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How To Draw Palm Trees On The Beach

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Add More Leaves To Your Palm Tree Drawing

Beach Landscape – How To Draw A Palm Tree

Now the leaves on your tree are fully shaded and toned, its time to draw in the outline of some more leaves to make your palm tree look full and healthy. You can choose the places where you would like to add more leaves, there are no rules for this so you can play around and trust your judgment. Drawing the extra leaves follow the same steps as before.

In our tree we add one extra leave in the middle as illustrated below.

What You Will Learn In This Guide

This palm tree guide is suitable for people of different levels and abilities whether you need full step-by-step guidance or simply want to skip ahead to specific sections and hone your skills.

Use this interactive table of contents to get to the sections you want to read.

Finish The Line Drawing

Finally to make the leaves look more palm tree like draw some little cuts along their sides. Try and draw these at random intervals and of lightly different sizes. Generally they should be slightly smaller towards the base and tips of the leaves and larger near the middle.

Once done you can go over the entire drawing with either darken pencil lines, black pen or marker. You can also erase the outlines around the parts of the leaves where you drew the little cuts.

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Outline The Palm Tree Trunk In Your Drawing

Now its time to add in your palm tree trunk. To do this, use the vertical line you drew in the first step of the previous section and draw a thin trunk around it.

As with most tree trunks, the widest part should be at the bottom getting thinner as it goes up towards the outline for the leaves. The trunk should not be too thin or too thick, use the picture above as a guide and dont be afraid to erase and re-sketch the outline again if you need to.

Notice how the trunk in the above picture is not perfectly straight, but slightly wobbly, this is to imitate a real palm tree trunk.

How To Draw A Palm Tree: Finished Drawing

How to Draw a Realistic Palm Tree Beach Landscape in Pencil

How to draw a palm tree: finished outline drawing

And here is the final result of our “how to draw a palm tree” tutorial – the finished palm tree drawing after we have erased and cleaned up the sketch lines.

Our palm leaves are a simplified version of the real coconut palm leaf, which has many individual smaller leaves that take much longer to draw. Apart from that small cheat, this is a beautiful palm tree on an island beach.

How to draw a palm tree: finished drawing coloured-in

Colouring in the palm tree is simple. Here we are using the standard colours – brown for the palm tree trunk, green for the leaves and the same dark yellow for the coconuts and the beach sand. Add some darker shades of each colour for extra texture and shading to your drawing.

That is it now you know how to draw a palm tree!

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How To Draw Cartoon Palm Tree For Kids:

Step 1: Start your drawing with a trunk, for this draw 2 long curved lines forming a flattened triangular shape with the top open-end and curved closed end.

Step 2: Secondly, draw small curves all along the trunk, this will give the trunk a realistic look.

Step 3: On the end of the trunk draw roots with many random curvy lines.

Step 4: On the top of the trunk draw 3 circular shapes to add fruits. By drawing these fruits your trunk opening will become close.

Step 5: Lastly palm tree is incomplete about leaves, draw 2 curved lines from the fruits and form a single leaf, do the same for other leaves. Make borders of these leafs jagged. Draw 5 to 8 leaves pointed leaves on your tree.

Your palm tree drawing is complete in these easy and simple steps.

Add More Details To The Texture Of The Trunk

Remember that in one of the first steps of this guide, we added the basic outline for the texture of our trunk, in the form of simple horizontal lines showing some of the grooves of the trunk. Thanks to these lines, we can look at our trunk as a combination of little pieces split by each of those grooves.

Now we will darken the vertical lines in each of the pieces of our trunk. We give each of the pieces a slightly different texture and tone, as illustrated in the picture below.

Keep going with these light, upward strokes until you are happy with the overall effect. As always, it is best to start light and slow and build the darkness up as you go.

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How Do You Draw A Flowing River

Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a River

  • To begin, outline one side of the riverbank. Enclose a shape along one side of the paper using a long, curved line.
  • Draw the riverbank on the opposite side.
  • Detail the riverbank with rocks of various sizes.
  • Add the detail of rocks to the opposite riverbank.
  • Lets Now Paint The Palm Tree

    How to draw a palm tree – Spoken Tutorial

    Palm tree leaves drawing. The image can be easily used for any free creative project. Watercolor tropical seamless pattern with monstera, banana and coconut leaves. Its resolution is 640×480 and it is transparent background and png format.

