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How To Draw On Word Online

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How To Create A Signature On Mobile

Using the Draw function in word for online tutorials

Taking mobile signatures to the next level:

  • Depending on the device you have, find the signNow app from the Google Play Market or the AppStore.
  • Sign in if you already have an account.
  • Register if you dont already have an account.
  • Upload a doc you want to electronic signature in word.
  • Follow the instructions for adding a signature.
  • After youve placed your signature, save your changes and click Done.
  • The signNow application allows you to sign documents while offline. Once you regain internet access the files you executed will automatically send the recipients theyre intended for. signNow is a handy mobile app that helps customers to draw a signature in word and keeps document workflows working well.

    Find Professional Graphics For Your Microsoft Word Project

    Now you know how to draw on a picture in Word. But perhaps you dont have time to create your own Word drawings from scratch. And you still would rather not use stock photos.

    What to do?

    You can use premium graphic images from Envato Elements.

    An Elements subscription brings thousands of creative tools at your fingertips. This includes print templates for Word, graphics, fonts, photos, and a lot more. And you get unlimited downloads for one flat monthly subscription.

    Another great source of premium graphics is GraphicRiver. As with Elements, this marketplace gives you access to thousands of Word templates and other creative tools. These are also professionally designed for maximum impact. The difference is, at GraphicRiver, you pay for each use of every item.

    Use each premium graphic on its own in your Word document. Or better yet, incorporate them with your own or other graphics to create something original.

    Option #: Use Lucidchart To Add A Venn Diagram Directly To Ms Word

    Word is an apt name for Microsoftâs leading word processor because thatâs what the program handles best. But as soon as you go beyond words to gather, share, and compare ideas, Word reaches its limit and lacks the functionality you need to create an easy-to-understand Venn diagram. Luckily, Lucidchart fully integrates with Microsoft Office, making it a cinch to add a Venn diagram to your document.

    Sign up for a free Lucidchart account to get started creating a Venn diagram today.

    How to install the Lucidchart add-in for Word

    To start, youâll need to download the Lucidchart add-in for Word. Follow these simple steps:

  • Open Microsoft Word.
  • Go to Insert > My add-ins > Store.
  • Find and select âLucidchart Diagrams for Word.â
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Sign in to your Lucidchart account to access your diagrams.
  • How to insert a Venn diagram into Word with the add-in

    To insert your Venn diagram as a high-resolution image into Word, follow these steps:

  • In Word, find the Lucidchart add-in button in the upper-right corner.
  • Select your Venn diagram.
  • To edit your Venn diagram, select âEdit.â Make the changes in the Lucidchart editor, and then repeat steps 2 through 4 to insert your updated diagram.

    How to create a Venn diagram in Word with the Lucidchart add-in

    Access the Lucidchart editor with the add-in to build and edit your Venn diagram, while never leaving Word.

  • In Word, select the Lucidchart âInsert Diagramâ button.
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    Learn More About Working In Word

    As you can see, Microsoft Word has many robust features. Some of them are little-known functionalities such as the various drawing tools in Word that I showed you in this article. It pays to learn how to use Microsoft Word so you can maximize its potential. Not only will you be able to realize the vision you’ve got for your Word documents, but youll also optimize your workflow.

    If you aim to produce the most visually compelling materials using Word, then you may find these articles helpful:

    Hold Down Your Mouse To Draw

    How to DRAW in MS WORD | Microsoft Word Tutorial

    Click and hold down your mouse to draw. Admittedly, this isn’t the most intuitive thing in the world and your drawings probably won’t look like they do on paper. That’s okay, you do get a chance to tweak and sculpt your drawing later as well as adjust the line coloring, width, fill color, and more.

    Here’s the strange shape I chose to draw :

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    Why Use The Strikethrough Feature Instead Of Deleting

    One may ask why anyone would use the strikethrough feature instead of just deleting the text.

    There are several reasons for this:

    Sometimes, more than one person may be working on a word document at once. Because of this, they may make changes to the same document and keep forwarding it to each other until one final copy is drafted.

    Instead of memorising the changes or hoping the recipient notices them, you can strike through the corrections and request them to either reject or accept them.

    Striking through texts allows a reader and editor to follow the changes made to a document from the beginning. This is what is called a collaborative track feature.

    So, how do we strike through text in a word document?

    How To Use Strikethrough In Microsoft Word

    The steps in this article were performed in the Word for Office 365 version of the application. We will show you the simplest way to perform strikethrough in this version of the application, as well as an alternate menu where you can find the strikethrough option.

    Step 1: Open your document in Microsoft Word.

    Step 2: Select the text through which you want to draw a line.

    Step 3: Click the Home tab at the top of the window.

    Step 4: Click the Strikethrough button in the Font section of the ribbon.

    Alternatively you can click the small Font button at the bottom-right corner of the Font section of the ribbon.

    Then you can check the box to the left of Strikethrough on this menu and click the OK button.

