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How To Draw Santa Claus Face

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Santa Claus Face Drawing

How To Draw Santa Claus’s Face

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in todays blog post. If people who have seen this earlier post are reading this post today, then please share this article so that I keep uploading amazing articles for you in the same way. Today I uploaded a related post from sketch drawing in which I have provided Santa Claus face drawing in this article. By the way, I try my best to present the articles in front of you guys, if you find any shortcoming in my articles, then please tell me by commenting so that I too can slowly write my blog post in the best way. By seeing the thumbnail and title of this article, you must have understood what I have provided in this blog post.

Friends, if you have read the title of this post properly, then I have provided full video tutorials for you, with the help of which you can make this drawing very easily. If you want to know how to make this drawing well in one go, then you should read this article properly and watch the video tutorial of this drawing.

First Step Draw A Circle & Cross Framework For Your Santa Head

Begin your drawing by creating a simple circle on the paper in front of you. Unlike with other lessons here were drawing only the head. So, feel free to use more of the paper.

Next, with your circle drawn go ahead and draw a simple cross dividing your framework into quadrants. Thisll make mapping out the facial components of your Santa head, all the more easy. One last thing here and only if you likedraw two more horizontal lines one to mark off the position where Santas hat will begin the other to mark off the position of where his mustache will meet with the perimeter of your circle.

Heres how mine looks

Again, this circle framework is just that only a guideline. If you want to continue without it, then by all means keep on going right away with the next step. I always like to include some sort of guideline as it does a great job in helping maintain proportion and symmetry in your work especially if youre not as familiar with drawing.

So then, got your circle framework set up? Great on to the next step!

How To Draw A Santa Claus Face

Looking at the image of this drawing, you may be thinking that maybe it will be very difficult to make this drawing or how to make this drawing. And I want to upload 1 to 2 posts for you daily so that you can keep visiting my blog and comment me. I have not been irregular on my blog till date when there is some problem in my blog, then I may not know how to upload regular posts, so I want you to keep coming to my blog regularly. To make this drawing, you can use the HB, 2B or 4B pencil and then you can make your drawing in the same way by watching the video tutorial of this drawing.

Let me tell you how to use these pencils to make this drawing. First of all, you have to draw the shape of the face of Santa Claus with HB pencil, after that you will see the way in the video tutorial of this drawing as in the light shade area where you have to shade with 2B pencil and where You have to shade with 4B panel on the dark shade area. I hope you all have understood by this point.

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Crafts To Make With A Santa Claus Face

So why do I keep talking about digital drawings?  Because you can use them in so many ways! The nice thing about digital drawings is that they can be easily transformed into physical templates and used for lots of craft projects. 

Here are some crafts that you can make with your Santa Claus face drawing:

Get the printable from TPC Partyware

Those are just a few ideas to get you started. Check out my other beginner crafting tips.

If you have a cutting machine and a heat press, you can use it to make iron-on templates for your familys stocking stuffers. This is a neat way to personalize Secret Santa gifts.

How easy would it be to make DIY crafts from home with this drawing?! Try using heat transfer vinyl or adhesive vinyl on hard and soft surfaces. 

As you can see, you can take your drawing and transfer it to lots of physical crafts!

When youre ready to draw as more than just a hobby, find out how you can use your hobby to start a craft business that makes money.

Your Santa Claus Drawing Is Complete

How To Draw Santa Claus Face! Step by Step Lesson cartoon easy beginners – with coloring page

We hope you enjoy this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw Santa Claus. With this guide, you can surely draw and color Santa Claus along with its complex features and elaborate details in no time.

And the most fun part is, you can customize its physical attributes and play with various colors as much as you like!

We are always updating our How to Draw catalog, so make sure to keep checking back on our website to take advantage of newly uploaded tutorials.

All you need is a pen and paper and youre all set to start drawing! We are excited to see what you will draw next. Were sure it will be just as amazing as this one!

Once youve finished your masterpiece, were certain you must be feeling very proud of yourselfas you should be! Completing this Santa Claus drawing is definitely fulfilling.

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Part 1 Describing Santas Body

Step 1 Layout Santas head. Santa is around and jolly figure, numerous of the describes you will start with is done by drawing circles and ovals. Draw a circle toward the top of your paper. Produce another horizontal oval underneath for the neck and beard.

  • Draw your oval shape so that it intersects your very first circle. The top of the oval must have to do with midway up the circle for the head.

  • Include guidelines for the face. Draw a horizontal line down the center of your circle, and a horizontal line throughout. The horizontal line ought to be at the same level as the top of your oval. These lines will assist you space out the eyes and form the nose.

