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How To Draw The Dark Mark

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Pencil Techniques For Better Drawings

How to Draw the Dark Mark from Harry Potter

A solid drawing can stand on its own or be the foundation for a great painting. Being able to render your subject accurately as well as add shading and highlights that give it a 3-dimensional look on a flat piece of paper or canvas is crucial to the works success. But dont despair; there are plenty of methods that will help make your drawings look better from the start.

Ive put together 16 of my favorite techniques I think will help you get a head start on making better drawings. Ive used Arteza Expert Drawing Pencils and I recommend you do too since they offer several lead hardnesses. Youll see that the leads hardness makes all the difference in creating fine, medium, or thick marks as well as for adding light and dark values.

Best Tutorials For Drawing Landscapes

Article by Win Phyo Today we dive in YouTube and find 10 brilliant tutorials that will help you drawing landscapes better and improve your overall skills. Drawing is a discipline that we ought to develop constantly within the profession, especially if it is not our strongest asset. Sketching out our ideas is ultimately the first fruition of our designs before we stare into our computer screens to portray the perfection of our ideas. As Pablo Picasso once said: Inspiration exists, but it must find you working. Drawing is one of those things that requires skill, which is ultimately developed through spending hours and hours improving on the craft. Since the categories of elements contained within landscapes can stretch far and wide, studying it through drawing can reveal many facets you have not otherwise discovered or noticed before. This can be a joyful experience. With this in mind, here are the best tutorials for drawing landscapes to inspire your inner artist and get you working on this timeless craft.

Then A Kneadable Eraser

Next I get to work with my erasers. First I use my kneadable putty eraser. Unlike a hard rubber or vinyl eraser, a putty eraser wont smear and you can use it to lift off any loose graphite before it spreads and makes the mark worse. Ill mould the eraser to a point and press it against the spot several times to lift graphite off the paper. Once Im confident Ive got any loose graphite, Ill drag the eraser across the mark to see if any of it will lift off.

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Draco Didn’t Have One In The Book Or Did He

Draco Malfoy clearly has a Dark Mark in the film version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which is the chapter of the saga in which Malfoy is tasked with taking out Albus Dumbledore as punishment for his father’s failure. In the book, however, J.K. Rowling didn’t make it clear if Malfoy had officially become a Death Eater or not, and although his father bore the Dark Mark, his mother didn’t.

It makes no sense for Draco not to have the mark and be given this task as his initiation into the Death Eaters. Voldemort would want to know right away if;Malfoy succeeded in his terrible mission, which would require the mark.

How To Draw Arrows On The Board

How to draw the Dark Mark (Harry Potter)

You can do this on any board automatically, except in Live chess. If you play in /live instead of /play, you will need to enable this option. Otherwise it will be on automatically.;To enable this option in Live chess, click on the gear icon next to the board:;

Then toggle the switch to draw arrows and highlights. Don’t forget to click save!

You can also find this option in your account settings under the Live Chess settings.


To draw an arrow simply right-click and drag your mouse across the board in the direction you want the arrow to point. Please see here for how to right-click on a Mac if you don’t have a two button mouse!

To draw a knight’s move arrow, click and drag over the squares you want the arrow to cover. When you let go of the right mouse button the arrow will appear. The point of the arrow will be wherever you let go of your mouse button.;


The default arrow is yellow, but you can also hold Ctrl to draw a red arrow, hold Alt to draw a blue arrow, or hold Shift to draw a green arrow.

Try it on any board on to practice!

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How To Use Hatching

For pencil or pen-and-ink drawing, using hatching is one of the easiest and cleanest ways to fill in the dark areas. By drawing a bunch of fine lines that are more or less parallel, the area as a whole is perceived as being darker than the individual lines are in reality.

Artists often apply hatching lines quite quickly. This makes the areas look as if they’re just a series of randomly placed marks, or hatches. However, an artist skilled at the technique can make even the deepest shadows look clean.;

The quality of the;application of the lines depends entirely on each individual mark. The lines can be long or short, and they’re almost always straight. Some lines can have slight curves to indicate subtle curvatures in the subject.

Although people tend to visualize hatching as “messy” pencil slashes , the results of using the technique can be very controlled;as well, such as in ink drawing, where it can be done in uniform, crisp, clean lines.

The distance between your hatching marks determines how light or dark that area of a drawing looks. The more white space you leave between the lines, the lighter the tone will be. As you add more lines or move them closer together, the grouping as a whole appears darker.

Famous artists who used hatching, especially in drawings and sketches, include Albrecht Durer, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt van Rijn,;Auguste Rodin, Edgar Degas, and Michaelangelo.

