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How To Draw Semi Realistic Eyes

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Semi Realistic Anime Eye Tutorial

How to draw Semi-realistic Eyes – An Analysis [Voice-over Tutorial]

Hi! Today I bring you the tutorial on how to draw semi realistic eyes on tone paper! You can of course do this on regular paper as well just have to be more careful about the shading and can’t use white

:eyes: :eyes:

1. Sketch out a basic shape of the eye

For semi realistic eye shape.

It’s mostly realistic. The whole shape is kinda like a oval. I made the upper eyelid more thicker than a normal eye for exaggeration. And I made the eyeball bigger for that anime effect lol

:eyes: :eyes:

2. Add pupil shape and shade the eye white part.

For the pupil I did a flipped half circle to indicate the shape but still stylized. The eye white have more shading on the top half but also a little beside the lower eyelid

:eyes: :eyes:

3. Shade the pupil and upper eye.

Just like the eye white shade more on the upper eye and the lower part of the eyeball is a lot lighter. The reason for that is that the upper eyelid is a lot more thicker than the lower one so it casts more shadow > <

:eyes: :eyes:

4. Darken and add details

I made the pupil darker and added some little details on the lower half

:eyes: :eyes:

5,6. Add white and highlights to eye.

First I used white pencil on the eye white. Then I used a gel pen for the highlight. I also added some white on the lower eye part for more contrast. For 6 I just added more small details

:eyes: :eyes:

7. Add black in darker areas.

:eyes: :eyes:

I added a lot of lashes for that anime kinda effect lol

:eyes: :eyes:

Outline The Shape Of An Eye And Highlight

Lets start off with an HB pencil to sketch the shape of the eye. This outline should not be too dark because you want to prevent it from showing through in the end. We just need the basic shapes outlined at this point. The square shape in the pupil is a glare from a window or similar shaped light source. You can use other shapes such as circles or ovals as well.

If youre stuck on drawing a realistic eye shape, iris or eyebrow, visit the 3 pages below:

How To Draw A Semi Realistic Portrait

wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 93,126 times.Learn more…

Semi realism is an art form that seeks to combine realistic and stylized depictions of a living being or scene. In this article, you’ll learn how to draw a semi realistic portrait using a computer program. The example in this tutorial uses Photoshop CS5 but you can most likely apply the same principles to a similar program.

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Eyes From Different Angles

How to draw SEMI REALISTIC eyes! (HARD)

From other angles eyes might appear flat if drawn in a straight line. The front area of the face is a little bent and the eyes appear slanted.

The form of the eye changes when the pupil moves. Dont be afraid to break up the eye shape to make it dynamic. The pupil moves on a sphere, not on a straight plane.

Especially when drawing eyes from a ¾ view it is important to imagine the spherical space they move on. Keep the thickness of the eyelids in mind. Stylised approaches might leave out some anatomical details, but the shape should still act like the realistic eye in order to achieve a 3-dimensional result.

When the head is turned away in semi profile you might only see the tip of the eyebrow and eyelash. Turning it more reveals there is no space between eye and eye bridge. This indicates a strong change of direction to where the head is facing before it turns into a full profile.

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Easy Step By Step How To Draw Semi Realistic Drawing Tutorials For Kids

Semi realistic step by step realistic. Anime Sherlock has teenager eyes that are pretty open in this example its obvious that semi-realistic Sherlock is an adult but anime Sherlock can be counted anywhere from a teenager to an adult because of the eyes. It will help you learn to draw realistic eyebrows and lip shading. The video belongs to Huta ChanToday I will guide you guys on ho.

Do Wild Horses Migrate. Palomino colour type of horse distinguished by its cream yellow or gold coat and white or silver mane and tail. Semi Realistic Drawing Step By Step Semi realistic eye step by step by DaenirArt on DeviantArt How To Draw Realistic Male Eyes Step By Astar Tutorial How to Draw a Semi Realistic Portrait with Pictures Semi Realistic Sketch by ember snow on DeviantArt.

