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How To Draw With Charcoal Pencils

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Kit Yourself Out With A Few Tools

How to Draw with Charcoal Pencils – Landscape Sketching

Traditional artists have plenty of tools of the trade to choose from, and the tools for creating charcoal drawings are particularly cool. The image above shows some great ones: a really small fine-line eraser, a kneaded eraser that you can bend and squash, and a hardcore eraser pen for those tough, heavy lifting erasing jobs.

Using charcoal or pastels requires us to ‘move’ or apply the medium, and there are many ways to accomplish this. Your finger is the most obvious, yet can be streaky or too small. A Webril Wipe is a great tool for making a large mass of charcoal in one stroke.

Other Charcoal Drawing Supplies

Paper Choose your paper wisely. You’ll want to select something with texture to it, meaning that when you run your hand over the paper, you will feel tiny bumps. Drawing onto a toothy surface will help to extract some of the charcoal onto paper. Look for a paper that’s above 100 pounds so that it can absorb all of the layers of charcoal.

Try this: Legion Paper Stonehenge Multi-Color Paper Pad

White eraser Charcoal is messy! If youre working on a finished drawing, youre going to want to erase any smudges or stray marks made. Grab a white vinyl eraser to get rid of them.

Try this: Staedtler Mars Plastic Vinyl Eraser

Kneaded eraser In a charcoal drawing, a kneaded eraser is another way to give your work depth. This special type of eraser looks like putty and is soft, too. It can be pulled and stretched into all different shapes, making it easy to dab it on the paper to pick up the charcoal powder.

A popular technique with a kneaded eraser in charcoal art is called reductive drawing. In this style of drawing, you are using the eraser to take away the powder and build form. This is great for highlights.

To clean a kneaded eraser, simply pull it apart until it returns to its natural gray color.

Try this: Prismacolor Kneaded Eraser

Chamois If youd prefer to keep your hands as clean as possible, try using a chamois cloth to blend your charcoal. You can wash this with water once it gets too full of charcoal.

Try this: Natural Artist Chamois

Smear Charcoal Onto The Page

Most people know that you can blend charcoal by drawing with it and using some sort of surface to smear it. However, you dont have to put the charcoal on your drawing to get a great effect. It can be helpful to put the charcoal on something else like a different piece of paper and blend first. You can then use the paper and loose charcoal to make a smoother blended texture onto your masterpiece. This can also be done with durable tissues, but you will want to be careful to avoid tearing.

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A Quick Guide To The Different Types Of Charcoal For Artists

By Phil Davies on 14th October, 2018

In this brief guide, I’m assuming you’ve not used charcoal previously, or only occasionally and perhaps not very enthusiastically. So I’ll keep to the basics, with a description of the various types of charcoal you can buy.

With some firm recommendations as to brands that I think you’ll like, you may find the five minutes or so reading this blog will help you make a significant leap in your drawing skills and discover a ‘new’ medium to add to your enjoyment of drawing.

Other Types Of Charcoal

HOW TO DRAW | Basics of Charcoal Drawing for Beginners

If youre starting out with charcoal, my recommendation is to start with charcoal pencils. They will have that familiar feel to them and theyre less messy. At some point though, you may want to try other forms of charcoal.

Let’s look at the options:-

  • Willow or Vine charcoal
  • Charcoal powder
Willow or Vine Charcoal

Willow charcoal has a look and feel that is quite smokey and light. Youll struggle to get strong darks with willow charcoal though.

photo credit:

The sticks tend to be slightly distorted and curved, part of the natural effect of burning them to a specific hardness.

Vine charcoal is similar but instead of willow, grape vines are used.

Compressed Charcoal

Compressed charcoal will get you those much stronger dark tones and more controlled lines. The sticks are formed from powdered charcoal which, as its name implies is compressed with a binder into consistently-sized sticks.

It tends to be slightly harder than the willow or vine varieties.

Photo credit:

When you buy a set of compressed charcoal, youll often get a range of grades as you do with graphite pencils i.e. 2B, 4B, 6B etc.

Charcoal Powder

Charcoal powder can be used to create very soft and refined shading . It can be applied with a brush or other applicator to block in large areas quite quickly.

When you search for charcoal powder, youll find products for teeth-whitening and even consumption!

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How To Sharpen A Charcoal Pencil

Wood encased charcoal pencils can be sharpened as a traditional pencil using a pencil sharpener. For pencils too large to sharpen with a traditional sharpener, a knife is a good substitute. If a knife is used, be sure to carve away from your body.

Paper wrapped charcoal pencils should not be sharpened using a traditional pencil sharpener. These pencils have a small string encased with the wrapping. To sharpen, pull the string down a couple of centimeters, and peel the paper.

