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How To Draw Tim Burton Style

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Burton And Elfman A Musical Pair

How to draw yourself in the style of Tim Burton Part 1 – How to draw like Tim Burton

Tim Burton and composer Danny Elfman have worked together on 16 films and counting. Their 30-year working career is one of the most prolific in modern cinema. Lets take a look at the trailer for their documentary interview together and then well explore how Elfman has helped to style Tim Burton and his movies with an equally specific aesthetic.

A Conversation With Danny Elfman & Tim Burton Trailer

Danny Elfmans scores play a huge part in the success of nearly all of Tim Burtons feature films from the bizarro synth-sounds of Beetlejuice to the orchestral horns of Batman.

And the great thing about Elfman is that his scores are always exaggerated, and singularly unique that fits like a glove inside the Tim Burton style.

Their working relationship has proven to be a perfect match. Youll find Elfmans scores on many lists of the best movie scores of all time.

How To Light A Scene Like Burton

Film lighting is a vitally important aspect in creating the atmosphere of a scene. Oftentimes, lighting is the difference between a visually enveloping scene and a hard-to-make-out scene.

Take a look at this shot from Tim Burtons Batman for example:

Burtonesque – The World of Tim Burton’s Batman

To me, this shot says this setting is alive. Its active traffic signs emit red and green neon, lampshades illuminate rain-soaked streets, and Gotham citizens populate all the space in between. Now think about if this scene were lit differently or if it were lit less. Would it feel kinetic? Or would it simply be dark and dreary? I think the answer is clear.


The World of Tim Burtons Big Fish

What do you think of this shot? I think the bright lights communicate a dreamlike-feel and serve as a bridge between Burtons naturalistic and theatrical perspectives. This is a set thats grounded in reality but elevated by exaggerated lighting. All in all, its singularly Burton.

If youre interested in exploring other lighting styles, check out our list on the best video lighting kits for filmmakers.

How To Draw A Tim Burton Style Person

In this tutorial, I will be drawing myself in a Tim Burton-ized way. You can draw anyone you’d like, this is mostly for the basic outline if the body.

First, draw a circle. This makes it easier to draw the shape of a head.

Draw the rest of the head. Tim Burton usually has his characters very thin with a hallow face.

Now draw the neck and shoulders. I also began to draw the outside of the arms. The neck is thinner and the shoulders will be somewhat sharp.

Draw the middle part of the body. Mine also has her arms behind her back.

Add a skirt or pants. I gave mine a tattered-looking skirt. This is where I begin to add details to the character.

Detailed skirt- close up.

Add legs. Yes, theyre very thin and the feet should be TINY. If youve seen Corpse Bride, you’ll see what I mean.

Legs- close up. Lace leggings and combat boots.

Add a shirt. Mine has an oversized sweater. And ADD COLLARBONES!! It makes the character look skeletal, and Burtonized.

Add hair. My hair is curly, so I swept the hair to the side and put a few Burton style swirls in there. And i have very choppy bangs. Girl hair tends to be very long for Burton characters.

Draw the face. The eyes should be round, dark, and look somewhat restless. The face should be hallow.

And youre done!! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any requests, let me know. Thanks!! Byeee!! 🙂

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The Art Of Contrasting Design

How To Shade Eyes In The Style Of Tim Burton Self Portrait – How To Draw Like Tim Burton

Naturalistic Tim Burton Set Design

The American suburbia Tim Burton aesthetic is defined by bright and bold colors, as well as 1960s architecture and cars. It stands in stark contrast to Burtons theatrical side, which is defined by Gothic overtones and mechanical machinations and heavily inspired by German Expressionism.

Theatrical Tim Burton Set Design in Edward Scissorhands

Both sides of the Tim Burton design style are exaggerated but theyre diametric to each other. I suppose its true that contrast is king when highlighting differences between two sets a point proven by Edward Scissorhands.

When thinking about ideas for designing your own sets, consider how Burton uses the naturalistic side in an ironic sense to suggest this is where the true villainy lives.

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Learn How To Draw A Nightmare Self Portrait With An Easy Step By Step Tutorial It Imitates The Style Of Tim Burton An American Film Director Who Is Known For His Gothic Fantasy Style Shared In The Nightmare Before Christmas

It only takes a few simple supplies and a couple of drawing tips to learn how to draw a Nightmare Self Portrait. The project name is in honor of Tim Burton, the artist and director of The Nightmare before Christmas movie, which has the famous style of skinny figures with large white eyes.

There are some professional artists around who will make a Nightmare drawing of you for a fee, but who needs that when you can make your own? A few exaggerations in a couple of places will result in something that captures the look, and provide some good pencil drawing practice for young artists too.

Drawing Tim Burton Style

You can draw anyone youd like this is mostly for the basic outline if the body. See more ideas about tim burton style tim burton and tim burton art.