  • Include 2 more horizontal lines near the bottom of your circle for the mouth.

  • Utilize a pencil for the lays out. Draw gently so you can quickly erase any

Step 2 Draw two big circles for the body. The very first circle should converge the bottom oval on Santas head. The top of it must be at the exact same height as your bottom horizontal face line. Your 2nd circle must be larger than your very first one and intersect it. The top of this circle ought to reach the middle of your first body circle.

  • The top of your 2 circles will be Santas chest. Keep it around and make it a little broader than his head.
  • The bottom of your two circles is Santas stubborn belly. Make it about one and a half times larger than the circle for the chest.

Final Step Give Your Santa Head A Beard And Then Finish His Hat

In the steps below, Ive outlined a simple way to go about the rest of your drawing.

The bottom of the circle give you a nice idea of how the beard can pan out. I say can as really you can make it longer/shorter/curlier/spikier/etc. if you like!

Heres how to go about it

As with the hat, youll notice that Ive created sort of a 3D look by making the end look as though its being obstructed by the base. To do this, as you can see above in example two start off with a simple curved line which outlines the portion of the hat indented by Santas head before it turns over, falls to the side and is only partially seen in behind him. Got all that?

Next? Well, how about I leave the rest up to you. Remaining details and color see what else you can come up with!

And that wraps up this lesson hope you had some fun!

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Part 3 Adding Santas Clothes And Coloring

Step 1 Go back over and describe Santas body. 

  • Draw over the external edges of your initial circles and ovals. You wish to fill out Santas body now, making him look more three-dimensional.
  • Just draw the outer edges of your shapes.
  • Eliminate any intersecting parts to provide your drawing weight.
  • When finished, you will have a three-dimensional looking Santa that has a hat, but still no clothes.

Step 2 Sketch in Santas clothes. 

  • Start with Santas waistcoat. Draw the bottoms of the coat by drawing a curved line on the external side of each of Santas legs. The lines need to curve away from his legs until each line reaches the knee. Then draw 2 curved lines back up and connect these lines by the stomach button location. The bottoms of the waistcoat get a white fringe similar to his hat.
  • Include the belt. The belt is a thick rectangle that curves slightly around Santas stomach. The bottom of the belt is where the 2 flaps of the waistcoat fulfill around the tummy button.
  • Add a square buckle in the center and two belt loops, one on either side.
  • Include a circular button or 2 in the center of the waistcoat.
  • Below Santas waistcoat are his trousers which can be drawn with a few vertical zig-zag lines. He also has huge boots which increase to his shins.
  • Lastly, draw 2 rectangle-shaped cuffs on his sleeves where his wrists are and make certain his hands are detailed.
  • Santas hat, coat, pants, and boots are all red. His boots are slightly darker than the other red garments.

Heres How To Draw Santas Face With A Simple Step By Step Tutorial Its A Pretty Symmetrical Drawing To Keep It Easy For Young Artists

How to draw SANTA CLAUS FACE for Kids

One way to draw Santa with a lot of impact, is to just concentrate of drawing his face. If you follow my tutorial that you can download below, youll see that its made of some pretty simple shapes, they just need to look symmetrical, like any face does. The exception is the floppy top of his hat, which of course needs to drape down over the side of his head.

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Add Santa Claus Facial Features

Now that we have finished drawing the whole body of Santa Claus, its time to draw the facial features to add an expression in Santa Claus face.

Start by drawing the outline of his thick eyebrows. Then, right underneath the eyebrows, draw two small oval shapes for the eyes. Shade the eyes while leaving a tiny dot unshaded. Dont forget to draw a sideways oval shape on each cheek to create a blushing effect.

Here, you can see the Santa Claus drawing is nearly finished! The only thing its missing is a dash of multiple colors to complete your artwork!

Finally, here is the most exciting partfilling in the colors for your awesome drawing! This is the part where you can show off your artistic skills and your ability to mix and match various colors.

Santa Claus hair, moustache, and beard are all as white as snow. It is believed that the color of his hair is not a result of his old age, but it actually lacks pigmentation, thus it is translucent. He also typically wears a red-colored Christmas outfit adorned with white fur.

Feel free to color your Santa Claus drawing using any colors you like and watch as your drawing ultimately comes to life! And while youre at it, why not try experimenting with different coloring materials such as watercolor and brush pens as well?

What Is Flow Drawing

Flow Drawing is a new art technique developed by us to encourage children to understand shapes and create illustrations, in a much freer way. By removing restrictions, flow drawing encourages children to fully engage in the moment and discover their natural flow, making every line count and bringing mindfulness to their creative process.

