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How To Draw Sonic Step By Step

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Step Five Draw Sonic The Hedgehog: Shadows & Highlight

How To Draw Sonic The Hedgehog | Step By Step Tutorial

And here’s where everything starts to come together.

1. First, draw a black stroke over the lines you want to shadow or highlight using your Stroke Weight , Brush Size , and Opacity as reference. It won’t look good being too dark/light at first, but we’ll fix that later on…

2-3. Make a new layer above your “Shading” layers and set it to “Multiply”. Then select all of Sonic’s parts without his eyes/bands with the Rectangular Marquee Tool and make a new layer from them . Fill those selections with white then lower their Opacity to 15% . Afterwards, copy & paste your selections and rotate them slightly while flipping them vertically .

4. Copy & paste your white parts to a new layer and place it below the rest of your rectangles/shapes. Now with the Pen Tool , draw a black stroke around all of Sonic’s bottom parts making sure you follow their contour lines exactly.

5-7. Create a stamp visible by CTRL+clicking or Right-clicking where all those parts intersect then make a new layer above your “Shading” layers . Then set this layer to “Luminosity”. This will be where we add any highlights using light colors. Now select all of Sonic’s top parts with the Rectangular Marquee Tool and make a new layer from them. Then fill those selections with white and place it in a new layer below your blacked out rectangles/shapes from step six.

10-11. All that’s left is to add some light touches on his face & chest using a low Opacity white brush over any contour lines

How To Draw Sonic Official Video


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How To Draw Sonic The Hedgehog Draw Sonic The Hedgehog Step By Step

By: AmanCategory: BLOGDate: November 22, 2021

One of the most loved and trending characters is Sonic the Hedgehog. You also want to know How to draw Sonic the hedgehog and learn the step by step process to draw Sonic the hedgehog. You are in right place. Here we are going to explain to you the process of How to draw Sonic the hedgehog. draw Sonic the hedgehog Step by step search will be fulfiled in this Blog.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a video game series produced by Sega. The protagonist of this series is an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog named Sonic, whose peaceful life is often interrupted by the series’ main antagonist, Doctor Eggman.Blue arms with white gloves and red shoes… Oh I see! He’s half robot! How many fingers does he have?

  • Draw sonic the hedgehog Step by Step
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    With over a thousand simple drawing lessons for you and your kids to follow along with. We show you how to draw simply with basic geometric shapes, letters, and numbers. We strive to teach you to draw with the most basic learning techniques. Think you can’t learn to draw? Don’t give up until you try drawing with our easy lessons. 😀

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    Step Four Draw Sonic The Hedgehog: Shading

    How To Draw Sonic.EXE | Step By Step Tutorial

    Looks like there was quite a bit of shading that needed to be added, huh? Well here you go… But since this is part one, I won’t explain all of my steps…’ll just have to trust me that I know what I’m doing

    1. Start by making a new layer above your sketch layer and set it as “Multiply”. I’ll be using this one for shading.

    2. Depending on which areas you want to shade, make a “Shading” layer directly above the color you want to shade them with . However, if you want the same shading on every part of whatever you’re shading, make a stamp visible by CTRL+clicking or Right-clicking where all those parts intersect.

    3. If there are multiple shading layers that have parts overlapping each other, simply select all those parts and merge them into one using Pathfinder . Once everything is merged, make a new layer above your shadow layers and set it to “Multiply” .

    4. Now with the Pen Tool , draw a line over your contour lines making sure to follow them exactly. This will create a subtle effect of Sonic’s fur poking out from under his hat:

    5. Then take the Line tool again and draw thin lines sticking out from under his quills on top of that shadow. The trick is to use small strokes so it looks more like texture

    6. If you want to add some extra light/shadow touches, this is where you do it . It also helps if you zoom in when you’re doing this.