    Gridlines are an important part of an Excel spreadsheet, but what if you see them in Microsoft Word? Find out how to hide gridlines in Word if you dont need them while editing your document.

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    Put Your Artistry To The Test

    Whether you use a mouse, trackpad, touchscreen or digital pen, the drawing tools in Word can help you create shapes, add notes, edit text and more.

    Combine your drawings with beautiful fonts in Word and create documents that catch the eye of readers.

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    How To Draw Signature In Pdfs

    How to use Microsoft® Word Online ( Tutorial Part 1)

    Nowadays, more and more people choose telecommuting as their wording mode. Since they have to deal with issues online, it’s inconvenient to use paper documents, and they usually use PDF documents instead.

    When it comes to signing a document, many people don’t know how to sign a PDF document on their computer. Actually, you can use a powerful PDF editor like EaseUS PDF Editor to help you.

    This Windows PDF editor allows you to add e-signatures to PDF. You can customize your signature style freely, and your name, location, and date can all be included in your signature. Moreover, you can lock the PDF after signing so that others cannot change the PDF contents.

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    How Do You Type A Horizontal Line

    To draw a horizontal line using Word:

    1. Open the document.

    2. Select the Insert tab, then Shapes.

    3. From Lines, select the style you want.

    4. On the document, select the place to add the line.

    5. To draw the line, hold and drag your cursor, releasing it at the end.

    Or to add a line freehand:

    6. Hold down Shift + underline key release once youve got the length required.

    Designing Microsoft Word Documents

    While it hasnt been designed with drawing in mind, you can still use shapes, lines, and freehand pen drawings to create simplistic images in Microsoft Word. You can use shapes to create a flow chart or diagram or use free-hand drawings to show your artistic drawing skills.

    You can insert and edit images in Microsoft Word too, but dont forget Words main purpose. If youre designing new documents, you may prefer to use building blocks to help you create them more quickly.

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    Add A Drawing To A Document

    These are the basic types of graphics that you can use to enhance your Word documents: drawing objects, SmartArt, charts, pictures, and clip art. Drawings refer to a drawing object or a group of drawing objects.

    Drawing objects include shapes, diagrams, flowcharts, curves, lines, and WordArt. These objects are part of your Word document. You can change and enhance these objects with colors, patterns, borders, and other effects.

    Note: It is no longer necessary to insert a drawing canvas to work with drawing objects in Word. However, you may still use a drawing canvas as an organizational aid when working with several drawing objects, or if you want to add connectors between shapes. To insert a drawing canvas, on the Insert tab, click Shapes, and then click New Drawing Canvas.

    How To Make A Matrix Easier

    How to create a Microsoft Word Online document

    Though many people may use Word to create the matrix, the process is lengthy and time-consuming. The process is complex, and therefore the user needs to know how to create a matrix in Word. To stay away from the hassle, they can use EdrawMax online tool. The user can follow a few simple steps to draw their matrix:

    Step 1: Select Matrix Template

    The user needs to find the option in the EdrawMax online application, then select under this classification, as image shows.

    Source:EdrawMax Online

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    How To Create A Network Diagram In Word

    It is crucial to understand every step of a network diagram , and it will be time-taking for any newbie. However, with Word and its user-friendly templates and other allied elements, a beginner will be able to get a vivid idea about network diagrams. So, here are the steps of how to draw a network diagram in Word:

    Step 1: Open the File

    The user first has to open the File Menu in Word, go to New and then to the Network option, and select Detailed Network Diagram.

    Step 2: Click Network Option

    Next, there will be an option called Networks and Peripherals. The user has to click either on Ring Network or Ethernet menu based on the requirement and insert the same in the drawing page. The user now has to drag the relevant device from the Networks and Peripherals option, or the Computers and Monitors option, accordingly on the drawing page.

    If users fail to find the network option they can also use shapes in the word option and draw the network diagram. To do so they have to draw shapes after shapes that will help them in creating a graphic group.

    Step 3: Edit the Shapes

    Step 4: Add Test in the Shape

    The user can add meaning to the diagram by adding significant texts in the network shape, clicking the same, and typing thereafter. Dragging the control handle will enable free movement of the text to the desired location in the network.

    Step 5: Save and Export

    How To Make A Matrix In Word

    A matrix diagram is a pretty essential tool for company owners who want to accelerate their progress. It may be expensive for them to hire a professional for that. A user may choose to work on Word to create their matrix. But the process is challenging and time-consuming. They must have an apt idea about how to create a matrix in Word. Otherwise, they may fail to get a satisfactory result. For inexperienced users, it may be confusing and challenging. To create a matrix in Word, the user needs to follow these simple steps :

    Step 1: Opening a New Document

    To start the process, the user needs to open a new document. Then they have to go to the Insert tab of the ribbon and then click on the Equation button. However, if the users use the Shortcut key Alt+= then they will receive better results.

