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How To Draw Trees With Pencil

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Christmas Sketches Christmas Tree 2021

How to Draw Trees

Simplicity is at its finest with these here design, and this is definitely something your kid will like drawing, especially if theyre very imaginative.

Basically, you use a single continuous line to create the tree, while also writing down the current year , thus creating a drawing that embodies both minimalist elements, as well as the heart of the winter holidays.

Unfortunately, the only real drawback with this particular design is that you need to have a very steady hand so that the lines look continuous and smooth, as if it was all done with just one stroke of the pen or pencil.

Fortunately enough, this design isnt too time-consuming, and you can go ahead and exercise making trees until you finally get it right.

One great thing about this idea is that you can hang it around the house until well after New Years Eve, so youll have plenty of time to brag about your kids artistic skills.

How To Draw A Tree In Water Soluble Pencil

This is where the magic of watercolor comes in because the average watercolor pencil feels like any regular color pencil. Only after you apply a paint brush lightly dipped in water do the colors begin to intensify and saturate your paper. This project is one of many that I will help you learn from and soon draw by yourself. But you need to start somewhere, and this is why drawing a tree is the simplest way to get used to the chaos of nature. Even if you dont like the way the top part of the tree looks, relax already.

Trees are essentially like hairstyles for people. They all have their own individual shape, and not all of them are asymmetrical. Trees look better when they have a story to tell, just like any good James Bond villain trees have character. Drawing their hair first helps to describe how organized they are just plain nutty. What appeals to you should feel natural and not forced. This way, you can walk into this project and have more confidence to make your tree look more natural than this sample Ive provided.

How To Draw A Christmas Tree Easy Steps

Before we start going into details, we first need to make sure that both you and your child understand the basics of drawing a good-looking Christmas tree, so following these few simple guidelines:

  • Make the trunk thick, and draw a line upwards from it to give your drawing depth.
  • Draw cones or pinecones at the top of the trees branches.
  • Add some stars on top for extra effect .
  • Try to make sure that your child uses different colors for their Christmas tree drawings, as using only one color can be boring, and might even look like theres something wrong with the picture.
  • Lets not forget about some basic general tips when it comes to drawing Christmas trees. They arent necessarily easy, but they can help greatly with improving your childs work.

    Here are some things to keep in mind when learning how to draw a Christmas tree:

  • First start by drawing the trunk made out of straight lines that come outwards, so that it looks like they are holding up the tree.
  • Dont forget to draw thinner lines coming downwards from the sides of your trunk, but these should be thicker than the ones at the top of your tree.
  • To give the illusion that your Christmas tree has branches then just add some thick lines coming outwards from where you want them to be . Then make sure to draw smaller lines coming
  • downwards.
  • To make your drawing look more realistic dont forget about adding leaves , and also where you expect there to be shadows under your Christmas tree.
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    Easy How To Draw A Tree Tutorial And Tree Coloring Page

    Oct 26, 2021 ·Draw one side of the tree. Add the other side. Turn the branches into a Y shape. Draw two larger branches below. Draw two larger branches still below. Add random shorter branches. Draw a bumpy tree line all around the branches. Add the leaf details, a ground line and clouds. Trace the drawing with a marker and color.

  • Estimated Reading Time: 1 min
    • Total Time: 30 mins

    What Is A Decision Tree & How To Make One

    How To Draw A Tree: Narrated step by step

    Aug 03, 2021 ·A decision tree is a specific type of flow chart used to visualize the decision-making process by mapping out different courses of action, as well as their potential outcomes. Take a look at this decision tree example. There are a few key sections that help the reader get to the final decision.

  • Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins
  • Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins
    • Draw the positioning of the leaves and trunk. The first step is to draw the position of the tree and the
    • Draw the positioning of the leaf parts. When drawing a tree, the leaves are often the most confusing
    • Draw the base. When the positioning is completed, create a new layer and draw the base in one
    • Add color to the base. Once youve painted the primer, create a new layer on top of the underlying
    • Painting the lightest part of the leaf. Once the base is drawn, create a new layer and draw the
    • Connect the base and the light areas. The colors of the light areas and the darker areas underneath
    • Shine a soft light. Once the light areas and the base are blended in, now create a layer at the top and
    • Painting the texture of leaves. I used a watercolour brush to add the chunky silhouette of the leaves
    • Outline the leaves. After drawing the silhouette of the leaves on the part, its time to contour the
    • Adding Shadows. Once the shape is in place, add a few more darker shadows to give it a crisp, three

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    Creating The Illusion Of Form

    Now, we need to create the illusion of form. In order to create this illusion, we’ll need to consider the light source and add darker values in locations of shadow while leaving areas of lighter value in locations of highlight. The key to creating the illusion of form with any subject lies in the locations of value.

