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How To Draw Star Wars Ships

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Star Wars isn’t all about laser sword fights — it’s also about dogfights in the deep darkness of space!

Why is Star Wars such a popular fandom? Simply put, theres a lot to love in a galaxy far, far away. For instance, the iconic characters like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader have been cool enough to help define multiple generations of fans. However, other people go for the weapons, from the iconic lightsaber to the thermal detonator and Boba Fetts sick arsenal, this universe has some of the most awesome weapons to ever grace the silver screen — its no wonder fans take one look and say, I want one of those! As for us? Our favorite part of Star Wars has always been the starships. In this universe, even small fighters like X-Wings can transform unknown farmboys into famous heroes, and giant battle stations like the Death Star instantly show you why the Empire is such an evil force in the galaxy.

Death Star & Lightsaber

In this installment of Lets Draw Star Wars, Art Trooper Kristin shows you how to draw the Death Star the Empires fearsome battle station and a lightsaber, the weapon of the Jedi!

Our squad of Art Troopers will teach you how to draw something new from the Star Wars galaxy in every episode. For artists of all ages and skill levels, master the tricks to drawing your favorite ships, characters, creatures, and much more, from our staff of professional ILM artists!

Kristin Campbells love of drawing and computers started at an early age and culminated in a passion for 3D character animation. When she started at Lucasfilm Animation, she worked on Star Wars Rebels seasons 3 and 4. She is currently an animator on Star Wars Resistance and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Here Is Lavens Ultimate Ship Design

If youre familiar with my work youll know I dont often talk about ship or vehicle design Im definitely more of a character-design-focused and storytelling guy but this opens our minds to just how much a vehicle tells a story: about your character and your world, and why it needs to be utilized more in design.

If youre a fan of Laven, check out the special merch you can proudly don, as featured in the October Bikos Backpack!

What ships or vehicle designs have always stood out to you and why? What do they tell you about the character?

Let me know in the comments section below, Id love to hear what inspires you!

Drawing A Republic Attack Gunship

Drawing Star Wars

September 27, 2005

Ever wanted to draw Star Wars characters and vehicles just like the professional comic book artists? In this step-by-step series, Star Wars artists and illustrators show you how to draw some of the most beloved characters in the saga, as well as new faces and creatures from Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith . So get your pencils and paper ready!

The Republic attack gunship first appeared in the Clone Wars battle at the end of Episode II. In Episode III, Jedi Masters Yoda, Mace and Obi-Wan rode in a Republic attack gunship as they discussed Anakin Skywalker’s lack of enthusiasm when given his new assignment to spy on his mentor Chancellor Palpatine. Republic attack gunships also appeared as they fought against the Seperatist droid forces during Obi-Wan’s exciting battle with General Grievous on Utapau. Star Wars illustrator Brent Woodside explains his super-easy steps on how to draw a Republic attack gunship worthy for battle.

Steps 1-9 are to be drawn lightly with a pencil. No pen, no dark lines. Finished lines and details will come at the end.

Step Two:

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  • Red First Order Tie Tie Interceptor

    millennium falcon drawing

    After the Battle of Jakku, the Galactic Empire crumbled, with the remaining forces fleeing into the Unknown Regions. Three decades later, the First Order would emerge, having grown out of the ashes of the Empire, bearing a striking similarity to the Empire’s structure and aesthetic, particularly with the updated First Order Star Destroyers and First Order TIE fighters, clearly having evolved from the former Imperial Navy.

    Major Elrik Vonreg was one of the First Order’s top pilots, distinguished not only by his bright crimson TIE pilot’s uniform and helmet, but also by his similarly colored First Order TIE Interceptor. So far, the Red Interceptor in Resistance is the first we’ve seen from the First Order, so it’s not clear just how prominent the craft is in the First Order Navy, or if similar craft will finally appear in Episode IX, but it’s clear this one is more than enough to handle as Kaz Xiono is supposedly the only pilot other than Poe Dameron to have ever even landed a hit on him.

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    Space Travel: 20 Beautiful Fictional Spaceship Designs

    There are a ton of fictional spaceships that are so on point and alluring that sci-fi enthusiasts wish they can live in any of those ships. Wouldnât it be super cool if your hangout place is the USS Enterprise? Or the place you call home is the Serenity?

    Thanks to the incredible skills and creativity of designers, fictional spaceships arenât just props or add-ons in movies, TV shows, or books. Rather, theyâre an integral part of the sci-fi stories. They have their own charm and personality. You can even say that theyâre part of the cast of characters. And a fictional spaceshipâs strong presence is due to its powerful artistry.

    And just like Rome isnât built in a day, designing a fictional spaceship takes a long time and a lot of detail-oriented process. Designing a space shuttle inhabited by non-humans requires more intricacies since thereâs a longer process in developing the shipâs interiors.

    Letâs say youâre designing a private for a fictional spaceship used by humans. Youâll design an interior akin to a normal bedroom. The will have a bed or some sort of resting place, maybe a table and chair or a small storage cabinet. If the âs for a funny character, maybe he has an amusing poster on the wall.

    But what if youâre designing for a private used by aliens? Do you put a bed or table and chair? Do aliens even sleep? If so, do they lie down or sleepwalk?

    Table of Contents

    Its Worth Noting The Master Miyazaki And His Use Of Vehicle Storytelling:

    We see themes and ideas being conveyed through the vehicles Miyazaki employs in his visual storytelling. His lifelong love of planes crops up frequently throughout his work.