Pokemon Tim Burton Style Kids Tank Top Kidozi Com

Characters From Disney S Frozen Illustrated In The Dark

Tim Burton S Drawings Visual Arts Lessons Year 8

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How To Write Light And Dark Stories

Tim Burton isnt so much of a screenwriter as he is an idea conceptualizer. In fact, nearly all of Burtons writing credits are for story/character conceptualization, not screenwriting.

So, what can we learn from the Tim Burton aesthetic of dreaming up film worlds? Well to understand the Tim Burton style of filmmaking and story-conceptualizing, we have to go back to the beginning.

In the early 1980s, Burton began working at Walt Disney Studios as an animator. Two years later, he directed his first official short titled Vincent which was a sort of autobiographical ode to Edgar Allan Poe and Vincent Price.

Vincent is a foundational piece in establishing the Tim Burton art style and one of the best short films of all time. Considering this, lets review the short film by paying special attention to detail for story conceptualization.

Tim Burton Art Style Takes Off in Vincent

What do you think of the Tim Burton style of filmmaking here? Personally, I think Vincent is a perfect example of the best aspects of what you might call a Tim Burton writing style. Vincent is actually based on a poem by Burton in the style of a Vincent Price monologue.

Burtons Early Career At Disney Was Difficult But It Set The Tone For Everything After

How To Draw Tim Burton Style Scenery – Trees Part Two – How To Draw Like Tim Burton

At CalArts, Burton animated several short films and developed his signature style as an illustrator of characters with amusingly exaggerated features. One of his student works, a partly silent animated short called Stalk of the Celery Monster, once again earned him attention from Walt Disney Studios, which brought him on as an animation apprentice after his graduation from CalArts in 1980, drawing mainly concept art and models for features.

At CalArts, Burtons general air of weirdness was essentially encouraged by the prevailing spirit of the era. But at Disney, where he worked for four years, Burtons iconoclastic style frequently made him an outlier, and he was largely relegated to producing concept art for films like 1981s The Fox and the Hound and 1983s The Black Cauldron. The work went unused. I couldnt even fake the Disney style, he wrote later in the book Burton on Burton.

Speaking about that era of Disney to Vanity Fair, Brad Bird described it as a generational clash. As Disneys top-tier guys retired, the people running things became the businesspeople and the middle-level animation artists who had been there awhile, Bird said. They just wanted to sit back and coast on the Disney reputation while we younger guys were on fire, full of the ideas that the old-master Disney guys inspired in us. Now we were the ones thinking outside the box. In the same article, Glen Keane recalled Burton hiding in a coat closet for hours.

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Elements Of Mise En Scene

If youre unfamiliar with the term mise en scene, dont worry it quite simply refers to all the elements that go into making a visual image. For more on mise en scene, here’s breakdown of how directors like Stanley Kubrick have mastered the elements of film-language.

What is Mise en Scene?

Perhaps no filmmaker knows how important mise en scene is more than Tim Burton. Mise en scene plays a huge role in creating mood and tone . We can see the effects of expressive mise en scene everywhere in Burtons best movies and its largely responsible for how we feel about his film-worlds. Now lets jump into Burtons mise en scene by breaking down some of its most noteworthy elements.

Burton Also Cites A Number Of Mid

Sleepy Hollow

In 2009, the Museum of Modern Art produced a wildly successful exhibition of Tim Burtons art and sculpture, showcasing material from throughout his life and career as an artist and filmmaker. In conjunction with the exhibit, Burton curated a list of films that had had key influences over his lifes work. The film series, called Tim Burton and the Lurid Beauty of Monsters, included a wide-ranging list, from the works of B-movie scion Roger Corman to horror films by James Whale, Tobe Hooper, and many others.

From this list, you get a clear sense of the zany, colorful, slightly surreal and over-the-top influences that resonated with Burton as a kid. Its not easy to locate the full list of films online, so were presenting it here for your further Burton study and edification.

  • The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
  • The Omega Man
  • The Brain from Planet Arous
  • Scream Blacula Scream
  • The Brain that Wouldnt Die
  • Tex Avery Cartoons: Swing Shift Cinderella Red Hot Riding Hood Little Rural Riding Hood The Cat that Hated People

The Burton-esque style is derived from a wealth of art, cinematic, and literary genres. But if Burtons work was just copied from his influences, it wouldnt resonate with viewers. What Burton brings to all these ideas is his own joyous idiosyncrasy his ability to meld the ominous and the frightful with a sense of whimsy, and then turn that unholy duet into part of the act and the art of being a tortured outsider.

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Tim Burton Characters Are Unique

We know Tim Burton characters are unique and not just for their own sake, theyre an essential aspect of the Tim Burton aesthetic. His characters are defined by their exaggerated features long frizzled hair, baggy eyes, gangly limbs, etc. But the over-the-top features of these characters often serve the role of a smokescreen, hiding their innate human side.