    Step 2: Add Brackets for Matrix

    After that, the user needs to insert enclosing brackets for the matrix. Therefore, they have to click on the equation editor and then navigate to the Design Tab. There they can find the Bracket icon. The user has to click on it and then choose the desired brackets from the dropdown.

    Step 3: Set-up the Icon

    After that, the users must click on the empty box present between the brackets. They must go to the Design Tab and click on the Matrix icon to select the matrix considering the required dimension.

    Step 4: Fill-in Elements

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    Using The Horizontal Line Tool

    Another easy way to insert a line in the Word document is by using the Horizontal Line Tool present already. Let us see how you can use it.

    Please follow the steps below in order to insert a line Horizontal Line Tool:

    • Place the cursor in the word document where you want to draw a line and click Home Tab

    Note: When you open a New Word document or an existing one, the Home tab is selected by default.

    • Now go to Paragraph group and click on the Border drop-down and select Horizontal Line.
    • A Horizontal Line will be inserted to your word document.

    Draw Using Microsoft Word

    How to draw Shapes Microsoft word Tutorials | Ms office tutorials | online tutorial

    Microsoft Word is a word processing program that is used for creating professional documents quickly and easily. It is used all around the world for creating letters, tests, assignments, and official documents. Microsoft Word is not limited to only text, but users can also add images and draw in the documents. Most of the time some shapes or freehand drawings are required in documents to make it perfect. However, some new users will have a hard time finding the drawing options in Microsoft Word. In this article, we will provide you methods through which it is easy to draw in Microsoft Word.

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    How To Draw And Use Freeform Shapes In Microsoft Word

    Why? Maybe its because theyre quick to create. You dont have to be an artist to draw stick figures. Yet they communicate everything from how viruses replicate to how a manufacturing supply chain works. Theyre a good and unique way to enhance your Word documents.

    Hand drawings also allow you to express your personality and stand out from your competition. And because youre creating your own drawings, you dont have to worry about using copyrighted materials.

    Freeform Word drawings also help you better understand and assimilate the concepts youre trying to convey. Thats because youre forced to simplify the concepts and come up with visual metaphors for them.

    You may be wondering “How do I draw on Microsoft Word?” While Word might not be the first drawing tool that comes to mind, there are drawing tools in Word that you can learn to use.

    This article shows you, step-by-step, how to draw in Word so that you, too, can harness the power of simplified drawings in your projects. As you’ll see, you dont have to be a professional artist or to use expensive tools and software because you can draw right within Word.

    Lets get started!

    How Do I Insert A Vertical And Horizontal Line In Word

    The following explains two ways to insert a vertical line in Word:

    Draw the Vertical Line

    1. From the document, select the Insert tab.

    2. Select the Shapes icon, then select a line shape.

    3. At the place you want your line to begin, click and hold down on your mouse button.

    4. Drag your mouse to where the line should end, then release the mouse button.

    Create Multiple Lines Using Tables

    1. From the main menu, select Insert then Table

    2. At Number of columns enter the number of vertical lines you need.

    3. At Number of rows enter 1.

    4. The table will be inserted.

    5. Then from the Borders pull-down menu in Table Design, uncheck Outside Borders, leaving the inside vertical borders checked.

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    Update Embedded Diagrams To See Changes

    Your diagrams are displayed as images inside your Word document, Excel spreadsheet or Powerpoint presentation. When the diagram file that is stored in your Google Drive or One Drive has been edited in, youll need to regenerate the images to see those changes reflected in your document.

  • Select the Insert tab in the toolbar.
  • Select the diagram you want to update, and click Update Selected. To update all of the diagrams in your document, click Update All.
  • Click The ‘shapes’ Button And Select ‘scribble’

    How to Insert online picture and Draw in MS Word

    Open up your Microsoft Word document. It can be an empty document or it can be filled with an essay you can draw over words if you want.

    Navigate to the ‘Insert’ tab. From there, select ‘Shapes.’ A drop-down menu will appear. Under the ‘Lines’ options, select the very last button. It looks like a scribble and is aptly named ‘Scribble.’

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    Is There A Timeline Template In Word

    MS Word does not have any in-built predesigned timeline templates, but there are some online samples that you can download and use with the word processor. You can find them on or other websites. However, these often prove limited and unsuitable when you work with more complex data or higher customization requirements.

    This is why we suggest using PowerPoint timelines instead as they are better suited for professional-looking presentations. Such visuals can be easily produced with specialized automated tools like Office Timeline, helping you save a lot of time.

    How To Apply Additional Formatting Options To Your Word Drawing

    If the formatting options in the ribbon donât seem like they have enough options for you, there is another menu that you can open which provides additional settings.

    Right-click on the drawing, then choose the Format Shape option from the bottom of this right click menu.

    You should now see the Format Shape column at the right side of the window. There you can find settings that let you change the appearance of the shapeâs line, as well as additional options for formatting the shape fill.

    For example, you could choose to increase the transparency of the shape if there is something underneath it that you want to be able to see.

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