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    Palm trees drawing clip art line art coconut palm tree png 5 palm tree drawing png transpare. So, dear readers of, write your opinion in the comments below. To make the palm tree drawing more voluminous, you can depict some shadows.

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    To ensure you get the shape and proportion of your palm tree drawing right, start by drawing a few simple guidelines. See more ideas about palm tree drawing, tree drawing, palm trees. Download the one line drawing vector monstera leaf and palm tree leaves.

    Hand painted palm leaves isolated on white background. Modern single line art, aesthetic contour. Palm tree leaves on white.

    Palm Palm trees painting, Plant painting, Plant art

    Coconut Palm Trees Pattern Line Drawing Style Fabric

    Google Image Result for

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    Round The Base Of The Palm Tree Trunk

    The next step is to draw a slightly rounded base for the bottom of the trunk. Follow the below picture for guidance, notice how the palm trees base uses a slightly curved line rather than a straight one.

    Once you have drawn the base of the trunk, you should be able to see how the overall shape of your trunk looks. Take a moment to compare yours to the picture above and use the eraser to correct and amend if needed.

    Dont forget, a wobbly trunk outline is fine as this adds to the overall effect. If your trunk seems a little too straight and perfect, try lightly sketching over the outline so it is more like the picture above.

    How To Draw Palm Trees Trunks

    Just like with the leaves, trunks can be drawn in a variety of ways as well. However, the basic shape of the drunk will usually be about the same. When drawing your palm tree trunk, you will want it to be more narrow at the top and wider at the bottom. And you will most likely want it to have a slight curve to it.

    Drawing the bark is where most of the variation will come in. You will want to draw in some type of bark, but how you choose to draw it is up to you. For mine I used curve lines. When drawing the lines, you want to curve them to show that the trunk is round.

    Here are some variations to drawing the trunk. Im sure there are others as well.

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    Easy Step By Step Palm Trees

    There are two basic types of palm tree drawings. One has the blocked in, fuller looking leaves. And the other has the wispy, flowing leaves. For the trunk there are also a few different ways you can draw them. Ill explain all of this in the tutorial and show you examples as well.

    Of course Im being very general here, and in reality there are an endless number of ways you could choose to draw a palm tree. Im intentionally being simplistic, just to get you started on some drawings. The last thing you want to do when beginning to draw anything is to stress out about trying to get them perfect.

    Often times imperfections make for a more interesting drawing anyway. And the more you draw something, the more your own personal style will begin to develop. And above all else, drawing should be fun!

    If you need some inspiration for your drawings, take a look at these .

    * Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. This means I receive small commissions for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you.

    How To Draw Palm Tree:

    How to draw seashore and palm tree – Part 1

    Step 1: Draw 2 long parallel lines depicting the long trunk of the tree. Draw these 2 lines parallel and closer to each other on the top and a little apart at the bottom near the base.

    Step 2: In this step start drawing the upper part, for this step draw 5 lines from the trunk in different directions. Dont make straight lines keep them curvy as it is the base for leaves.

    Step 3: Start drawing the leaves of the tree, around the first line draw curve from tip to bottom on both sides. Then repeat the curve with the second line also. You only need to keep in mind that these curves must be of random shape and size.

    Step 4: Continue this leaf curve to the 3rd and 5th line, draw few tips pointed. 5th line overlaps trunks.

    Step 5: In this step change the angle of the leaf. Draw a single curve for these leaves and also draw some more leaf strands in between the already drawn leaves.

    Step 6: To give leafs shape draw small triangles all over the borders of the leaf. These will work as guidelines in the further drawing.

    Step 7: At the point where leaves are emerging draw overlapping circles depicting the palm fruit.

    Step 8: Erase all the guidelines drawn in step 6 for the leaf. Border lying outside of the triangle erase them and you will get a jagged look and darken the outlines.

    Step 9: Draw flat horizontal lines on the trunk.

    Step 10: Color the leaves of the tree with green and use brown for the trunk and fruit.

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    How To Draw Palm Trees

    How to draw palm trees must be an intriguing topic for you, if you love tropical beaches. Why do I know it?…because I love tropical beaches too.Can you picture a tropical beach without palm trees? In our modern realm, palm trees, especially coconut palms symbolize luxury, tropical paradise, sea, beaches and sun.Palm branches were also the symbol of triumph and victory in the past. People of Jerusalem celebrated Jesus with palm tree branches when he entered the town.