You can think of the flow drawing technique as a how to draw guide with a difference children wont just draw a picture, theyll create a Uunique work of art, right from their soul.

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How To Draw Santa Claus Head Step By Step

December 09, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Christmas

This is the head of a Santa Claus. He seems to be examining the Christmas wishes patiently and carefully, for fear of missing something. Learning to draw such a Santa Claus is a very simple and fun thing, suitable for preschoolers and kids of all ages. If you want to make a Christmas card by yourself, you can consider drawing this head on the card.

Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this Santa Claus head, very simple. If you like it, pick up a pen and follow the steps below to try it out!


How to draw Santa Claus head

1.Draw an oval nose first. Then draw two oval eyes.

2. Draw the eyes completely and draw a few curves beside the eyes. Then draw the eyebrows.

3. Draw a beard at the bottom of your nose, as shown above.

4. Draw a horizontal curve at the top. Then draw four curves down.

5. Draw a few curves to get the brim of the Santa hat.

6. Draw two ears. Then draw curves on both sides.

7. Draw Santa’s beard.

8. Draw a Santa hat.

9.Finally, simply color it. This cartoon Santa Claus head is done!

What Can I Draw For Christmas


When trying to come up with a list of what to draw for Christmas, think of who the drawing is for. Are you making drawings just for yourself? Have you been commissioned to make a holiday drawing? Commissions are drawings that have been requested by customers? Are you going to turn the drawings into crafts?  

If youre just drawing for yourself, then think about the things that you like and draw that. 

The subject of the commissioned drawings will obviously be what the client has asked for.

Christmas drawings for crafts can be a mix of the above. Its also a good idea to research current trends and classic holiday themes. 

Some ideas of what you can draw are a snowman with a top hat, a wreath, Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, reindeer, candy canes, ornaments, gifts or a santa hat drawing.

Here are video tutorials for some of those Christmas drawing ideas. 

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Draw The Arms Of Santa Claus

To create Santa Claus arms, draw two upward diagonal lines on each side of the torso with a cuff at the bottom. Then, draw the hands wearing a pair of gloves beneath the cuff.

As you can see in the illustration, Santa Claus arms are both raised upwards. You can opt to draw the arms in the same place or position the arms however you like.

How To Draw Santa Step By Step

Step 1

I recommend using a pencil to draw this Santa, before going over it with a fine line pen or marker. There are some lines you may have to erase as you go along. Start out by drawing two commas far apart as shown in the example above, then draw a small oval between these marks for the nose.

Step 2

Draw the top of Santas face area, then draw the moustache under his nose.

Step 3

Draw the cloud like fur at the top of Santas face. Next draw his mouth area.

Step 4

Now draw Santas hat as you see in our example.

Step 5

Lets draw Santas beard, it takes five bumpy curves. Draw his tongue under his moustache, followed by two ovals for the outside of the eyes with a small dot inside for the pupils. Then draw fluffy eyebrows.

Step 6

Draw the ears, they are half circles with a line inside as shown. Draw Santas round belly, dont forget the fur trim. Begin to draw his arms as you see in our Step 6 picture.

Step 7

Draw the fur at the end of the arms and down the top. Erase a square shape towards the bottom and draw in the belt buckle.

Step 8

Draw Santas mittens. Now draw his legs and the fur that trims them.

Step 9

Draw in the belt using curved lines around the belly, then draw the boots. If you drew this in pencil first you should now trace over the image with a fine line pen or marker. Then erase all unwanted pencil marks.

Step 10

Now we can color our Santa! I bet he looks great. to see our Kawaii style Santa.

How to Draw Santa Drawing Guide on one page

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Draw The Distinct Facial Features

Right above Santa Claus head, draw a Christmas hat, as shown in the illustration.

In the middle of the face, draw a curved line for the nose with a moustache right underneath. Then, at the bottom of his face, create a long, stubble beard by drawing continuous curved lines to make the beard look thick and fluffy.

How To Draw Santa Claus Step By Step

How To Draw Santa Claus Face | Santa Claus Drawing By little girl in Christmas Time |ððð²ð¦âð?ð²ðð

Hi everybody and welcome to a new tutorial on the NIL-tech, this time entitled How to draw Santa.

Need an image of Santa for a Christmas card or decoration? Drawing Santa is reasonably basic. Start by detailing his body with easy shapes. Add some detail to his jolly face and stubborn belly like a bowl full of jelly. Finish by coloring him in, and you have got a drawing of Santa best for cards and designs.

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