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How To Draw Shapes In Illustrator

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How To Make A Heart In Illustrator

How to Draw Shapes in Illustrator

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to draw a heart in Adobe Illustrator in six simple steps. You will learn how to easily turn a rectangle into a rounded rectangle, how to rotate and duplicate it, how to cut and unite vector shapes, and finally, how to warp your heart shape in Illustrator.

How Can You Master Vector Drawing Fast

There is a saying that goes like this Practice makes a man perfect and When you dig in more to a difficult task, it becomes easy. Learning is not a magic talent, Is something you should put in the effort to do it. If you hate learning, you will not grow much. So all am saying is that practice and practice and you will soon be perfect. That is how all senior graphic designers and I myself started. In the beginning, I was with no idea of how things work, but when I dig in more and practiced consistently, I then became good at it.

So thats the only way, there is no magic formula for mastering vector drawing. Take it slow in the beginning and learn from people who know. You can only decide to take a course or suggest you learn it on platforms like YouTube for free. I strongly recommend subscribing to this channel for expert advice on graphic design tutorials.

;There are so many types of people in this world, others prefer learning by watching and others too by reading. So know who you are and which one will work best for you.

And also dont be afraid of committing mistakes in the beginning. A lot of people give up on many things so early, but remember nothing is impossible. There is always a good way to do something and your task is to find that way. So if you find yourself not picking up after weeks or months of learning, then remember something wrong somewhere. You need a break to figure out why things arent working the way you expect.

How To Make A Semicircle In Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a sophisticated drawing program that can be used for simple or complex drawings. When you begin to use Illustrator, understanding the way the tools work and using them to draw basic shapes is the first skill you must learn. After you master drawing semicircles in Adobe Illustrator, you can use the same skills to draw other shapes and patterns that make your Illustrator drawings intricate and professional looking.


Open a new, blank Illustrator document by selecting “New” in the File menu.


Find the Rectangle tool in the toolbar. Click and hold your mouse over the Rectangle tool until you see the other shape options available. Hover your mouse over the Ellipse Tool option and release the mouse.


Draw a perfect circle on your artboard by holding down both the “Shift” key and the mouse button while you click in the document and drag the mouse cursor. Release the mouse when half of the circle is the size you want your semicircle to be.


In the toolbar, click the Direct Selection Tool, which is a white arrow.




Select the anchor point at the bottom of the circle. Two handlebars appear on either side of the anchor point. Click the end of one handlebar and stretch it so that its end aligns with the width of the circle. Repeat for the other side. This step rounds out the bottom of the circle to its original arc.



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Color Picker In The Toolbar

If you are aimed at the more profound coloring of the shapes, youd better the Color Picker in the Toolbar with more options to choose from.

Step 1. Select the shape

Repeat step #1 from the previous paragraph.

Step 2. Double-click the Fill or Stroke color box

Step 3. Select the Hue

Drag the rainbow slider up or down to choose the color range. The round marker on the left affects the intensity and brightness. Click OK when you like the result.

Mind that deleting fill or stroke color is a quick operation. You just need to click the None button indicated with the red line. To interchange the fill and stroke colors, press X or click the double-headed arrow.

Ann Young

How To Draw Shapes In Adobe Illustrator

Basic SHAPES Illustrator Tutorial

Understanding anchors in Illustrator is fundamental to mastering the drawing of objects. This video shows how smart guides can help alignment of shapes and introduces bezier handles and curves in the drawing process.

  • A rectangle in Illustrator uses four anchor points

  • We can now look to draw a circle

  • Select the circle tool from the toolbox and as you click-and-drag to start drawing the circle a pink line appears thats a smart guide showing objects in alignment

  • Come off the mouse once the bottom of the circle matches the bottom of the rectangle

  • A pink smart cross will also appear in the middle of the circle to show its perfectly round

  • To see the anchor points of the circle, select the direct selection tool and click onto the circle which now shows four anchor points which is the same as a rectangle

  • When clicking on the top anchor point you will see direction lines coming from the anchor point and these are called bezier handles

  • The paths in between are bezier curves

  • The distance between the handle and the anchor point controls the bend of the curve

  • Suggested courses: If you are viewing this page ;you would benefit from our Illustrator Starter, Fast track or Fast track + Adobe certified course.