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    How To Draw Sonic The Hedgehog

    Step 1 Draw a large circle for Sonics head and a smaller circle below it for the body. Draw 2 long lines from the body which forms the leg and again 2 small circles for the shoes. Keep in mind to maintain the proportions.

    Step 2 Draw triangular lines for the hands and draw a bigger circle at the end of the left hand as we have seen Sonics left hand is larger. Then define the shoes by drawing two shapes as shown.

    Step 3 Work with spiky hairs now. Draw the outline for the ears and for one eye.

    Step 4 First we will start with the simple parts. Add parallel lines to the hand and the legs to shape them. Draw the gloves and then work with the shoes. Remove the unnecessary lines and move to the next step.

    Step 5 Now draw the face carefully in which many small factors needs to taken care of. Try to do the same thing which I have done if you are new or use your own creative ideas. Then complete the body as illustrated.

    Step 6 Color it with blue or shade it as I have done. Use soft strokes for shading.

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    Your Sonic Drawing Is Complete

    We really hope that you had a great time using this guide to learn how to draw Sonic!

    We wanted to make it easy and fun for you to learn to draw the blue blur himself, and now that you have done it you could keep drawing him and maybe change his position, expression and background!

    The sky is the limit, and you should let your creativity run wild! We cant wait to see what drawing variations, colors and mediums you use to complete your drawing.

    We have many more awesome drawing guides like this one coming out all the time, so be sure to check out our page frequently so that the drawing fun never has to end!

    We love to see how creative you can be, and were looking forward to seeing your incredible Sonic drawings!

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    How To Draw Sonic Step By Step Easy Slow

    How to Draw Sonic the Hedgehog – Step by step – Easy Drawings

    1. Draw the first contours of SonicAt the Peak of the sheet of paper that you Want to draw the first circle. This is going to be the mind of this hedgehog Sonic. Draw a smaller circle beneath it. At this point, its crucial to respect the proportions. Dont make the rings too little and dont push hard on the pen. Later on, these lines might need to be eliminated from the figure.

    2. The shapes of the palms of this animation hedgehogUtilizing the method of first contours in the Kind of circles, An individual can slowly execute the first marking of the Sonic shapes. The left hand at the image is more significant, so draw a ring over the perfect side. His shoes are enormous, so dont be scared to create their traces too big.

    3. The shapes of the mind of SonicSonics hair could be drawn, and it Isnt necessary To correctly follow the shapes of my drawing. Draw the outlines of their pointed ears and then use the first sketches of their eyes onto the face.

    4. The Way to draw a chest FormThis measure of the Sonic drawing is the most challenging, But just in the sense which youre able to get confused at the traces. To begin drawing from the easiest. You first have to draw the form of the arms and thighs, including parallel lines on each side of the first contours. Following that, you have to draw gloves and just following to draw the overall shapes of the sneakers. After that, remove the additional lines and proceed to another step of this image.

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    Thoughts On How To Draw Sonic The Hedgehog

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    Step One To Draw Sonic The Hedgehog: The Head Shape

    Remember that this is Sonic running, so he’ll be moving fast. His head should be stretched out and low.

    For his spikes, we’re going to use the Line tool . If you need help with this, check out this tutorial .

    To create an outlined cap at the top of his head:

    1. Create a new layer above your sketch layer and set it as “Overlay”. This will be the shading layer.

    2. With the Line tool , draw a line like in #1 and #3 below:

    3. Draw another one like in #2 and #4 below:

    4. Then draw one more like in #5 and #6 below:

    5. Duplicate that last shape we made for his quills and move it below the one we made before.

    6. Make another filled in shape like in #7 and #8:

    7. Repeat that same process on the bottom of his head, making a line followed by two more lines above it, then duplicating it and placing them both underneath each other:

    How to draw Sonic The hedgehog Video

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    Interesting Facts About Sonic The Hedgehog

    Sonic the Hedgehog is a member in the casting group for Sonic the Hedgehog of the animated series. The character was designed by Yuji Naka and Naoto shima in 1991 for a video game from Sega. It is based on a blue hedgehog who travels at supersonic speeds and simultaneously curls into a ball for attacking enemies. He inspired comics, original animated video, and 4 cartoon shows.

