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How To Draw The French Flag

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Presentation Of French Polynesia

How to draw the National Flag of France

French Polynesia is an “overseas country within the French Republic” , according to the most recent Organic Law 2004-192 of 27 February 2004 on the autonomy status of French Polynesia . The complete text of the Organic Law is available on the Legifrance website.The new status supersedes the previous autonomy status granted by Law of 6 September 1984 and confirmed by Organic Law of 12 April 1996. The new Organic Law required the amendment of Article 14 of the Constitution of the French Republic, voted on 24 January 2000 by the Congress .

The main change is that the Assembly of French Polynesia now adopts “Country Laws” in the most important areas, and not just “Resolutions”, or administrative acts. Unlike overseas territories that can only benefit from a principle of “free administration of territorial communities”, the Overseas Countries make use of the principle of “free government”, better known as “self-government” in English judicial systems.

Article 1 of Title 1 of the new Organic Law says :

Administratively, French Polynesia is divided in five archipelagos , as prescribed by Decree 72-408 of 17 May 1972, published in the French official gazette on 20 May 1972) :

Leeward and Windward Islands together are also known as the Society Islands .

Encyclopaedia Universalis, Yearbook Les chiffres du monde, 1998.

Ivan Sache, 17 August 2005

Gunter Zibell, 22 January 2001

Champs De Mars Massacre

Lafayette’s public standing continued to decline through the latter half of 1791. The radical organized an event at the Champ de Mars on 17 July to gather signatures on a petition to the National Assembly that it either abolish the monarchy or allow its fate to be decided in a referendum. The assembled crowd was estimated to be anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 people. The protesters, finding two men hiding under an altar at the event, accused of being either spies or of potentially planting explosives, eventually hung the men from lampposts and placed their heads on the ends of pikes. Lafayette rode into the Champ de Mars at the head of his troops to restore order, but they were met with the throwing of stones from the crowd. Indeed, an assassination attempt was made on Lafayette, however the gunmans pistol misfired at close range. The soldiers began to first fire above the crowd in order to intimidate and disperse them, which only led to retaliation and eventually the death of two volunteer chasseurs. Inevitably, the National Guard was ordered to , wounding and killing an unknown amount. Accounts from those close to Lafayette claim that around ten citizens were killed in the event, whereas other accounts propose fifty-four, and the sensational newspaper publisher claimed over four hundred bodies had been disposed of into the river later that night.

Medical Analysis Of David’s Face

Jacques-Louis David’s facial abnormalities were traditionally reported to be a consequence of a deep facial sword wound after a incident. These left him with a noticeable asymmetry during facial expression and resulted in his difficulty in eating or speaking . A sword scar wound on the left side of his face is present in his self-portrait and sculptures and corresponds to some of the buccal branches of the facial nerve. An injury to this nerve and its branches are likely to have resulted in the difficulties with his left facial movement.

Furthermore, as a result of this injury, he suffered from a growth on his face that biographers and art historians have defined as a . These, however, may have been a , or even a post-traumatic . As historian has pointed out, witty banter and public speaking ability were key aspects of the social culture of 18th-century France. In light of these cultural keystones, David’s tumor would have been a heavy obstacle in his social life. David was sometimes referred to as “David of the Tumor”.

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Rectangles: France And Russia

  • Next, we’ll draw a flag that has stripes instead of a circle. We’ll start with the national flag of France:
  • To draw the stripes, we will draw three rectangles. To draw a rectangle, we have to specify the coordinates of two opposite corners.
  • In main, comment out the draw_bangladesh_flag line and add the line
  • Run your program and verify that you see a dark blue stripe.
  • Answer Question 2 in your writeup. You are STRONGLY encouraged to get out a pencil and paperto answer this question.
  • Based on the code for the dark blue stripe, write code to draw the white stripe and the red stripe.
  • Answer Question 3 in your writeup.
  • Based on your answers to Question 3, rewrite your draw_france_flag code to draw the stripes in a loop. The loop should look something like this:
    for i in range:    stripe_top_left = Point    stripe_bottom_right = Point    draw_stripe
  • Next, you will draw the Russian flag. To do so, make a new copy of the draw_france_flag function, and rename it to draw_russia_flag. You will adapt this program to draw the national flag of Russia:
  • Here are the specifications for the Russian flag:
  • The ratio of width to height is the same as the French flag.
  • For the stripe colors, use ‘white’, ‘blue’, and ‘red’.
  • The three stripes are all equal in size .
  • Answer Question 4 in your writeup.
  • Revise the draw_russia_flag function to draw the Russian flag. You should NOT need to change the definition of draw_stripe.
  • Second Voyage To America