Draw a small slightly tilted oval for the head. This is a short but easy how to do realistic anime face step by step tutorial on how to create a custom semi-realistic anime face cartoon. Draw the head with a wiggly curved line starting from above the eye and going diagonally downwards towards the right.

Then add a circle next to it this will be the thorax the middle part of the bees body that holds legs and wings. Add tiny semi-circular detail all over the head to make it look fluffy. Semi-realistic Sherlock also has a pointy jawline and oval face.

Draw a wiggly line below the snout as well. Is a palomino horse. This is a very important aspect of drawing Anime.

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This Was Suppose To Come Out A While Ago With My Other Two How Draw Eyes Tutorial Xd I Got Lazy Though So

How to draw eyes semi realistic. Then this tutorial is just made for you. Do you want to learn how draw a semi realistic eye. Here it is lol.

So created a video how draw sem. I’m gonna show all the tips and trick of i eyes. I only showed the brush setting that adjusted, other settings are kept as default.

Really hope enjoy this video. Sorry i haven’t been on lately, have busy with school and such. Here’s a timelapse with some thoughts on how to paint more realistic eyes.

This is a process video of how i draw semirealistic/anime eyes in real time. Hey loves happy holidays.

Wanted to get back into realism/semi realism. Hope you found this helpful. I am finally back.

Soooo happy missed you all much omyglob. Let me know what think in the comments below and if try make sur.

How To Draw Semi Realistic Eyes An Analysis Voice Over Tutorial

How To Draw An Octopus

How to draw a semi realistic eye

Today we will learn how to draw an octopus. This adds another tutorial to our growing sea animals collection along with the shark, whale, dolphin, sea turtle, seahorse and all the fish.

The drawing is a semi-realistic looking octopus, made cute by the large cartoony eyes. An octopus is surprisingly easy to draw – one large oval for the head and many squiggly tentacles. To add some depth and detail to our drawing, we show some of the underbelly suction cups on the tentacles as they twist.

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By Step Semi Realistic Eye Drawing

Semi Realism Eyes With White Lashes Step By Step By Felicemelancholie Deviantart Com On Deviantar Digital Art Tutorial Digital Painting Tutorials Eye Drawing

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How To Draw An Octopus: Base Sketch Step By Step

Step 1: Draw an oval for the octopus’s head

Let’s start drawing our octopus with a simple oval. Draw it tilted to one side. This will be the octopus’s head and mantle – the large part behind the head that holds all of the octopus’s organs.

Next, draw a kind of axe blade shape to the bottom left side of the oval – a wide curve joined to the head on sides by two smaller curved lines. This will be the base for the octopus’s tentacles and the webbing between them.

Step 2: Draw large eyes and mark the tentacles

Next, draw two large, bulging eyes. These are just small circles placed on the head, with another half-moon arc to mark off the pupils.

Then split the bottom arc into five roughly equal parts with four straight marks. These will be the guidelines for the first five tentacles.

Step 3: Draw the octopus’s tentacles

Draw one tentacle onto each of the marked-up segments. Each tentacle starts wide at the top – just slightly narrower than the marked-up segment to leave a small gap between the tentacles – and narrows as it curves down to a pointy tip.

Play with the tentacle shapes, they can be any curve – from a simple “C” arc as the one on the left, to an overlapping “S” curve, like the one in the middle, or going completely crazy with as many loops as you dare to draw.

Step 4: Draw the remaining tentacles

Well, the name octopus comes from Greek, meaning “eight-foot”, so our drawing is still missing three more tentacles to be an octopus. Let’s draw those.

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How To Draw Semi Realistic Anime Eyes Step By Step

Best ANIME image references website

How To Draw Semi Realistic Anime Eyes Step By Step. How to draw anime eyes male and female anime eyes are wide and very expressive. I haven t watched bbc sherlock but by.

Yuuike 93 826 views 6 59 don t vs do how to draw anime eyes drawing tutorial duration. Capture the emotions in your drawings with this simple and easy to follow how to draw anime eyes tutorial. How to draw semi realistic eyes an analysis voice over tutorial duration.

