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How To Draw Stars In Space

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Your Space Drawing Is Complete

Pen and Ink Drawing Tutorials | How to draw outer space with planets stars

You have reached the end of this guide on how to draw space! We created this guide to make sure that this drawing would be fun and easy for you to do.

We also wanted to leave it open enough that you could add your own spin onto it as well, so be sure to get creative and see what kinds of awesome space scenes you can make!

Once you have finished your artistic space travels, you can find more guides on our website! We upload new ones all the time, so be sure to visit us often.

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Create A Realistic Star Field With Space Dust In Photoshop

Star fields are a great way of adding an interesting element to your photo manipulations or digital paintings and they are surprisingly easy to create from scratch in Photoshop. Although most of the steps are repetitive and can be easily added into a Photoshop action , Ill go through each of them here so that you understand what is going on.

In This Drawing Tutorial You Will Learn How To Draw A Galaxy Step By Step This Is An Easy Drawing Tutorial For Beginners And Anyone Who Wants To Draw A Galaxy

Welcome to the! The galaxy is so large and powerful that it attracts many people to study it. That is why we have prepared for you a guide on how to draw a galaxy step by step because you need to get acquainted with space both through science and through creativity and drawing.

The galaxy is a huge system that consists of many stars, dust, gas between stars, dark matter, energy. All this is connected with each other by the force of gravitational interaction. The number of stars may differ from one galaxy to another, but galaxies typically contain anywhere from a few million stars to several trillion stars. There are a huge number of stars in the galaxy, but besides stars there is also cosmic fog, and the distance between different galaxies reaches millions of light years, its amazing, isnt it? Galaxies have their own mass, but a large fraction of the mass of a galaxy is not stars, but the dark matter of the galaxy and its energy. We really hope that scientists will soon study these dark matter, but at the moment, unfortunately, this topic is not so deeply studied.

Time needed: 35 minutes.

How to Draw a Galaxy

  • Draw the base.

    First, draw a rectangle in which you will need to draw this entire cosmic galactic scene. After the rectangle draws the first lines of the galaxy shape following the example.

  • Bottom part.

    Now draw the last part of the outermost ring line of the galaxy. This will finish drawing the first and largest part of this drawing.

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    The Easiest Way To Paint A Star

    The easiest way to paint a star is to use a simple dot. Making a little orb is a great way to make a basic star in your galaxy, and I love this for a few reasons. Not only is it easy enough for anyone to do, but it is also perfect for filling in the spaces between other elements.

    If anything feels too open or blank, add a cluster of little orbs to bring a vacant space to life. It is a really easy trick that can balance paintings a lot. It isnt the most glamorous part of learning how to paint a galaxy, but it is effective, and I love it for that.

    The next kind of star is a little closer to what you might be used to. You can make a simple star shape using four points with a point painting up, down, left, and right. I think that varying the dimensions of these points is an effective approach, but I do have my favorites.

    I feel like extending the top and bottom points more is a great way to bring something special to this look, particularly because it makes it look like it is shining.

    The final kind of star is kind of a combination of the others. You will want to begin with an orb and then extend beams of light out from it subtly. Dont make them too long and try to make them vary in length. This makes it easy for you to really see the beautiful glow of the stars, and it gives you more room to give them a little personality.

    Photo by Jeremy Thomas

    How To Draw Space Shuttles In 7 Steps

    How To Draw Brawl Stars | Space Ox Bull

    Your space shuttle can travel to the stars and visit distant worlds. Use these step-by-step instructions to create your own space-exploration scenes.

    In this article, we’ll show you how to draw the above space shuttle. Either draw it freehand while looking at your computer monitor or print out this page to get a closer look at each step.

    Follow the red lines in each illustration to learn exactly what to draw in that step. The lines drawn in previous steps are shown in gray. Here, we’ll show you an illustration of each step and then give you a description of how to draw it.

    Ready to get started? Head over to the next page for the first step.

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    Tutorial: How To Paint A Simple Space Scene In Procreate

    Ive been always a sucker for everything Space: astronomy, technology, movies. It was a matter of time before I tried to paint something spacey! In fact, it took too long!

    Anyways, better late than never, heres my little piece. Normally such stuff is a piece of cake in photoshop! It requires a bit more effort in Procreate but still it is such a simple few steps painting that anyone can do it!

    I use a lot of custom brushes which you can get here. However, you can use anything similar.

    Starting off with a black canvas, I paint random stars. They should look like noise.

