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How To Draw Simple Cartoon Characters

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How To Draw Cartoon Characters

How To Draw Simple Cartoon Character

Everyone can learn how to draw cartoon characters. Yes, you too 🙂 Cartoons are easy and simple. Once you learn the simple techniques, you can literally draw anything. On these pages you will find tutorials for drawing cute cartoons. They are very easy to follow and I am sure you will have a lot of fun drawing them.I recommend to draw every character at least 3 x in row, so that you will memorize the strokes. Then show it to your friend, mom, dad, brother, sister, show them “live” how to draw cartoon characters.

I can guarantee they will be amazed. And surprised at the same seeing how simple and easy it is.

Here you will find many characters, so you can pick your favorite ones and begin to practice right now. Just with the pencil. Just like that :)It’s OK to make mistakes, and please make as many mistakes as possible because you’ll learn better.

And remember, if you are not completely satisfied with your drawings, simply RE-draw them 2x or 3x in row.

The Characterizer Feature In Adobe Character Animator

Adobe Character Animator is a tool for creating animated videos with a cartoon character that uses the motion capture technique. In short, it gets your facial expressions and voice from your cam and mic to animate a custom charactcer. The good news is this character can be a cartoon version of yourself! The tool has a feature called Characterizer that takes a capture of you face and applies a cartoon filter. It even allows you to add your own custom styles. If this catches your interest, you can check out a tutorial video on the subject.

The Basic 3 Circle Layout

Before you get going you may want to warm up and practice your circles use this lesson below to develop your line work and basic shape drawing.

I’ll be using red ink to represent very light sketching and drawing, blue ink to show lining in and black ink to show outlining

Ok let’s get started…

Image 1 – Look – The first thing we need to sketch very lightly is three circles one on top of the other in a vertical line. This is our Look phase where we sketch out the general proportions of our character. Nearly all of our characters will follow these basic proportions .

Image 2 – Layout – Here we sketch very lightly the rough details and dressings for the character .

Image 3 – Note the face is in the lower half of the head – eyes & ears on the half way line – nose half way between eye line and the chin – mouth half way again.

Image 4 – Line – Now we use a heavier line to draw in the details we want and start dressing our character.

Image 5 and 6 – Shape/Shadow/Shine – Now we add a little detail and shading to give our character shape and form.

Here’s another character for you to Practice.

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Focus On Facial Expression

Expressions showing a character’s range of emotions and depicting its ups and downs will further flesh out your character. Depending on its personality, a figure’s emotions might be muted and wry or explosive and wildly exaggerated.

“When you know the basics of drawing a face, play with the expression of the character,” says Ørum. “Use a mirror to read your own face and notice the subtle changes. Push and pull the eyebrows to show emotion. Avoid giving the face symmetry. The mouth will always favours a side and it gives life to the drawing. And give the head a tilt to add nuance.”

Classic examples of exaggerated expressions can be found in the work of the legendary Tex Avery: the eyes of his Wild Wolf character often pop out of its head when it’s excited. Another example of how expressions communicate motions is deadpan Droopy, who barely registers any sort of emotion at all.

+ Easy Cartoon Characters To Draw

How To Draw BETTER Cartoon Poses! (SO EASY!)

Home » Drawing » 19+ Easy Cartoon Characters to Draw

Some of my fondest memories were watching Saturday morning cartoons and cartoons every other day for that matter. Its fun to show your love for those characters and drawing them is one way to do it. In fact, there are a lot of easy cartoon characters to draw!

There are thousands of cartoon characters that you can practice on before proceeding on to making your characters. They help you learn the different techniques you need to know in order to start your own line.

Lets get started on drawing your favorite toons and step-by-step instructions on how to draw cartoon characters.

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The Magic Of Flat Shapes

Flat shapes are very versatile even without being three dimensional. You can do wonders with them alone.

Careers have been made by artists who don’t go beyond working with flat two dimensional shapes.

It’s impossible for me to show you ALL the ways they can be used in drawing, SO I’ve chosen ONE way to use them in this post. Perhaps as this site grows, we can investigate the other ways.

For now, let’s concentrate on how to make fun cartoon characters using flat shapes.

Shapes and Design

Remember in Lesson 3 when I wrote about the harmony between Contrast and Balance? Well, when it comes to creating characters with flat shapes, this principle still applies.

If you’ve forgotten what I wrote or if you’ve simply skipped the post, I recommend you go back and read or reread it. The following is an extension of that lesson.

Remember the shapes we practiced drawing in Lesson 2? Well, it’s time to use them again.

Just like with the stick figures, when we create a character from these three shapes, it’s all about creating contrast with the spacing of the proportions.

BUT, now that we have shapes, there are two more elements to think about:

  • Spacing contrast and
  • Size contrast.
  • Spacing contrast – Means you make sure you space out the shapes in interesting way. Trying to avoid spacing that is too balanced which would make the design dull.