    Not only does flight provide an exhilarating feeling of freedom, but in films like The Wind Rises, a double-edged sword presents itself as a characters love for planes easily becomes a tool for warfare.

    Star Wars Sketch Ship

    Drawing Star Wars

    Add some lines accross the top of the ship, and the top for the cockpit. Also add the back line for the opening of the ship.

    Step Six:

    Add details to the barrels and wings, and add the doors on the gunship.

    Define all the shapes on the barrels, cockpit and wings. Add lines to both doors on the ship, and add the smaller gun barrels and details to the front.

    Step Ten:

    Now for color. You can color it according to the movies, or make up your own color scheme. Start with flat colors to define each different area.

    Continue reading here: Star Wars Drawings

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  • First Order Star Destroyers

    The CR-90 Corvette may have been the first ship to blast on screen back in 1977, but it was closely followed by an Imperial Star Destroyer. Like the TIE Fighter, the Star Destroyer saw a significant evolution during the Empire’s rebuilding and reorganizing in the Unknown Regions, and while it still maintains its same giant gray triangle look, the First Order Star Destroyer is bigger and more powerful than its Imperial progenitor.

    So far, First Order Star Destroyers haven’t been a big threat to Kaz or anyone else in the Resistance, but they were spotted orbiting the First Order’s HQ at Starkiller Base, and could certainly come into play later in the show as Kaz gets more involved with the resistance. Don’t expect Kaz to face off against a First Order Star Destroyer anytime soon, though. With how much trouble he had against Major Elrik Vonreg, it probably wouldn’t go over very well.

    Online: Star Wars Inspired Drawing

    ONLINE: Star Wars Inspired Drawing 

    w/ Michael Lyman


    Offered: Spring Session

    Use the Force to draw your favorite Star Wars ships and characters! This fun six-week class will teach Star Wars fans how to draw the Millinium Falcon, Star Destroyers, X-Wing and TIE fighters, Darth Vader and more, all in a fun, relaxed environment sprinkled with interesting, little known Star Wars trivia by the instructor, who has been a member of a global Star Wars costuming organization for over 10 years and owns movie accurate Star Wars costumes. There is no pressure to keep up with other students; everyone learns at their own pace. All that is required is a sketchbook, drawing pencils, and a desire to defend the galaxy. Students learn to improve their drawing confidence while having fun at the same time. 

    Purchasing a gift for someone? Consider a gift card! Call us at 727-822-7872 or drop in during business hours!


    Lets Talk About Another Key Factor To Ship Design: Consistency

    Another thing that Star Wars does: consistent specific shape motifs across entire factions.

    For example, the Empires hard edges and sharp triangular shape language is contrasted by the Rebellions round and barrel shapes of the Tantive IV, Mon Calamari cruisers, and medical frigates.

    You could view this simply as round shapes equals good guys, angular equals bad guys, but I think more accurately it reflects the underdog versus the dominant threat.

    In the prequels, the Separatist armies, which have plenty of organic and streamlined shapes, while the republic carries the predecessor designs to what will eventually be the Empire.

    Adapting elements from things that are not machinery, like creatures, is a welltrodden aspect of Star Wars design – Its effective too. The foreboding or main traits of a creature can be read in a vehicles design, and help contribute to that sense of danger on our visual read.

    In my course, , an entire module discusses the fundamentals of design, which includes shape language. If youre eager to improve your design skills and how to translate utility, identity, and visual read better, then check out this video lesson.

    But more than just the Star Wars universe masters the grand challenge of vehicle design and shape language.

    Star Wars/r2d2/droid Valentines Love Card

    Found the droid you’re looking for? Let them know with a little help from R2D2. This blank inside card measures 3.5″ x 4.8″ and was completed with Copic and Prismacolor Markers on Recycled Bristol Vellum. There may be SLIGHT variations to each card since I hand draw every one of them, but they will each be equally full of love. NOTE: The words are now stamped , if you would like a hand written version I’d be more than happy to do that for you. Please make this

    Learn To Draw Your Favorite Star Wars Characters Like Baby Yoda Or Bb

    Star Destroyer Drawing at GetDrawings

    The Force is strong with the drawing classes Star Wars Kids is offering! Kids who are budding artists and can’t get enough Star Wars will enjoy learning how to draw their favorite galactic characters including Kylo Ren, Clone Troopers, and BB-8. Each of the online drawing classes is about 10 to 15 minutes long, and some of the classes even have two or more characters you get to draw in one sitting! All your family needs for the classes are a pencil, paper, and a bit of imagination. Currently there are over a dozen character classes, but we’re hoping for even more in the future! Click through to see all of the Star Wars characters and creatures your family can learn to draw.

    Jedi Holocron & Gonk Droid

    On the first episode of our artist tutorial series, Art Trooper Adam shows you how to draw a Jedi Holocron and a friendly Gonk Droid! Our squad of Art Troopers will teach you how to draw something new from the Star Wars galaxy in every episode. For artists of all ages and skill levels, master the tricks to drawing your favorite ships, characters, creatures, and much more, from our staff of professional ILM artists!

    Adam J. Ely discovered many artisans and techniques that made the behind-the-scene magic on Television Specials and in the pages of Cinefex. Hes made a career of contributing matte paintings and 3d environment for companies including WETA Digital and Dreamworks Animation, and is now living his lifelong dream of contributing in Industrial Light & Magics Art Department and is currently working on Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker.

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