    Then its time for the planets. I stamp a planet and place it on the canvas to create the composition. I then duplicate the layer and turn off brightness. This creates a dark circle which will become the shadow of the planet.

    I then duplicate the layer and turn off the brightness. This creates a dark circle which will become the shadow of the planet. I blur the layer to my taste and duplicate it a few times. Then I merge all black layers together and reposition the new layer in order to create something like this.

    Coloring time! I create a new layer in color blending mode. I select the contents on the planet layer and then paint with my favorite colors on the colorlayer. I then duplicate the layer, enlarge the contents and blur them with the Gaussian blur tool in order to add some color to the surrounding stars.

    I repeat all previous steps to add random planets.

    Easy Steps To Draw A Star

    Follow this easy how-to-draw a star step-by-step tutorial and you will be drawing your own star drawings in no time.

    Print our step by step tutorial and follow these simple instructions:

  • First, draw a vertical line.
  • Add another line across the first line.
  • Draw another line, just like the last one, but on the opposite direction it will look like an X.
  • Draw another X. Notice this time its flatter.
  • Connect all the lines and erase extra lines.
  • Wow! You can round the tips and add different details. Get creative!
  • Amazing job! Your star looks incredibly! You can draw a group of stars and make your own starry sky.

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    How To Paint Planets

    Learning how to paint a galaxy means adding your planets after you have finished the sky backdrop. Painting planets is a simple process, but it leaves the most room for creativity. Planets will almost always be a single orb either left alone or with surrounding elements.

    You can add surrounding rocks, moons, or rings to make them bigger or smaller. When you get to work on these, try to be creative. Use different colors, play with designs, and see what you can do to make the image more vibrant. You can use similar color schemes or make every planet completely original.

    I love to really toy around with different colors and patterns here to see what it brings to the image. Its is a great opportunity to really brighten up your image with some fun colors.

    Now Draw Some Details For The Rocket And Start Drawing Space

    How To Draw Star Light by Nicole Miz

    As promised, we will add some details to the rocket as part of this space drawing. Mainly for these details, we will be drawing some rivets onto the rocket.

    These will be drawn as small round shapes along the lines of the rocket.

    Then, you can use some curved lines extending from the back of the rocket to show the trajectory it has been flying in. You can then finish off the rocket by drawing some flames coming from the back of it.

    Then youre ready to start drawing space itself! You can do this by adding some circles for the various planets in the background.

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    Travel Through Space Use An Array To Move Stars

    This time we are building a moving star field. The stars are just points drawn with point. Each star has three properties: x, y and speed. Since we are drawing 100 stars, we use three arrays to hold all the information, otherwise the program would be hundreds of lines long. Each array hold 100 values. That means we have 100 “x” values, 100 “y” values and 100 “speed” values.x, y and speed are the properties of the first star. x, y and speed are the properties of the second star, and so on.Each time draw is called we substract a few pixels from each x. How many pixels? It depends on the speed that was randomly assigned to each star when setup was called when the program started. So maybe we move the first star 3 pixels to the left, and the second star 1 pixel to the left. The amount of pixels is stored in the speed array, so each star has a constant speed.

    Tags: stars, animation, field, star, moving, motion, array

    How To Draw A Nebula 2

    Draw the material below with watercolor cloud brush black as below. The purple groundwork is easy to understand. The groundwork and the black pattern layer are separate.

    Prepare a new piece of paper and darken the whole.

    Draw with the airbrush .

    Put a black pattern.

    Add a star, clip it, and color the star.

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    How To Draw A Shooting Star

    Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest!

    “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you.”

    What is a shooting star? Also known as falling stars, these streaks of light are scientifically called meteors.

    Meteors are caused by meteoroids – rocky or metallic objects entering earth’s atmosphere from outer space.

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

    Friction with the atmosphere causes the light we see through incandescence, and the heat often burns up the stone.

    However, if the rock reaches the ground, it is then known as a meteorite.

    Shooting stars have been known since ancient times. However, they were not then thought to be cosmic in origin – instead, they were thought to be an atmospheric or weather phenomenon, like lightning.

    It was not until a large meteor shower took place over the United States in 1833 that science began to take notice, and realize that the light show originated beyond the earth.

    The classic Disney song “When You Wish Upon a Star” is translated as “when you see a shooting star” in some languages.

    From where did the act of making a wish upon seeing a shooting star originate? Likely, it can be traced to ancient religions that worshiped stars as deities, similar in some ways to the act of prayer.

