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How To Draw Snowflakes On Nails

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How To Draw Snowflake Nail Art Freehand (SUPER EASY!!) || KELLI MARISSA

Few of the girls in the winter depict tropical fruits on their nails and paint the nails themselves in orange, peach and pink tones. I would like something thematic, snowy. And snowflake winter manicure is the best way for this time of year, especially during the New Year holidays. Nails with snowflakes, photos of which you can see below, look not only stylish, but also feminine, touching.

Winter Manicure With Deer 2017 Photo Novelties Design Ideas

The reindeer is an indisputable symbol of any New Year, as everyone knows that Santa has 9 reindeer, and the main one is Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer that illuminates the path for Santa Claus’s sleigh. It is Rudolph who is most often depicted in New Year’s nail designs – you can see this in our photo selection of manicure with deer. Also, deer are often depicted on winter sweaters, he appears in the traditional New Year’s pattern, which is also transferred to the nails.

And where did the deer on the sweaters come from, and how does this relate to winter? These are all Scandinavian or Norwegian motives – this is where this Christmas mood came from. Why winter? But because we immediately want to wrap ourselves up in a warm blanket and sit in our favorite armchair with a cup of cocoa or coffee in front of the TV.

Can be associated with winter and Russian deer in winter forest, as the sight of snowflakes, snow-covered trees and reindeer harnessed to a sleigh very much evokes Christmas and New Year’s motives. Choose a pattern with a deer on your nails that suits you, as the flight for creativity and imagination is huge.

Beautiful Snowflake Nail Art Designs

Ladies, bring the spirit of Christmas and winter with the snowflake nail art. Nail art has been quite a fashion lately. There are many kinds of designs created conveying various themes, and snowflake is one of the best themes to be selected for Christmas and winter, besides some other fancy themes, such as Christmas tree, Santa, mistletoe, and some other Christmas nuances.

Painting snowflake seems to be a big work to do. The complicated details may make you change your mind and prefer to have the other designs. Well, you should know that the beautiful snowflake image is not as complicated as it looks.

Steps to Create Snowflake Nail Art

Anyone can make snowflake nail art. It does not always need a professional artist to do. Some simple steps can turn your nails into beautifully decorated, even if you are not good in painting. All you have to do is preparing some small tools, such as a striper brush, a dotting tool, base coat, topcoat, white polish, and glittering Christmas green or red polish. Here are the steps.

Preparing the base polish for your nails

If you already apply polish on your nails, you can skip this step. Apply base coat before you add the main polish on your nails. Christmas green or red will be a very good option for the Christmas moment. However, if you want to try something different, you may choose frozen blue, grey, black, dark turquoise, or even pink. The base polish can be applied all over the nails or only on the top part of the nails.

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How To Lay Out A Snowflake From Rhinestones On Nails How To Make Snowflakes On Your Nails We Make A Beautiful Manicure New Year’s Manicure French With Snowflakes And Christmas Decorations

Reading time: 24 minutes

70 best Christmas nail ideas: ideas for Christmas, during the holiday period and just for every day.

In winter nail designs, you can add a frosty palette of shades to decorate your nails in a themed way. Some ideas are easy to implement even for a beginner.

The choice of winter manicure will depend on the situation for which he is thinking. Perhaps this is a delicate design for every day or a manicure for a Christmas or New Year’s holiday. You can practice both on your natural and on nails previously extended under varnish. Whole winter pictures can be created on extended nails. Use the nail design ideas below to create snowflake, snowman or blizzard designs on your own nails.

Snowflake drawing, snow on nails

Snowflakes in nail designs can be created in a variety of sizes and color combinations. You can stick to the traditional blue and white, or decorate your marigolds with green, gold, silver, or red. Apply a dark base to your nails, such as dark green, red, or black nail polish, to create contrasting white glittering snowflakes. Use a thin, long nail art brush and white nail polish or white acrylic paint to create lines that resemble a snowflake design. Make some small snowflakes and 1-2 larger ones. Add shine to your nails with a broomstick or glue on beautiful iridescent rhinestones to add extra chic to your nails.