    For each of the smaller shapes that we drew in the last step, we’ll add darker values in the locations of shadow. These areas of shadow exist mainly on the opposite side from where the light source originates. And like with basic forms, there will be a gradation of value from light to dark, creating locations of midtone. Since these forms are irregular, the locations of shadow and middle values are also irregular.

    These values are added and developed through textural marks that resemble the texture of the leaves. Textural marks are more concentrated in locations where the value is darker and more sparse in areas where the value is lighter.

    Achieving Realism In A Drawing

    Drawing is all about creating an illusion. We see the world around us as lines, shapes, forms, textures, and colors. This is how our eyes see things anyway. It is our minds that make sense of these things. Our mind tells us what we are seeing, not our eyes.

    As artists, we are in the business of creating illusions. We rely on the manner in which our eyes work in order to trick the minds of those that view our art.

    Problems typically arise when we allow our minds to get in the way of what our eyes are actually seeing.

    Although, we are discussing how to draw a realistic tree in this tutorial, this concept of drawing applies to any subject that you may want to tackle.

    Recommended Materials for This Tutorial

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    Apply A Light Layer Of Light Green Too And At The Top Of The Tree

    Using the light green watercolor pencil, you might need to sharpen it to have a good point. Now you will use a new technique that is more advanced, but not so hard to do. This uses the wrist movement to put more pressure on the pencil. Only this time, you bring the pencil forward and backward with your thumb and forefinger. It looks like some inchworm movement, but as this gets combined with the wrist shaking in one. This helps to make defined light green patches.

    Not so many that it stands out, but something looks like random scribbles. These will end up looking like connecting scribble sections that weave through the light green mass. Once again, you need to unfocus your eyes to see just the mass of color. If things start to look too connected, back-off and leave areas with less color coverage. Make it even in spots and connected in others. When this is done, you should start to see where this makes sense and already has a defining tree canopy shape.

    Christmas Drawing With Starlights

    How to Draw Trees With Colored Pencils – Drawing Tutorial

    While its obviously impossible for someone with amateur drawing skills to recreate this drawing to perfection, you can take the basic idea and make your own easily.

    For starters, we recommend that you take a glass of ink and a paintbrush, and paint the whole thing dark blue, and then take an ink-removal pen to start making dots until you can make out the shape of a Christmas tree.

    This idea is pretty original, and while the end result looks amazing, keep in mind that youll most likely have to throw away the ink removal pen once you are done since they are not designed to handle an entire sheet of paper coated with ink.

    On the other hand, you could simply buy some blue-colored paper, and simply use a white pencil or a pen with white ink to make the dots, especially if you dont want to spend too much money on a Christmas drawing.

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    Lightly Sketch The Outline Of The Foliage And Leaves

    Use your Light Green pencil for this starting point. For this first step, you will use a technique I call the up-down stroke. It uses your forefinger and thumb to make the pencil rapidly go up and down using your wrist while you hold your pencil. Depending on how comfortable you are, hold this closer to the tip to have better control. This should be about ¼ of the length from the tip. Later if you are doing more random shading, you can set the pencil further back towards the middle. But this step needs to be more precise.

    Start with the top shape of the tree and work your way downward in zigzag patterns. You don1t need to press the pencil very hard to see the color coming through. Dont follow a specific pattern, so keep all the patches open and not so connecting to each other. As you draw this outline, it doesnt need to have a specific shape just yet. You will go back and refine this further with a different drawing technique after this. If you need to unfocus your eyes to see a blurry shape, this is an excellent way to determine mass.

    How To Draw A Pine Tree

    Pine trees are a popular choice for artists who enjoy drawing trees because theyre fairly basic in shape but also easy to individualize. Most pine tree drawings begin with a triangular shape, representing the characteristic growth pattern of pine trees. From there, its up to you to decide what kind of details to add to make the pine tree unique

    When it comes to pine tree drawings, options for creative expression abound!

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    Simple Chrismas Tree Watercolored Lines

    If youre dealing with a toddler or a very your child, then theres no need to overcomplicate things, because if it can manage to make something that even remotely looks like a tree, then that should be more than enough for you.

    For example, the design above requires only 3 colors, and a basic idea of what a Christmas tree looks like, and everything else is up to your imagination.

    As you can see, the tree in the example above is made using white and green strokes that alternate in a V-shape, which makes it look like the upper part of the trees branches are covered in snow.

    The background is completely optional, although it would help to color it in some way so that it will contrast with the white paint used on the tree itself.

    This is probably the most simple Christmas tree design in our article, but theres nothing to be ashamed of it, since we all have to start off somewhere, especially when your child is very young, and the purpose is to have fun and learn together.