    According to the mathematician Ptolemy, shooting stars were dropped by the gods as they peered down at the earth.

    Ways To Add More Depth

    How to draw spaceship, planets and stars, using blacklight

    If you dont like to stare at the literal void of space, that is completely okay too. There are all kinds of great ways to dress up a plain backspace background. Most people choose to use include other colors like blues and purples to give their space a friendlier look with a little more depth.

    It can take your backdrop from a science fiction horror film over to a happier and brighter expanse worth exploring. Learning how to paint a galaxy is more than simply painting a black background with a few stars. You want to make it personal, so pull out all of your different blues and purples and see how you can use them to brighten up your sky.

    When you find the colors that you use, be prepared to be a bit all over with your painting. You dont want to be too perfect with the backdrop of your painting, though you certainly can be if you want. I just enjoy the organic feel that many galaxies have.

    Use the blue and purple to make organic looking undefined shapes. Instead of a specific square or circle, let the edges of your shapes fade into one another or blend them into the background. This helps you to end up with a look that is unique to glowing in space.

    You can make these glowing pops of color all over, but I find them to be more powerful towards the center of the piece. I like this look because it draws the gaze right to the center where your best galaxy elements will be.

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    First Step Stack Up Those Shapes Visualize & Go

    Symmetrically, about a centerline here is the framework I first came up with in order to best visualize and plan this spacecraft. I recommend you take note of these shapes whether you use them for a blueprint or not. It really helps clarify whats what and where each part goes.

    Here it is

    The big jagged line at the bottom takes on the purpose of mapping out the path of the smoke. Its not to say that the smoke should take on this EXACT path but again helps to visualize before-hand!

    Initiating launch

    Make An Easy Star Drawing

    Stars are so pretty, its no surprise most kids will want to learn how to draw a star at some point!

    Drawing is more than a simple fun activity: when you add a drawing activity to your kids day, youre helping them increase their imagination, enhance their fine motor and coordination skills, and develop a healthy way of displaying their emotions, among other things.

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    Simulating The Sky Of The Future

    SpaceXs Starlink OneWeb Amazons Kuiper Chinas StarNet/GW none of them have shared their exact timeline for when all their satellites will be up in space. But, Lawler said, her team estimates that SpaceX, at least:

    plans to have their whole mega-constellation up within the next 3-4 years, and that is the majority of the 65,000 satellites that we modeled.

    Lawlers team looked at predictions for the brightness and location of thousands of satellite constellations, or mega-constellations.

    Their simulations showed that in just a few years, approximately one in every 16 stars will be a moving satellite. And in some regions during some times of the year, satellites will appear in the sky all night long instead of just around twilight and dawn. The worst region of the globe will be at latitudes 50 degrees north and south.

    Lawler told EarthSky that that number one in 16 might be too optimistic:

    At the worst, our calculations show that it could be as bad as 1 in 10 point sources in the sky will actually be satellites.

    As the scientists wrote in their paper:

    Without drastic reduction of the reflectivities, or significantly fewer total satellites in orbit, satcons will significantly change the night sky worldwide.

    Night Sky Observing Tips

    Photoshop: How to Create a Face made of Stars in Space!

    Adjust to the dark: If you wish to observe faint objects, such as meteors or dim stars, give your eyes at least 15 minutes to adjust to the darkness.

    Light Pollution: Even from a big city, one can see the moon, a handful of bright stars and sometimes the brightest planets. But to fully enjoy the heavens especially a meteor shower, the constellations, or to see the amazing swath across the sky that represents our view toward the center of the Milky Way Galaxy rural areas are best for night sky viewing. If you’re stuck in a city or suburban area, a building can be used to block ambient light to help reveal fainter objects. If you’re in the suburbs, simply turning off outdoor lights can help.

    Prepare for skywatching: If you plan to be out for more than a few minutes, and it’s not a warm summer evening, dress warmer than you think necessary. An hour of observing a winter meteor shower can chill you to the bone. A blanket or lounge chair will prove much more comfortable than standing or sitting in a chair and craning your neck to see overhead.

    Daytime skywatching: When Venus is visible it can often be spotted during the day. But you’ll need to know where to look. A sky map is helpful. When the sun has large sunspots, they can be seen without a telescope. However, it’s unsafe to look at the sun without protective eyewear. See our video on how to safely observe the sun, or our safe sunwatching infographic.

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