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How To Draw Shoes On Feet

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How To Draw Feet With Shoes For Beginners

How to draw feet with shoes for beginners

How to draw feet for beginners

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw feet and shoes really easy. Find out how to sketch the anatomy of the feet using pencils. Sketch after my drawings and learn how to draw feet in any position!

As I always say at the end of my videos, your comments are very important for me and I will try to reply with a tutorial to each of you who left a comment below my description.

This tutorial is for Kyla Verde, Philomena Bulem and Maureen Fredrika and to all of you who asked about how to draw feet a tutorial made for beginners.

We start by drawing two parallel lines. The line from the left part is intersecting a circle, in its middle. Then we draw a pair of parallel lines, but this time they are a little bit curved. After this, you will draw a triangle that has the base parallel with the lower part of your paper. Once again, the 3 easy steps and then, all yu have to do is to connect the shapes.

When finishing, just add the shoes, as you want them to be with high heels for example.Depending on this, here are 2 drawings that show you the angle of the feet.

I will draw the same steps for the other foot, and once again I will continue by connecting the primary shapes.Also, depending on the heels, here are two possible positions.

Now that you know the steps, I will show you that with my technique you can draw feet in any position. For example, take a photo and try to sketch after it.

Tips To Top Off Your Skills

If starting from scratch sounds like an overwhelming endeavor, tracing is a great way to get realistic results fast. You dont have to start out sketching, says Fernandez. You can use your reference photo and just trace over it if you want to practice, or want to get a feel for the shape of the shoe.

Also be sure to consider the material of the shoe when it comes to highlights and shading. Plastic and patent leather arent going to behave the same way as suede or canvas. Some shoes are shiny and smooth, while others are matte and textured. Have fun and experiment with different brushes to find the right texture for every shoe.

Lastly, use these steps as a handy guide for all your shoe drawings, but keep in mind that your tools and techniques will vary depending on what style you choose. From meticulous and realistic digital drawings to futuristic fashion sketches, or even anime and manga, the choice is yours. Find more shoe drawing ideas and get inspiration from other artists on Behance, then start making your own creation.

Drawing Shoes With Simple Shapes

While feet can be quite difficult to grasp, shoes make them much easier to draw, because you dont have to worry about toes! Its important to have an understanding of the forms here as well, but if you have a good grasp on 3D forms, you can stick to just your simple shapes.

Your ankle can be drawn as a circle, your heel can be drawn as a trapezoid, your midfoot can be drawn as a triangle, and your toes can be drawn as a semicircle. If youd like the 3D form version of these, its the exact same as the bare foot, but instead of a prism for the toes, youd use a semi sphere.

The best part about this method is that you can rearrange the position of the shapes to draw in different perspectives! For instance, if you line all of your shapes up so they are facing forwards, you can draw a forward-facing shoe.

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How To Draw Sneaker Shoe Step By Step:

Step 1: Start your drawing with the estimation of the height and width of sneaker shoes.

Step 2: Double the sole line with a parallel line and shape the back by drawing it curvy.

Step 3: Draw 2 the upper part with 2 lines, to depict it open.

Step 4: Draw another upper line later to draw lace wholes on it, also shape the open portion from which leg goes in.

Step 5: Draw tongue for the sneaker and multiple circles for the lace hole.

Step 6: Depict outline for the lace, for the draw curvy line going from one hole to another. On the heel, side draw a big circle for design.

Step 7: Double the lace lines and draw a star inside the big circle.

Step 8: Your sneaker is ready, just darken all the outlines of your sneaker.

Step 9: Color it with funky colors or the color of your favorite sneakers.

Step 1: Draw a rectangular box shape.

Step 2: Inside the rectangular box draw a parallel line.

Step 3: From the left side of the box draw a straight line forming a curve then again an angeled line converting into an upside curve.

Step 4: Draw the front sole and shape the backside too.

Step 5: Erase the above line of the box and you will get the image as given below.

Step 6: Start adding some basic design to your shoes.

Step 7: Draw 4 flat angular shapes on the top of shoes depicting the shoelace.

Step 8: Double the outline of the design lines to look more attractive and your shoe is ready.

Step 9: Color your shoe with your choice I have used light and dark blue with my choice.