    Size contrast – Simply means your trying to put shapes of different sizes next to each other to create interest.

    Figure 2.

    Figure 3.

    Figure 4.

    Away From The Reference Material

    While inspiration needs to come from somewhere, the aim is to create something original. So Robert Wallace known as Parallel Teeth suggests not having the reference material right in front of you as you work.

    “If you look at something and then you try and hazily remember it in your mind, that’s when you end up making something new, rather than a pastiche of something,” he says. Above you can see Wallace’s new take on well-known festive figures, created for a Hong Kong department store.

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    Batman Pencil Holder Design

    Legendary superhero step-by-step

    Have you ever had a go at drawing a cartoon character before? It’s a great way of practicing your drawing skills and express yourself! You can suggest and name your favorite cartoon character and we will create it. Choose a cartoon character, which you want to draw, from the list above and start creating!

    Grace Miller

    Grace is an inspired editor and aspiring rock artist. Her passion for rock art began 5 years ago when she accidentally stumbled upon a kindness rock on her way home. Since then, she devotes all her free time to rock painting and happily shares her experience and inspiration with novice artists.

    Here Are Some Of My Favorite Drawing Tools

    How to Draw a Simple Cartoon Character for Comics or Animation

    Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found this helpful in improving your art. Here are some tools I use as an artist, and I hope you find them helpful. These are affiliate links, so if you decide to use any of them, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

    Pencils I love using Staedtler drawing pencils . Ive been using them for more than 15 years. Ive never had the lead break on me and they are quite sturdy. They also come in a wide range of hard to soft.

    Color Pencils Ive used Derwent for a long time. The rich colors in their color pencils and the way they blend are amazing.

    Copic markers are my number 1 choice. I love these markers! The way they blend and the marker texture they give when you render details is nothing short of amazing!

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    Bonus: How To Create Accessories

    Creating a zine or a comic is pretty complex, so why not start with creating small items?

    Today, I will explain how to prepare art for acrylic keychains, which are easy to make and look cute with chibi characters!

    An acrylic keychain usually requires three separate data, depending on the printing vendor template.

    Open the template, and paste these images on separate layers, usually the following:

    Then, send the data to the printing vendor.

    For the artwork, choose the data you want to use.

    At the top, indicate where to place the hole for the keyring chain.

    Make sure you dont draw anything over the hole.

    The white fill is the base color under the illustration.

    Without this white base, the illustration will be printed directly on the transparent acrylic, which makes the colors appear translucent and hard to see.

    To print your illustration as you created it, make sure to create a white fill layer.

    It is easy to create this data create a duplicate of the illustration layer and fill it with a solid color. The printing vendor will print this layer in white.

    Because it sits under the illustration, the shape should be a silhouette of the artwork. If you want certain parts to appear transparent, you can remove the white fill on those parts.

    Cut area shows where the acrylic board will be cut.

    The layer can be purely black. Fill the area surrounding the illustration in black.

    Avoid creating a complex cut border, as the keyring maker may not be able to cut it.

    Making A Cartoon Of Yourself By Hand

  • To draw yourself as a cartoon, you a first going to need a general picture or idea of how you would look as a cartoon. A fun and easy place to start generating some mental images for yourself is online at At you can see yourself as a cartoon. Recreate the cartoon image of yourself on a sheet of paper. To do this: use a simple black outline, add in your facial features, incorporate your specific clothes and hairstyle choice, and then use colors such as pencils crayons, or paintbrushes to color in your image.
  • Now, turn your piece of paper over and draw yourself again as a cartoon. However, this time, change around your facial features. For instance, you can make your eyes bigger, work in some crazy hair, or exaggerate some of the features you already have. Do this by changing around the size and shape of your features. Then, give your image some color.
  • Take the two drawings that you made and compare them. Are there any differences that you notice? Can you tell that one is an imitation that you were copying from the computer, and the other is the image that you have in your mind of yourself.
  • Now that you have an idea of what a cartoon can look like, take out another piece of paper and start writing down ideas for the final draft of the cartoon of yourself. You might want your cartoon to tell a story, or you might want to draw a cartoon of yourself as a baby.
  • Now, go ahead and add any dialogue or action to your cartoon.
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    How To Cartoon Yourself In Procreate

    In this tutorial, Ill be teaching you how to cartoon yourself in Procreate. Even if you have no drawing skills you can take a photo and easily draw a cartoon-style look using the procreate app.

    I saw this technique of drawing a cartoon of yourself on social media the other day and it quickly brought back memories of how we would pop art or cartoon ourselves in Photoshop, back in the 90s. Yeah, thats showing my age, but what goes around comes back around. Almost always!