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    Things You Can Use The Shape Builder Tool To Do

    So what we are going to do is to draw a basic flower. And remember, there are only three things you can use the shape builder tool for Those are the basics and we are going to implement all of them by drawing a basic flower form different shapes.

    The final project is displayed in the image below. After you have gotten the idea of how this works, you can then go ahead and build more complex shapes. However, that doesnt have to be hard. All that you need to know is how you can use the shape builder tool to do those three things listed above. And with such knowledge, you are good to go.

    How To Make Basic Shapes In Illustrator

    Lets start with the basics. To make a shape in Illustrator, youll need to choose from the Shape Tools. The default shape is a Rectangle, but you can also choose from a Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Star, or Flare. To choose from these other shapes, right click on the Rectangle Tool and select the one you want to make. From here, all you need to do is click and drag to make your shape.

    Helpful Shortcuts for Drawing the Basic Shapes

  • If you hold the Shift key when creating a rectangle or rounded rectangle, you will get a perfectly proportioned square.
  • If you hold the Shift key when creating an ellipse, youll get a perfect circle.
  • Holding the Alt key will allow you to draw a shape from the center rather than the corner.
  • If you know the exact size shape you want to create, then with the shape tool selected, click on the screen and dont drag. A box will pop up, and you can enter the exact dimensions for your shape.
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    How To Create And Change Shapes In Illustrator

    Today were going to be working with shapes inside Adobe Illustrator. Lets start with the built-in shapes you can build very easily. Go over to the toolbar and click on the Rectangle tool. You can hold the mouse down and get a menu of additional shapes Illustrator has built-in. Youll see the Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Star, and the Flare tools.

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    You can simply click on the Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle on the document. Youll see it fills with the fill color and its been created with multiple points.

    You can then go to the Direct Selection and modify any of those points to further manipulate its shape.

    Next, lets look at the Rounded Rectangle tool. Simply select it from the toolbar and then create a rounded rectangle. Youll notice that the curves are already put in there for you by Illustrator, but again, using the Direct Selection tool, you can go in and adjust any of the curves to your liking.

    You can also use the regular Selection tool to resize any of the shapes youve created. For example, you can drag one of the corners or one of the sides.

    Next, lets look at the Ellipse tool or the Circle tool. You can simply select it from the toolbar and drag a circle into your artboard. If you hold down the Shift key, youll be able to draw a perfectly proportional circle.

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    Youll see Illustrator has automatically created the polygon for you.

    + Tutorials For Working With Shapes In Illustrator

    How to draw in Illustrator with shapes & lines – Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 [4/39]

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    in this post well feature 40 Illustrator tutorials for working with shapes in various ways and for a variety of purposes. As youll see in these tutorials, shapes can be used for plenty of real-world purposes in every day design.

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    What Is Adobe Illustrator

    Adobe Illustrator is a software tool for creating drawings, illustrations, and artwork using a Windows or macOS computer. Adobe Illustrator is universally used by graphic designers, web designers, visual artists, and professional illustrators across the globe to create excellent works of art.

    Illustrator, one of the widely used character animation maker, also offers many advanced drawing tools that can decrease the time needed to create amazing illustrations.

    How To Draw Shapes In Illustrator

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw different shapes using the shape tool in Adobe Illustrator.

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    Drawing shapes for illustrator is one of the basic skills in illustrator. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw shapes illustrator by following the simple steps given below.

    Step 1 Draw a rectangle toolFirst of all, go to the tool bar located towards the left side of the window, click the shape tool icon and hold it for a while. By doing so, you will get a list of options with different shapes to select from.Lets start by using the rectangle tool first. Pick up the tool by clicking on it, and draw it on the canvas by holding and dragging your cursor on the canvas, like so.

    Step 2 Draw a triangle toolNow lets make a simple envelope using this shape only. For that, we need a triangular shape. So lets pick up the polygon tool from the list and double click on the board. This will open up the properties dialog box from where we can configure how the shape will be drawn. Over here, we will reduce the number of sides to 3 and press ok. With that done, you can see that a triangle has been drawn on the canvas.

