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How To Draw Winnie The Pooh

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Next Create Winnie The Poohs Pair Of Ears

How-To Draw Winnie The Pooh | Walt Disney World

Create Winnie the Poohs ears by enclosing a curved arc line on both sides at the top of its head. Make sure that the edges of both ears are rounded.

Afterwards, draw light strokes on the collar and the hem of the Winnie the Poohs shirt. This adds a texture on the clothing, making its fabric appear soft and realistic.

Draw A Rough Sketch Of Winnie The Poohs Body

Draw a rounded shape beneath the outline weve formed in the previous step. This shape forms the outline of the body of Winnie the Pooh.

Make sure to put emphasis on Winnie the Poohs tummy by making it the rounder and wider. This makes the belly appear bloatedone of Winnie the Poohs distinctive features!

Winnie The Pooh Drawing

As I have said in many drawing tutorials, I believe that everyone has an innate ability to draw. Now, that doesn’t mean all folks have the same level of ability. For some folks, it takes a little more time and practice to sharpen this innate drawing ability.

Although drawing Winnie the Pooh may seem like a very difficult feat, it is really just a matter of breaking the complex drawing into very simple shapes.

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How To Draw Chibi Winnie The Pooh Bear

This is very easy and simple, just follow the easy and step by step drawing tutorial, you will know How to DrawChibi Winnie the Pooh Bear.

Step 1.

Draw a circle for the head and then make the body shape. Sketch in the facial guidelines as well.

Step 2.

Using the head guide begins drawing the shape of Winnie Poohs chibi head like so. Its on an angle so you should see the bulge from the brow and the lump for his cheek. Draw in the ears and you are done here.

Step 3.

Up next, draw the shape of Winnies nose and then draw the bumps for his chubby cheeks.

Step 4.

Finish the eyes by drawing and coloring in two small dots. Add the eyebrows, ear indents inside the ears, his nose and then Winnies tongue as it licks the top lip.

Step 5.

Now that we have finished his head and face, we can proceed with withdrawing the shirt. Start at the collar and then draw in Pooh Bears sleeve. It should be a short sleeve so make sure not to go too far down.

Step 6.

Now we can draw in the rest of his arms which also happen to be Pooh Bears hands. Cover the hands in honey, then add a chin line to Poohs face.

Step 7.

Draw in some of the exposed back, then draw Pooh Bears butt, thigh, leg, and foot. He is in a sitting pose.

Step 8.

Next, draw in the honey pot which is shaped like a beehive. Add some honey spilling off the sides and make the grooved lines to add texture to the pot.

Step 9.

Step 10.

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What Disorder Does Winnie The Pooh Have

How to Draw Disney’s WINNIE THE POOH

As per the report, Pooh suffered from more than one disorderthe most prominent one among them being his Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder . This psychatric disorder is characterised by a patients inability to pay attention and an above-normal level of activity in most cases.

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Winnie The Pooh Drawing Fetches 314500 At Auction

One of the most famous images of Winnie the Pooh has sold for £314,500 at auction, three times its estimate.

EH Shepard’s ink drawing of the bear playing Poohsticks with Piglet and Christopher Robin was published in 1928.

The illustration, which featured in AA Milne’s second book, The House At Pooh Corner, had been in a private collection since the 1970s.

It formed part of Sotheby’s sale of children’s books.

The London auction also featured items from history, English literature and illustrations.

The famed drawing, entitled For a long time they looked at the river beneath them⦠is set in chapter six of the second Milne book, which was called “In which Pooh invents a new game and Eeyore joins in”.

It was one of several Shepard illustrations up for auction.

A pencil drawing of the same scene sold at Sotheby’s last year for £58,750.

The original wooden crossing on which the illustration is based, known as Posingford Bridge, is in AA Milne’s hometown of Ashdown Forest in East Sussex.

The bridge fell into disrepair by the 1970s, but was restored and reopened by Christopher Milne, the author’s son who inspired the character of Christopher Robin, in May 1979.

It was completely rebuilt in 1999.

Shepard and AA Milne worked together on four books – Winnie-the-Pooh , The House at Pooh Corner , a poem about the bear in verse book When We Were Very Young , and Now We Are Six .

He also illustrated the characters for Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind In The Willows.

How To Draw Winnie The Pooh

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Who’s the little yellow bear with a penchant for honey and a huge, huge heart? That’s right, it’s Christopher Robin’s best friend Pooh Bear! Learn to draw him by following this tutorial.

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Afterwards Draw Winnie The Poohs Both Arms

Draw an elongated curved shape with a round end directly connected to the hem of the sleeve. Afterwards, repeat the same procedure on the other sleeve.