    Did you know?

    • This character is featured in the video game series Sonic the Hedgehog since 1991.
    • The character is featured on the television series Sonic the Hedgehog since 1993.
    • He is a blue hedgehog with white gloves, white socks, red shoes, and green eyes.
    • Sonics alias is Metal Sonic, girlfriend is Amy Rose, and associates are Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Sally Acorn, and Blaze the Cat.
    • His abilities include running at supersonic speeds, jumping very high, and spinning through objects.

    Sonic is one of the first game cast members to be inducted to the Walk of Game which occurred in 2005. His competitor named Mario from the Nintendo video game company is also an inductee. Sonic was created to provide this marketing advantage, making him the mascot for the video game company Sega. He is now one of the worlds most famous video game characters, having sold over 80 million copies.

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    How To Draw Sonic – Step By Step Tutorial – (Modern Sonic The Hedgehog)

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    Now Finish It Off With Some Color

    With that, you have managed to learn how to draw Sonic! Theres one more step though, and its a fun one!

    Sonic needs some color now, so you can have a great time using your favorite art tools to color in everyones favorite hedgehog.

    Sonic has a distinctive color set, and we have shown in our picture what he typically looks like. Will you stick with Sonics regular colors or will you use some of your favorite colors to fill him in?

    You can also have a great time trying out some fun art mediums such as paints, watercolors or colored pens for some amazing color variations!

    Which colors and mediums will you use to finish off your incredible Sonic drawing?

    Learn How To Draw Sonic The Hedgehog From The Famous Video Game Series A Step By Step Guide Makes It Easy To Draw His Oversized Features

    Sonic the Hedgehog is the title character and the star of the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series published by Sega, as well as numerous spin-off comics, animations, and other media. He is a blue hedgehog who can run at supersonic speeds and curl into a ball, primarily to attack enemies and collect gold rings.

    Now fans of Sonic have an easy tutorial to help them draw all his many details. His cool cartoon eyes, hairline and clothes are all important to his very unique cartoon look. None of those features are hard to draw by themselves, but it helps to a have guide to put them all in the right places. Especially when you are drawing someone who never seems to stop moving!

    Sonic Coloring Page

  • Add a smaller circle below.
  • Draw two legs with socks.
  • Add shoes with stripes below.
  • Draw the arms and tops of gloves.
  • Add the gloves below.
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    Learn How To Draw Sonic For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

    Hey! In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw Sonic for kids. Every child knows what a hedgehog looks like: a small animal with needles on its back. In this drawing lesson, there will be not an ordinary one, but a blue hedgehog that can overtake the fastest car on earth.

    Sonic is familiar to adults and children from many games on computers, game consoles, as well as from films. Drawing Super Sonic will be quick and easy thanks to our guide, which consists of 10 step-by-step descriptions.

    Time needed: 30 minutes.

    How to Draw Sonic for Kids

  • Draw the head.

    First, you need to draw a small round nose, then the outline of the head. Sonics head is round, but also note that there are needles on the right as well.

  • Draw the mouth.

    Draw a face with a curved line from the nose, and a smile with two lines.

  • Add eyes.

    Sonics eyes are large, as shown in our example. Draw the pupils with ovals, which will be painted over with black. But leave small white highlights inside them.

  • Add ears.

    The ears must be drawn in the form of triangles.

  • Draw the body.

    Then draw Super Sonic body in an oval shape.

  • Draw the brushes.

    Before drawing the hands, add a large spot on the belly. To draw the brushes, add 2 circles on the sides of the body as shown in the instructions.

  • Draw arms.

    Connect the arms to the torso with simple lines.

  • Add fingers.
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