The paper will unravel to reveal the shaft of compressed charcoal inside.

To sharpen the pencil to a nice sharp tip, you can use a sandpaper sharpening pad. Simply rub the tip of the charcoal pencil over the sandpaper, rotating it as go.

Filling In Large Areas

Holding the charcoal on its side, start to fill in the large area by applying pressure to the charcoal as you slide it left and right, up and down. Depending on the tooth of your paper and what is underneath your paper, you may get quite dark or you may have little toothy bumps appear.

If you want a smoother, darker finish to the large area, take your chamois and gently wipe the paper. You can repeat these two steps several times, changing the direction of your rubbing and wiping to get a smooth, solid finish.

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Expert Tips For Charcoal Drawing

2 July 21

Discover how to improve your charcoal drawing.

Charcoal drawing is a deeply satisfying medium. It could be because they’re so quick to complete, with immediate results, or that the final look is so impressive. Either way, people love charcoals. Even the great Michelangelo created a collection of charcoal drawings.

But there are certain charcoal drawing techniques you need to know before embarking on your first masterpiece. This guide takes you through some key charcoal drawing tips and tricks to help you to begin successfully. Watch the video below, and then follow the steps to success.

For more help with your creations, see our tutorials on how to draw, or investigate various art techniques. And for more kit, see our pick of the best sketchbooks around.

You can use any type of charcoal to try out these techniques. Just ask at your local art store and they will guide you . If this inspires you to educate yourself further, why not head over to our online art courses roundup to discover courses, workshops and more.

Home Drawing Directory Home Drawing In Charcoal Sketching In Black And White With Pencils Charcoal

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Home Drawing Directory Home Drawing in Charcoal Sketching in Black and White with Pencils Charcoal. DRAWING AND SKETCHING in Black and White. Home Drawing Directory Home Drawing in Charcoal Sketching in Black and White with Pencils Charcoal. Here you will learn about drawing your sketches in black and white. How to Draw with Charcoal or Graphite Pencils.

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Here you will learn about drawing your sketches in black and white. Here you will learn about drawing your sketches in black and white. Home Drawing Directory Home Drawing in Charcoal Sketching in Black and White with Pencils Charcoal. DRAWING AND SKETCHING in Black and White. How to Draw with Charcoal or Graphite Pencils. 10 Amazing Drawing Hairstyles For Characters Ideas Girl Drawing Sketches Art Inspiration Drawing Face Drawing.

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How To Draw A Face With Charcoal

Charcoal is a brilliant medium to use for portraits. It allows you to easily achieve dark values and really smooth shading. I am going to take you through the 5 step process I use whenever I draw portraits in charcoal.

Before you shade with your charcoal pencils it is important that you start with a really accurate sketch outline. I like to do my sketches in graphite, even when using charcoal, as it is easier to erase if you make a mistake.

Make sure you do your sketch outline as light as possible, otherwise the charcoal may find it difficult to stick on top of the graphite surface. If you struggle to create an accurate sketch, check out this tutorial.

You do not need to include lots of detail in your sketch outline. For example, instead of sketching in every strand of hair, just sketch out each section of hair.

Once you have your initial sketch down it is time to start using charcoal! Make sure you are 100% happy with your sketch before you start shading, as once you begin shading it is difficult to alter any proportions.

Lets go through how to render a realistic portrait in 5 steps. These steps can be applied to any portrait you are doing.

Create Texture In Charcoal Drawings By Varying Pressure

The power of charcoal is the soft texture it comes in. You can use this to your benefit as you learn and grow with this medium. It gives you the power to make stark contrast within your charcoal drawings. Using varying pressure, you can create a fascinating balance between light and dark. This makes it easy for you to make certain elements of your art well and truly stand out.

As you work, think about the parts that you want to emphasize. This will allow you to consider where you should work in a starker contrast. You can achieve this by pressing down hard in certain areas and lighter in others. The result is a product that catches the eye in certain places. You can use this to drive the way that people look at your art.

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Chalk Or Conte Crayon

While removing a section of the charcoal is a great way to create a highlight on the page, it isnt the only way. Some people prefer to add highlights to the page using a different, complementary medium, rather than removing some of the charcoal. To do this, they often use a piece of white chalk or a Conte crayon. Conte crayons also come in black, and can be used to supplement or complement your charcoal drawing as well.

Use A White Charcoal Pencil For Stark Highlights

10 tips on how to draw with charcoal pencils (crosshatching, no smudging)

Most people operate under the idea that all charcoal products are black. When we think of charcoal, black is the color that comes to mind. However, the reality is that white charcoal pencils are incredible products.

