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How To Draw Skin With Colored Pencils

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What Are Colours Made Out Of

Drawing Skin with ONLY 5 Colored Pencils

Before we start making our skin tone, we must ask ourselves what a colour exists out of. Colours are made out of 3 components: Hue Value Saturation

If youre not caught up on the difference between hue value and saturation Id suggest reading this simple

Anyway, with these three components in mind, we can create any colour! So what about skin colour?

How To Color Skin Tones

The most capable colored pencils in the world are no good if you dont know how to use them! Not only is having a good artistic touch important for producing good skin tones but so is having a game plan before you begin to color.

When you are preparing to start on a piece, it is important to first closely study the model that you plan on coloring. Dont just look at their average skin color. What colors do you see when you see the spots where light is shining directly off of it? What about in shaded regions? Do they have more of a red or yellow undertone?

Every single persons skin color is a little different. So creating a roadmap of sorts before you begin to put down color can help you from running into roadblocks later on.

Once you have established what sorts of color you will need, compare that to what colored pencil you have at your fingertips. Figure out where the major color gaps are. These areas will require you to get creative by blending/layering to achieve the desired effect.

As we mentioned above, the larger sets will typically have fewer of these color gaps. You will be able to find a starting point that is much closer to your desired ending point.

OK, so you have all of the pencil colors that you think you will need. And for the colors that you dont have pencils of, you have a game plan for how you will blend and stack colors to achieve these.

The next step is the fun part: to begin to apply color!

Additional Tips On Drawing Skin

  • In reality, I never use only three colors. Although three colors can do wonders. Most times I use additional shades of red to warm up my drawing or shades of green and blue to mute down my skin tones. You can read more here, this is an older, slightly more advanced tutorial of mine, but the basic idea is the same.
  • As stated before, the point is to create a beautiful drawing, not make an exact copy of the reference image. Do not worry if your colors do not match the reference photo. As long as you are consistent and use the same colors throughout the whole artwork, your drawing will be consistent and beautiful, just slightly different.
  • Also do not be afraid of âcrazyâ colors. Apart from the obvious skin colors, oranges, pinks, reds and browns, skin consists of blues and greens as well. And to be honest adding green or/blue can produce more interesting results, can give âdimensionâ to your skin. Otherwise, even though it is colored, your skin might look flat. For example if you use three shades of brown, the drawing will be monochromatic, the equivalent of using three shades of gray .
  • To darken a part of the skin even further, you can use black VERY CAREFULLY. Keep in mind that using black cancels color, so try to keep these parts more saturated, add more color to them.
  • And for those who prefer a video tutorial you can check this one out:

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    Free Download How To Draw Realistic Skin With Colored Pencils

    In this class, I am teaching how to draw realistic, lifelike human skin using nothing else but colored pencils.

    When drawing the skin, I always use the technique called burnishing for which you will need wax-based colored pencils such as Prismacolor Premier or Caran Dache Luminance 6901. Since they are both wax-based, they blend well together and I use them both for my portraits. My fans and followers always ask me what do I use to blend my colored pencils to make the drawn skin look like in photos without any pencil lines visible. My answer is: I use another colored pencil and I will show you how to blend and render colored pencils for professional results. I dont use things like underpaints or solvents. So, to enroll, you will need only colored pencils and paper.

    In this class, I have included demonstrations of drawing 8 different human skin tones: light, medium, and dark. I will tell you exactly which colored pencil or a combination of colored pencils to use to create a particular skin tone so that you can use the tips from this class for your lifelike, realistic portraits.

    About: How to Draw Realistic Skin with Colored Pencils

    File Name:

    How To Mix Any Skin Tone

    How to draw skin — Basic tips with colored pencils.

    Mixing skin tones or “flesh tones” can be quite a complex endeavor. Every skin tone is slightly different from the next and it often requires mixing multiple colors to attain the correct “tone” To add to the complexity, no one is made up of just one skin tone. Instead, our “skin tone” is actually a collection of variations of tones and values. To put it bluntly, mixing skin tones is not for the “faint at heart”.

    Luckily, all is not lost. There is a combination of colors that will almost always lead to the desired tones that might be found on a human. I’ll touch on it briefly here, since I’ve already covered this topic in detail over on the blog in this post.

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    Beginner Techniques Using Colored Pencils

    Its probably the right time to remember that theres more to drawing with colored pencils than just a few simple strokes on the drawing sheet.

    Its easy to walk into a battle with an arsenal full of unique weapons. In a similar way, knowing the beginner techniques of using colored pencils allows you to create beautiful art without too much of a hustle.

    The following beginner colored pencil techniques form the foundation for any type of colored pencil art that one wishes to create.