Drawing Heels Sneakers Boots And More

How To Draw Feet & Shoes: CARTOONING 101 #10

While theres a method for drawing simple shoe shapes, there are many things to keep in mind when drawing different kinds of shoes!

  • Laces | Shoe laces should never be drawn as just an x pattern. Theyll loop under and over the edges of your shoes!

  • Buckles | When drawing a buckle, remember that the belt will cover part of the buckle. The buckle will look like the letter c instead of a full rectangle.

  • Shoe Soles | A sole is an extension of the foot, so in order to add it, youll have to draw an extra rectangle underneath the shape of your foot! For platform shoes and boots, this rectangle will get taller!

  • High heels | High heels can get complex because of the way you need to arrange the simple shapes. Your semicircle can remain flat on the ground, but your triangle should be at an angle to make up for the raised heel.

Feet and shoes may seem like theyre in a league of their own, but just like hands, they take practice. Use tons of references and draw them in a variety of poses, styles and perspectives, and youll be a master in no time! If youd like to learn more about drawing hands, consider checking out our realistic drawing class, where you can get guided lessons and feedback for hands and all other aspects of human anatomy! If youd like more tips about drawing hands and anatomy, check out our human anatomy playlist on YouTube!

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Drawing The Front View Shoe

It is important not to draw the front view shoe curve too deep to the toes nor too flat and straight. Use the lower dividing line from Step 2 to help you find the accurate place for the shoe curve. It should be slightly higher than the dividing line in the ends and dipping in at the Centerline. You know from the how to draw clothes tutorials that everything wrapped around the body has its own volume and thickness. Draw a thin curving around the foot as shown below. Draw a flipped smaller curve right under the big one. This one indicates the delicate bump of the toes and will add a touch of realism to the sketch.

Drawing Feet With 3d Forms

Unlike hands, feet are difficult to draw without understanding their simple forms first. Starting with the ankle, you can think of that as a sphere. The heel of your foot can be a pudding cup shape, and your midfoot and ball of the foot can be drawn together as a door wedge or cheese wedge. Your toes can be drawn as rectangular prisms, but its a little easier to draw them as one big prism first, then split them up afterwards.

Your big toe will take up about a quarter to a third of the original prism. The remainder of the prism can be split into four to make up the remaining toes. The heights of the toes will change depending on what kind of foot youre drawing. Keep in mind that youll still have to add definition to your foot afterwards as well — round out the edges, add nails to your toes, add an arch to your midfoot, draw in the ankle, so on and so forth. But its important to have the basics in mind before jumping to advanced steps!

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Draw The Outline Of The Shoes

Around/on top of the shape of the feet draw the outlines of the shoes with their largest and most important details.

Running shoes often have soft padding through them and thus tend to be somewhat thicker than other shoe types. For this reason you should draw their outline shape some distance away from the foot.

Erase the part of the foot covered by the shoes so that you have a clean drawing like the one in the above example.

How To Draw High Heel Shoes

How to Draw FEET & Shoes Art Tutorial Livestream Highlights

This tutorial shows you five steps to draw a heeled shoe, guided by fashion illustration artist Josefina Fernandez. For her drawing, Fernandez used a reference photo found online. Shoes can look very daunting to sketch, but if youre faithful to what you see, you can achieve pretty realistic effects, Fernandez advises.

Image by Josefina Fernandez

1. Draw a triangle.

All high-heeled shoes form the basic shape of a triangle. Sketch one out that your shoe can fit inside. Then make marks along the edges to note where landmarks of the shoe will fall. For accurate proportions work with thirds when marking out your triangle.

2. Sketch the outline of the shoe.

Using your triangle as a guide, start to draw the basic outline of the shoe. Dont worry if your lines are messy just focus on following the smooth, curved lines of the shoe without picking up your pen.

Video by Josefina Fernandez

3. Add details and draw your final lines.

Add lines for the insole and outsole, the shape of the heel and peg. Beyond your basic outline, these lines add definition and dimension to your shoe. Once youve finished the linework, go over your final lines and use an eraser to clean up the drawing. If youre working digitally, you can simply make a new layer for this.

4. Fill your shoe with color.

5. Add highlights to the upper.

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How To Draw The Front And Back Of The Shoes:

You can draw your front and back shoes drawing with your imaginations and the help of this guideline:

Step 1: Always keep the measurement of shoes correct, as the gap between toe box and tongue, length and width, lace pattern, etc.