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    See What You Can Do With Adobe Illustrator

    • With Adobe Illustrator, you can create a diversity of digital and printed images, including charts, cartoons, diagrams, graphs, brand logos, illustrations, etc.
    • With Illustrator, you can import a picture and use it as a guideline to trace an object in the picture. This way, you can recolor or create a sketch-like appearance of a picture.
    • With Illustrator, you can also manipulate text in multiple ways, making Illustrator a powerful tool for creating logos, posters, postcards,; and other visual designs that use text and images together.;
    • With Illustrator, you can also design website mock-ups that show what the website will look like when completed.

    How To Merge Shapes In Illustrator

    Illustrator: Creating Custom Shapes with the Pen Tool

    At some point you may find that you want to merge or combine shapes in Illustrator. To do so, you will need to open the pathfinder tool. To find it, go to Window > Pathfinder, and the toolbox will pop up. Select the objects that you want to merge, then select Merge from the pathfinder toolbox. Tah dah! You can combine shapes to create arrows , but an ice cream cone seemed like a more exciting demonstration.

    Theres a lot more that you can do with shapes, and with time and patience, you can create beautiful geometric patterns like theseor you can download what you need from our library, and save time for your other projects.

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    How To Draw A Star Polygon In Illustrator

    Step 1. Click and hold the Rectangle Tool.

    Step 2. Find the Star Tool on the panel and select it.

    Step 3. Drag and stop when you like the size. While constructing the start, you can rotate it by moving the mouse in an arc.

    Step 4. The Up and Down keys help to add and reduce points of the star.

    Step 5. To make a star more pointed hold down Ctrl or Cmd , while dragging the pointer.

    Editing Shapes And Objects

    • It’s the arrow at the top of the toolbar at the workspace’s left side.;
    • You’ll need this tool while selecting and manipulating existing designs on the canvas.
    • You can also use this tool to adjust the shapes, lines, or text you’ve added to your document.

    Select the object you want to edit

    • When you select an object, you’ll see a handled border around it.
    • In case you wish to select multiple objects at a time, hold down the shift key as you click on each object.

    Drag any of the exterior handles to the size you want

    • Dragging a handle will increase or decrease the size of the object in that particular direction.
    • Hold the Shift key to hold proportions if you don’t want to change the original shape.

    Drag an object from the center to change its position;

    • You can also do this using your keyboard’s arrow keys.
    • To move a selected object by a particular distance, click on the Object menu, click on Transform, and then click on Move.
    • Enter the desired position and click on OK.
    • You can also cut and paste on the desired position.
    • Select Cut from the Edit menu to remove the selected object.;
    • Then, select Paste from the same edit menu to insert it back into the document.

    Add color to the selected object

    • Double-click on the Fill box in the Properties panel to bring up the color palette and select the desired color to fill the selected object.
    • To adjust the color of the selected object’s outline, double-click on the Stroke box in the Properties panel, then pick a color.

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    How To Color Shapes Using The Shape Builder Tool In Illustrator

    One big feature of the shape builder tool is its ability to color shapes. You can join many images together and use the shape builder tool to color whichever part of the shape you want to. Let see in a real example by drawing some basic shapes.

    First select the rectangle tool and draw a rectangle of the width wider than the length of the height. Dont give it any color and assign a stroke of 3 pixels or more to it.

    Then draw another rectangle of height longer than the height of the first rectangle. Position it to the left side of the parent rectangle with some little margin at the left. Then duplicate it two times and position one at the right and the other at the center of the parent rectangle. So in all, you should have 4 rectangles, look at the below image for reference.

    Now you have gotten a different part of the shape. Let see how we can color these parts.

    First, select all the rectangles with the selection tool. Then pick the shape builder tool, I think by now you should be familiar with it and the shortcut for it? If you dont press Shirt + M to select it. While it is selected, pick any color you want to give to the shape with the swatch panel. Next click on any part of the shape and the color will be applied to it. Its so easy right?

    Create A Simple Graphic Arrow

    How to Draw 3D Isometric Shapes in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

    Select the polygon tool and click to draw on the art board whilst holding shift. With shift still selected, use the cursor keys to reduce the number of sides to three to create a triangle. Select the triangle shape and, whilst holding alt, click and drag the shape to duplicate it so that you have two overlapping triangles.

    With both triangles selected, hit ‘R’ and hold shift to rotate the triangles 90 degrees. Now select the shape builder tool and holding alt to bring up the ‘minus’ function. Now simply click on the overlapping shapes to create a bold triangular shape and simply add in a line to complete the arrow.

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