Winter gifts

Santa Claus or Santa

Lollipop nail design

Winter nail design elements

New Year’s manicure

Red And White Snowflake Nails Art

How to draw snowflakes on nails | Easy Drawings
  • Apply a clear base coat.
  • Apply a white base coat.
  • Apply a red base coat to the half of your nail diagonally.
  • Using a thin striping brush and the red nail polish, draw three lines intersecting in one point on the white section of the nail.
  • Extend the lines to the red section using the same brush but the white nail polish.
  • Add small streaks to both sides of every arm of the snowflake, switching between the red and white nail polishes depending on the base.
  • Paint red dots on the white section of the nail.
  • Using a tiny detailer brush and the white nail polish, draw white dots and a small snowflake print on the red section of the nail.
  • Repeat steps 3-7 with the rest of the nails, altering the angle at which the red base coat is applied.
  • Apply a clear nail coat overtop.
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    Advantages Of Snowflake Nail Design

    Well, the main advantage of using snowflakes as a pattern for the nail design is a wide choice of pictures. Try to diy snowflake nail art having individual shapes on different nails. This way you will show yourself as a creative bright personality and avoid the situation when your pictures and pictures on the other womans nails are similar.Also, the advantages of snowflakes on the nails include:

    • Simplicity. It is really easy to draw snowflakes. Even the simplest cruciform patterns will look sweet and delicate.
    • Freedom of art. Every simple snowflake nail art is inimitable. You wont find two absolutely similar frozen drops. So, snowflakes on the nails will let you stop taking into account the symmetry of patterns and following the order.
    • Wide choice. Snowflakes can consist different swirls and twists. They can be big or small, simple or complex. But the most important thing is that you can and you should complement them with different decorative elements, for instance, sequins, strasses, etc.
    • Opportunity to combine patterns. Due to their diversity snowflakes can be easily combined with other New Year and Christmas patterns.
    • Wide color range. Despite the fact, that snowflakes are obviously white or silver and the background is sky blue or dark blue, the modern nail art pushes the boundaries. Now snowflakes and the background can be of any color you like, which is extends the decorative function of manicure as a meaningful part of any look.

    Snowflake Nail Art Ideas

    Cant get enough of snow? Its the end of the holidays but snow just keeps on coming and making you cuddle up to the fireplace. Its not a bad thing at all, it makes you want to feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoy that hot mug of cocoa and marshmallows. Nothing is perfect than having a warm cup of chocolate inside the house during a snowy day. Since you love snow this much why not spend your free time painting on beautiful snowflake nail art designs?

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    Preparation For Nail Art

    Before drawing snowflakes on nails, you need toto put them in order. Because even the most beautiful pattern will fade in inaccurate nails. If necessary – with a haircut, be sure to saw every nail, making them the same length. Next, polish the nail plate, so that the varnish is flat. After that you can start painting.

    Traditionally for winter manicure usedCold shades of blue, blue or white. In addition, 2015 is the year of the Blue Wooden Goat, so these colors will undoubtedly be popular not only in the winter.

    What length of nails is preferred for manicure withsnowflakes? This pattern will look great both on long and short nails. Therefore, everything here depends on the personal preferences of its owner. The main thing, as we noted above, is clean and well-groomed nails.

    How To Draw A Snowflake On A Nail

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    How To Make A New Year’s Manicure With Snowflakes At Home

    When you don’t have enough time to visit a beauty salon or you want to create beauty on your nails yourself, the question is – how to create a winter manicure with snowflakes on your own? Modern technologies they easily help in the design of nails, so learning how to do nail art on your own is quite simple.

    Even if your artistic ability leaves much to be desired, it will not be difficult to depict snowflakes on your nails. You can purchase special stencils, using which you can make patterns and shapes of varying complexity. If there is no stencil, then you can create a manicure with snowflakes using a sewing needle or a regular toothpick.

    Before starting art, you need to complete some manicure procedures. The main color can be any, but black or red manicure with snowflakes is considered a classic.

    Drawing Snowflakes On A Festive Manicure Using Foil

    The use of foil to create an extraordinary manicure design is called casting.

    Foil is of the following types:

  • sheet. Such foil on sale is in rolls, meets with multi-colored patterns or can be metallized
  • embossed. Has a specific structure. An engraved pattern is already present on this material.
  • Here is a detailed description of the process of drawing a snowflake on a New Year’s manicure using foil.

    It is possible to make a drawing with foil only on the basis of a gel polish coating. First you need to prepare your nails by doing a hygienic manicure. Then the main color is applied in two or three layers. After that, you can start drawing the pattern with gel paint. It is necessary to outline the rays of the snowflake with light movements so that the drawing is symmetrical. Then you can completely complete the drawing and hold your nails under the light of an ultraviolet lamp. After the gel has completely dried, you need to print foil on it. For this you need to use metallized foil. If you find excess varnish, you must carefully remove them with a nail polish remover or remover. The resulting manicure is covered with a top product.