    Six Steps For A Realistic Tree Drawing

    How to Sketch & Draw Trees

    Follow along as artist and illustrator Spencer Nugent shows you an easy and effective way to draw a deciduous tree, step by step.

    1. Draw the basic structure.

    Start out with a few leading lines to indicate the general shape and guide the direction of the tree branches. For this tree, Nugent chose to start with a graphite pencil in Adobe Fresco for a pencil drawing style. Pen and ink will also work well with this method, but you may want to save the watercolors or colored pencils for later in the process.

    Image by Spencer Nugent

    2. Draw cylinders over the lines to form the tree trunk.

    In their most basic shape, trees are cylindrical forms. Draw cylindrical shapes over your structural lines to fill out the roots, trunk, and main branches for a more 3D appearance. Its always helpful to look at real trees to understand how the branches work, says Nugent. Typically with branches, youll find that the tree trunk is thicker and theres a tapering that happens as you move further into the branches of the tree.

    Image by Spencer Nugent

    3. Fill in branches with foliage and leaves.

    Image by Spencer Nugent

    4. Trace your final outline.

    On a new layer, trace over your final outline of the tree with a thicker black pen or marker. Once this is done, you can hide all layers underneath your new outline to keep your workspace clean.

    Image by Spencer Nugent

    5. Fill in bark on the tree trunk.

    Image by Spencer Nugent

    6. Add shading and finishing details.

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    No Actual Leaf Shapes Please

    I learned how to draw leaves from a fellow student in a drawing class many years ago. I was amazed at how real her tree foliage looked like leaves farther in the distance.

    In other words, they didnt look like actual leaf shapes at all, yet it was convincing.

    So I asked her how she did it specifically, what stroke, how to apply it, etc. Her answer? Well you just kind of do this, she said as she demonstrated moving her pencil about in a wiggly, very random and scribbly way.

    Ergo, I coined the term the squiggles. Thats the only term I can use to describe the motion.

    It comes as second nature to me now, having been doing it for years. Yet I have found it is as difficult for my students to do as it is for me to explain how to do it. But here goes.

    First, hold your pencil underhand like I am pictured here. This allows you to place the side of the lead against the paper which you will be using to create the leaves.

    Next, you just start squiggling below the lowest branch then continue to squiggle above them, in between them, and well beyond where you ended the limbs.

    You simply move the pencil back and forth, forward and back, all around, randomly as you travel the pencil. Keep in mind to shape your foliage to look like a treeno green cotton balls on the tree lol.3.

    It helps to look at a few tree references. Its best if you dont think of leaf shapes but rather how foliage looks in the distance.

    Heres How To Make Santa Claus Drawing Easy

    If you want to make a simple Santa Claus drawing, then you should already be familiar with drawing basic things like people and trees, since theyre pretty much the same when it comes to these.

    And if you want to add some more details that make your drawing look more professional, here are some tips for you!

  • First of all, draw an oval shape near the top of your page.
  • Then divide this shape into smaller ones by adding a line in each section of the oval that separates one shape from another.
  • Next, draw his beard using two semi-circles located below his eyes.
  • Add three equally-spaced lines underneath both sides of his chin to represent his neckline
  • Finish up by drawing Santa Clauss hat on top of the remaining part of his head.
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    Add Detail To The Leaves

    To fill out each leaf, youll add dozens of small, thin lines branching out from each of the center leaf lines. Here, you have the creative freedom to finish your palm tree leaves in a variety of ways. You can sketch them with your drawing pencil or colored pencil, you can bring in a pen or marker, or you can even fill them in with watercolor paint, as shown below.

    Be sure to finish your palm tree leaves with pencil, markers, or even paint!

    Keys To Drawing Trees

    How to Draw a Tree With Pencil

    It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you look at a tree. There are so many details! But to draw one accurately, we need not be consumed with these details. Instead, we’ll breakdown the tree into three simple aspects. We’ll develop each aspect individually, following a structured approach.

    Step 1 – Find the Shape – The first thing we’ll do is define the overall shape of the tree. Drawing lightly with the 2H pencil, we’ll concentrate only on the outer contours.

    With the outer contours defined, we’ll next find the smaller shapes within the canopy of the tree. These locations are “clumps” or collections of leaves found at the end of the branches.

    Step 2 – Develop the Texture – Using the defined shapes as a guide, we’ll start to develop the texture of the leaves. This process requires patience. Take your time and remain consistent. It is not necessary to draw every leaf, instead we’ll create the illusion of collections of leaves. We’ll think about each “clump” or collection of leaves as a form, developing the highlights and shadows on each.

    Organic collections of lines can be used to create the illusion of the texture. These lines may be small squiggles that overlap. Be sure to leave an organic and irregular edge around the outer contours of the tree and leave small open spaces within the canopy.

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