    Create The Shadow Of The Palm Leaves

    Before you draw your leaves in, you need to shade the top of your trunk darker to mimic the shadow cast by the palm leaves. Use the below picture for guidance on how dark to make your tone.

    Dont worry if you dont know exactly how the leaves are going to fall just yet, we will come back to this step again once your palm tree leaves are done.

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    Your Palm Tree Drawing Is Complete

    Well done, your palm tree drawing is finished now!

    If you want to add a few extra details to your palm tree drawing, there are plenty of possibilities. You could start by adding some coconuts under your leaves or expand on your palm tree drawing is by setting your palm tree on a sandy white beach or a tropical rainforest. All this will be covered in one of our next articles.

    Of course, you can also color in your palm tree as youve drawn it in pencil, it might be best to start your coloring with pencils too.

    Thats the end of this step-by-step palm tree drawing guide, we hope you enjoyed drawing your palm tree as much as we did!

    Add Shading To Finish

    Tutorial: How to draw a cartoon palm tree!

    Use a series of diagonal parallel lines to shade one side of the tree trunks, the sail boat, and the rock. Complete the drawing with dots and squiggles to show the foam of a breaking wave. Add several lines to the surface of the water.

    Your landscape drawing is finished! Even if you don’t get it right the first time, keep practicing until you’re happy with your drawing.

    A stone path leads to a charming country church in our next lesson. Check out How to Draw a Country Church to learn how to draw this scene in just five steps.

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    Drawing Palm Tree From Newbies

    This example is the most detailed in this article as it is designed for beginners. In 8 steps you will learn how to draw a palm tree for beginners.The first step will be drawing a few lines as in the picture below.

    Based on the resulting outline we will draw five sheets.

    To make our palm tree look lusher in the background between the leaves, we will draw four more branches.

    We depict the trunk, which should look like it was assembled from cubes. From the bottom they are larger and closer to the top, respectively, decrease. Also, dont forget the ground below.

    This step is quite remarkable. It is necessary to cut out triangles from foliage to make real palm leaves.

    Everything is ready it remains to take the coloured markers and paint our small landscape.

    Darken The Bottom Of Your Trunk

    You can now darken the bottom of the trunk to add further tone. Again, use the picture below as a guide of how to shade the base of the trunk using upward strokes of the pencil.

    The overall effect should be a subtle gradient, starting dark at the bottom getting lighter as it goes up the trunk just as pictured

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    How To Draw A Palm Tree: Easy Awesome Palm Tree Drawing

    Today we will show you how to draw a palm tree. We start with a simple sketch to lay down the trunk and to space and shape the palm leaves. Then we will simplify the many individual leaves on the real coconut palm into a single jagged leaf shape. We end up with an easy to draw but awesome looking palm tree standing on a small island beach.

    Paint The Land Silhouette

    How to Draw a Palm Tree on an Island

    Use your 3/4 flat brush and mars black to paint a line starting on the left of the canvas. Paint a long wavy line that starts out high but then dips down. There is on open space on the far right.

    Then paint the entire land area solid black. Also, fill any blank white areas in the water cobalt blue .

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    Erase The Guidelines Of Your Palm Tree Drawing

    Now you have the full basic shape of your palm tree, you can carefully erase the guidelines you drew at the very start of this guide.

    Before doing this first make sure you are happy with the overall proportions of your palm tree drawing, you can always go back to a previous step and repeat it if there is anything you are unhappy with.

    How To Draw Palm Leaves

    The first type of palm tree Im going to show you how to draw has the fuller leaves. To me, this seems like more of a cartoon style and less realistic. Ill show you the other style later in this tutorial.

    Begin by laying out your guides for your leaves. I will typically start with five lines for my guides and then add more as needed.

    These guides will become part of your leaves, so there is no need to worry about how lightly you draw them. For this art lesson, I used a Sharpie fine point marker.

    Choose one of the five lines you have drawn and fill your leave shape around it. Which palm leaf you draw first doesnt matter. The only difference is that you will typically be working front to back in regards to how your leaves with overlap each other.

    When drawing out my individual leaves, I will usually draw them narrower at both ends and thicker towards the center. You will want your leaves to come to a point at the end as well.

    I like to draw in some notches for variation in the leaf to make them look more interesting.

    Continue to work your way around your guidelines until all of your leaves have been drawn in.

    To finish off the top portion of your tree, draw in a few coconuts. A general rule in drawing and composition is to work in uneven numbers. So I added three coconuts to my drawing.

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