This forms the left and right arm as well as the hands of Winnie the Pooh.

As you can see in the illustration, Winnie the Poohs arms are folded and its hands are resting on its hips. So, make sure you draw the arms at an angle.

Draw The Shirt Winnie The Pooh Is Wearing

How to Draw Disney Winnie the Pooh Bear Cute and Easy

To create Winnie the Poohs shirt, draw a wide V-shaped line below the head to create the hem of the collar. Then, draw an outline covering the upper body of Winnie the Pooh.

Lastly, draw the short sleeves on both sides of the shirt. This completes the form of the cropped t-shirt, which is the signature outfit of Winnie the Pooh.

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Complete The Head And Face

This is where your drawing will really come to life!

  • Add the ear shapes. Notice they are sort of shaped like a single butterfly wing.
  • The eyes are just solid oval shapes, the nose a rounded triangle.
  • The mouth is a simple semi-circle with a short line capping off each end.
  • Make sure you carefully place each part in the right location; otherwise, your Winnie may look a bit unfamiliar.

A Bit Of Winnie The Pooh History

Winnie the Pooh was a real toy owned by a young boy named Christopher Robin who lived in England around the early 1920s. Christopher Robin was the son of A.A. Milne, the author, and creator of Winnie the Pooh.

The name Winnie the Pooh is derived from a combination of names. “Winnie” was the name of a popular bear in the London Zoo. “Pooh” was the name of a swan in another book by A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young.

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How To Draw Winnie The Pooh Step By Step

How to draw Winnie the Pooh step by step

You feel a little blue? Then take a pencil and sheet of paper and draw a funny bear by name Winnie Pooh with me. It must suit you for sure how you can not help, but smile on this charming cartoon character. Your drawing Winnie the Pooh will necessarily come out well, if you draw steps.

You love toys? Then try to draw a teddy bear a favorite toy of all children. How to draw Winnie Pooh adapted for children and uses a step in the drawing method.

  • Step 6
  • By Step Instructions For Drawing Winnie The Pooh

    How to Draw Winnie the Pooh Bear | 4 Kids

    1. Begin by drawing a circle. This will form the top of Pooh’s head.

    2. Extend a curved line from one side of the circle, curving it in an irregular fashion to meet the opposite side of the circle. This will help you to shape Pooh’s face.

    3. Next, extend a long, curved line beneath the head and double it back upon itself to enclose the pudgy body.

    4. Draw Pooh’s legs. For each leg, begin with a pair of curved lines. To form the foot, allow one line to curve around and meet the bottom of the other, curving past it to shape the top of the foot.


    How to Draw Fozzie Bear from the Muppet Show

    8.Detail the shirt with the texture of folded fabric using short, curved lines. Then, draw Pooh’s arms using a series of curved lines.

    9.Enclose each ear by using a short, curved line to form an irregular rounded shape. In the middle of the face, draw a rounded, upside down triangle and shade within it to form the nose. Place a curved line above the nose to indicate the crease. On each side of the nose, draw a short, curved line to indicate the crease of the eye. Shade a small circle atop each line. Draw curved lines for the eyebrows. Begin the mouth using a large “U” shaped line. Draw short curved lines at each end, and enclose the open mouth beneath it using a curved line. Within the mouth, draw a curved line to indicate the tongue.

    Would you like to draw other fun cartoon characters? Our cartoon drawing guides can show you how.

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    In This Tutorial I Will Show You How To Draw Winnie The Pooh A Teddy Bear And A Character Of The English Writer Alan Milne

    In this tutorial on how to draw Winnie the Pooh, I decided to show you the most simplified version of drawing this wonderful character.

    I deliberately reduced the number of details and made their outlines as simple as possible. This will allow even the most inexperienced artist to be able to cope with the task at hand.

    You are ready? If so, lets get started!


    Draw Ears Of Winnie The Pooh

    So friends, first of all, we have to draw its ears. Drawing its ears is very easy, all you have to do is take care of its ear shape. Black sketch has been used to make this drawing, but if you are thinking that there may be a mistake, a drawing may have to be made again. If you want to fix the time when you make a mistake. then I have a very good way to make this drawing. The way is to make this drawing with HB pencil in the beginning. After drawing with a pencil you can outline it with a black sketch. In this way, you will benefit that if you make a mistake, you can erase this drawing from that.

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    Interesting Facts About Winnie The Pooh

    Winnie the Pooh is a member of the Disney casting group from the largest retail franchise in the world. The characters began being designed during 1923 in Los Angeles by Walt Disney, an American illustrator. They were featured in live-action film production, television, and theme parks.