    So I thought since I cant draw a cartoon on my iPhone like the young kiddos do these days Id show you how to do it in Procreate on your iPad. Its super fun and you really dont need any drawing talent whatsoever to do it!

    How To Draw Characters With Different Facial Expressions

    How To Draw Simple Cartoon Character

    When thinking about cartoon characters to draw, emotions and facial expressions should come to mind. We’re now ready to add more emotions to our dear Lucy . Let’s draw her after receiving the news that the school holidays have come to an end…

    Again, we achieve something totally different just by adding two things: the tears and the new shape of her mouth! Isn’t it amazing?!

    Now let’s get back to Tommy and ask him what he thinks about it:

    Notice that I’ve totally changed his expression just by following the steps below:

    • Making one eyebrow lower than the other
    • Cutting the eyes in half with the eyelashes
    • Adding a smile
    • Moving up the eye pupils to stay under the eyelashes

    And that’s it! We got the expected result with just these few changes. The hair, ears, nose, chin, and the circular shape of the eyes are the same! Simple as that!

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    How To Draw Superheroes Easy Step By Step

    How to draw superheroes easy step by step is one of the main interesting drawing activities for kids. In that way, there is a number of superheroes that kids draw in their drawings. Most probably, how to draw Spiderman, how to draw superman, draw hulk, how to draw Captain America, how to draw Ironman, and how to draw black panther are the main concerning drawing activities for kids.

    How to Draw Spiderman

    How to Draw Spiderman

    Draw a Spiderman is the most favorite superhero character for kids to start to draw Cartoon. In this regard, kids want to learn to draw spiderman easily with simple steps.

    How To Draw Black Panther

    How To Draw Black Panther

    Black Panther is the most favorite superhero character for kids. In this video, children want to learn to draw Black Panther easily with simple steps.

    How to draw Doraemon

    How to draw Doraemon

    Doraemon is the funniest character for kids. In this way, kids want to learn to draw Doraemon easily step by step

    How To Draw Supergirl

    How To Draw Supergirl

    Supergirl is the most favorite character for kids. So, kids want to learn to draw supergirl easily step by step from the soft roots

    How To Draw Joker

    How To Draw Joker

    Joker is the funniest character for kids. In this regard, kids want to learn to draw ajoker easily step by step.

    How To Draw Naruto

    How To Draw Naruto

    Naruto is the most favorite character for kids. In this video, Kids want to learn to draw Cartoon Naruto easily step by step.

    How to Draw Goku

    How to Draw Goku

    How To Draw Cartoon Eyes

    To illustrate the eyes, make an oval shape with a small tilt to the side at the top. Do the same to the opposite side. Make sure there is a gap between both eyes of approximately the same size as an eye. To help you determine the length of the gap, draw another eye in the center. This strategy is very helpful to serve as a measure in the drafting phase.

    After the eyes are ready, it is time to draw the eyelashes of your character. To do so, slightly thicken the trait at the top of the eyes. A bit above the eyelashes, place eyebrows to create a kind of surprised expression. There is no exact form for the eyebrow, meaning you are free to create your own style that suits your character.

    The next step is to draw pupils. Many cartoonists illustrate both pupils are directed to the center to make the character look cuter. It is considered a very effective tactic if your purpose is also to make the cartoon character look more charming and loveable. If you want to illustrate more life and realism to the eyes, add a small line right below them to create a kind of wrinkle. This is another useful strategy that illustrates a special touch to the characters facial expression.

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    Easy Character To Draw / 50 Cartoon Characters Anyone Can Draw With Free Video Tutorials /

    Check out the low for tips and how to become a successful beginne. If you’ve never sketched before but have been interested in it, it can seem somewhat intimidating to jump right in. Creative bloq is supported by its audience. Lol 6 years ago try to make everything better please!! Sadly, once you get stuck, it can be hard to get started again,.

    I How To Draw Cartoon Characters Step By Stepthe Cartoon Drawing Strategies For Beginners

    How To Draw a Cartoon Character Face – Easy, Simple and Fun

    In this cartoon drawing tutorial, you will get your hands on 4 cartoon drawing strategies that will simplify your drawing process.

    1. Simplify Everything

    If you have ever heard about caricature drawing, you will surely agree to this. You may find that the cartoon character that you are going to draw contains a lot of details and sometimes it is impossible to copy everything. Well, the good news is to draw a stunning beautiful cartoon character, you don’t have to do so, instead you need to focus onto simpler shapes, lines, details and shadows. The reason is because the cartoon character drawing works best with simple line drawing. Many people have wasted a lot of time adding as many details as possible into the drawing but they end up having a messy picture. Things like small wrinkle or any strand of hair do not make you drawing any better. Therefore, please try your best to keep your lines and shapes simple. Finally, do a bit of shading to make your drawing more refined.

    2. Draw Through Objects

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