    Python Turtle – Code the French Flag Tutorial

    On his return, Lafayette found the American cause at a low ebb, rocked by several military defeats, especially in the south. Lafayette was greeted in Boston with enthusiasm, seen as “a knight in shining armor from the chivalric past, come to save the nation”. He journeyed southwest and on 10 May 1780 had a joyous reunion with Washington at . The general and his officers were delighted to hear that the large French force promised to Lafayette would be coming to their aid. Washington, aware of Lafayette’s popularity, had him write to state officials to urge them to provide more troops and provisions to the Continental Army. This bore fruit in the coming months, as Lafayette awaited the arrival of the French fleet. However, when the fleet arrived, there were fewer men and supplies than expected, and Rochambeau decided to wait for reinforcements before seeking battle with the British. This was unsatisfactory to Lafayette, who proposed a grandiose schemes for the taking of New York City and other areas, and Rochambeau briefly refused to receive Lafayette until the young man apologized. Washington counseled the marquis to be patient.

    Lafayette spent the first part of the winter of 178081 in Philadelphia, where the elected him its first foreign member. Congress asked him to return to France to lobby for more men and supplies, but Lafayette refused, sending letters instead.

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    National Guard Versailles And Day Of Daggers

    On 15 July, Lafayette was acclaimed commander-in-chief of the Parisian National Guard, an armed force established to maintain order under the control of the Assembly military service as well as policing, traffic control, sanitization, lighting, among other matters of local administration. Lafayette proposed the name and the symbol of the group: a blue, white, and red cockade. This combined the red and blue colors of the city of Paris with the royal white, and originated the French tricolor. He faced a difficult task as head of the Guard; the king and many loyalists considered him and his supporters to be little better than revolutionaries, whereas many commoners felt that he was helping the king to keep power via this position.

    Lafayette would later initiate an investigation within the National Assembly on the now declared , which led to the production of the Procédure Criminelle by Charles Chabroud, a 688 page document accumulating evidence and analysis on the exact events and procedures of the March on Versailles, hoping to condemn those inciting the mob . However, the National Assembly thought condemning two significant revolutionaries would hurt the progress and public reception of the revolutionary administration.

    The oath of Lafayette at the

    Flag Of French Polynesia: Status

    The flag of French Polynesia was adopted on 23 November 1984 by the Assembly of French Polynesia.The flag of French Polynesia shall always be flown with the French national flag, according to Article 1 of Organic Law 96-312, dated 12 April 1996, on the autonomy status of French Polynesia.The new autonomy status of French Polynesia kept this prescription .

    Armand du Payrat, Pascal Vagnat&Ivan Sache, 18 September 2007

    Quoting the website of the Presidency of French Polynesia :

    The flag is permanently on display in front of institutional buildings as well as government buildings and monuments during official ceremonies. The flag is raised at the Presidency during Council of Ministers meetings held each Wednesday.The Territorial Government Decree of 4 December 1985 governing the display of the flag stipulates that the flags of the archipelagos and islands of French Polynesia may be flown next to the Territorial and National flags.

    Ivan Sache, 23 February 2001

    Jean Gacic, 14 May 2007

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    Filling In Solid Shapes

    Now that we know how to move the turtle without drawing a line,we can make the turtle go inside a shape that it has drawn.Then we can fill the entire shape with a single color,using the FILL command.