    Did you know?

    • This character was designed by A. A. Milne and used in books since 1928 that were adapted to film.
    • He is a yellow teddy bear with a red shirt who loves honey, and his creation was inspired by one of the few plush toys owned by the authors son Christopher Robin Milne.
    • Other characters are Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Owl, Kanga, Roo, and Eeyore.
    • Pooh Bear has been translated to various languages and became the only Latin story to have been mentioned in The New York Times Best Seller list.
    • He has been seen in audio records and cassettes, radio shows, many theatrical movies, many television shows and series, many VHSs and DVDs, and stage performances.

    His inspiration has brought books and essays to explain philosophical concepts, and used by philosophers to illustrate works of famous geniuses. Pooh has a street named after him in Poland and Hungary, and has been referred to in songs and band names. Other tributes are that his favorite game inspired a World Championship Poohsticks race each year, builders made a bridge to look as the one in the story, and students started The Oxford University Winnie the Pooh Society.

    Then Draw Both Legs Of Winnie The Pooh

    How to Draw Winnie the Pooh (Super Easy) – Step by Step Tutorial

    Draw an upside down U shape attached on the bottom left side of Winnie the Poohs torso to form the left leg.

    Then, draw a semicircle at the bottom of the leg to create the foot. Make sure you erase the line overlapping inside the left leg.

    To create the right leg, draw an elongated shape with a round curve at the bottom on the opposite side of Winnie the Poohs lower body.

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    Your Winnie The Pooh Drawing Is Complete

    We hope you enjoy this step-by-step Winnie the Pooh drawing. It doesnt matter if youre a beginner or an expert in drawing; you can surely draw a Winnie the Pooh with the help of this comprehensive guide.

    We are regularly uploading new content on our How to Draw catalog, so make sure you keep checking back to continuously enjoy brand-new drawing tutorials like this.

    Remember, all of our drawing tutorials are 100% free for you to use as a learning material to help you practice your drawing skills.

    Dont forget to show off your masterpiece once youve completed drawing and coloring Winnie the Pooh.

    Youve worked tirelessly for it, so dont be shy to flaunt your artwork! Dont worrywere sure it looks awesome!

    We can;t wait to see your adorable Winnie the Pooh drawing!

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    How To Draw Winnie The Pooh Video & Step

    Use the step-by-step drawing instructions below to learn how to draw Disney’s Winnie the Pooh. Stay tooned for more tutorials!

    Stay tooned for more free drawing lessons by:

    All of the free art lessons on are good drawing tutorials for beginners and experienced artists alike. The online tutorials are easy to follow; they teach you the how to draw basics while showing you how to draw fun cartoon characters step by step. Each cartoon character has a video drawing tutorial option, as well as step-by-step photos and written text to follow.


    To draw Winnie the Pooh step by step, follow along with the video tutorial below and pause the video after each step to go at your own pace. You may find it easier to follow the step-by-step drawings below. The new lines in each step are shown in red, and each step is explained in the text below the photo, so you’ll know exactly what to draw in each step. You may want to open the video in a new tab and use both drawing methods! Take your time and draw at your own pace.

    Below you can watch a NEW step-by-step tutorial with NARRATED steps:

    The following is an older video tutorial:

    Intro: Start off with a pencil sketch. In the beginning stages, dont press down too hard. Use light, smooth strokes for sketching so that it’s easy to erase if you make a mistake.

    • Start

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    How To Draw Owl From Winnie The Pooh

    How To Draw Owl From Winnie The Pooh?

    What is the Colour of owl?;Owls vary in colour from white through many shades of tan, gray, brown, or rufous to deep brown.

    Who eats owl?;Depending on the owls habitat, size and species, foxes, snakes, squirrels, wildcats and eagles are all owl predators. Most adult, healthy owls are considered safe from most predators but injured, small species or young owls do have a higher risk from predators.

    What Disney movie has an owl?;Friend Owl is a supporting character of Disneys 1942 animated feature film, Bambi.

    Thought On How To Draw Winnie

    Easy: How to Draw Winnie the Pooh Step by Step from Disney’s Animation Academy
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    Refine The Outline Of Winnie The Poohs Body

    Polish up the shape of the body of Winnie the Pooh by removing the inner lines. Take note that only the lines overlapping inside the figure should be erased, revealing a more refined outline of the body of Winnie the Pooh.

    After completing this step, you should now be able to see the figure of Winnie the Poohs body, starting from the top of its head all the way down to its tummy.

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