How To Draw An Octopus: Outline The Drawing Step By Step

How to draw semi realistic eyes by Huta Chan

Step 1: Draw the octopus’s eyes and suction cups on tentacles

With the sketch done, it is time to outline the octopus drawing. Start with the eyes – outline the circles, and fill in the marked-off inner pupils, leaving a small white curve on the side for the shine in the eye.

Next, draw the suction cups that show on the tentacles, where we have marked them off. Draw the suction cups as simple small ovals in two lines. They are larger closer to the octopus’s head and get smaller as you move to the tentacle tip.

Step 2: Draw the octopus’s body

Outline the main curve of the octopus’s body, joining in a smooth line the two outer tentacles with the head shape.

Step 3: Outline the octopus’s tentacles

Next, outline the five lower tentacles. These are just a straight outline of the sketch, breaking up the line where the suction cup ovals hide the edge of the tentacle.

Step 4: Outline the remaining tentacles

Same as above, outline the remaining three tentacles, breaking the line for the suction cups where needed.

Step 5: Draw the webbing between tentacles

Here are the last few lines to complete our octopus drawing: Draw the webbing between the tentacles, to close the octopus’s body – these are just small curves between the tentacles, that smoothly join one edge to the other.

Finally, draw the edges of the lower tentacle parts, again breaking the line between the suction cups as needed.

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How To Quickly Draw A Semi

Make a lemon-shape on your paper like this…

A common mistake that people make when drawing an eye is drawing a circle in the eye for the iris. Instead, you should draw a “U” shape in the eye like this.

Draw another “U” shape inside the first, putting it very close to the first one.

Make a third smaller “U” inside the eye for the pupil.

Draw these three shapes in the eye..

Erase any lines that go through them.

Darken the pupil

Darken in between the large and the medium “U”

Start making lines like this in the iris..

Continue around, changing the direction the line is going as you go around the iris. DONT fill in the shapes we made earlier.

Take your finger and rub around the iris to blend it.

LIGHTLY erase inside the shapes that you made.

Darken the pupil and in between the large and middle “U”

Darken the outside of the eye

Add eye lashes to the top. Remember, they increase in size going left to right

Add lashes to the bottom and blend them with your finger.

Add a curved line to this area of the eye.

And another on this side..

Lightly darken the inside of both of those spaces and blend with your finger.

Erase any stray pencil marks and clean up the space.

Add a curved line above the eye and lightly blend below it with your finger.

Tadumm! Stand back and admire your artwork! 🙂

If you attempt it, I would LOVE to see it! Please upload it to twitter and mention me . thanks and happy crafting! 🙂

  • Pencil

How To Draw A Semi

First draw a circle for the iris The draw in the pupil and a oval like shape with a tear duct.

Draw in the light zones. Usually there is one pure white spot, and then just a zone where the iris is lighter in colour.

Put an eye lid above the eye. All eyes have different shaped eye lids, so decide how you want it to look. Draw a circle inside the tear duct and put a light spot.

Begin to shade the iris. The top of the iris will be very dark, because that is where the shadow is. Colour the pupil very darkly, pushing your pencil as dark as it will go.

Draw line patterns around the pupil. You can change it up to make the patterns in your eye look more unique. Make sure to keep the white spot completely white. Notice the lighter zone of the iris.

Add some darks around the edges of the iris. Most eyes have this. Shade out or blend with a blending tool.

Darken the eye ball. Underneath the skin and eye kids will have a shadow. Make it darkest at the top of the eye and then shade outwards.

Shade behind the circle in the tear duct very darkly, then shade in the rest lightly. Darken beneath the eye lid and made any other changes.

Add eye lashes. Put your pencil down where the eye begins and swoop out. Eye lashes are not perfectly straight! Follow the natural curve. Lower lashes are thinner and less dark. This eye has no makeup

Draw a faint line for an eyebrow. Put a dark spot by the tear duct. This is a small dent where the nose begins.

And Voila!

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