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    Snowflake Nail Designs Options And Techniques

    Snowflake nail designs can be made in different colors and techniques. For example, you can use light snowflakes on a dark background or vice versa, dark snowflakes on a light background. You can find a lot of photos featuring a manicure with painted snowflakes. All of them are done in a different way:

    The most popular technique for drawing snowflakes is to use a thin brush. However, it requires skill and experience, because it is not so easy to draw a thin straight line on the nail plate. It is better to go to a nail technician who has enough skills and experience to perform it accurately.

    The most simple and affordable way for many girls to decorate their nails with snowflakes is to use special stickers. It is possible to find self-adhesive stickers for nails with snowflakes. We will explain how to use these stickers below.

    Beautiful and smooth snowflakes can be done using self-adhesive stripes for decorating manicure. At the same time, you can find stripes of different colors.

    Another technique for a beautiful winter manicure with snowflakes is to use metal stencils and silicone stamps.

    Choosing the base color for your Christmas nail art with snowflakes will depend on your personal preferences and of course, on the color of your festive outfit.

    Compilation Of Diy Tutorials Of Snowflake Nail Art Designs

  • If you are not a fan of loud colors, try using this combination of subtle pink colored snowflake designs make your nails look stunning. Try this sophisticated pattern with full directions!

    Nail Snowflake Art

  • Blue isnt a perfect shade for Christmas, but if you are bored with the traditional green and red colors, you can change the base color and use this Christmas snowflake design.

    DIY Snowflake Nail Art

  • The purple snowflakes made on the white base makes it look gorgeous. Do it neatly as the designs are very intricate.

    Snowflake Nail Art

  • Time to get inspired by the festive season and paint your nails with vibrant colors and detailed designs.

    Snowflakes Nail Art

  • This Christmas go dazzling red with snowflake designs on your nails. Looks modish and is perfect for the party look.

    Snowflake Nail Art Designs for Christmas

  • Try making this simple snowflake nail design if you want to make a quick one.

    Nail Art Snowflake

  • This Gel nail designs give it great shining look on manicured nails. Add some glitter to add some element to it.

    Snowflake Nail Art Pictures

  • Explore new designs and ways to draw snowflake designs on your nails. You can use a toothpick to draw it!

    Snowflake Nail Art Images

  • These golden decals stamped on the nails are quite convenient if you cant draw a free hand design.

    Snowflake Nail Art Tutorial

  • Frosted snowflakes look cute and elegant. Follow this video tutorial and make your nails look pretty this X-Mas.

    Christmas Snowflake Nail Art

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    Lesson Winter Manicure With Snowflakes Gel Polish:

    1) We are preparing nails. This, as you already know, is a mandatory manicure procedure. After all, it depends on this procedure how long the gel polish will be worn. Only the cuticle remover can be used.

    We remove the glossy surface of the nail, for this we grind the nail surface with a special file or buff # 240. Then remove the dust with a brush.

    2) The next step is to apply degreaser and ultrabond. The first tool completely degreases the nail plate. So I warn you, after applying this layer, we do not touch anything with our nails. Ultrabond is needed for reliable adhesion of the nail surface with gel polish.

    3) The next layer is the base coat. Apply the coating with a thin layer, as if rubbing it into the nail plate.

    4) Now we apply the main color. I apply the color in two layers. The first layer turns out to be translucent, and the second layer hides all the flaws of the previous layer, lays down exactly on the surface. I really like. It turns out bright, I would even say that this is not blue, but ultramarine. Truth?

    5) Apply a finishing coat to the nails – this is the top. With the top, we gently go over the entire surface of the nail. Special attention we pay to the area near the cuticle, and also seal the end of the nail. It is very important.

    I think you already know everything – we dry each layer in a UV or LED lamp.

    6) Remove the sticky layer special means… We are waiting for the nails to dry.

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    Drawing With A Needle

    Certainly, in the simplest and most accessible wayis drawing with a needle. If it does not, you can also take a toothpick. Dip the needle in the lacquer and put a point in the center of the nail. Now draw a cross, on top of it one more – diagonally, similar to the letter “X”. The stock for the snowflake is ready. Next, on each ray, make two parallel strokes. You can also put points on the ends. If they are connected with each other by wave-like lines, then a snowflake-cobweb will turn out.

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    Modern Hand Painted Snowflake Nail Art

  • Apply a clear base coat.
  • Apply a silver gray nail polish to the sponge to create a horizontal ombre effect.
  • Press on the sponge to the nail to transfer the nail polish.
  • Apply a glitter nail polish to the same sponge.
  • Press it on to the nail over the gray nail polish.
  • Using a thin striping brush and a pink nail polish, draw a snowflake print on your nail.
  • Repeat the previous step with a white nail polish.
  • Apply a clear nail coat overtop.
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