    Left Circle: Less Layers To Achieve Lighter Value

    Well now start with the left circle. We noticed in our previous circle that the more layers you add, the darker the value will be. Now lets try using fewer layers and lets see what thatll give us. The whites of the paper peeking through helps us to keep the value light. But this results in an even less smooth colour than the circle before! Lets save this issue for later.

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    Derwent Coloursoft Colored Pencils

    We mentioned the smaller set of skin-colored Derwent Coloursoft Pencils above. But these pencils are part of the larger and more practical full 72-count set of Derwent Coloursoft Pencils. While many of the colors in the larger set will not be practical for use when doing skin tones, the added versatility of the larger set makes it a better buy, in our opinion.

    The Coloursoft Pencils offer up superb blending. Not only that, but they stack on top of each other quite well. This will allow you to build up the color much easier. This is also a softer pencil which means that you will be able to emit color without having to push down real hard.

    The only issue you may run into with the Derwent Coloursoft Pencils is that they arent great for highly detailed areas. This could include those spots of skin near the hairline or around eyes and eyelashes. For these spots, we recommend using a fine-point blender to blend the color in and then go through with a more precise pencil with a smaller core diameter for better control.

    Another Derwent offering made the top of our list. We have been more recently introduced to the Procolour line and cant say enough positive things about it.

    The blending is quite good with the Procolour Pencils. In particular, darker colors respond well to the addition of white or other extremely light colors. This is good for those times that you need to lighten up the skin tone .

    Best Colored Pencils For Anime

    DRAWING SKIN WITH PRISMACOLORS! Coloured Pencil Drawing Tutorial Episode 5

    Best Colored Pencils For Anime. So i decided to make them into 2 or 3 parts.octopus’s garden, colored pencil on paper before reading this article, click here for a. I’m looking for good affordable colored pencils that meet my criteria.

    Well you’re in luck, because here they come. Last updated by brandon f. Fine drawing materials bring out the best in your drawing and cut hours of frustrated rework from your if you’re not too fond of mechanical pencils, the uni arterase color pencils are a wooden alternative to these.

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    How To Color Skin Tones With Colored Pencils In 5 Easy Steps

    I have a confession to make. Just a couple months ago, I was afraid to complete coloring pages with people in them. Superstition? Nope – I just had no idea how to color their skin to make it look nice.

    I’m a marker girl at heart and don’t use colored pencils very often. But to achieve realistic-looking skin tones in just a few easy steps, colored pencils have become my go-to medium. With just 2-4 colored pencils and a secret ingredient, you can do it too! That secret ingredient is a blending pencil, or blender. I have found my results are good with both wax-based as well as oil-based colored pencils.

    Step one: Using medium pressure and coloring in small circles, lay down the base layer using your main skin tone .

    Step two: Add layers of the same color one on top of the other until you achieve the shade you want.

    Step three: Using your blending pencil and fairly firm pressure, “color” over the shape you just filled in. Since it is colorless, you won’t actually be adding color. What you will do is fill in the tiny holes and grooves that make up the paper’s texture, giving the skin a smooth, even appearance. Make sure the point on the blending pencil isn’t too sharp, so you don’t make dents in your paper.

    Step five: With gentle pressure, go over your shading and highlighting with your blending pencil, and you’re done!

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    Explore How To Create Skin Tones With Colored Pencils

    December 21, 2014 ByAntonella Avogadro& filed under Art Blog, Mixed Media.

    Creating human skin tones with colored pencils can be one of the most intimidating subjects to tackle. Skin, and its variety of colors, can present particular challenges. This post will offer advice to make you more comfortable the next time you are drawing a face or body creating skin tones with colored pencils.

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    People’s Skin Tones Are Never Just One Color But Many Different Colours

    Take a close look at your portrait photo and try to identify individual colours. Write them down on a piece of paper.

    At first glance, it seems almost impossible to see multiple colours of the skin when looking at the photo. It takes some practice to break down the many nuances of the skin into multiple colours. But there are ways to make this easier!

    Learn How To Use Colored Pencils


    Disclaimer | This article may contain affiliate links, this means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases.

    Arent we all astonished whenever we see a fabulous piece of artwork?

    May it be an art gallery or just friends sketchbook, the feeling of dumbfoundedness is familiar.

    We all loved colored pencils when we were kids but hardly do we ever look back to them while drawing.

    The rainbow-colored set holds the key to a plethora of drawing techniques, some for beginners and some kept aside for the professionals only.

    People who have discovered the magic of colored pencils find it hard to look back. From knowing how to sharpen the pencils correctly, to grasping the tens of techniques involved in drawing, theres a lot to digest.