Step 2: Every shoe has a different base shape according to there design, thus focus on the base.

Step 3: Use your observation while drawing the front, it should not be too blunt or too pointed, draw with extra care.

Step 4: Sole is the important part of any shoe, it can be different in every footwear according to the style.

Step 5: Each and every detail is important while drawing.

Step 6: Use your imagination at best to color your shoe, you can pick your favorite ones too.

Now You Can Add In The Final Details

Your shoe drawing is very nearly done! The hard parts are over, so now you can have some fun adding in some fun details.

Using some curved lines, you can add in the details that we show in our image, but dont be afraid to add in some details of your own!

You could even draw in some accessories like buttons, stickers and other fun patterns to set your shoes apart!

If you own sneakers like this in real life, you could also try to make this one look like your own shoe!

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How Do You Draw A Dogs Foot Easy

Here are six easy steps for drawing your own dog paw prints: Start by drawing a curved line across your page. Draw circles for the base of your paw prints. Draw oval shaped fingers for your paws. Curve the base of your paw prints. Point out the paw fingers. Use a marker to colour in your dog paw prints.

Define The Legs Feet And Shoes

How to Draw Feet/Shoes: Front View, Male & Female

Use the shapes to add more defining lines of detail to the legs and feet. Your shapes from earlier are to serve simply as guidelines. Dont feel like you have to draw over them exactly.

Notice here that I decided to draw to the right of my guideline, so the curve from the calf muscle would look more slender and natural. Also notice that I didnt trace those lines of the left leg that are hidden behind the right leg in the foreground.

Add in a line or two for the ankle, and do your best to indicate the toes, using your wedge shapes to help you.

Draw thin lines on the top and bottom of each shoe to represent the outer soles and insoles. There is a barely noticeable heel on the bottom of the shoe. Also, notice the space between the foot and the insole.

Add the straps for the heel, toes, and ankles. You should draw the heel strap overlapping the insole a bit, and then erase the part the strap conceals. You can add a buckle and a few holes to the ankle strap.

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Draw The Outline Of The Boots

Once you sketch out the outline of the feet draw the outer shape of the boots around them. In this case the part of the shoe around the leg will be pretty close to it as leather is not a very thick material. However boots of this type will usually be more loose around the leg area to help a person get their foot in. To show this you can draw that part farther away from the leg.

Again erase the leg outline once you have the outline of the boots.

How To Draw A Sneaker

Streetwear tennis shoes like Nikes, Adidas, and Air Jordans are often striking shoe designs that make for intricate and exciting shoe drawings. Pick a reference photo or shoe from your closet to guide you as you draw. Its helpful to have a visual to keep you grounded, otherwise youre pulling from memory. In this step-by-step tutorial, artist and illustrator Spencer Nugent teaches you how to draw a side view of a sneaker.

Image by Spencer Nugent

1. Draw a set of planes for the framework of the shoe.

This set of rectangles in perspective mirror the shape of the foot and will serve as a drawing guide for you, as well as a platform for the sole of the shoe. Next, sketch a circle around the heel and the ball of the foot and use curved lines to hone the shape of the sole.

2. Draw frames to guide your outline.

These should look like goalposts or rectangular-shaped straps on a sandal. Imagine these points as being translated into perspective. It doesnt mean this is the final design, but I now have points through which I can draw curves for my shoe, says Nugent.

Image by Spencer Nugent

3. Fill in the outline of the shoe.

4. Trace over your sketch with a pen.

For your final outline, choose a pen or brush that is crisp and bold. You want a pen that doesnt forgive and doesnt forget, because it forces you to be very mindful of what youre doing, says Nugent.

Image by Spencer Nugent

5. Fill in the details.

6. Draw the laces.

Image by Spencer Nugent

7. Color your shoe.

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How To Draw Anime Shoes Step By Step

This tutorial show how to draw different kinds of anime shoes with three different views for each shoe type. The examples are of running shoes, high heel shoes, school shoes, boots, slippers and sandals.

The examples in this tutorial represent some of the most commonly seen varieties of foot ware in anime and manga. The tutorial also shows some of the more often seen views/angles they tend to be drawn from. In this case the examples are of front, 3/4 and side views.

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How to Draw Anime Feet and Shoes [Narrated Tutorial]

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