    You can think of the FILL command as pouring out a bucketof special paint and flooding the area under the turtle.The paint is special in that it can’t flow over pixels that have a different color than the pixel that the turtle is over.

    FILLFill the shape under the turtle with the color set by SETFLOODCOLOR.

    We already know how to draw a shape like triangles and squares.PENUP and PENDOWN let us move into a shape without leaving a trace.SETFLOODCOLOR and FILL let us fill in the square with a color of our choice.

    Activity:Draw a solid red square.

    TO REDSQUARE  ; draw the outline  REPEAT 4   ; move into the square  PENUP  RIGHT 45  FORWARD 4  ; fill the square with red  SETFLOODCOLOR 4  FILL  ; move back  BACK 4  LEFT 45  PENDOWNENDREDSQUARE

    Modify the program so that you don’t see a black outline.

    National Co Manufactures And Sells Three Products: Red White And Blue Their Unit Sales Prices Are

    Drawing the French Flag | How to Draw Timelapse

    National Co. manufactures and sells three products: red, white, and blue. Their unit sales prices are red, $47, white, $77, and blue, $102. The per unit variable costs to manufacture and sell these products are red, $32, white, $52, and blue, $72. Their sales mix is reflected in a ratio of 5:4:2 . Annual fixed costs shared by all three products are $142,000. One type of raw material has been used to manufacture all three products. The company has developed…

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    Flag Of French Polynesia: Description

    Construction sheet for the flag of French Polynesiaeljko Heimer

    Quoting the website of the Presidency of French Polynesia :

    A symbol of freedom, recognition and rallying all the people of French Polynesia, the flag sets the Territory’s identity at all official gatherings and events, both locally and internationally.The Assembly reporters who presented a resolution project on 20 November 1984, explaining the choice of design for the Tahitian flag, declared:”For Tahiti & Her Islands this flag symbolizes, once and for all and for the future generations, the spirit of Freedom, Responsibility and Initiative of people facing the future and attached to its Dignity and Fulfillment, through its traditional values.”Flag characteristics

    The flag of French Polynesia is rectangular, measuring 1 meter by 1.5 meters . It has three stripes of colors red, white and red. The white central stripe is twice as wide as the two red stripes. The center of the flag presents the symbol of French Polynesia, a white circle 43 centimeters in diameter that is filled with a Polynesian canoe with red sails. The canoe and sails are outlined in brown, as are two figurines atop each of the two prows and five designs on the platform between the two canoe hulls. Those designs represent the five archipelagos of French Polynesia. The canoe is set against a sun depicted by 10 golden rays, which represent life. The canoe sits in a sky blue sea depicted by five rows of waves, the ocean representing abundance.

    Coat Of Arms Of French Polynesia

    Coat of arms of French PolynesiaJuan Manuel Gabino Villascán

    Quoting the website of the Presidency of French Polynesia :

    On 23 November 1984, the Assembly of French Polynesia officially adopted the Polynesian sailing canoe, as the Territory’s symbol of essential values for the people of Tahiti & Her Islands. This second symbol, the coat of arms, testifies the Territory’s attachment to ancestral values and serves as a guide, for the present and the future.The Assembly meeting that adopted the resolution on the coat of arms referred to traditional values by noting that the canoe “is an indispensable tool of subsistence for fishing”, but it is also “the imperative means of transportation and communication between the islands”.The canoe is still a symbol of a past when it was “a ceremonial and conquest vessel” during the sacred period of kings and great chiefs, and played a major role in the long migrations and the life of Polynesians, the people of the sea.Today, the Polynesian society is often compared to this canoe: the democratic emblem translates the choice of a social organization, based on the virtues of courage, self-sacrifice and solidarity. The coat of arms is part of French Polynesia’s flag and seal.

    Ivan Sache, 17 August 2005

    Mucha writes about French Polynesia:”The flag has three horizontal stripes so that it corresponds to theshield of the arms which were created in 1939 when the territory was still called French Oceania “

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    Python Draw India Flag Using Python Turtle Graphic Module

    Lets learn how to draw India Flag using Pythons turtle graphic module. This article is strictly for beginners and may look quite basic if you are an advanced python developer.