    We present to you 12 brilliant beginner techniques on using colored pencils and scaling up your art skills.

    Dont worry, as well cover every topic in bite-sized pieces. Theres no good in biting more than what we can chew.

    Let us get down to understand the basics of colored pencils, and then talk about some techniques so that anyone can also draw brilliantly with colored pencils.

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    Keep All The Colors Handy

    The basic colors that are required in it are yellow, orange, red and black. So, you need to keep all these color pencils with you. All the pencils need to be sharpened well so that you can draw realistic fire. You can also keep sharpeners so that your pencil can be sharpened when you need it. If you wish to learn it properly then, in that case, you can also join some drawing classes so that you can learn it from a professional. Be regular in your classes so that there is nothing that you will miss out on. You will soon be able to learn how to draw fire.

    Red Yellow Brown And White

    In short, using a combination of white, red, yellow, and brown will lead to a variety of skin tones that will mix to make most tones out there. For shadows, blue is used in the mixture.

    For tones that are lighter, more whites and yellows are used. For tones that are darker, more reds and browns are used.

    The pitfall that most beginning artists fall in to is the assumption that we are made up of just one tone. Many new artists will try to find the “right tone”, when they should be focusing their efforts on finding a “family” of tones. Look closely at a reference, or better yet – an actual person. Pay attention to ALL of the tones that are present. There are many variations of color. Some areas have more red, while others have more yellow – and so on.

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    Middle Circle: 3 Coloured Pencils Only

    We learnt we need orange. So lets start by colouring a layer of magenta. Next, we lay down a layer of yellow. Do you feel like the orange is too light? Use another layer of orange. Next, well add a layer of blue to desaturate that orange. Start light so you dont overdo it.

    Now repeat everything! Orange > blue. Now that weve been layering the colours you might notice that the value is going darker. Not a problem if youre going for this, but if you want to stick to a lighter skin colour youll need to stop in time. The disadvantage is that the fewer layers of pencil you have, the less smooth it will look. Well go over the options on how to smooth it out later on. lets move on to the next circle.

    Tutorial #: How I Color Skin


    This video doesnt include any audio commentary, so its more of a color-along but still a very good guide on coloring a face with pencils. The Prismacolor pencil color code is included in the bottom corner so you can understand how the layers are being done. The video has been sped up slightly, so you may need to pause and play if you are coloring along. The end result is amazing!

    Difficulty Level: AdvancedTools used:Prismacolor Premier colored pencils and a white Uni-ball Signo Gel Pen

    What I learned:1. Work in lots of light layers.2. Be patient! Great results take time.

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    Tutorial #: How To Color Shade Different Skin Tones With Colored Pencils

    In this video, Emmy shows us 6 different skin tones and how she colors them. The video shows you which color is being used at each step during the process, so its easy to follow along. She provides a good description of layering and blending and explains the different pressures to use.

    Difficulty level: BeginnerTools used: Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils

    What I learned:1. Use a circular motion and light to medium pressure.2. Work in layers.3. Use an eraser for extra highlights.

    Tools And Materials Used To Color Skin With Markers And Colored Pencils

  • You need two maker in same skin-tone, one of them a little bit darker than the other, for adding shade to the skin.The lighter is for base color and darker one is for applying the skin shadows.
  • Kneaded eraser to gently lift the sketch pencil lines and leave a very light line of drawing.
  • faber-Castell Colored pencils in different brown tone.
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    How To Get Skin Tone Colour From 3 Coloured Pencils

    Do you need a skin colour for your colored pencil project, but dont have one? In this article Ill show you how to get a skin tone color from 3 colored pencils: blue yellow and red

    Heres a Youtube video that shows you how to do it:

    This article contains affiliate links which means when you purchase something through that link I earn a small commission at noextra cost to you


  • 6 In conclusion:
  • Colored Pencil Portrait Artists


    Have you ever been to a colored pencil art gallery? Wondered how these famous colored pencil artists do it? Well, if you want to draw like Ann Kullberg and Arlene Steinberg, you can! Find many color pencil portrait tutorials here online, all of which are PDF friendly. Learn how to draw like a pro!

    Draw a colored pencil portrait of your pet. How to make a portrait using colored pencils of your pet? Use this colored pencil techniques for beginners downloadable PDF file and youll be drawing in no time.

    The ultimate guide to colored pencil portraits is here! Draw using colored pencils with step by step, downloadable, tutorials. Use these drawing techniques to draw portraits in colored pencil.

    If you want realistic colored pencil drawing techniques, you are in the right place. This step by step guide is perfect for those drawing with colored pencil beginners. Draw realistic and professional portraits with these easy tutorials.

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