It’s Supposed To Represent Immortality And Power

It’s ironic that the Dark Mark represents immortality and power, considering how many of You-Know-Who’s followers bit the dust serving for him or lost power just by associating with him. It’s like any other symbol used by zealots throughout history; it stands for what they aspire to have yet never can seem to obtain.

It’s also related to the Slytherin House, which really isn’t fair. Everyone brands the Slytherins as evil witches and wizards, but they’re not all bad and it’s branding like this that makes them appear to be. It may also stand for being a Parselmouth, which is also ironic since dark or not, most witches and wizards can’t speak Parseltongue;because it’s hereditary.

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Transferring Embroidery Designs On Dark Fabric


Have you ever tried to transfer an embroidery design onto dark or brightly colored fabrics and ended up dissatisfied with the results?

Pencil lines and dark ink dont show up, chalk pencils rub off during the process of stitching, tacking stitches over tissue paper is time intensive and might not deliver the detail you want all of these are problematic when trying to get a design from paper to darker colored ground fabrics.

A reader recently wrote in frustration, looking for a solution. She wrote:

Ive tried every kind of chalk pencil out there, but the marks dont last. Ive tried white and yellow dressmakers carbon, but the fabric surface is too rough. They seem to work better on a smooth fabrics, not bumpy linen. Ive tried tacking stitches like you recommend for tacking over tracing paper, but the detail isnt fine enough. What can I use to draw lines on darker fabrics that wont disappear and that are visible and fine enough for embroidery?

Im opening the question up for all of you to chime in! Please, offer advice to Stacy!

And in the meantime, Ill offer this suggestion for those facing a similar dilemma:

Sakura, the company that makes the Micron pens that I like to use for tracing fine permanent lines for embroidery transfers, also produces the Gelly Roll pens, and in the Gelly Roll Classic line, youll find a medium-tipped opaque white available, which is great for writing on dark papers.

So, I recommend these pens for a certain type of use only.

Bring Out The Big Guns With A Battery Powered Eraser

DIY Dark Mark

If the spot is still there, Ill next resort to a battery eraser. Electric battery erasers are really powerful and can completely remove amazingly dark marks! However they can also smear loose graphite, so its important to first follow the previous steps to make sure this is all gone. Otherwise the eraser may spread the mark further as it rotates around.

Hold the eraser firmly against the mark and press the on switch for a couple of seconds at a time. Dont go on erasing too long on the same spot because eventually you may damage the paper surface.;

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How To Draw Emojis On The Board

To add an emoji to the board, simply hold down the E key on your keyboard, and then click on a square.

This will open the emoji menu, so you can add an emoji to that square:

Scroll down to see even more emojis than are pictured above. Click on an emoji to add it to the square:;

The same as highlighted squares and arrows, your opponent can not see the emojis;they are only for you and your viewers to see.;

You can see the shortcut for each emoji by hovering over it with your mouse:

Though you can’t see the mouse cursor in the screenshot, it is hovering over the !! emoji.;

We see that the shortcut for this emoji is B + left click. So if you want to be able to add the !! emoji without opening the menu on stream, you can simply hold B on your keyboard and left click on the square to add the emoji directly.;

Hover over any emoji to see its shortcut.;

Have fun entertaining your viewers and add clarity to your lesson videos, with emojis!;

The Challenge Of Reflections

Too often, the problem of drawing reflections stems from thinking of the reflection as a discrete set of objects to be drawn. We try to make up rules about drawing things and use these shortcuts. So when we see something complex, we think about that thing, rather than the surface.

Suppose a building is reflected; suddenly we’re thinking about perspective and angles. When a person is reflected, we’re drawing people. What happens when there is a flare of light or a ripple across one of those reflections? These distortions that are natural elements of reflections get in our way and the shape we’re trying to draw the building or person gets broken up.

The key to drawing reflections with ease is to stop trying to look at each object in your drawing as a separate entity a tree, a person, a river. Instead, think purely in terms of shapes and values.

While drawing, you are recreating your three-dimensional scene on a two-dimensional plane. A drawing is nothing more than a collection of light and dark areas. The more realism you strive for means more accuracy and details are needed in those lights and darks.

Observe the surface that you are drawing, and record the changes of light and dark across it. It’s as simple as that.;

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Distortion In Reflective Surfaces

Almost every reflection distorts the reflected object. This is very apparent in large windows or those that are slightly off-angle on very large buildings. The distortions may be slight, but they are there and artists tend to want to correct them.

Again, draw what you observe. It might seem odd at first, but in the completed drawing it will make sense and read as a distorting surface.

When shading a reflection, allow your marks to curve around or across the surface of the reflecting object as if it were flat-painted. This ensures that the surface makes sense.

Sirius Black Didn’t Have One

How to draw the dark mark, Tutorial.