    Assuming you have basic idea of python syntax and what python is, I directly visit to the machines, tools, techniques etc. used from Python to draw India Flag. This blog explains India Flag drawing in two ways. One way is to draw flag with filled in Ashoka Chakra and another having spokes in Ashoka Chakra.

    Libraries or Modules:;Turtle graphic module is used to draw India flag.

    Functions to be used from Turtle Module:

  • forward: This function moves pen forward by x pixels. Like forward moves pen 100 pixels forward and draws a line by default.
  • right: This function moves pen direction to right by x degrees. Like right, means move pen direction to right by 90 degrees.
  • left: This function moves pen direction to left by x degrees. Like left, means move pen direction to left by 90 degrees.
  • penup: Use this function to instruct pen to stop drawing line.
  • pendown: Use this function to instruct pen to continue drawing line after using the penup.
  • goto: Instruct pen change its position to coordinates.
  • fillcolor: This function begins filling the shape with color.
  • begin_fill: This function instructs pen from where to start filling the colour.
  • end_fill: This function instructs pen to stop filling the colour
  • for loop:;This is used to repeat the execution of same set of code n number of times.
  • Help I Would Also Want To Know How To Draw The Stars As Well Please Javafx R Ins Use Javafx Application To Draw The American Flag It Has Thirteen Alternating Red And

    how to draw french flag

    Help, I would also want to know how to draw the stars as wellplease.JavaFX r ins Use JavaFX Application to draw the American Flag . It has thirteen alternatin,g red and white horizontal stripes . In the upper left, it has a bluerectangle with 50 white stars. The official definition of the colors for the US flag are RED = new…

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    Grand Tour Of The United States

    President James Monroe and Congress invited Lafayette to visit the United States in 1824, in part to celebrate the nation’s upcoming 50th anniversary. Monroe intended to have Lafayette travel on an American warship, but Lafayette felt that having such a vessel as transport was undemocratic and booked passage on a merchantman. Louis;XVIII did not approve of the trip and had troops disperse the crowd that gathered at to see him off.

    on 15 August 1824, accompanied by his son Georges Washington and his secretary . He was greeted by a group of Revolutionary War veterans who had fought alongside him many years before. New York erupted for four continuous days and nights of celebration. He then departed for what he thought would be a restful trip to Boston but instead found the route lined by cheering citizens, with welcomes organized in every town along the way. According to Unger, “It was a mystical experience they would relate to their heirs through generations to come. Lafayette had materialized from a distant age, the last leader and hero at the nation’s defining moment. They knew they and the world would never see his kind again.”


    Final Years And Death

    Mort du général Lafayette

    Lafayette grew increasingly disillusioned with Louis-Phillippe, who backtracked on reforms and denied his promises to make them. The retired general angrily broke with his king, a breach which widened when the government used force to suppress a strike in . Lafayette used his seat in the Chamber to promote liberal proposals, and his neighbors elected him mayor of the village of La Grange and to the council of the département of in 1831. The following year, he served as a pallbearer and spoke at the funeral of General , another opponent of Louis-Phillippe. He pleaded for calm, but there were riots in the streets and a barricade was erected at the . The king forcefully crushed this , to Lafayette’s outrage. He returned to La Grange until the Chamber met in November 1832, when he condemned Louis-Phillippe for introducing censorship, as Charles;X had.

    Lafayette spoke publicly for the last time in the Chamber of Deputies on 3 January 1834. The next month, he collapsed at a funeral from pneumonia. He recovered, but the following May was wet, and he became bedridden after being caught in a thunderstorm. He died at age 76 on 20 May 1834 on 6 rue d’Anjou-Saint-Honoré in Paris . He was buried next to his wife at the under soil from Bunker Hill, which his son Georges Washington sprinkled upon him. King Louis-Philippe ordered a military funeral in order to keep the public from attending, and crowds formed to protest their exclusion.

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