draw On Microsoft Word Using Default Tools

    How to draw on a Word 2016 document – Windows

    1. Open an existing document or create a blank document in Word.

    2. Click on the “Insert” tab, then select “Shapes.”

    3. You’ll be shown a long list of shapes you can add to your document. You can pick one of the pre-defined shapes, but if you want to draw, click on the icon that looks like a scribble under the “Lines” header. It’ll be the last option.

    4. Once you’ve selected the “Scribble” icon, your cursor will turn into a crosshair. Click and drag your mouse to draw with it, and release the mouse when you’re done. Your drawing will be turned into an image, and you can move or resize it like any other image.

    5. Once you’ve added the shape, you can refine it using the tools at the top of the screen. You can adjust the color in “Shape Fill,” adjust the outline of it in “Shape Outline,” or add “Shape Effects” like shadows to the shape.

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    Creating A Drawing Canvas In Word

    Word allows you to draw onto a Word document without constraints. If youd prefer to draw onto a much smaller area of your Word document, however, you can insert a drawing canvas.

    A drawing canvas groups your drawing into a single object which can then be moved, resized, or copied elsewhere. To do this, press the Drawing Canvas button in the Insert section of the Draw tab.

    This will insert the canvas into your Word document. You will only be able to draw inside the canvas objects borders anything drawn outside of this will be ignored.

    Why Use Pen Tools Instead Of Other Features On Word

    Also known as ink tools, theyre in the Draw tab and are meant for more delicate work than throwing on SmartArt or 3D models. Basically, you can mark and enhance your document with your pen tools faster than with a keyboard.

    Quite artistic tasks, like making a custom cover page in Word, can really benefit from these tools. When designing a book, for example, you can specify exactly where artwork should go. You could even have the author sign it straight onto the screen.

    As Microsoft itself explains, your pens are especially useful when working on a tablet or smartphoneany touchscreen, really. With your finger, stylus, or mouse, you can sketch shapes and mind maps, show how to draw symbols, mark homework, and even insert math.

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    Turn Off Automatic Inking

  • Open the Settings app from the home screen of your iOS device.

  • Scroll through the list of apps at the bottom of the Settings page to find your Office app, and tap to open its Settings.

  • In the app settings on the right side, at the bottom under Draw and Annotate, toggle Apple Pencil Always Draws Ink.

  • Format Shapes With The Drawing Tools In Word

    How to draw on Google Doc/Word Doc

    When you select a shape, the Drawing Tools Format tab is added to the Word menu. The Format tab gives you a variety of options to change the look, color, and style of the shapes youve added to your Word document.

    To change the color and appearance of a shape, select it, then select Format. Here are a few ways you can change a shape so it fits the color and design of your document:

    • Choose a predefined style: Select a theme from the Shape Styles list to change the color, outline, and text.
    • Change the color of the shape: Select Shape Fill and select a color, gradient, or texture.
    • Use a different outline color or width: Select Shape Outline and choose a color or weight.
    • Add shadows and other effects: Select Shape Effects and choose an effect. If you hover over the effect, youll see a preview in your document.
    • Type text in a shape: Select the shape and start typing.

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    How To Make A Freehand Drawing In Microsoft Word 2013

    The steps in this article will show you how to do freehand drawing in a Microsoft Word document. You will be selecting the Scribble shape, which gives you complete control over what is output on your screen. You can also draw freely anywhere in the document, even on top of text that has already been entered.

    Please note that drawing in Microsoft Word can be very difficult. If you find that you are having trouble achieving your desired result, then you may have more luck with Microsoft Paint, or with a more advanced tool like Adobe Photoshop.

    Choose One Of The Options In The Ribbon To Format The Shape

    Some popular formatting options for drawings include the Shape Fill, Shape Outline, and Shape Effects options found in the Shape Styles section of the ribbon.

    You can also elect to resize the drawing by using the controls located around the drawing when it is selected. If you want to add text on top of the drawing then you can continue to the section below.

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    Edit Parts Of A Drawing

  • Tap the drawing, then tap Edit Drawing from the pop-up menu.
  • Tap the selection tool in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, then tap or drag around drawing you want to edit. An outline appears around the selection.
  • Tap an option in the pop-up menu:
  • To resize a selection, tap Resize, then drag the handles of the box around the drawing.
  • To make one drawing into two drawings, tap Separate in the pop-up menu.
  • You can also cut, copy, paste, delete, and duplicate a selection.
  • Inserting Shapes Into Microsoft Word

    How to enable draw tab in word | how to draw on word document | draw tab in word

    If youre not confident of your freehand drawing ability, or you want to create diagrams in Word, you can insert shapes.

    There are hundreds of pre-set shapes available. You can draw typical shapes like squares or circles or insert arrows, stars, speech bubbles, and more. To insert a shape, press the Insert tab on the ribbon bar, then press the Shapes button.

    This will list the various shape options in a drop-down menu for you to choose from.

    Press on one of the pre-set shapes or line options to select ityour cursor will change at this point.

    Once this happens, draw onto your Word document directly to insert the shape or line you selected. This allows you to select the appropriate size for your shape.

    With the shape inserted and selected, Word will switch to the Format tab on the ribbon bar. From here, you can format your shape.

    For instance, add text to your shape and begin typing with the shape selectedthe text will be inserted inside the shape.

    You can also change the color and style of your shape, as well as the position and alignment of any inserted text, using the options listed in the Format tab.

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