We imported some of the best Tim Burton character designs into StudioBinders storyboarding software you wont want to miss our take on these iconic characters. Click below to download the entire collection.

How To Draw Tim Burton Style Drawings

How to draw yourself in the style of Tim Burton Part 2 – How to draw like Tim Burton

Sketch an egg shape for the head.

Draw two long lines for the neck. Burton styled characters usually have long thin limbs.

Continue with two more lines for the beginning of the shoulders.

Finish the shoulders like in the picture. This makes the character look bony like most burton style characters.

Draw the torso and beginning of the waist. The waist should be very small.

Add the collar bones for a more skeletal effect. Continue with the hips and the clothes. My character is going to be wearing a dress but you can draw whatever clothes you like.

Add details to the clothes. Stitches and patches can make the character look more gothic and burton-ized.

Draw long skinny arms. The gloves are optional of course.

Here is just a close up.

Then draw the legs. The legs of burton characters are often very long and thin with small feet.

Add the facial features

And last but not least, the hair. Often the hair is made up of squiggles not definite lines.

And your done! Remember not to worry about minor mistakes in your drawings. Usually minor mistakes can add to the style of the drawing and make it look more burton-ized. Please comment and like!

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Burtons Art And Cinema Are Hugely Influenced By Expressionism

Burtons own aesthetic reflects German Expressionism more than any other style. Expressionism began as a modern art movement and quickly expanded to influence art across Europe in the 1920s. Drawing upon what was then the still-new field of psychotherapy, Expressionist film became a cinematic medium in which the overall scenic and production design produced a feeling of dreamlike unreality and psychological tension for the viewer.

The traits of Expressionism have become incorporated so successfully into certain modes of storytelling within art, cinema, and animation that the casual viewer might not realize these features all have a distinct origin point. Among the most distinctive features are sharply exaggerated backdrops and landscapes with high color contrasts typically relying heavily on the use of shadows and silhouettes to heighten a feeling of tension or dread. Sets with jagged edges and alternately rounded, tilted, or visually disjointed and discombobulated spaces, are another key element.

The Cabinet of Dr. CaligariHansel and Gretel

Burton Grew Up Identifying With Moody Iconoclasts And Developing An Art Style To Match

Where it all began. Tim Burton in his Halloween costume made by his mother.

Nicky Locklear

Born in 1958 in Burbank, California, Burton grew up with an inverse relationship to his surroundings. Where Burbank was sunny and benign, Burton was moody, interested in the dark and the macabre. When other kids played ball and rode bicycles, he hung out in cemeteries and wax museums. He developed a love for Hammer horror films and B-movie sci-fi. He seemed to channel these sensibilities into his art, displaying a penchant for exaggerated caricatures and illustrations influenced by a range of pop art from advertising to childrens illustrators to comics.

By age 15, he was winning local advertising art contests, shooting creepy 8mm films around his neighborhood, and creating an illustrated childrens book of his own which Disney, incidentally, rejected for publication, albeit with an encouraging note. Disney told Burton that the art is very good. The characters are charming and imaginative, and have sufficient variety to sustain interest. It would be the start of a long and sometimes contentious relationship with the Mouse.

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The Day Of The Dead Made A Huge Impression On Burton

In Latin America, the annual celebration of the Day of the Dead is traditionally accompanied by a host of colorful depictions of skulls and skeletons. Among these are reanimated skulls and skeletons known as calaveras, and calacas, skulls and skull masks worn during ceremonies. Burtons work is full of references to calacas and calaveras.

Calavera OaxaqueñaCorpse Bride

Youre probably thinking of Jack Skellington in Nightmare Before Christmas as the most obvious example of this influence, but Emily, the titular bride of Corpse Bride, is also a walking calavera. Both films wear their love for Dios de Los Muertes on their bony sleeves.

But perhaps no style is more overt in the work of and more closely associated with Tim Burton than that of the gothic.

Directions To Make A Nightmare Self Portrait

Tim Burton Style Scenery – Introduction – How To Draw Like Tim Burton

Time needed: 45 minutes.

  • Choose your head shape and draw it large.
  • Add two very large circles for the eyes.
  • Draw tiny circles for the pupils, and a nose and lashes.
  • Add a tiny mouth and skinny neck.
  • Draw brows, ears and any hair on the forehead.
  • Finish the hair with the outer line.
  • Trace all of the head with a pencil, making a heavy dark line. Add shadows around the OUTSIDE of the eye with a pencil.
  • Add any extra details that make you unique.
  • Fill in dark areas with the pencil, and color the eyes with a white pencil crayon.
  • Bonus Tip Sheet includes a few more options for the head, eyes, nose and mouth.
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