Anyone who knew that Voldemort’s followers all bore the Dark Mark should have also known that Sirius Black wasn’t;one of them, due to the absence of the magical tattoo. If both the movie version of Sirius and the one many fans illustrate in fan art are to be believed, the wizard had plenty of tattoos all over his body, but a Dark Mark wasn’t among them.

Even if the Ministry of Magic was clueless about these marks, Albus Dumbledore certainly wasn’t and should have investigated it further, not to mention the appearance of Peter Pettigrew on the Marauder’s Map;that went unnoticed for so many years.

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Tracing On Dark Fabric

Now, you might be thinking this is all well and fine, but how do you actually trace on dark fabric?

When I use darker fabrics, I use my LightPad for tracing. Ive reviewed the LightPad here if you do a lot of design tracing, its so very convenient, comfortable, and easy to have a good, flat, large light surface to trace on!

You can see in the examples on the LightPad review that its possible to trace on dark linens and silks, with the right light behind the fabric and design.

With very dark and heavy fabrics that dont benefit from a lit surface behind them, then prick and pounce is the quickest way to get an accurate design onto your fabric. A white or a light grey pounce powder works well in these circumstances. You can read more about prick and pounce in the following articles:

Once youve pounced the design on, you can use the gel pen to connect the dots, but it is very important to wipe the nib frequently between every stroke. The pounce powder interferes with the gel, so this part is really important.

Frankly, if I were pricking and pouncing, Id go the extra step and use a tiny paintbrush and watercolor paint to fix the pattern onto the fabric, instead of messing with the gel pen. But if you dont trust yourself with a tiny paintbrush, the pen is an option, if you are diligent about wiping it down as you use it.

Bringing Out Your Best Features

Most women use cosmetics to draw accentuate their best facial features. While this can be done in a vast number of ways with the many types and shades of makeup today, darkening a beauty mark with cosmetics can serve to draw attention to your best features – – either in a simple, subtle way or with a dramatic flair.

Making a beauty mark darker or more prominent draws attention to that area of the face, so women with chins and a lovely jaw line, for example, may darken a beauty mark in that area of the face. Similarly, if you have a beauty mark near your eyes, lips, or cheek, and you want to accentuate the area, darkening the mark can draw the attention to the area of the face you favor.

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Take These Steps To Remove Stubborn Spots From Your Drawing Paper

Im a little obsessive about my drawing paper. Im not happy until the borders are spotless, but little bits of graphite, eraser crumbs, and other things manage to find their way there, even when;Ive masked the edges. If the speck of stuff is the least bit oily, dragging an eraser over it can smudge it and make it even harder to get rid of!

These are the steps I follow to get rid of those hideous spots on my paper. I sincerely hope you never have spots, but if you do, dont panic, count to ten, and give these steps a try.

Supplies needed are at the bottom of the page.

Patience is key. ~~~ Work slowly. ~~~ Work gently.

1. Before you touch the spot, see if you can blow some of it away with a blow-bulb.

2. Next, lightly tap the spot with a kneaded eraser thats been pinched into a point. Remove as much of the spot as you can by tapping it, not scrubbing or rubbing. Renew the pinched point often, by folding it over, so that youre working with a clean eraser every few taps.

3. After youve gently lifted as much of the spot as you can with tapping, expose another new clean area on the kneaded eraser and lightly stroke it over the area several times.

4. Now lightly rub the spot with a clean vinyl eraser a couple of times and check for any smudging. If the spot hasnt smudged, you can put more pressure on the eraser. Give it several good scrubs with the eraser.

Supply ThoughtsIm a Blick affiliate and if you buy from my links I get some money, so thank you very much if you do.

It Doesn’t Live Up To Its Potential

After Effect Tutorial Dark Mark

Given that there are Unbreakable Vows, Imperius Curses and, according to Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, “Blood Oaths,” the Dark Mark should be much more powerful than it is. It’s Voldemort’s branding and it;really should compel its bearer to do whatever he wants them to do, especially since he actually does stoop to using the Imperius Curse on people like Stan Shunpike.

Why isn’t the Dark Mark much more powerful? Given all of the power the Dark Lord possesses and the means through which he has acquired it, his branding should require more of its bearer than to just show up.

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The Pros And Cons Of The Gelly Roll


If youre working on dark fabric that you can see through with a light behind it, the Gelly Roll, if used in single strokes and not sketched over and over heavily, makes a decent design transfer when tracing. It wont smudge off while youre working the project. The pen draws a good line thats visible and not too thick.


Remember that the pens are not necessarily made for fabric use like this. It seems to me that they last a lot longer with regular use on paper than they do when they are used on fabric. They can be a little ornery when writing on fabric it helps to have a scrap paper near by to get the ink flow going smoothly again, and it helps to wipe down the tip of the pen occasionally.

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