They are particularly effective when you use them with their darker counterparts. You can easily enjoy making amazing creations with this product type. It is perfect for helping you to get the most out of your charcoal drawing experience.

You can see an example of this technique here. The general idea is that you will use traditional charcoal to create your masterpiece. After you have finished drawing out what you were hoping to create, you will find that it is a great time to bring in the white charcoal pencil.

As a general tip, make sure that your pencil is clean. It can become compromised when you are using it with traditional charcoal, which can dirty the tip. To avoid this, simply draw or clean the tool after each use.

To effectively carry out this method, you can focus on using the white charcoal as a highlighting tool. While there are plenty of effective ways to use white charcoal beyond this, it can have an amazing impact on your drawings. Using your white pencil, simply modify your charcoal drawing with highlights. This will build a beautiful contrast on the page.

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Animal How To Draw Black And White Sketches For Adult

Home Drawing Directory Home Drawing in Charcoal Sketching in Black and White with Pencils Charcoal. DRAWING AND SKETCHING in Black and White. how to draw black and white sketches.

How To Draw Black And White Sketches, Home Drawing Directory Home Drawing in Charcoal Sketching in Black and White with Pencils Charcoal. Here you will learn about drawing your sketches in black and white. DRAWING AND SKETCHING in Black and White.

Here you will learn about drawing your sketches in black and white. Home Drawing Directory Home Drawing in Charcoal Sketching in Black and White with Pencils Charcoal. DRAWING AND SKETCHING in Black and White.

A Biased But Experienced Conclusion

When I make my conclusion here I am drawing on years of experience working with over a thousand budding art students and from my own drawing experiences as well.

I think graphite pencils are great. They are clean, easy to travel with and comfortable to hold. It is, however so much faster to get good results with charcoal vs. graphite pencils. Not that I want you rushing through your artwork, but I do want you to maximize the results you get in whatever little time you have available. In my experience the majority of students starting out get better results using charcoal. Maybe this is because charcoal is faster to work with or perhaps it is easier to achieve a larger range of value. There is no doubt to me however, that students produce better looking drawings in shorter periods of time when they use charcoal properly as compared to graphite . Charcoal drawings are also easier to photograph which is a little bit off topic but very important when building an art portfolio and something many high school aged students end up doing.

If you are new to learning how to draw, use graphite pencil for a few drawings and then get your hands on some charcoal supplies you wont regret it.

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My Favorite Graphite Pencils

Graphite pencils are a lot simpler than charcoal. I really like the Mars Lumograph model of pencils made by Staedtler. While I buy them individually this starter set Im linking to below has everything you need to make amazing drawings in pencil!

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

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Naturally youll need some paper. Again I like the Strathmore brand of paper when buying a pad. The 400 series of paper is more than good enough and you probably dont need quite as large a pad compared to charcoal. The 14 x 17 inch pad should certainly suffice!

Use A Paintbrush To Blend Your Charcoal Drawings

How to Draw Dark Hair With Charcoal Pencils – Drawing Tutorial

For beginners, it can be interesting to realize how much more effective charcoal is with the right tools. While some artistic tools are best used alone, charcoal thrives with other elements. You can use a variety of other tools to make some truly stunning effects with charcoal. Though many people rely on just the pencil and their fingers, it pays to bring in a little something extra.

One thing that sets charcoal apart is how well it can be blending. Blending charcoal can lead to some truly amazing effects. To do this, you can use a variety of methods. However, one particularly effective approach is actually to blend your charcoal drawings with a paintbrush.

A clean paintbrush can do a lot for charcoal, particularly about smoothing it out. Using clean and even strokes, you can make some amazing effects when it comes to your charcoal-based works of art.

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Drawing With Charcoal For Beginners

One of the first techniques taught to students attending art school is drawing with charcoal. Charcoal has a unique look and texture when applied to paper that is perfect for allowing a beginning artist to perfect their technique and practice their craft. And while there are many different types of pencils, chalks, and crayons used by artists when sketching charcoal often remains a favorite for many people, due to its versatile nature. If youre just learning how to draw, consider expanding your mediums to include charcoal and explore the many possibilities it presents.

Similarities Between Charcoal & Pencil

Both Charcoal and pencil are dry drawing media that require a minimum level of paper tooth in order for them to adhere to the paper in which they are drawn on. Pencil and Charcoal are dark media in which an artist generally works on white paper and adds marks to make areas darker. Both media comes in a variety of types allowing artists to control just how dark or light they want their marks to be. Both charcoal and graphite pencil represent an inexpensive way to begin the artistic process.

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